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[18Jul12 18:29:53][Zaman Cheh] i had one

yesterday and i survived

[18Jul12 18:30:14][Zaman Cheh] maby long
distance effect
[18Jul12 18:31:10][Zaman Cheh] jadranka juras
[18Jul12 18:31:18][Zaman Cheh] do you know her?
[18Jul12 18:31:22][phlegmatozoon] nope

[18Jul12 18:31:23][Zaman Cheh] better than tinkara
[18Jul12 18:32:16][Zaman Cheh] leeloojamais
[18Jul12 18:32:20][Zaman Cheh] good pop
[18Jul12 18:32:44][Zaman Cheh] muff also
[18Jul12 18:32:51][Zaman Cheh] neisha
[18Jul12 18:33:46][Zaman Cheh] severa gjurin
[18Jul12 18:33:49][Zaman Cheh] gal hjurin
[18Jul12 18:33:56][Zaman Cheh] gal gjurin
[18Jul12 18:34:21][Zaman Cheh] tangels
[18Jul12 18:34:42][Zaman Cheh] severa and gal are
brother and sister
[18Jul12 18:34:48][Zaman Cheh] they were in Olivija
[18Jul12 18:34:53][Zaman Cheh] now they are solo
[18Jul12 18:37:45][Zaman Cheh] i was in love with
[18Jul12 18:37:51][Zaman Cheh] :)))
[18Jul12 18:38:18][Zaman Cheh] i think severa is
not having a solo album
[18Jul12 18:38:32][Zaman Cheh] just makes music
as a colaboration with others
[18Jul12 18:38:39][Zaman Cheh] and playing with
gal live
[18Jul12 18:38:59][Zaman Cheh] no i dont know
her in person
[18Jul12 18:39:55][Zaman Cheh] i will do an
interview with gal for my fanzine
[18Jul12 18:43:00][Zaman Cheh] i was on his
concert in Cerknica in 2009
[18Jul12 18:48:33][Zaman Cheh] do you like srena
mladina and adam?
[21Jul12 11:56:08][Zaman Cheh] new compilation
on sordo
[23Jul12 19:25:08][Zaman Cheh] new compilation
on sordo
[23Jul12 19:25:13][Zaman Cheh] just so you know
[23Jul12 19:25:31][Zaman Cheh] i'm not disturbing
[23Jul12 19:27:15][Zaman Cheh] what
[23Jul12 19:27:21][Zaman Cheh] aha
[23Jul12 19:27:33][Zaman Cheh] dont know what
that mean
[23Jul12 19:27:53][Zaman Cheh] aha
[23Jul12 19:27:58][Zaman Cheh] still no clue
[23Jul12 19:27:59][Zaman Cheh] lol
[23Jul12 19:28:05][Zaman Cheh] i+m stupid too
[23Jul12 19:30:10][Zaman Cheh] i dont use nicotine
[23Jul12 19:30:31][Zaman Cheh] hey how can i
paste internet links into sousleek chat?
[11Apr13 23:49:26][BlakbirdzejA] permma
[11Apr13 23:52:18][BlakbirdzejA] nooqddff
[12Apr13 02:21:46][BlakbirdzejA] faggat country
[12Apr13 19:51:25][BlakbirdzejA]
10:51][BlakbirdzejA] im missing A MODIFICATION
[13Apr13 06:33:43][BlakbirdzejA] HAPPY BIRTHDAY
ME BBZZAXR!!!!!!!?>?:"|[]
[13Apr13 09:51:52][BlakbirdzejA]
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] ANYON E IN
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] well that being
posotive bullshit creates an opposite and they
torture ppl underground, chaos and destruction
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] FULL ZZECURITY
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] nooq alert a5
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] Alpha central
army/omega central army you are ALL WEAPONS
and TRUTH ACTIVE Blakbird1188 CommandoR***
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] Alpha central
army/omega central army you are ALL WEAPONS
and TRUTH ACTIVE Blakbird1188 CommandoR***
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] > the real
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] /..432
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] hoo
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] moolter
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] REVIVE CSHD.PK
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] GALAY MUSIC
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] RETIREMENT
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] '\[][]'\[]32#@-
[11Apr13 11:52:10][BlakbirdzejA] weed tiemy

