How to Develop Self Confidence

1) Pray for Gods help in developing self confidence. 2) Accept challenges in life and do not try to flee from or avoid them. 3) Accept and acknowledge the fact that though others may be better than you or higher in position, however, you still have some contributions to make and your contributions can proffer solutions. 4) Humbly accept corrections and do not shy away from criticisms or be discouraged by criticisms. 5) Feel that you are needed and that your opinion is useful. 6) Air your views even when you feel it may not be honoured or it seems belittling. 7) Be whom you are independent of whatever audience you are facing 8) Be busy in God’s vineyard of enlightening, teaching and helping others to learn. 9) Humbly accept the fact that you do not know something’s but be ever ready to learn and ask questions even from your junior colleagues. 10) Study/learn about other people lives, especially those who had a humble (poor) beginning but later become influential people in life. 11) Be humble enough to ask questions on what you do not know and desire to be enlightened on issues. 12) Avoid paste and copy form of knowledge discovery rather, try to be original and creative. You can rather use other peoples ideas to complementarily photosynthesize your own ideas. 13) Spend time on meditation and contemplation and share the fruits of your meditation. 14) Appreciate others that you feel have developed self confidence in themselves and if possible make friends with them - provided the friendship will not affect you negatively. 15) Avoid inferiority complex rather see yourself as complete being capable of offering solutions in life no mater how minute. 16) Challenge environmental/family/cultural experiences in life that has left some marks of inferiority complex in you. 17) Accept and acknowledge the fact that you are created for a purpose and that you must achieve that purpose before you depart from this world. Moreover you can make it in life without any other person except God. 18) No matter how your opinion is caricatured or ridiculed or held in disdain, avoid going into enslavement, hiding, caving, and taking the position of a second class citizen.

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