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Desuperheater that combines proven technologies for better operational economy
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High efficiency by providing optimum spray pattern at varying loads. Multi-nozzle to provide excellent geometrical coverage within the pipe. Tight shut-off – single-seated design. Separate stop valve not necessary to prevent and dripping that causes erosion/thermal fatigue to the steam pipe. Control and shut-off components operate outside the hot steam flow and thereby protected from thermal shock and resulting damage.

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Variable area nozzle protects water control element against cavitation/erosion. High reliability – the selection of seat material and a hard nitrided control plug guarantees high operational reliability, a long operational life span and low operational and maintenance costs. Compact design and easy installation – perpendicular to the steam pipe through a flange connection up to ANSI 1500 and special seal bonnet above. Turn down maximized with optional sequential opening of nozzles.




Installation Example

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8 4.4 8.4 2.14en 680en 2 ©CCI 2003 .0 17.8 9.0 5.5 14. Injection element • • Maintains good atomization over the full range “Flash-proof”.1 2.5 11. max 40 bar p Seat mm 5R 5 7R 7 10R 10 14R 14 20R 20 28R 28 Stroke mm 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 25 25 Kv-value m/h³ 0.5 18.Flow control element • • • • • Allows high pressure drop Multi-stage labyrinth avilable Ease of access to inner parts High rangeability Forged body Table 1: Kv-values .g. steam conditioning or reheater/superheater water injection valve.0 1. Special design available for more than 100 bar.0 2.5 0. Control Characteristic • • • Technical data Designation guide Fig 1 Flow characteristic equal % Table 1: Kv-values. The design prevents or minimizes water flashing/cavitation inside/before the nozzles Allows for special characterization by combining different size and preloading of each nozzle Tens of thousands of proven produced nozzles guarantee design and function Standard design accepts differential pressure between water and steam of 4 bar to 100 bar.max 100 bar p Seat mm 10 10 10 14 14 20 20 20 28 Stroke mm 19 19 19 19 19 32 32 32 32 Kv-value m³/h 1.7 1.5 The control element uses the proven technology of the high pressure cooling water control valve type VSG-2 designed for applications with high permanent pressure drop.2 10.5 Fig 2 1 2 3 4 DA90-MOP nozzle head cross section Nozzle plug Inner nozzle plug Body Water channels 5 6 7 8 Spring for pressure control Adjustment nut Lock nut Pin D526.2 7.4 4.6 2. e.8 3.

Calculate the steam velocity in the pipe at max steam flow. single nozzle only will be used. DN 80 mm / 3 in. Installation The DA90-MOP is mounted perpendicular to the steam pipe. contact your CCI representative for complete information about required distances for each individual case. The desuperheater and the connection stud form one unit through the pressure seal connection. Liner A liner can be used in the steam header to improve the system turn down.or DN 40 mm / 1. • Fig 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Installation example Temperature sensor Temperature transmitter PID controller DA90-MOP steam desuperheater Strainer for cooling water Condensate trap Indicating thermometer NOTE! For pipe diameters smaller than DN 200/8 in. The following parameters must be considered: • • • Straight pipe run upstream Straight pipe run downstream Distance from DA90-MOP to temperature sensor. Cooling water temperature tw. • Flange connection. such as: • • • • Atomization of the water Steam flow path Steam velocity and steam pressure Differential temperature t2 .e. • ©CCI 2003 3 D526.. • • As there are many parameters to consider.System turn down ratio Turn down can be determined in two ways and both must be considered to assure correct performance: • Nozzle (water turn down) The minimum water flow for proper control function is 1/40 of the maximum flow that the selected nozzle can provide at a specified pressure drop. NOTE! Although the desuperheater is the most important component for control of final steam temperature any single fault in installation with regard to piping or instruments can jeopardize performance. Complete evaporation of the injected cooling water is required to protect the piping and process equipment downstream of the desuperheater. Contact your CCI representative for detailed information regarding diameter. i. The evaporation distance must be as short as possible with exact temperature control at varying loads and degree of overheating of the steam.5 in. Minimum steam header size: DN 100 mm / 4 in.1500. i. the difference in temperature between the required desuperheated steam temperature and the saturation temperature of the steam. Our experience shows that the evaporation distance is controlled by different parameters. Minimum steam header size: DN 100 mm / 4 in.250 / ANSI 150 . Velocity (steam flow) Calculate the turn down of the installation as follows: . Available water connection DN 25 mm / 1 in. To ensure complete evaporation of the injected cooling water it is essential that the DA90-MOP is correctly installed. length and design of the liner. Pressure seal connection.Calculate the steam velocity in the pipe at min steam flow. 2500 or higher. Liner should be used if ∆ T steam water is 200oC/392oF and mandatory if ∆ T is 300oC/ 572oF or higher. .14en 680en .e. PN 16 . It is obtainable with two types of connections to the steam header. to increase the steam velocity at the point of water injection. as well as information about its impact on the installation dimensions presented in this data sheet.ts. Install the thermowell in a protective sleeve.

high pressure version 2500 or higher. Lower pressure class has flanged connection to steam . For sales contacts. please refer to www. D526.Cross section / Spare parts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Bolt Nut Gland lock Gland Stem packing Stem guide Bolt Nut Lock washer Bonnet Screw Seal Cage 1 Body Cage 2 Steam/Plug Seal Seat Inlet Screw Cover plate Segment ring Spacer ring Pressure seal Bonnet Heli-coil Flange Body Nozzleholder Nozzle Fig 4 Sectional drawing and parts list .ccivalve.DA90-MOP .14en 680en 4 © CCI 2003 CCI reserves the right to make technical improvements.