March 28, 2012 Mr. M.N. Makhija Room No.

7 Near Inlaks Hospital Chembur Colony Chembur (West), Mumbai 400074 _______________ _______________ Mumbai 4000__ Subject: Complaint letter regarding cruelty of animals. Respected sir: On behalf of all the duly undersigned residents, I would like to lodge a complaint against one of our neighbors, Mrs. Mandeep Kaur Gill, a.k.a. Kuki, and family. I am writing to notify you in an official capacity that we are experiencing harassment in the neighborhood at the hands of Mrs. Mandeep Kaur Gill in receiving. I understand that police officers are often the victims of spurious complaints, but we have witnesses to back up our claim that we were treated inappropriately. We witness that she has gathered a flock of street cats for which they have made a grill cage in front of the wall near the door of their residence. They feed them with fish, bread, rice, etc. They have both male and female cats. Every two to three months, near half a dozen of new kittens are born. Hence, more cats are being added every two to three months. They feed the cats, but leave them to void anywhere in the vicinity. Most of the residents in the vicinity are senior citizens, and are vegetarians. Due to this reason, one gets troubled in taking breaths. While waking up early in the morning, we notice the floor in the front of our doors being soiled by the cats’ void. We have also tried complaining Mrs. Mandeep Kaur about the same. But she does not seem to be interested in resolving the matter; rather sometimes the quarrel turns up into personal instead of complaint. Realizing the situation may take an ugly shape in the near future, Mrs. Mandeep Kaur has agreed that she will not object if we register a complaint to the cats’ troubles. There is a strong possibility of the diseases being spread in the locality secondary to the allergens, contamination, etc, related to the cats, and also there is a possibility of someone getting harmed by the cats physically. Therefore, for our own safety and the public good, we would like the police to take the necessary steps and reprimand Mrs. Mandeep Kaur for her misconduct.

Please call me at 983-303-1649 should you have any questions or concerns. as we believe that accountability in the police force is key to healthy law enforcement. Makhija Names and signatures of the residents: Name Signature . M. N.I hope we and the police will be able to quickly and rationally deal with this issue. Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely.