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THE ALL-IN-ONE SERVER TOOL  proxy | http | ftp | email | imap  www.janaserver.



Jana 2 Server
Documentation by Lukas I.M. Vana

This short manual is intended to be a starting aid but not a very detailed manual. Thus it is kept short and assumes some basic knowledge about installing a program, IP addresses, web, e-mail accounts etc.

These settings are usually found in “Settings”. an icon will be found in the taskbar next to the clock which shows the status of the Server: This icon shows that Jana is NOT started. All internal services (internal http server. Check the logfiles (especially Server. This icon shows that Jana has started an is available for the clients. ftp etc.log) to find the source of the problem. but now Internet connection has been established and therefore even external services (web.Basics The installation of Jana 2 Server is self explaining and not further mentioned here. the icon will turn tu green. Clients cannot acces Internet or send/receive emails or use any other services from Jana. DSL flatrate) that is never terminated.) are available. Only the administration icon is there. This icon is showing that Jana is right now trying to establish the internet connection (dial-up only).g. wrong username/password in dialup connection. server) and port 3128 For further assistance please visit the Jana Forum! Whatever problem you might face with Jana – someone else has had it before! The solution is there! 2 . Jana has a problem! It is trying to connect to Internet but for some reason it cannot connect successfully. ISDN) this icon shows that the server is working but no internet connection established at the moment. all internal services are available but Internet access (external services) had been restricted by the Administrator (Right-click icon and selct “Lock DUN”).0.g.g. In order to access Internet through Jana. by default the settings are as follows: Proxy Server: Jana IP (e. the web browser and other programs must be set to use a “Proxy Server”.) are available even without Internet connection. Might happen because of another program using the same DUN at the same time. time server. This icon is standard. e-mail etc. They can access Internet. 192. After installing Jana 2 Server. (dial-up only) Jana is active. The settings depend on the proxy-port configured in Jana. When using a dial-up connection (Modem. “Network settings”.168. send/receive emails and use other services provided by Jana. when using a dedicated line (e.1) or Computer name (e. As soon as established. no connection to provider possible etc. “Tools” or a similar menu. Same status as the above mentioned red logo.

you need to adjust the settings to fit to your conditions. Java needs to be installed in order to use the monitor function It can help in finding the root of a problem. users would be able to change their local email password. username. 3 .Main configuration site After successfully installing Jana Server on your Computer/Server.1:2506/jana-admin/index. The monitor requires the administrator’s user name and password. These functions require a user name and password of the respective user. You can start the administration pages in your web browser (Internet Explorer.0. server-ip is to be replaced with the IP of the PC running Jana. you need to use https:// ! also check menu: CONFIGURATION /HOME  BASIC SETTINGS  GENERAL) The Jana Server configuration page will appear with the following options:  User Settings  Monitor  Configuration User settings Once email accounts have been set. e. Configuration The main configuration pages of the Jana Server. where you can adjust all necessary settings.0.html (on any other PC in the LAN.html (on the PC where Jana is installed) OR http://server-ip:2506/jana-admin/index. however. It also shows the communication between Jana Server and the remote mail servers when sending or receiving mails. The configuration pages require the user name and password of the administrator which needs to be set after the first logon (follow the Passwords link on the first page of the configuration to set the admin password after starting the configuration for the first time). (If Jana is configured to use a secure connection for the administration pages. Firefox etc. 192.168. set an auto responder (requires installation of an additional responder-program) or set a mail-forwarding rule for their account (vacation-forwarding).1) OR Right-click the Jana Server Icon in the taskbar next to the clock and select “Settings”.0. it requires some practice and experience to interpret what you can read there.) in different ways: http://127. date/time and requested domains of any user in the network that connects trough Jana Server. These options are self-explaining and will therefore not be explained any further in this manual.g. It shows IP-address. Monitor The Monitor allows watching the work of the Jana Server in real time.

Proxy. SERVER INFO  LOGFILES Here you can find all logfiles the Jana Server creates. date/time of login and logout.SERVER INFO  WELCOME Start page. number/size of messages.log logging the full communication between client ftp-program and Jana ftp-server.log logging full communication between Jana Server and the POP3 mail servers that are set in Jana.log logging full communication between Jana Server and the SMTP mail servers that are set in Jana. Smtp_Prot.log logging http communication. Ftp_Prot. date.log logging all Server activities and errors like starting/stopping Jana Server. set your admin password from here when starting Jana Server Configuration pages for the first time. success status etc.log logging all communication to the ftp server in Jana. 4           . success-status-code. Http. Http_Error. time.log logging the time the RAS (Internet connection) was connected.log logging http errors like restricted access. logon communication.log logging full communication between clients and Jana Proxy Server. recipient. Pop_Prot. for use of direct communication with a mailserver instead of using the Jana mailserver function). size. Logfiles can also be found in the Jana directory (usually C:\Program files\Jana\logfiles)   Ftp. termination of establishing RAS connection and various network errors by code. server. accessed directories. IP (and username).log logging user names that used the ftp server. user etc. Server. server will automatically try to send this mail again or inform the original sender about the failure to send it. however. Helpful in detecting the root of a problem. Ras_Time.g. 997-999 = transmission not successful. server number. logon communication. Smtp.log logging the use of all gateways (e.log logging every mail sent through mailserver. requested domain/file etc. date/time. logoff etc. Gateway. directory. it requires some practice and experience to interpret what you can read there. IP. sender. FTP_Access. 250 = sent successfully. date/time. time adjustment.

If a dialup connection through a modem or ISDN should be used. Set times when to use this specific connection (this enables you to use different connections at different times). CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  PORTS Here you could adjust the local ports. SERVER INFO  MONITOR The Monitor allows watching the work of the Jana Server in real time.g.0.0. in case you do not have a flatrate! “Preliminary Proxy” and “Program to be opened” are advanced (optional) settings. Set “termination time if idle” and redialing options. CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  GENERAL Basic Jana settings like Password and connection security If “Use a secure connection…” is active.g. Set username and password in Jana only (not when setting up the connection in Windows!) to prvent other programs of starting the DUN without connecting through Jana Server. you need to use https:// for the administration pages! CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  IP ADDRESSES Bind Jana functions to specific IP addresses. in most cases they can remain as suggested. CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  DUN/RAS Settings for Dialup or DSL connection which enables Jana Server to connect to Internet.1) and tick everything (but Sntp and DNS Server) on the IP of the server to make the functions available to all PCs in the network. 5 . Leave them empty unless you know that you need them.log logging communication through the socks ports User.1.  Socks. 127.0. 192. by accessing Internet and therefore using the Jana Proxy Server). Set proxy and DNS settings if required.168. add a new dialup connection. in a simple network add the IP of your server (e. See page 2 for more information. Select the DUN connection to be used (needs to be set up first in “Windows Network connections”).log logging IP (and username) that have logged in/logged out the Jana Server (e. Consider these options well.

com even after 5pm since the first entry disallows it.0. Correct entries would be: entry 1: IP during” entry 2: IP This may be used if a user wants to connect to his mail account directly but not through the mailserver function of this menu provides setting to limit the access for a specific time or to specific websites according to IP addresses (or IP address ranges) or according to a user name (if respective client IP is not listed here.62 would not get access to mail. CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  LOG FILES Specify the size of the recorded log files.168.0. CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  USER -MANAGEMENT With default settings every client can access Internet (through Jana Proxy) at any time without limitations. the browser will ask for a username & password).0.62 would not get access to mail.50 – Jana Extra Gateway: Local port: 10995 Target Server: pop.0. so Jana checks for another entry for this IP before denying access – entry 2 allows the access now. 6 . Example: Specify alternative local ports for the respective mailserver and set the client mail software to check mails on Jana Server through the specified port. fixed IP addresses for each client are required! (Set fixed IP address on client or use reservations on DHCP Server) Example: entry 1: IP range 192. unlimited access EXCEPT “mail.168. size basically not Target Server Port: 995 Client mail software: POP3 server: Jana IP (e.CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  EXTRA GATEWAYS Here you can specify certain ports for TCP or UDP to be made available.168. unlimited access from 5pm – 12am IP POP3 server port: 10995 Tick “use secure connection” (since port 995 is a SSL port!) In the same way you need to set a port for the outgoing (smtp) server. Multiple entries are allowed and will be logically combined with an AND function.0. from 5pm entry 1 is not valid any more. unlimited access from 5pm – 12am IP 192.g.55 can access on weekdays from 9am – 5pm IP 192. access on weekdays.168. To use user management according to IP” entry 2: IP 192. access on access 12am – 4:59pm EXCEPT “mail.0. 4pm – 9pm IP 192.62 can access on weekdays from 9am – 9pm For allowed/disallowed domains for a user/IP consider that the entries are considered in their respective order: entry 1: IP 192. 9am – 5pm entry 2: IP 192. larger size = log entries for a longer retrograde period but longer time for loading the log file.

