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--Spiritual Journey
Travel for your soul! July 11th – 19nd, 2013

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I. Journey Itinerary II. Journey Investment III. Registration Process IV. Payment Methods V. Travel Requirements VI. General Recommendations VII. Mystical Guides Profiles VIII. Information & Contact IX. Social Network Links



QUANTUM EVOLUTION ® EVOLUCION DEL SER ® www.evoluciondelser.net /Mystical Peru Travel I. JOURNEY ITINERARY
DATE POWER PLACE Hotel at Titicaca Lake


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July 11th

July 12th

July 13th

July 14th

Registration, Welcome, and Travel Information We will sail over Lake Titikaka towards the Floating Uros Islands and meet their inhabitants from a Pre Inkan culture, at Lake Titikaka we will do a meditation of Dream Manifestation Floating Uros Island & Taquile At Taquile island we will have a special Harmonization Island Ceremony with Water. Also we will know the customs of their planetary famous weavers Travel on the amazing site of Sillustani, experiencing a Solar Connection Meditation at Ceremonial ancient Huaca. Also Sillustani we will do a Cosmic Connection at Umayo Lagoon & a Reconnection Cosmic Dance Exploration at the Mythic site of Aramu Muru Portal, located at the Stone Forest, where we will various activities: Aramu Muru Portal Cleaning and Purification Ceremony (Ahayumarka) Connecting with Mother Earth & Titicaca Lake Mystic Ceremony Mantralizaciòn and Meditation to raise the vibrational frequency and to experience the Interdimensional Doorway Connection
Sacred Valley

July 15th

Travel to Sacred Valley on Bus
Sacsayhuaman, Puka Pukara & Guided Tour,Meditations and Connections to feel the essence Moon Temple of each Power Site

July 16th

Machu Picchu

July 17th

Free afternoon at the Magic City of Cusco, where you will feel the diversity of colors, textures, flavors, crafts & Inca fusion architecture with the Modern World Lecture Conference with Andean Writer Fun Travel by Panoramic train to Machu Picchu At the majestic Power Place of Machu Picchu: Seeding & Crystal Meditation Quartz Meditation Guided Tour on Machu Pichu by a Peruvian Guide. Free afternoon at the magical town of Machu Pichu Ancestral Sounds Ceremony with Peruvian Shaman Guided Tour at Moray Circles to carry out: Offering Ceremony to the Pachamama ( Mother Earth) and the Apus ( Mountain Guides), guided by Shaman (Andean Paqo) Cosmic Alignment Meditation with Heaven / Earth Free afternoon and for those who want to have individual sessions with Shaman it will be available. END OF THE EVENT
Breakfast & Traveling back to your Country

Moray Circles July 18th

July 19th

Return to your countries

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“Soul Adventure ... Journey of Spiritual Growth and Transformation "
* Connection at Sacred Power Places * * Consciousness Awakening * * Healing * Purification * * Harmony * Ancestral Ceremonies * * Meditations *Joy *

Awake the Spiritual Magic within....
>>>View photos of previous journeys>>>


We will begin this journey, at the Mystical & Sacred Portal at Lake Titicaca, a meeting place for the children of the Sun, where lies the Temple of Enlightenment for the New Age, located on the etheric planes, and guided by the Ascended Masters Aramu Muru and Arama Mara (also known as the Meru Gods) and the Great White Brotherhood. It is a perfect place to surrender the ongoing internal dialogue of our minds and reach a deeper connection with our Multidimensional Being or Higher Selves . The origin of the word Titicaca awakens certain controversy, although many believe it means "puma stone". This huge lake -196 km long, 56 wide and situated at 3,810 meters above sea level, is the highest navigable lake in the world. In the main southern Andes legend says that that Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo, children of the Sun, emerged from its waters to found this great empire.


QUANTUM EVOLUTION ® EVOLUCION DEL SER ® www.evoluciondelser.net /Mystical Peru Travel @evolutionisnow evolution is now PRE INKAN CULTURES

We will visit this unique and ancient civilization of the Uros, which for generations has lived in this magical floating islands. In this part of the lake we will hold a ceremony of deep connection with the Water Beings, Divine Mother, and Mother Earth in gratitude for a life. We will also conduct a Planetary Healing, anchoring our intentions for a New Life based on love.

TAQUILE ISLAND… Matrix of Water Mother

After this magical experience, we will take a great journey to the womb of Mother Water & Taquile Island, located in the middle of Lake Titicaca, here we will hold a meditation to connect with the Solar Disc and reconnect with our Inner, Sun Inner, the Central Sun of our Solar System and the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy. We will also perform a ceremony/meditation of deep connection with the water beings in harmony with Divine Mother, and Mother Earth in gratitude for life, carrying out a Planetary healing through water.

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“AMARU MURU PORTAL”... Interdimensional Connection

At this ancient dimensional portal formerly known as Wilka Uta (House of the Divine) . The legend says that it was through this door that the ancient Solar Disk from Lemurian times was saved when the spanish conquers were looking for gold; the sacred Sun Disk now remains under the waters of Lake Titicaca,being one of its attributes the connection it holds for Humanity with “Hatun Inti”, or Divine Central Sun At this amazing power place, we will be able to raise our vibrational frequency experience to achieve a great connection with our INNER DIVINE SELF , so we can go through the physical door towards other dimensional planes and to receive revelations for our own evolution.


