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Forum Contents Search Post Help Wanted Used Power Equipment For Sale Share | Attemperators - Wednesday, December 04, 2002 - I'm posing this question after having read a reply from Mr. Kyle to Ing. Coelho from Petrobras on a superheater damage question posed by the latter. Mr. Kyle there comments on boiler water being used for spraying, evidently considering this practice as unfit, or at least so I took it. Not being actually involved in boiler operation, but teaching a related subject, I went a little puzzled because I have read in books that boiler feed water is the stuff to be used in spray attemperators. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. RSS

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Re: Attemperators - Friday, December 06, 2002 - C.Molanes Heartily thanks to all who answered. Informations have been very enlighting.

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15-May-12 4:20 PM

since we are using the steam and condensing it for spray.If say the feed water has 15 ppm TDS and you are spraying 10 % into the steam. The only issue with feedwater as spray water is the water quality. BFW is on the tube side and saturated steam directly off the steam drum will be placed in the shell side for condensate production of the saturated 2002 ..doing a simple mass balance of solids around the desuperheater.. Add Pictures Re: Attemperators .we have designed boilers to operate on both direct spray as well as using sweetwater condensing system. Post a Reply.. Due to the fact that spraying feedwater bypasses the drum.. These include non-contact desuperheaters. December 04.then the sweet water condenser is used.) as the previous two responses have already outlined.V.. scrubbers etc are not performing properly then contamination will occur in the attemperator water. These attemperators will be located close to the steam drum and near the cool boiler feed water line that will enter this shell and tube heat exchanger.asp?master=2819 Post a Reply. If the water quality warrants.. Add Pictures Re: Attemperators .Thursday. We have to ensure of course that the drum internals are operating well and the steam leaving the drum has the steam purity desired by the turbine.Steam and Power Forum: You might be interested: http://www. Post a Reply. However. 2002 .. December as boiler suppliers.Wednesday.Ganapathy(vgpathy2000@yahoo.. for the best results a Sweetwater condenser is needed for high purity in newer steam turbines. however. 2 of 4 15-May-12 4:20 PM . a sweetwater condenser is installed. Other desuperheaters can also be used if the feedwater quality is not good enough for direct spraying.. which our friends Ed Fox and Tom Stanton expressed can come from off the boiler feed water line for older units.Hence the reason why if direct spray of feed water is used.. This gives us a higher grade of purity for the spray attemperator or spray desuperheater than BFW. 2002 . if carryover or other steam drum water chemistry problems including steam drum clean up equipment like cyclones.Wednesday. spray attemperation is the only means to control temperature to a steam turbine from uncontrolled superheaters. The condensed steam is used for spray.the solids are not added to the steam leaving the boiler system.the water should have the nearly the same TDS as the final steam.Poppy Hi Friends For fair water chemistry for the spray desuperheater. some contaminants can also be injected.Boiler Guy Boiler feedwater is used for desuperheating (attemp. In this can see that the solids in steam leaving is 0.steamforum. Presently. December 05. If demin feed water is not available. Add Pictures Re: Attemperators .5 ppm-the steam coming in is assumed to have nearly zero solids.1x15=1. saturated steam is taken from the drum and condensed using the feedwater as the cold medium.

I find only one fault with that. no oxygen scavengers etc. how can you take this chemical laden water for use in the attemperators.. Bt taking it at this point. the attemporator water connection will come off just after the feed pump discharge connection..John Irwin Tom mentioned about drawing off feedwater directly after the pump discharge for the attemperator spray because of there being no oxygen scavengers in it at that point. John Post a Reply. Post a Reply.Steam and Power Forum: You might be interested: http://www.. 2002 .. and mixed with the chemicals.Wednesday. a DA tank. As I recall from the several plants I worked on startups the spray water typically came directly off of the Boiler Feed Pump ahead of any feedwater regulating valve. Poppy Post a Reply. have been introduced into the feedwater yet.Wednesday. Post a Reply. For example.. This is a very smooth operating system as I have witnessed it work. Add Pictures Re: Attemperators . [videoscope of borescope inspection tells them deposition is unusual or until the steam analyzers has suggested problems. Florida.Thursday.. Add Pictures Silver Star Sponsors 3 of 4 15-May-12 4:20 PM . I have worked on numerous installations that are set up this way. 2002 . until their annual steam turbine inspection. as our friend from Petrobras was experiencing this is also a problem to all units depending on the age and material selection and how well the attemperation equipment is maintained.Ed Fox. then pumped to the boilers. Tampa.tom stanton Typically. December for reason beyond their control. Now. and a surge tank to collect the returning condensate..asp?master=2819 As I understand. December 04. The corrective actions that users need to take are periodic maintenance and inspections. Add Pictures Re: Attemperators . Finally. Steam drum water quality is everything including short circuiting of the internals. December 12. 2002 . Add Pictures Re: Attemperators . Some Superintendents will wait. It has been my experience that boiler feed water is used as desuperheater spray water (Combustion Engineering's term for it). and that is what do you do about the installations that pump boiler chemicals directly into the DA tank and mix it directly with the feedwater instead of injecting it into the feedwater line as it enters each boiler.. or in this case would you have to use saturated steam? Thanks. The condensate is then pumped into the DA. one place we do boiler maintanence has a 1000 HP and 600 HP firetube boilers. friend Kyle and friend Boiler Guy are absolutely correct.steamforum.

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