[23Jul12 19:34:34][Zaman Cheh]
[23Jul12 19:34:49][Zaman Cheh] but you dont use
[23Jul12 19:36:23][Zaman Cheh] yes

And so another hunt begins
the slaughter of mammals in nature
fear is in our minds
what mother have you done to us

tonight,we die,with,our hands, holding tight
no pain,no gain, starving, starving until we die

when night falls on our homes
and fear enters our lifes
should we sleep at all
is this the end of this forsaken paradise

8 feet, it is, tall, soft skin, with fur on
death with, deadly claws in our skin!

only a dozen of still us live
weakened by the madness of night
how long can we last
is this the end of our tribe

sharping our knives...with nothing more than
mother on our side
nobody sleeps tight...watching the fire
to keep us alive

when will the new day come...fear will soon
leave our minds...
......but the sickness
will stay in our tribe

shattered by the nature of lies
in the land with desease
we will rip our enemies eyes
drinking from the pool of life

tonight,we die,with,our hands, holding tight
no pain,no gain, starving, starving until we die

the moon will give us hope
hear the sounds of spirits
in the trees they hide
to protect us...
by Panikk 2009

The Wave of Death

The day of revealed truth comes
Who is the one with the power, showing
pride by contolling world fear
Challenging world patience, creating
weapons with no grace
Huge wave covers the world and no one
can escape from it

The consequences are felt for thousand
Dangerous mushroom grows, absorbing all
life around itself
There's nothing left but silence and desert
of remains

The wave of death demolishing everything
Blinding light raising under the sky
Heat and ashes
The wave of death

His sick mind has no limits, all he sees is
Doesnt give a fuck about the results of his
Pride is all he lives for
Behind all smiles and shiny parades are
hidden worries
But nobody fights the dictator of violence.
by Panikk 2009

Indestructible Destruction

And in his name they proudly kill and get
rewarded for it

Spreading their crimes all over the world
The extremists they have been called
Enjoying in assaults of cruelty and blood
Setting the bombs, killing the innocent

Destroying buildings, screams of burnt
Is all you can hear, the butchering is
covered by
A dark cloud raised from ruins

Horrible events shock world population all
the time
It never stops, they march for religion
Sick fanatics with guns in their hands have
the hold of their world
People living in constant fear, having
sleepless nights

Will this ever stop?

We would all like to stop them, but we
dont know how
There must be an end to this nightmare
but we just cant see it now.
by Panikk 2009


Tired thoughts, sent me to decay
Dependent from anger, no command of
Fanatical and rejected, i run,
i run to dismay with anger and death
To resist society , life quickly wasted
Take advantage rapidly,
from confusion to resist to find the way
widley and dark it shows

Total destructions of my interior
What follows is aggresion
Innocent people lie in coffins
Where is the justice
What have they done

There's too much violence, too much hate
Exploited people are loosing the will to live
Doom is waiting for them without mercy
When chaos comes, panic is the ruller

Violence is humanity's worst enemy and it
gets him down
Murder is the biggest crime and the blame
burries you
When criminal is on, the solution is out.

The world is running away, burning with
Nor law or order dont stop that
The world is too polluted and poisoned
Civilization is dying, all that will be left are
by Panikk 2009
Mali bootleg s 5 komadi: He Wil Call You Baby, Lay It Down, Murder, Tonight In The Trailer Park, Small Swift
Birds in 'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel.
Kul boxi, albumi, EP-ji in singli, ki so izli pred
asom in so dosegljivi na Soulseeku:


Bragg, Billy And Wilco-Mermaid Avenue-The
Complete Sessions
Byrds, The-Original Singles As And Bs 1965-1971
Monos-Age And Transformation + Aged And
Oldfield, Mike-Two Sides: The Very Best Of Mike
Presley, Elvis-A Boy From Tupelo


