206  678  4762  |  SBANFIELD@GMAIL.COM       SUMMARY     A  dynamic  executive  with  20  years  of  experience  building  great  consumer  products,   creating   and   marketing   services   that   have   been   enjoyed   by   hundreds   of   millions   of   users  around  the  world.  A  visionary  leader  and  team  builder  who  has  demonstrated   success   in   blending   a   sense   for   consumer   experience,   financial   acumen   and   engineering  skill  to  launch  and  grow  businesses  in  large  and  small  companies  at  all   stages.  Decisive,  hands  on  and  collaborative  in  successful  executive  positions  at  large   enterprises   such   as   Sony,   Microsoft,   RealNetworks   and   Paramount   Pictures   as   well   as  several  venture  funded  startups.         • • • • •


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Redesigned  the  Korrio  UX  to  improve  usability  across  desktop  and  mobile   Produced  Scene  It?  mobile  trivia  games  including  Harry  Potter  and  30  Rock     Took  Scene  It?  games  to  #2  on  the  iTunes  free  apps  chart   Created  Scene  It?  Daily  free  to  play  trivia  game  for  web,  social  and  mobile   Built   the   original   media   delivery   web   platform   for   the   Sony   Connect   digital   music  store,  chosen  by  Sony  as  the  digital  music  and  video  infrastructure  for  the   Playstation  Network  online  service     Launched  Sony’s  eBook  digital  download  store,  to  support  the  Sony  Reader   Expanded  Sony  Media  Software  product  line  to  include  “in  the  box”  applications   for  all  Sony-­‐‑Ericsson  Cybershot  and  Walkman  mobile  handsets  worldwide   Built   the   first   Playstation   Portable   media   management   application,   expanding   PSP  functionality  to  music,  video  and  photo  synchronization   Led   the   acquisition   of   the   Sonic   Foundry   application   business   into   Sony   Media   Software,  then  improving  market  position  from  eighth  to  first  in  the  marketplace,   growing  revenue  at  30%  per  year  and  returning  it  to  profitability   Created   Sony   Pictures’   Internet   video   streaming   platform   powering   the   first   Internet  video  on  demand  service  to  stream  shows  the  same  day  as  broadcast  TV   Managed   the   RealPlayer   business,   including   creating   the   RealOne   platform,   growing  users  10x,  from  30  million  to  more  than  300  million  users  worldwide   Key  product  executive  on  the  team  that  launched  the  first  Internet’s  digital  video   subscription  service,  RealNetworks’  GoldPass   One   of   Microsoft’s   first   technical   evangelists   for   multimedia,   and   later   Group   Program   Manager   responsible   for   Windows   95/NT   multimedia,   Video   for   Windows,  DirectX  1.0,  and  DirectShow   Developed   NCR’s   first   touchscreen   multimedia   point-­‐‑of-­‐‑sale   platform   for   Windows  3.1  and  OS/2   Designed   and   implemented   low   level   debugging   tools   for   IBM   mainframe   operating  system  engineers  


 coaches  and  fans.  big  data/predictive   analytics  and  advertising  technology  firms.   Worked   across   Sony   divisions   to   create  digital  media  software  solutions  including  providing  localized  worldwide  PC   client  software  for  Sony  Ericsson  mobile  phones.   Chief  Product  Officer.  CA  2002  -­‐‑  2007   Beginning   at   Sony   Pictures   Digital   Networks   was   responsible   for   technology   strategy.   product   management.   the   first   day   and   date   Internet   subscription   video   on   demand   service   for   TV   shows.  the  Playstation  Portable.   Representative  clients  included   consumer  products  and  services.  Launched  new  TV  and  movie  based  games  including  30  Rock  and   Harry   Potter.   QA   and   IT   organization   into   Sony   corporate.   Led   development   of   SoapCity.   console   and   Facebook.     Senior  VP  Digital.   Led   the   acquisition   of   Sonic   Foundry’s  digital  media  tools  business.  iPhone.   implemented   Agile   methodologies.  and  Sony   Connect.  WA  2010  -­‐‑  2012   Managed   the   entire   P&L   for   Screenlife’s   digital   business   including   mobile.   Secured   content   licenses.  Facebook.  development  and  operations.     Expanded   the   digital   media   e-­‐‑commerce   platform   originally   created   for   Sony   Pictures   into   the   Sony   Connect   music   service.   and   expanded   business   development   and   fundraising   opportunities   for   clients.  Delivered  new   UX   designs   and   product   roadmaps.   set   product   definition.  launched  new  versions  of  video  and  editing  software   growing   revenue   at   30%   per   year.  Defined   the  product  roadmap  and  completed  a  responsive  redesign  of  the  user  experience  for   both  desktop  and  mobile.       STEVE BANFIELD.  Sony  Corporation   Culver  City.   increasing   total   mobile   app   downloads   by   100x   and   revenue   by   10x.  WA  2011  -­‐‑  2012   First  senior  product  executive  in  a  venture  funded  startup  serving  an  audience  of  45   million  youth  sports  players  and  over  150  million  parents.  WA  2007  -­‐‑  Present   Interim   executive   to   companies   at   all   stages.EXPERIENCE     Consultant  and  Advisor   Los  Angeles.   production   and   marketing  plans.     SVP  and  General  Manager.000   players)   sports   organizations.  brought  industry  best  practices  to  the  studio’s   Internet   group.   achieving   profitability   against   tough   retail   competition   with   revenues   exceeding   $30   million.  Worked  with   the   founder   and   CEO   on   fundraising   including   identifying   and   engaging   potential   investors.  developing  and  delivering  the  pitch  in  all  investor  meetings.   Managing   both   Sony  Connect’s  product  roadmap  and  technology  development  as  well  as  the  entire   Sony  Media  Software  division.   Launched   the   first  truly  cross  platform  (web.   focusing   on   process   improvement.  Android)  Scene  It?  game  that  was   free  to  play  and  advertising  supported. PAGE 2 .  targeting  the  needs  of  small  (500  player)  and  large  (>10.   moving   the   entire   development.  Korrio   Seattle.  creating  the  Sony  Media  Software  division.  CA  and  Seattle.   Product   improvements   allowed   the   company   to   double  both  the  number  of  organization  customers  and  user  accounts.   business  strategy  and  product  feature  design  to  managing  execution.  Screenlife  Games   Seattle.   Increased   social   media   awareness   for   all   Scene   It?   games   through   innovative   new   marketing   programs   including   “Stump   Scene   It?”   Twitter   contests.

