Proficiency 2nd Class : 3rd Subject: Social Studies Time: 2 Hours Marks: 50



Fill in the blanks 1. Coconuts grow in _____________ area. 2. The river water on the mountain is ___________ water. 3. The most important source of fresh water is ___________. 4. Necktie is generally won by _______________. 5. _____________is known as the festivals of colors. 6. The Rajgath in Delhi is the Samadhi of _____________. 7. Village people come to city in search of _____________. 8. The president of Indian lives in the ______________. 9. _____________is the Railway station of Mumbai. 10. The embassies are located in _____________ area. MCQ –Tick (√) the correct. 1. In Tamil Nadu, Lungi is called a. Mundu b. Baku c. Veshti 2. Which of the following is an examples of cereal? a. Cotton b. Rice c. Tea 3. Rice and fish are eaten by the people of a. West Bengal b. Rajasthan c. Punjab 4. This is known as the festival of flowers a. Basant Panchami b. Onam c. Christmas 5. The festival, Good Friday, is this type of festival. a. National b. Religious c. Harvest 6. The most common means of transport used in village is a. Bus



g. None of these An elected member of the Municipal Corporation is called a. h. 6. 23 January is celebrated as the world water day. The main occupation of people living in cities is farming. i. 8. f. Cities c. 8. 3. Villages b. 9. India gate b. Car The fast means of communication is available in a. Public utilizes are easily available. 2.7. 5. 10. 3. 7. 1x10 . 4. 4. e. 6. d. A gram Pradhan is the head of the municipality. 5. b. Ajmeri gate c. In cities. 10. We need fresh water to water plants. Bullock-cart c. Rajya Sabha. 9. b. President House b. 2. j. Panch b. Independence day Baishakhi Christmas Teachers Day Republic Day Lahanga choli Ghagra Kurta Angarakha Baku Mundu Say True or False 1. Lok Sabha c. 5 September 26 January 13 April 15 August 25 December Gujrat Kerala Sikkim Haryana Rajasthan Match the following Column A 1. Sarpanch The Mughal garden is Inside the a. c. Climatic condition determines the dress of people. Councilor c. kashmere gate 1x10 Column B a. The Amar jawan jyoti is near the a.

Access of rain causes floods. The dress worn by people of Kashmir is called phiran. 2x5 Answer these questions 1. 9. 8. Mahavir jayanti is the birthday of Lord Mahavira. 10. 5. 4. Why are the farmers in India able to grow a large variety of foods? Name a few vegetable oils produced in India? What do you understand by national festival? How is republic day celebrated in Delhi? What were the old names of Delhi? . 2.7. Children day is celebrated on 14th Nov every year. 3.

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