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Arts Alliance Illinois is the states leading voice for the arts and arts education. Through advocacy, research, and collaboration, we give voice to a creative state.





As we celebrate Arts Alliance Illinois 30th Anniversary year, we are happy to bring you this report on our 2012 activities and provide a look toward our future. For 30 years, Arts Alliance Illinois has served as a catalyst for strengthening the arts sector by actively engaging arts activists and cultural organizations in the policy decisions that impact their lives, their communities, and the state as a whole. The activities highlighted in the pages that follow illustrate the Alliances continuing commitment to making the arts not just relevant but essential to individuals and communities across Illinois. Over the past year, the Alliance seized upon and created many opportunities to elevate and advance the arts and arts education. Despite the states unprecedented fiscal challenges, the collective voice of the Alliances network was heard in Springfield, where we led a campaign to protect the states FY2013 appropriation to the Illinois Arts Council. We helped to prevent even deeper cuts proposed to the already reduced funding support for our artists and arts organizations.

We continue to be the go-to source for datadriven research on the impact of the arts on our economy, jobs, and community vitality. In 2012, we collaborated with Americans for the Arts to produce Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, a comprehensive study measuring the economic impact of the non-profit arts in Chicago, Peoria, Rockford, and the state of Illinois as a whole. Proudly, the Alliance serves as a primary convener and connector of Illinois artists, arts practitioners, arts organizations, and supporters. In 2012, we led a number of programs and forums where stakeholders could come together to share resources, build trust, and engage in sector-wide collaboration. We continued to partner with the Illinois Arts Council to serve and support local arts agencies through the Local Arts Network, welcomed U.S. Senator Dick Durbin to our annual Members Meeting, and launched the Arts and Education Exchange, an online resource that helps educators and arts providers collaborate.

Ra Joy and David Hawkanson

Over the past year, the alliance seized upon and created many opportunities to elevate and advance the arts and arts education.
While our collective voices achieved some gains in 2012, much more must be done to win shared policy victories for the arts, culture, and arts education in Illinois. In the months ahead, in partnership with stakeholders from across Illinois, the Alliance will develop a new and forward-leaning arts policy agenda to grow jobs in the creative economy, strengthen arts education, and enhance community vibrancy.

Our members, advocates, and donors understand that together we have the power to make a bigger impact than we ever could individually. Your generosity and commitment are essential to our success and to the strength and vitality of the arts in Illinois. Thank you.


Ra Joy Executive Director, Arts Alliance Illinois

David Hawkanson Chair, Arts Alliance Illinois Executive Director, Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Unifying the voices of nearly 30,000 individuals and organizations across Illinois to advance the arts and arts education.


The arts are essential to Illinoisto our economy, our neighborhoods, our families and our schools. The arts across all formsmusic, dance, theater, painting, sculpture, film, photography, and moreare much more than a pasttime or source of entertainment, but contribute to a vibrant society and to all our lives in countless ways.



X 10,000
The nonprofit arts industry in Illinois supports more than 78,000 jobs for our citizensmore jobs than there are police officers, legal professionals, or financial managers in the state.

$$$$$$ $$$$$$
The nonprofit arts are a $2.75 billion-a-year industry in Illinois, generating more than $2.3 billion in income for our households.

Provide students with the critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creative skills that are essential to a 21st century workforce.


For any and everyone throughout Illinois who appreciates the value that the arts and arts education bring to our lives, the Alliance provides guidance and tips, data, and the training you need to speak out at your schools, in your communities, in your cities and towns, in Illinois and nationally.



A small group of about 100 artists and arts administrators assembled to contest the states proposals to eliminate funding for the arts, giving rise to our only statewide nonprofit arts advocacy organization, known today as Arts Alliance Illinois.

Arts Alliance Illinois held its first arts advocacy day in Springfield, drawing hundreds of supporters out to rally for the arts and arts education. The Alliance has continued to lead delegations to both the state and national capitol since then.

The Alliance Heads for the Hill: National Arts Advocacy Day
Since that first trip to the state capitol nearly three decades ago, Arts Alliance Illinois has led teams of arts supporters and friends from throughout the state to Washington, DC for National Arts Advocacy Day. Participants start the day with dynamic, hands-on training that empowers them with the knowledge and know-how to lobby Congress on behalf of the arts. We then head to the Hill, together, to share our message with members of the Illinois congressional delegation and their staff. In 2012, we pushed for policies to strengthen the sector, including increased funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and for arts in education programs at the U.S. Department of Education.

Striking Down the Arts in the State Budget? NO WAY, We Say!

Arts Alliance Illinois led a campaign to protect the states FY2013 appropriation to its only agency for the arts, the Illinois Arts Council. The appropriations bill originally passed by the Senate included even deeper cuts to the council, representing an 11% reduction from funding in the previous year. The General Assembly reduced its proposed cuts in funding for the council in its final passage of the appropriations.

Through testimony before the House and Senate Appropriations Committees and meetings with legislative leaders, Arts Alliance Illinois helped to stave off double-digit cuts to the Illinois Arts Council, the states only public agency for the arts.