Beach Boys, The-50th Anniversary Collection
Beatles, The-Tomorrow Never Knows
Bloc Party-Four (Deluxe Edition)
Cat Power-Sun
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/The
Lyre Of Orpheus (Remastered)
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds-Dig Lazarus Dig
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds-Nocturama
Cooder, Ry-Election Special
Doors, The-L.A. Woman: The Workshop Sessions
Garbarek, Jan-Dansere
Guetta, David-In The Mix At Big City Beats
Incubus-Incubus HQ Live
Iron Maiden-Live Camden
Jarrett, Keith, Garbarek, Jan, Danielsson, Palle,
Christensen, Jon-Sleeper
Kiss-Destroyer: Resurrected (Reissue)
Lopez, Omar Rodriguez-Octopus Kool Aid
Luan, Pavel-Tenka, Bela Stena
Mazzy Star-Live In Zurich
McKennitt, Loreena -Troubadours On The Rhine
Morcheeba-Best Of Morcheeba
Alanis Morissette-Havoc And Bright Lights

Parsons, Gram-GP [MFSL UDSACD 2058]
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Tuborg Green Fest 2012
Rob Zombie-Mondo Sex Head (Deluxe Version)
Sixpence None The Richer-Lost In Transition
Testament-Dark Roots Of Earth
V/A-Slovenian Music Scene Vol. 45
V/A-Slovenian Music Scene Vol. 46
V/A-Slovenian Music Scene Vol. 47
V/A-Tribute To Depeche Mode: Best Covers
Vai, Steve-The Story Of Light
Von Horschelmann, Fred-Solina
Wilco-2012-07-25 New York City


Bloc Party-Four More
Blur-Live From The BRITs
Blur-Under The Westway
British Sea Power-EP 6
DNA-Underbeat Demons Inside Me
Gorenc, Barbara Gregori -Pobegla Piama

Kavi, Vladimir-Proza
Kobal, Darinka-Strahec Strako
Kocjani, Vladimir-Novakovi-33. Prenovimo
KP0101-Katie June-Hardcore Teen (Screen
Recorded By Zaman Cheh)
KP0102-Ilia Belorukov, Tomaz Grom, Vid
Drasler-Live On Radio tudent Ljubljana,
KP0103-Irena Tomain-Mouth Sounds For Heart
Beats ...
Larkin, Philip-Ob 90. Obletnici Rojstva
Lynch, David Feat. Karen O-Pinky's Dream: The
Mate, Miha-Jeki
Morissette, Alanis-Guardian
Nemka Pravljica-Podstrena Mi
Pussy Riot-Kill The Sexist!
Tomain, Irena-Mouth Sounds For Heart Beats ...
Tvrz, Valerija Skrinjar -Zgodbe Starega Murna
V/A-CWK20 On Krep Productions
Vodeb, Rafko-Literarni Portret
mavc, Brina tampe -Pekarna Za Peko Predolgih


Chabrier, Emmanuel -Pastoralna Suita
Chemical Brothers, The-Theme For Velodrome
Lenoba-Take Me As I Am
NOFX-Ronnie And Mags
Pet Shop Boys-Winner
Red Hot Chili Peppers-Strange Man/Long
White, Jack-Freedom At 21
Williams, William Carlos -Samo To Bi Ti Rad
Krep Recenzije:

