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End Semester Examination Competency Mapping and Assessment Max Marks: 100 Time: 3 Hrs Instruction: Attempt all

questions. Section A 1. Spencer defines a Competency as underlying characteristics of an individual that is causally related to criteria- referenced effective and/or superior performance in the job or situation. Discuss the given definition with suitable examples. (10) 2. Write short notes on the following (5*2=10) a. Competency Dictionary b. Just Noticeable difference Competency Scales c. Competency Clusters d. Generic Competencies e. The Competency Scale dimensions 3. Write short notes on the following (5*2=10) a. Achievement orientation b. Customer Service orientation c. Interpersonal Understanding d. Impact and Influence e. Organisational Awareness Section B 4. What is Behavioural Event Interview? How is it different from the traditional interview? How BEI method can be useful while designing competency studies? (15) 5. What is a Competency Model? How to develop competency models? Discuss in detail the different competency models. (15) 6. The assessment centres have gained a lot of popularity over a period of time. Many organisations are using assessment centre techniques to assess competencies of the job incumbent. In the light of the above statement discuss the various tools used in an assessment centre also discuss its features and benefits. (15)

Section C


60 yrs back XYZ pharmaceuticals started as a small company in few states of USA. The company was into the manufacturing and distribution of disposable syringes. It was first time in the history of USA pharmaceutical industry that a painless, disposable syringe was introduced by the company. The company got a very good response from the market and soon it grew and spread its operations in entire USA. The prime reason behind the success of the company was its state of the art manufacturing technology, sales and distribution. A large part of organisations revenue was invested into Research

and development which enabled the organisation to come up with innovative product into the market which was its competence. The company was into the mode of expansion and decided to have its operations in different part of the world. The biggest challenge before the company was that different countries have different norms and technical specification for manufacturing the product hence the product which was being sold in USA cannot be pushed to the different part of the world The CEO called up vice president HR and briefed the situation. He said the sales force and selling strategy which we have adopted here may not work as the customers need and preference differ. He further said that our prime intention is to go for worldwide expansion with multiple production units and offer customised solution without losing control. He further elaborated that now we want people, who are able to understand the local market requirements, customised the products as per the requirements, identify the markets, and assess the needs of new products and bring profitability. We as a company shall provide our technological competence which is our USP. The Vice president HR was then asked by the CEO to work on the competency model of the executives who shall be heading the operations at various countries. The Vice President HR has appointed you as a consultant to indentify the competencies and develop and competency model for the same. Discuss in detail the competency model you would design.