directories for executable script files (e. Generally no changes necessary. specify timeserver on internet that should be used to synchronize the time and the synchronization interval. for a local company website). it is faster available. in order to use PHP or Pearl scripts on your local http server).g.1:123 OR servername:123 CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  DNS SERVER Advanced settings for DNS server and DNS routing. so if another client requests for the same site. ftp proxy. e. You can use the local ftp server to upload your website to the local http server.g.g. 192. virtual host names (to link a specific address typed in the browser to the local http server. settings and user management for the newsgroup server in Jana CONFIGURATION/HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  SNTP SERVER Settings for the sntp (time-) server in Jana. cache and ISAPI filter modules. e. for testing your website or for a local website for your company. e. for experienced users! CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  MIME TYPES Adjust mime types to your requirements.CONFIGURATION /HOME  SERVER  PROXY SERVER Advanced Proxy Server settings: Preliminary proxy. “Cache” saves requested sites for some time in a cache memory on the harddisc.168. CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  NEWS SERVER Directory.0. ISAPI filter modules.g. CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  HTTP SERVER Settings for the local http server in Jana: Directory. CONFIGURATION /HOME  B ASIC SETTINGS  FTP SERVER Settings and user management for the local ftp server in Jana. Clients can synchronize their clock using the Jana IP or Server computer name and sntp port 123. 7 . virtual directories.

incoming mails are received by the mailserver which distributes the mail according to the previous made settings to the different users mailboxes where they can download the mails through their email program. Further information about correct commands for a number of common virus scanners is available in the Jana forum  Autoresponder parameters. Emails are sent from the user to the mailserver.g.  Administrator address (error messages will be sent to this address)  Maximum size for emails (larger emails will be rejected)  Sending and retry-to-send interval  Collecting interval for incoming mails  Authentication for local smtp server (required e. If for a local user. If for an external user. Further information about such programs and commands is available in the Jana forum 8 . it will put the mail immediately in this user’s mailbox and it is immediately available for the recipient to be downloaded with his email program. the administrator or the user (depending on the cause of the error) is automatically informed by the mailserver to take further actions. if selected. the mailserver decides whether the mail is for a local user or for an external email address. CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  SIMPLE  GENERAL General settings for the mailserver in Jana:  Local directory on the server where mails will be cached. requires an optional virus scanner with command line function to be installed and the correct filling of the command line fields.  Parameters for automatic virus scan after receiving an email. the mailserver will establish the internet connection and send the email. the administrator is automatically informed by the mailserver to take further actions. The mailserver also offers various additional services like spam-checking. for automatic receipt-messages from Outlook or Outlook express.Basic function of a mailserver like Jana 2 mailserver The mailserver allows local (within the LAN) email communication without the need of an internet connection. virus-checking or autoresponders and others. so these programs do not need to be installed on every clients PC but only on the server. In case of any error while transmitting the mail. requires an optional autoresponder program and the correct filling of the command line fields. Similar to this. the respective function “SMTP server requires authentication” needs to be activated for the account(s) of the clients email program. Again in case of any error while receiving or distributing the mail. as the user is on vacation. CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  GENERAL The “Advanced email settings” menu offers the same and additional options as in “Simple” mode. More experienced users might find helpful and more complex options  Account Name: username to logon to this POP3 server. Therefore options are not explained in detail but only  Password: username to logon to this POP3  Authentication: specify how to authenticate on this smtp server (depending on mail provider!). user: elli. Additional options can be set later through the “Advanced” menu. e. e.googlemail.  Name of Smtp Server: name of the respective outgoing smtp server for this account. use logon and password for that account as on internet. e.g. elli&1982  Delete emails from server: select when to delete mails from the internet-POP3 server after they have been downloaded by the Jana mailserver. pwd: elli&1982  Switch accounts on/off On: this account is checked according to the interval settings in “General” Off: this account is skipped when checking mails according to the interval settings but can be simply reactivated (e.  Email address: email address of the user  Account Name of the Local Pop3/Imap Server: any username for the local incoming mailserver (not necessarily the same as used on internet!). pkwd+78  Name of Pop3 Server: address of the POP3 server from which to collect mails. After they have been deleted. the mailbox might become full.CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  SIMPLE  EMAIL USERS Add or edit email accounts of the mailserver users (simple method). If never deleted. Most common setting is “username/password” whereby usually both are the same as for the POP3 server.g. e. webmail (mail. user01  Password for the local POP3/Imap Server: any password for the local incoming mailserver (not necessarily the same as used on internet!).example@googlemail.g. server: pop. Further information about such programs and commands is available in the Jana forum 9 .example@googlemail. elli. pop. e. webmail. “General” offers the very same options as in Simple mode (see above) CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  POP3 SERVERS  Add new POP3 accounts that should be checked by Jana mailserver. deactivate his account for that time)  Spam checking for each account requires an optional spam filter with command line function to be installed and the correct filling of the command line fields. e.g.g. e. if mails are not deleted manually through e.g. they are not accessible any more through e. In simple mode mails will always be distributed to the user that was added with the POP3 server! 10 .CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  SMTP SERVERS  Add an smtp server and select the right authentication type if necessary e. authentication: username/ and webmaster@firm. should not use this option since mails would only be available through Jana mailserver. webmail.example@googlemail. including the account name/username (since many accounts could use the same POP3 server.g.  Select which local user should receive mails that came through this POP3 server. All previously created POP3 accounts are shown.g. In simple mode this option is always activated!  Select the smtp server to be used by this user (must be applied in “Smtp Servers” first) “Local user” allows this user to send mails to locally known email addresses only. for “receive only” addresses ) In simple mode the user is always linked to the smtp server that was entered there!  Activate/deactivate Autoresponder (requires an optional autoresponder program and the correct filling of the command line fields under Configuration/Home  E-Mail  Simple/Advanced  General This function works for mails received through a POP3 server only! Locally sent mails will not get this automatically generated response! In simple mode this option is not available!  Program to be executed for every mail this user receives Settings for advanced users/administrators no internet connection necessary). admin@firm.g. server: smtp.g. pwd: elli&1982  Smtp servers that do not require any authentication can even be used for several users (see next option “Email users) CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  EMAIL USERS Create local user accounts. For users who use should all be received by the user Elli Example through only one account. user: elli. Can be used to bring mails from different accounts to the same local account.googlemail. E. mails to other addresses through internet would be impossible (e. Action for all three addresses would be: elli. Allows emails to reach local recipients much faster. the addresses In simple mode this option is not available! CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  DISTRIBUTION Select where mails received through a specific POP3 server should be put. allocate an smtp server. a mail program through Jana mailserver AND mail access vie e. set autoresponder for that user  Account name and password for local account  “Do not send emails to this address via the ISP” causes mails to email addresses that are known by Jana mailserver to be put into the respective account immediately without first sending them via the smtp server (local mails.