Cok Colob. Tu 5cm 0oma
Ha. Spet ena od unih. Neposluane. Pa ist krep.
Sm dobu mal nazaj 7 CD-jev od FV, pa tud e
nism poslual. Sam sm naredu v naprej plan, kaj
recenzirat, pa je tole blo na mestu. CD je e dost
spraskan, tko da par komadov nism mogu
posluat. Vsaj ne celih. 8 komadov gor.
'Zgoenko s priredbami slovenskih ljudskih
pesmi je izdal Telekom Slovenije decembra 2002.'
Rok Golob je araner in producent. Pomagal mu
je Saa Olenjuk. Posneto isto leto v studiu Reno
120, Los Angeles. Master Rok Golob. Jah, komadi
so ist preve kiasti. Po spominu preve na
klaviaturah. Tole ni ist n alternativno. Terasa
muzika. Zraven v knigci e teksti. Drugae je
instrumentalno. 'Od tu grem, sem pridem, tu
obstanem, da spet grem in se ponovno vrnem. Tu
sem doma.' ist domoljubno. N ne pie kolk je
bla naklada. Po moje so poslali vsem
uporabnikom. Tko da je kr mnoina in
predvidevam popularna izdaja. 39 minut. Tud
Knjinica Kranj ga izposoja na dom. Ha.
Rabindranath Taorc. |ipika
Dobu za 18-i rojstni dan od Andraa. Prebral e
tolk let nazaj. Mi je blo ful ve. Sm pol e neki
bral od njega, pa sm pozabu kaj. Aha. Gora. Pa
Darovanjke. Gora se mal spomnm, sam ne ist.
Darovanjke bl mal. Mi je bla ena pesem iz te
zbirke, Lipika, ful ve. Pa ne vem ve kera. Oblak
sel po moje. Pesem: Popotnik! O, popotnik! Tvoja
spremljevalca hodita, hodita dalje. Zamiljen
postavam na oglu, vasih kje poblisne lu. Tedaj
pa znenada zasliim korake pod nebom, zemljo in
vodo. Popotnik! O, popotnik, ko stopa naprej, mi
polji s ceste klic. Vek za vekom, vnovi in vnovi,
pride na moj prag. In zato naenkrat zasliim v
svojem srcu tvoj korak. Angleki prevod
originalno 1977. Slovenski prevod Miriam Drev.
Izdala Mohorjeva druba Celje. 1998. Za moj
rojstni dan. Opremljeno s super artworkom.
Oblike v glini izdelala in fotografirala Zalka
Arnek. 136 strani. Trda vezava. 'v Indiji je
deeven dan med monsumom nekaj takega kot v
Evropi pomladni dan. goa, vse uniujoa
poletna pripeka pojenja in drevje je golo, kakor v
Evropi pozimi.'
Todd Mayncs. l'm Not Thcrc

Po pravic povedan, nimam pojma kva je bil point
tega filma. Neki o Bobu Dylanu al kva. Ma tiri
protagoniste, pa vsak naj bi predstavljal Boba
Dylana al kva. Pojma nimam. Mlano do preteno
hladno. It was not there for me. Na zaetku en
temnopolt mulc se verca na vlaku. Pa kitaro ma s
sabo, pa na etuiju pie Kill Fascists. Pol pa tud
neki igra pa poje. Pa tak odrasel glas ima. Pol pa
en tip govori kolkr na zaslianju neki, ne vem kva.
Pol je tm en bradati na divjem zahodu. Pojma
nimam kaj sploh pone. Pol je pa e ta enska, ki
igra kao Dylana. Pa hod naokol s folkom, pa daje
intervjuje, pa en jo hoe ubit, en fen, po moje k je
Dylan u z akustinega folka na elektrini
rokenrol. Pa so mu pol feni ist zamerl. Pa ta
enska Dylan skos kadi. Pa tako ga igra skos mal
'You supposed to be my friend, we supposed to
get along.' World's Fair CMJ Showcase, The
Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY, 18. oktober
2007. Kitara in vokal, bas in bobni. Ne vem kaj nj
reem. Dobr indie. Posnel z Real Playerjem z
Baeble, ko se je to e dalo. Na sreo posnel dol
dost materiala. Ne vem zakaj se zdej ne da ve. ?
Glasgow, Scotland. Rough Trade. Dva albuma, 4
single, zadnji 2011. Ne vem kaj se sedaj dogaja z
njimi. Londonska zaloba. Dva single coil
magneta na kitari. Ne vem kera, more bit Fender
al kaj. Jazzmaster?
lorcncc And Thc Hachinc

