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The Rush to Color

Bryan Palphreyman Graph-Tech AG alternative strategy for high volume Monochrome print

Graph-Tech AG
Founded 1989. HQ, R&D and Manufacturing across three locations in Switzerland, 60 Employees A Domino Group Company, with group revenues in excess of $477m, 60 locations and 2200 employees worldwide Inkjet integration pioneers. First inkjet system launched at drupa 2004, by drupa 2012 GraphTech had over 400 inkjet print modules exhibited across 9 booths Launched Inkjet Press at drupa 2012

Print Width

We take around 10% of Kyocera global printhead production, ..and were behind 9 of the 20 applications at drupa 2012

Production Volume

Mono Numbers

How much colour?

Market analysis suggests that anywhere between;

40% to 80%
of all print on Colour devices is actually Mono Is the rush to Colour somewhat premature? Is there another way.

Monos Big Share

Digital Volume to 2014 Promotional 85bn Publishing 120bn Transactional 155bn All Commercial 460b

Mono 51% Mono 62% Mono 83%

Mono 65%

[Source: InfoTrends]

Continuous Feed Transition

Inkjet Mono & Colour

Colour Toner

Mono Toner

Overall Mono market

A bigger slice of a bigger pie Industry is migrating to Inkjet at the expense of toner based devices Continuous feed inkjet grows from 90bn to 500bn pages by 2017 Digital is still only 18% of print by 2016 ....and over 1/3 of this remains Mono

Core Technology
2,656 Nozzles in a Printhead
17.5 Duplex Press = 42,496 nozzles

Each nozzle res 30,000 drops/sec

17.5 Duplex Press = 1.28bn per sec

Each droplet travels at 20mph (9m/s) A droplet can be one of four different sizes
Greyscale Technology; 5,7 12 & 18pl Equates to 1200dpi x 1200dpi

Inkjet Droplets
In one hour, a 17.5 duplex system can print the same number of ink drops as the number of rain drops falling in a square mile, to a depth of 1

= 0.48l of ink 4 trillion drops

A picolitre is a trillionth of a litre, or a millionth of a millionth of a litre By comparison, raindrops are measured in millionths of a litre this is one million times bigger than an inkjet droplet

Whilst the migration to colour gains momentum, the market for dedicated mono devices remains signicant

A dedicated mono resource is complementary, and strategically important to the exibility of the modern print providers output

It is not the strongest (of the species) that survive, nor the most intelligent

.but the one most responsive to change

Charles Darwin

time for change..