Proficiency 3rd Class : 3rd Subject: Social Studies Time: 2 Hours Marks: 50


Fill in the blanks 1x10 1. Kolkata was earlier known as_____________ . 2. Chennai receives more rainfall during the__________________ season. 3. Chennai is known for good quality of ___________ textiles. 4. Most of Indians live in _______________. 5. The full form of PIN is ________________. 6. A boat can only run in _____________ . 7. The camel is called _____________ the desert. 8. The most modern method of communication is through ______________. 9. The most popular means of communication is the____________________. 10. The invention of ____________ made travelling easier and faster. MCQ –Tick (√) the correct. 1. The classical dance of Chennai is a. Kathak b. kathakali c. Bharatnatyam 2. The most popular sweet of Kolkata is a. Barfi b. Rasogulla c. Milkcake 3. We get sugar from a. Vegetables b. Sugar cane c. Fruits 4. Trees are cut down to make a. Paper b. Rubber c. Gum 5. Teacher’s day is celebrated on. a. 3 September b. 4 September c. 5 September 1x10


Internet b. One who kills wild animals for food. Ship c. Bull c. 4. Children c. Scooter b. Men 7. The people who maintain law and order. Courier services 10. c. Which of the following do not use any fossil fuel to run a. Cattles b. d. 2. True or False 1. 3.6. b. Camel 8. 2. The veterinary doctors treat the a. Police station Match the following Column A 1. Bank c. Post office b. 1x10 . Football is a popular game in Kolkata 3. 4. 5. Cycle 9. This is not associated with a computer a. Kolkata is capital of Asaam 2. 3. Elephant b. we use this animal for transport a. e. E mail c. skins etc. Rice is grown in the summer season. We can buy postcards from a a. 5. Column B Airport Market Hugli river Tourist place Dr Radha Krishnan 1x5 1x5 Write in one words 1. In desert. Vidyasagar Setu Belure math Dum Dum Chowrangee lane Teacher’s day a. One who gathers food in forest? A wooden tool used for tilling the land before sowing. The doctor who treat the animals and birds.

9. 5. The internet is the means of communication. Newspaper is a means of personal communication. 5. No mineral is found in India. 3. 10. 6. There is no industry in Kolkata. 8. Answer these questions 1. Radio and television are the example of mass media. 2.4. What do we get from a forest? What are the main duties of a postman? What are the main rules of road safety? What were the main problems of early humans? Where did the early humans settled and why? 2x5 . Wood is a forest product of our daily use. 7. Village people are engaged in agriculture. 4.

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