Videl live stream na Bestivalu. Nism kj prov velik
pogledal. Mam en komad na kompu od nje.
Florence + The Machine. Oz. od njih. Oz. dva
komada. Enga e z Brit Awards 2012. Kul
prezenca na odru Florence Welch. Letnik 1986.
Dober sodoben pop indie oz. pop rock. Zaeli
2007. Isabella Summers. Letnik 1980. 2 albuma.
2 live albuma, 3 EP-je, 12 singlov, 15 videov.
Island Records. Universal Music Group. MTV
0uran 0uran
A Diamond In the Mind iz 2012. Poznam sam en
komad tkole po naslovih. Hungry Like The Wolf.
Live 2011. Koncertni film in live album. Iz
Evening News Areni v Manchester-u, Angliji,
Veliki britaniji na 16. december 2011 med All You
Need Is Now turnejo in izlo na 2. julij 2012 na
Blu-ray, DVD and CD. Se e kr dobr sli, eprav so
prdci iz osemdesetih. Aha. Wild Boys.
8londc Rcdhcad
McCarren Park, Pool Party, Brooklyn, NY, 5.
avgust 2007. Z Baeble. ist hud koncertni
posnetk. Video. Kazu Makino je ist sexi. Huh
zaljubljen. eprav more bit e ez 40. ? un
dvojek, k igra kitaro tud poje. In je kul. Mal sam
mot, ker majo material v naprej posnet. K Kazu
igra kitaro namest basa. Tko k Kim. K ni ve hotla
igrat basa, je hotla kitaro, pa so zato SY vzel Jima
v bend. No Blonde Redhead so ist hud bend, ne
glede na n. Pol pa Kazu sam poje, pa majo
klaviature vnaprej posnete. Ni tko kul, k e bi blo
vse v ivo. Glas ma pa fletn. Kazu Makino marry
lron Haidcn
Live Camden 2012. Ni uradna izdaja. Vsaj sode
po Wikipedii. The Number Of The Beast je edin
komad, k ga poznam, pa e to sam po naslovu.
Nimam pojma od kje metalcem navduenje nad
Iron Maiden in njihovim heavy metalom. Men so
drek. Tko k Sex Pistols za punk. Ma sm poslual
cel album, sam navduenja pa ni.
cno 0olcnc
Videl v ivo tm 2009. Sm ozvoeval, pa mi je
Dari pomagal. Oz. je on sound natimal. Pa je blo
drek. Veno je bil kao utrujen. Od ivlena?
Creinativa organizirala. Je bil solo. Igral tako
svoje kot od Sedmine komade. Sam se je motu
Hu!kat Mambur
Jih vidu ene parkrat. V Zerotu za pusta po moje.
Pa na Sladkem Vrhu. Nism jih nikol tko zlo cenu.
Zdej pa razmiljam, da bi organiziral en festival
garane glasbe, tko k takrat Bazen Poplavlja. Bi
povabu njih, pa Coso Nostro, pa Indust Bag, pa
Blutwurst. Pa e kaken bi se najdu. Mogoe Riot
Queen. Se spomnem na Shugar Hillu, je kitarist
na sred pila dal kitaro na feru bl na glas, k se n
ni slial na odru. Ne tekam une fore s pevcem in
njegovo lasuljo. Pa narisane brke, pa I Love Rock
majco. ?
Ioc 5trummcr
Strummerjev zadnji koncert. Action koncert. Joe
Strummer And The Mescaleros, The Hellcat
Years. Trije albumi, B-sajdi in koncert. 57
komadov. Ne vem. Nimam posebnega mnenja.
Posluam tko bl skoz en ues not skoz usta vn.
Vedno delam dve stvari naenkrat. Telekaster. Ne
vem. Men Telekaster n bil ve. Mogoe je e ful
odvisn od fera. Sam jst sm mel sam trazistorje,
pa je bil sound drek.
35th Anniversary Tour: Live In Concert. Smen.
So bli dobr bend na zaetku kariere, no vsaj prvi
album je carski. Pol se pa spet zberejo stari prdci,
pa se igrajo punk, k je za njih umeru tm konc
sedemdesetih. Ne tekam ist njihovga prehoda v

Sample format : 44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo

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Transformation + Aged and Transformed (disc 1)
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Transformation + Aged and Transformed (disc 1)
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Intervju s slovenskim glasbenim
projektom Sorrow

Za zaetek nekaj o Angels Perfect Dream.
Kdaj ste nastali, kdaj razpadli in zakaj?
APD smo nastali julija 2006, ko smo se prvi zbrali
jaz, Edi (brat) in Bert, razpadli pa oktobra 2011, oz. bi
lahko rekel, da od oktobra 2011 nismo ve aktivni, ker
nismo nikjer objavili da smo razpadli.