g. use the following addresses: POP3 and SMTP Server: POP3 Port: SMTP Port: Jana Server IP or computer name (e. To set up an account in any Mail program like Outlook or Thunderbird. This might be used for backup or checkup purposes. 192. (The sender and recipient will both not recognize that the mail was sent to another address too!) These options might be in conflict with local security and privacy laws! Make sure using this option is not in conflict with rules or laws and the respective users are aware of this action! CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  ALIAS NAMES Here you can set local alias addresses for different users. The advantage of these groups is that users can always send mails to this address without caring about whether new members should receive these mails or others need to be removed.example@googlemail. so that locally sent mails to elli@google. a blind copy can be forwarded to any local or external address (es).com.g. since mails might get lost completely if the forwarding address is wrong! CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  BCC SEND For every mail sent through a local account. group@gmx.CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  EMAIL GROUPS Add local email groups for fast distribution and easy management  Specify an email address for this group  Select addresses from the list of locally available users (for multiple selection press the CTRL key and left click the required entries. The list can be updated by the administrator without requiring users to update their distribution lists. Select whether mails should only reach the diversion address (move) or a copy should remain in the original destination (copy). set only the POP3 server settings for this address in Jana and seth the distribution to the address of your Jana-group (last entries in list) CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  FORWARDING Here you can set temporary forwarding of a local email user to another internal user or even to an external mail address (external addresses only work for users with linked smtp server). a blind copy can be forwarded to any local or external address (es). This might be used for backup or checkup purposes. Moving should be tested well. E.0. for every mail received through a local will also reach Elli for the address elli.g. you also need to tick that setting in the mail program (username/pwd same as for POP3) 11 . you need to set up an email address at your mail provider (e.1 or servername) 110 (if not configured differently under General  Ports) 25 (if not configured differently under General  Ports) If you set Jana to require an authentication for the SMTP This function is of course only working locally in order to create shorter addresses. These groups are only available locally! (Solution for external availability see next paragraph). set an alias elli@google. To make a group availabl even from outside. (The sender and recipient will both not recognize that the mail was sent to another address too!) CONFIGURATION /HOME  E-MAIL  ADVANCED  BCC RECEIVE Similar to the above option.

CONFIGURATION /HOME  PASSWORDS  DELETE Delete previously created passwords (.htpasswd files) for any local folder with access through a web browser (e. it is optional and can be left empty. AuthName specifies a message shown in the browser when asked for the password. Set the local path to the password protected folder and click “submit” to show allowed users. websites on the local http server of Jana or the administration pages of Jana).htaccess and .CONFIGURATION /HOME  PASSWORDS  CREATE Create passwords (. Then enter the username to be deleted and click "Submit" again to finally delete it. websites on the local http server of Jana or the administration pages of Jana).g. 12 .htaccess and .g.htpasswd files) for any local folder with access through a web browser (e.