 NCR   Duluth.  and  expanding  Sony  Connect  into  Canada.     Director  Product  Management.   quality   assurance.  Comcast.   Later   promoted   to   lead   program   management   for   Windows   95   and   Windows  NT  digital  media  including  DirectX  and  ActiveMovie  platforms.  GA.  MA  and  Bellevue.  MA  1998   Bachelor  of  Arts.  RealNetworks   Seattle.     Director  Product  Management.       Masters  in  Business  Administration.   Grew   RealOne   Player   penetration   by   200%   in   six   months.       VP  and  General  Manager.  Microsoft   Redmond.  Wildfire   Waltham.   Responsibilities   included   managing   the   cooperative/competitive   relationship   with   Microsoft   as   well   as   negotiating  ongoing  distribution  partnerships  with  AOL.   Led   the   entire   consumer   products   business   including   marketing.     Group  Program  Manager.  KY  1988  -­‐‑  1990   Designed  and  developed  debug  tools  for  mainframe  operating  system  team.   Within  the  first  six  months  delivered  an  updated  Connect  Music  v2  and  new  Internet   radio   products. PAGE 3 .  WA  1998   Designed  a  voice  activated  mobile  virtual  assistant  for  enterprises.   laying   the   foundation   for   the   company’s   successful  acquisition  by  Excite@Home.  Narrative   Waltham.EDUCATION     After   successfully   growing   Sony   Media   Software.  Microsoft     Technical  Evangelist.   content   licensing   and   business   development.   RealOne   Platform   and   RealOne   Player.  Intel.  Transylvania  University   Lexington.   Grew   the   RealPlayer   user   base   from   30   million   to   over  300  million  four  years  later.  1990  -­‐‑  1993   Software  engineering  lead  for  advanced  touchscreen  point-­‐‑of-­‐‑sale  platform.  and  Sprint   and  several  PC  makers.  IBM   Lexington.   Continued   the   success   of   Sony   Media   Software   and   revitalized   the   Connect   music   service   by   establishing   clear   short-­‐‑term   goals   for   the   team   and   establishing   credibility   to   meet   committed   goals   with   other   Sony   groups.  Harvard  University   Boston.     Lead  Engineer  Multimedia  Systems.  MA  1996  -­‐‑  1997   Pivoted   from   children’s   entertainment   platform   to   become   one   of   the   earliest   interactive   banner   advertising   solutions.   Was   responsible   for   launching   the   first   e-­‐‑Books   store   for   the   Sony   Reader  device.   was   promoted   to   take   over   all   aspects   of   the   Sony   Connect   service   including   marketing.   and   product   management.     MVS  Mainframe  Software  Engineer.   Managed   PR   and   marketing   launch   activities   for   the   RealOne   Platform   launch.  WA  1998  -­‐‑  2002   Started   with   program   management   for   RealPlayer   G2   and   was   later   promoted   to   oversee   all   aspects   of   the   award-­‐‑winning   RealPlayer   versions   7   and   8.  WA  1993  -­‐‑  1996     Member  of  the  developer  relations  team  bringing  games  and  multimedia  software  to   Windows.   product   development.     Promoted   to   VP   leading   strategic   business   development   and   evangelism   efforts.  KY  1990   STEVE BANFIELD.   Real   Entertainment   Center.

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