Kakna je bila diskografija APD? Kje ste
izdali album?
Z APD smo izdali samo en album (Perfect Dream),
imeli smo tudi material za drugi album, ampak do tega
al ni prilo. "Perfect Dream" smo izdali preko Chill
Pill 99, aprila 2009.

Zakaj potem Sorrow?
Sorrow pa je moj projekt, ki je nastal konec leta 2005.

Zakaj Sorrow?
Zakaj ime Sorrow? Ne vem, mogoe zato ker mi je
beseda sorrow bila ve in besedila ki jih piem so
velikokrat povezana z alostjo.

Kdo se skriva za Sorrow?
Za Sorrow se skrivam jaz, Jess Davy (Jasmin
Alibegi). Jaz posnamem vse intrumente in piem
Mogoe se pa v prihodnosti Sorrow razvije v kaj ve.

Kdo ti oblikuje logote?
Logote oblikujem sam.

Letos si izdal solo album. Kdo ti ga je
Da, letos maja sem izdal novi album z naslovom
"Hope". 5. oktobra pa bom izdal e en album, ki se
imenuje "Buried" in se ga bo dalo posluati na
Youtubu. Ker nisem pri nobeni zalobi, vse albume
zaloim sam.

Album prodaja, si ga pa tudi izdal na
Youtube, kar je brezplano. Kako to?
Da, album "Hope" je sedaj mogoe kupiti na iTunes,
Amazon in eMusic, lahko se ga poslua tudi na
Kdor bi rad imel "Hope" na svojem raunalniku/mp3ju
oz. kdor me podpira bo verjetno kupil moj album.
Sem pa opazil, da nekatere znane zalobe tudi
objavljajo albume na svojem Youtube kanalu.

Se da dobit hardcopy?
Album je na voljo samo v mp3 obliki. Bi pa tudi sam
rad videl da bi bil album na voljo v fizini obliki,
ampak ker nimam denarja in/ali zalobe, si tega ne
morem privoiti.

Kako si zadovoljen s prodajo?
Na to vpraanje pa al ne morem odgovorit, ker sem
album pred kratkim dal na internet in nimam e
statistike koliko mp3-jem sem e prodal.

Kaj je za povedati o Hope?
"Hope" je moj 22. album in je prvi album, ki ga je
mono kupiti na iTunes, Amazon in eMusic in je tudi
na voljo na Youtubu (

Bi kaj povedal o Summer Of Love?
Summer Of Love? To je pa iz iTunes in je pod mojim
albumom? Ta album ni moj! Ker je na iTunes kar
nekaj skupin z imenom "Sorrow", je prilo do napake
in so moj album objavili zraven "Summer Of Love".
Enako se je zgodilo na Amazon in eMusic, samo da je
tam pod drugo skupino z imenom "The Sorrow". Tega
al ne morem spremenit.

Na Myspejsu ma 11 tiso ogledov. Kaj
misli o tem?
11 tiso? Pri meni pie ez 21 tiso ogledov, mogoe
nisi bil na pravi myspace strani? Drugae pa so ti
ogledi e stari, saj sem na Myspace-u e od leta 2006,
takrat Facebook e ni bil toliko popularen in je bilo
toliko ve obiska na Myspace-u, zdaj dobi komaj 100
ogledov ez leto.

Kaj si misli o Myspace-u in Youtube-u?
Myspace mi je bila zelo v redu socialna mrea dokler
jo je vodil Tom, zdaj je pa vse spremenjeno in
nepregledno in poleg tega je zdaj tudi zelo poasna
stran. Youtube mi je pa e zmeraj v redu stran.

Koliko videospotov ma zunaj?
Zunaj imam samo 2 videospota (Desperate Thoughts,
Island), e bi imel ve asa in boljo kamero, bi
verjetno imel e kaken videospot :)

Kdo je snemal?
Videospote sem snemal in zmontiral jaz.

Se je kaj vrtelo po slovenskih televizijah?
Ne, ker nisem imel namen objaviti spota na TV. Se je
pa vrtel spot od Angel's Perfect Dream "Perfect
Dream" na arli TV.

