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Boiler and Pressure Vessel engineering - carryover in boilers

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carryover in boilers

weorrego (Mechanical)

25 Apr 05 18:47

Dear Members: We are writing from Colombian Sugar Factory. First of all this is important because in the sugar factory the steam demand is variable, due to there are many crushing cane stops in the daily crushing, that change the steam demand, besides the equipments factory changes its operation state. We are having big problems for boilers´s solids carryover in the steam. This problem generate valves jam in the turbogenerator. Many months ago, we are taking correctives actions, like that: Decrease the level in the steam drum. Before we are working with 50% like normal level, now is 40%. We are working to feed the Caustic Soda (NaOH) directly to the drum, becaus now is feed in the feed water piping to the boilers. The chemical treatement for the boliers is: Caustic Soda for pH regulation, phosphate for the hardness, and sulphite for the oxigen, and polymer for Iron. The treatment is controled by NALCO. Now, we would like to know the solutions possible for the steam boilers carryover. Sincerely, Wilson Orrego

metengr (Materials)

25 Apr 05 20:07

Could you provide some additional information on the type of boiler (design), operating pressure and temperature, and if you have blown down capability?

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15-May-12 4:26 PM

com/viewthread. based on this limitation. and the problem went away. perforated pipe? Anything at all in the drum to try to prevent carryover? If your drum came with baffling originally.eng-tips. and installed them. and that all driers aremounted securely. GenB (Mechanical) 2 2 of 4 15-May-12 4:26 PM . davefitz (Mechanical) 27 Apr 05 9:29 Carryover has many possible causes. Try to slow the rate of increase of steam demand from the boiler (slow the application of load to the boiler).) What type of level controls do you have? How many boilers do you have. so they just threw it away. and if you are operating at less than full drum pressure at full steam flow then you will overload the driers. My guess is that condensate carryover is caused by sudden drop in steam pressure that entrains unvaporized condensate. You can sometimes fix this problem by retrofitting the driers with drainable driers or using a SS mesh pad in lieu of chevron driers. Related to this is the need for one of the level gauge legs to remain un-insulated. The boiler mfr should have provided a curve of max permitted steam flow vs drum pressure.Boiler and Pressure Vessel engineering .carryover in boilers http://www. A fourth possibility is that the boiler mfr did not know what he was doing and did not size or the drum internals correctly. inspect the drum internals to ensure that there are no unsealed gaps between the centrifugal separators and the girth baffle plate. (once encountered a similar problem only to find out that the plant personnel got tired of dismounting and taking the baffling out every time they had to go into the drum to fix a leak. and are all of them priming (carrying over?) Are your traps in the steam header working correctly? rmw hbw (Mechanical) 26 Apr 05 19:33 I have little boiler experience. During the next outage. The second possible cause is the steam loading of teh driers is higher than they were designed for. cyclones. Chevrons. is it still there. See the B+W book "Steam".cfm?qid=122257 rmw (Mechanical) 25 Apr 05 22:15 Does your boiler have any type of mist eliminators at all in the steam drum. Found some in a twin sister boiler out of service. then the apparent level was not corrected for the true level. The first possible cause is a higher than indicated drum water level. If the drum water level gauges are not temperature or pressure compensated. The third possibility is that there is mechanical fault in the way the seperators were mounted or the driers were mounted. The driers were probably sized for max steam flow at full drum pressure.

Regards Ahsan Xianglu (Mechanical) 12 May 05 16:18 I have dealt with carryover for many applications. davefitz (Mechanical) 12 May 05 3 of 4 15-May-12 4:26 PM . From your case. you need better treat your feed water for your water system.pressure and temperature are not the major part of it. that will not be the case.DO2. 2. If your application is not high pressure. by which way. as steam is heated up in supper-heater. GB crawfishdaddi (Chemical) 4 May 05 12:43 What are your control parameters for TDS levels in the B.chloride in condensate.blow down method and the chemical injection as per the boiler capacity but level and steam admission mode to turbine and method is major part of it. which ways include better water quality (Ion exchangers.carryover in boilers http://www. Ask NALCO about an antifoaming agent. you may try antifoaming compounds which is un-expensive. my guess that the problem is poor feed water quality. First of all.U can avoid by blow down which is best method. To eliminate this carry over. Solids are carried over mechanically: In which case. In my knowledge at my boiler we dose N2H4 in our Main boiler via condensate and directly(In Drum) Amonia and phosphate as per chemist recommendations (Drum Pressure 185 bar and steam generation capacity1000 t/h) and also auxiliary boiler(operating pressure 20 bar and T=200 degC. or saturated steam passes through piping.cfm?qid=122257 May 05 0:09 It may be a chemical imbalance causing foaming as well. as pressure decreases.As per my little experience that carry over main causes are the level control. these substances include silica. liquids droplets vaporise and solids will jam piping fittings.? High TDS levels can contribute to foaming and water/solids carryover into the steam. higher blowdown ration and inside drum steam washing. some solids dissolves into steam at high pressure and come back to solids at lower pressure. The second type of carry-over is called selective type. it's probably a good place to start. etc).eng-tips.U must control TDS.Boiler and Pressure Vessel engineering . one could increase separation efficiency in the drum such as separators and demisters. demineraliser. steam carries water droplets from the Another approach is to reduce solids content in the boiler water. let's list all possible causes: 1. Solutions to this issue include increasing water quality and steam washing. smahsan (Mechanical) 12 May 05 6:35 Hi.F. solids deposit in the super heater tubes.W.

If there is a desuperheater spray attemporator.carryover in boilers http://www. In anycase you may find some good material here. Bet your water walls are also blistered from internal sugar deposits. the solids in the spray water will directly pass into the steam to the turbine. 4 of 4 15-May-12 4:26 PM . and Pressure Vessel engineering . Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without express written permission. then you have to check the sugar content of the deanc (Specifier/Regulator) 13 May 05 15:03 My guess would be carryover from the juice evaporators foaming. All rights rmw (Mechanical) 14 May 05 16:11 Then the question would be: are you using any evaporator condensate for boiler make-up. rmw Join | Jobs | Advertise | About Us | Contact Us | Site Policies Copyright © 1998-2012 Tecumseh Group. http://www.cfm?qid=122257 16:47 There is still another source for solids carryover to the turbine. or just condensate from the first (or Pre evaporator) effect? If so.