Illinois Makes Art Work

Arts Alliance Illinois has a long history of commissioning and producing data-driven evidence of how art works and its impacts on communities. We know that communities that invest in the arts reap the additional benefits of jobs, economic growth, and a quality of life that positions those communities to compete and succeed in our 21st century economy. In 2012, the Alliance partnered with Americans for the Arts to produce Arts & Economic Prosperity IV, the most comprehensive study of its kind on the impact of the arts sector on local economies throughout the nation. The Alliance collected the studys data for Chicago, the Peoria and Rockford areas, and the state of Illinois as a whole. The Alliance is now leveraging the findings from this study to educate decision-makers and arts sector stakeholders about how the arts contribute to a thriving economy and booming workforce in Illinois.

 The arts inspire us, soothe us, provoke us, involve us, and connect us. But they also create jobs and contribute to the economy.
Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts

The nonprofit arts and culture sector drives significant business to other industries critical to the health of the Illinois economy, including restaurants, hotels, and transporation.

$1.19 billion
Amount nonprofit arts and culture audiences in Illinois spend annually to participate in the arts.



Arts patrons visiting Illinois from outside the state spend $55.82 in relation to their participation in the states arts and cultural events, compared to $20.43 among Illinois residents. This difference highlights the value of arts and culture to the states tourism appeal.


Arts Alliance Illinois releases its first economic impact study of the arts industry in Illinois.




For the first time in more than 25 years, in 2012, the City of Chicago created a plan to support the arts and artists throughout the city. Arts Alliance Illinois collaborated with the League of Chicago Theatres, the Chicago Cultural Alliance and others to execute the Culture Counts Campaign, promoting public engagement in the cultural planning process and ensuring that the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 included meaningful policy wins for artists and arts organizations. More than 80 diverse organizations from across Chicago came together to form the Culture Counts Coalition. The final Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 included all 21 of the coalitions recommendations.

Trailblazers in the use of creative communications for the sake of the arts, Arts Alliance Illinois was the first to use fax technology to transmit action alerts.



Convened every other year, One State is the only conference for arts leaders, educators, and practitioners from all artistic disciplines and all corners of Illinois. The 2011 conference featured ten talks on the topics Breakthrough Ideas, Breakthrough People, and Breakthrough Connections, inspiring our work and that of our constituents throughout 2012.


Arts Alliance Illinois delivered 7,000 Valentine cards and made 69 visits to legislators in Springfield. Today we have the largest online advocacy network among arts advocacy groups in the state.


The Alliance works to ensure that every child in Illinois receives a well-rounded education that includes the arts.


Arts Alliance Illinois produced One State Together in the Arts, its first statewide conference for arts managers and board members in 13 years. In 2001, the Alliance welcomes the Illinois Arts Council, the states agency for the arts, as a partner and co-sponsor for the conference.


Arts & Education Exchange

The Alliance launched its free, easy-to-use online Arts & Education Exchange in October 2011, connecting educators with arts providers. Arts providers can post details, pictures, video, and audio about their programs, and educators can make requests for their classrooms on the website. The end result is that students are given greater opportunities for expression and self-discovery through creative outlets. To date, more than 435 arts providers and 317 educators have registered on the site, representing 610 unique arts education programs in Illinois. Join the exchange at


Arts Alliance Illinois released Arts at the Core: Every School, Every Student, the first statewide study on the status of arts education in Illinois public schools, provoking extensive media coverage and national recognition.

The Illinois State Board of Education subsequently received an appropriation of $4 million for arts education and foreign language instruction for FY07, a 100% increase from the previous year.

Members Mark
The Alliances 2012 Members Meeting and Reception, held in June, featured U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. Senator Durbin has represented Illinois in Congress for 30 years. His leadership on arts policy issues has made lasting impacts on the nations cultural landscape. At our Members Meeting and Reception, Senator Durbin shared his insights on the importance of the arts and humanities and the challenges facing the cultural sector in this political and legislative environment. Over 230 stakeholders representing a wide range of artistic disciplines and geographic regions of the state gathered to participate in this conversation and network with their colleagues from across Illinois.

Local Arts Network

Arts Alliance Illinois has partnered with the Illinois Arts Council, the state-funded agency for the arts, to serve and support local arts agencies through its Local Arts Network for more than a decade. Through workshops, think tanks, resources, and network-building, the Local Arts Network builds the capacity and excellence of more than 100 local arts agencies across the state.



Arts Alliance Illinois launches the Arts & Education Exchange, and teams up with the League of Chicago Theaters to lead the Arts Power Chicago campaign.

Arts Alliance Illinois hits the road for the Arts at the Core Tour. Also, Governor Quinn and 250 arts leaders toast to 30 years of Arts Alliance Illinois.


Give Voice to a Creative State: Stand with Arts Alliance Illinois

Arts Alliance Illinois thanks you our members, friends and supporters for working with us to give creative voice to the arts and arts education in Illinois: One state, one voice. Join Arts Alliance Illinois in the movement to expand our states investment in the arts and arts education:

Increase support for artists and arts organizations in your community

Guarantee every child in Illinois has access to the arts as part of their education

Make sure everyone, everywhere, can experience and participate in the arts



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Arts Alliance Illinois utilizes nonprofit financial management best practices and has a consistent record of financial stability. We ended fiscal year 2012 with a modest surplus. With an increase of unrestricted net assets totaling $23,889 and restricted net assets of $10,599, the Alliance had a combined net surplus of $34,488




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$33,249 $133,837 $179,936 $154,560 $501,582 $82,598

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