Hm, je poleg Summer Of Love in Hope e
kaken Sorrow izdelek?
Da, vendar ostali albumi niso na internetu, sem pa do
sedaj posnel 22 albumov, oktobra pa bom izdal novi
album, ki se ga bo dalo posluati tudi na Youtubu in bo
verjetno ez nekaj asa tudi na iTunes, Amazon in
e enkrat, Summer Of Love NI moj album. e koga
zanima kaj ve o Sorrow, si lahko pogleda mojo
Facebook in Youtube stran.

Kdo je Jess Davy?
To je moje "umetniko" ime.

Lahko na hitro pove kakno opremo
Od intrumentov uporabljam Gibson in Ibanez (bass)
kitare, Tama bobne in Zildjian inele. Snemam pa v

Se v tvojem studiu snema e kaj drugega
kakor Sorrow?
Zaenkrat snemam samo Sorrow, se pa kdaj tudi zgodi
da brat posname kaken svoj komad/demo.

Se boste APD kmalu spet zdruili?
Hm, verjetno ne, ker imamo vsi drugane cilje in nove

Intervju s pevko Urulo Ramove

Kakna je tvoja zgodba z Odzvenom?
Ni posebnega, urednitvo me je povabilo, naj v
lanskem juliju napiem tiri Mnenja. Pa sem
jih. Kasneje so eno mnenje izbrali in uvrstili tudi v
zbornik Odzven.
Kaj pa Etno Sigic?
Etno Sigic kompilacija = kompilacija sodobne
slovenske etno glasbe, ki pa ni samo etno, ampak
so nanjo uvrstili tudi avtorske komade, ki zvenijo
etno. Tako smo se gor znali tudi mi s skladbo
Piism, ke ja j piiv adn, ke je pol hmal umaru.
Kdo so Fantje?
To so Fantje z Jazbecove grape: Joi alej, Metod
Banko, Janez Ramove, obasno tudi Marjan
Stani in Robert Juki.
Pie tudi sama poezijo?
Janez tudi poje?
Kakne so tvoje izkunje z zalobo Sanje?
Dobre. Rok Zavrtanik me je spravil na povrje.
Kdo skrbi za promocijo?
Kaj si na splono misli o slovenskem
Nimam mnenja.
Imate skupininega fotografa?
Se da kje sliati glasbo izpred Sugar Free
Kako je bilo v Volah?
Lep koncertni zakljuek poletja.
V kaknih nakladah so izhajali albumi?
200, 300 izvodov.
Imate kaken uraden videospot?
Kakna je tvoja zgodba z
(si zameal, ni zgodbe)
Kaj pa
(ni zgodbe)
Kako je bilo peti v Komornem Zboru
Radia Slovenija?
Pod takratnim vodstvom Marjana eka je bilo
petje uitek. Zborovske izkunje pa so vsekakor
vplivale tudi na moje (nae) zdajnje ustvarjanje.
Kateri je do sedaj najveji koncert vae
Glasbe sveta v Cankarjevem domu.
Highlihgt tvoje kariere?
Ga ni.
Kakna je tvoja izkunja z Mestom ensk?

Intervju z argentinskim glasbenim
projektom Squares Garden
Why Squares Garden?
LEILA MORE: Squares Garden refers to the virtual
world where the band exists: a garden where
persons have squares shapes.
QUARE: It is important to clarify that everything
what refers to the band is inside of a virtual and
humorous context.
Is Squares Garden a band or a solo project?
REDY: Squares Garden arose in March 2012. It is a
musical band, still without success, which lives in a
virtual world. At present, we are working in a movie
(underground) that reports our history, our bad
musical experiences and the constant failures of the
What label are you signed to?
QUARE: Personally I do not like to classify to the
music inside some musical style. I believe that when
a song less can be described with labels, more
creative it is.
You create funny karaoke/video game music. Where
did you get an idea to do that?
MANU: Squares Garden is an addition of the
activities that his members develop like music,
literature, illustration, animation, cinema and
programming. The last topic explains the musical
style of the band.
Are you popular in Buenos Aires?
REDY: As I said previously, we live in a virtual
world and, in addition, we are a real failure: for
these two reasons we cannot be popular in Buenos
Aires. The maximum aspiration that we have is that
our failure comes out the borders of Argentina.

Was your music ever played on the local radio?
POLO: All the important radio stations of Buenos
Aires only play the songs of the big companies.
Nevertheless some songs played in radio stations
with minor reach. Also there were some interviews
to the composer, but after the formation of the band
we do not allow that a real person should control
our names.
How are you pleased with the free downloading?
CLAXON: If I would have to travel to Paris and pay
a ticket to museum of the Louvre to can see The
Mona Lisa, I would not know Leonardo's work.
Luckily, reproductions allow us to know his art. I
believe that the art must be to our reach and we
should pay for a work of art only for five years, after
it should be free. Then the whole world would have
access to the art. And if a work does not have artistic
value and only it was made for business, in five
years it will have not a commercial interest. In 5
years an author can obtain sufficient earnings
without the intermediaries, who already do not have
any function with the current technology.
GILBERTO: When anti-piracy laws are applied, the
governments does not want to protect to the
musicians, but to the multinational companies.
You're quite a mistery in global musical world. What
do you think about 5380 profile views?
REDY: I think that is a minor detail how many
people visits our profile, the important information
is how many people listen to a song. It has been
proven: 5380 persons visited our profile, 5221
played a song and only 8 listened to the complete
song (7 of them remained slept).
Who makes the cartoons?
QUARE: We do not allow that those who are
working for the band in the real world become
famous. This is written in the contract.
MANU: What we do not remember is if this clause
was our idea or if they didn't want to share our
When did you start the project?
QUARE: The first song (Maracas vs. Castauelas)
was composed in 2009 but the Squares Gardens
project has only a few months.
What do you think about global music scene?
CLAXON: There is a lot of interesting music and it
can be reached for anyone that has the curiosity to
discover it. Personally, I like to listen very varied
LEILA MORE: Some musicians that we like to listen
are: David Murray, John Zorn, Medeski Martin &
Wood, Frank Zappa, Ernest Ranglin, Bjrk, Miles
REDY: Jean Michel Jarre, Goran Bregovic, Maceo
POLO: Fela Kuti, Jamiroquai
CLAXON: Wynton Marsalis
MANU: Nino Rota
LEILA MORE: The Beatles and many more.
REDY: Yes, The Beatles!
QUARE: Yes, of course.
LEILA MORE: Pardon, was question referring to
current music?
What do you think about 200+ likes on Facebook?
REDY: We need 29225328 more likes to reach The
Beatles likes.
QUARE: I think that this number also reflects the
difference of musical quality.
What about Reverb Nation, Bandcamp?
LEILA MORE: We have no idea.
Do you also sell your CDs?
REDY: There was a CD before Squares Garden's
formation (with some of our current songs) in
Argentina's most important music store chain. We
do not know the exact quantity of sold CDs but we
suppose the success was an advance of the current
failure of the band.
MANU: Now, the songs can be free download of our
What do you think about music industry?
LEILA MORE: Music industry will have to adapt to
these times. I don't know how it is going to be in the
Are you also a DJ?
ALL (together): Not!
Do your songs sometimes have a vocal too?
REDY: You already know our voices, specially
Leila's voice and mine. We are virtual persons and
have virtual voices.
How long does it take to create one song? And one
QUARE: "An Expedition to the Desert" was
composed in a few hours and "The Red Adventure"
in weeks. We are preparing a video called "On-Off"
(it will be in Facebook soon) and began to do it one
month ago. Sometimes, we do nothing in weeks and
other times we dedicate many daily hours to a song
or a video.
Are you classicaly trained musician?
QUARE: We are self-taught and have a varied and
untidy learning on musical composition. It includes
some classic training.
Do you think your music is folk music?
LEILA MORE: Our music is not folk music but we
have all kinds of influences. We have so much
influences that these cannot distinguish.
What would you like to say to our readers in
LEILA MORE: Because of the little success that we
have obtained and to our condition of virtual
musicians (without a place in the real world) we
propose the Slovenes to adopt us. I think that with
50 new fans of Slovenia we will be a Slovenia's band.
Then we will declare ourselves publicly as a
Slovenia's band.