A Pre-Incan Worship Center site which preserves the sacred mystique , where you breathe in peace and quiet. The architects who created this center left us a mesage to be re discovered: "The essence of life in the great process of evolution." Here, we will experience a guided meditation and sacred dance. Here we will do power mudras of connection with the Sun.


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We will continue with thia journey blessed by Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). We will travel by bus unto the majestic Sacred Valley of the Incas, enjoying the panoramic view of breathtaking landscapes, feeling nature, and a valley rich in traditions and alive ancient customs.

We will travel to: Sacsayhuaman, Puca Pucara and Temple of the Moon, performing Meditations and Connections with the essence of every place

From the Inka times , it is where is celebrated the Sun Festival "Inti Raymi" at the June Solstice (21st). This colossal megalithic structure still holds mysteries for archaeologists and modern science. Famous for its enormous carved stones joined with astounding precision, which form the outer walls. It is described as massive for the large size of its stones, which measure up to 9 mts height and weight range 90-128 tons! Here is located the most important temple in Hanan Qosqo or Upper Cusco, dedicated to Andean cosmology and the connection to the Inti (Sun), the Quilla (Moon), Chaska (Stars), Illapa (Lightning) and other deities. One of the four temples, whose connection is with the Earth element and where you can feel one of the most powerful connections, reconfiguration and healing with Mother Earth.

Puca Pucara
It means "Red Fortress" is believed to protect access to Tambomachay where the restrooms were located or princesses Ñustas Incas. It is part of the alignment of the ley lines that reach Machu Picchu, and from this place you can line up from the heart and ask permission and receive guidance in the journey to Machu Picchu. One of the four temples, whose connection is with the air element and awareness of the Condor.

Moon Temple

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Formerly called Amaru Marcawasi or House of the Serpent. Ancient site from the Inka period, of powerful feminine energies, which nowadays still dates the moon phases throught its rustique moon watch, as well as marks major sun alginements solstices. Formerly it was a ceremonial place on full moons. For the current spiritual pilgrims, its purpose is to help the release of "Hucha" or dense and heavy energies we need to drop in order to come into a rebirth of the NEW SELF.

CUSCO… The Belly of Inka World

In your free time at Cusco, you can feel a magical encounter of two periods: the ancient Inka culture and majestic Colonial Cusco. You can visit museums, textiles and crafts markets, taste exquisite dishes of Peruvian cuisine and feel recognized this culture alive. In the afternoon we will have a special Lecture with Andean Writer. Cusco (Q'osqo) which means Belly of the World , was the former capital of the Inka Empire (1,200 to 1,500 AD) the most important South American civilization. This mythical city evokes the GREATNESS OF THE SONS OF THE SUN , as well as its historical monuments and relics, of myths and legends that seem to come alive while one walks its ancient streets. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.

MACHU PICCHU... Sacred Inka City ... Universe City... where time stopped

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In the morning we will experience a very exciting travel by Panoramic train towards Machu Picchu town. We will go up by bus to the majestic citadel of Machu Picchu. where we will do meditation, receive the sun's rays and powerful codes. Also we will do a quartz seeding. Later we will do a guided tour throught all the complex, by a Peruvian guide. On evening we will have a very special ceremony by andean shaman with ancient sacred sounds. On your free time at town of Machu Picchu you can visit its famous handicraft market and stroll through its colorful streets. Later we will have a special ceremony with Ancient Sounds with Peruvian Shaman. Considered one of the most extraordinary examples of landscape architecture in the world, one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The amazing landscape around this Double Cosmic Portal, Machu Picchu... sanctuary and ceremonial complex, indicates a profound knowledge of Sacred Geometry. The two mountains of the site, Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu, Divine supplements represent the male and female respectively. Only the magnificent natural beauty of this site, it is possible to feel a great joy or be transported to the spiritual realm. At Machu Picchu, is located a Solar Temple, considered the Crystal City .... City of Universe...University of the Masters ... this is one of the most important 12 power planetary places, that help us realign our place in the cosmos, the purpose of our soul and the earth and the Universal Divine Plan for the entire Cosmos.

CIRCLES OF MORAY ... Mystical site of Connection with Pacha Mama (Mother Earth)

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At Moray Circles , we will experience a ceremony of gratitude and blessings with Mother Earth, and Apus ( Mountains) guided by an expert Shaman-Andean Paqo fron the sacred Ausangate Mountain.. Thus also live meditations and Sacred Dances and afternoon. This is a unique archaeological complex. Its name comes from the Quechua word "Aymoray" that relates to the corn crop in the month of May. It contains a series of concentric terraces, being the longest onw with a depth of 150 meters. It is believed that it was a center of experimentation for crops since there are reflected 19 of the 22 existing climates in Peru. “All three of Moray's circles collect cosmic energy. Everything we think, feel or do in transmitted back out to the stars. Our family can hear us here. We can feel this energy. It is like a pressure coming down on top of your head.” Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - Moray, Peru Moray is a great cosmic antenna , thus a power connection place , which circles in spirals connect us to the sublime spiritual worlds. In the center of the great circle will activate the 7 chakras to reach the center of our inner heart, to unify and expand Yachay (wisdom), Munay (love) and Llankay (service) remembering that only when these three types work together there will be a Unified Humanity.

***Note: During all the travel there will be: meditations,
ceremonies, activities and rituals will be guided, according to the connection and work that is required at each archaeological site and Power Place.

Make a STOP along the way ... live a deep encounter with YOURSELF at these ancient planetary POWER places!

QUANTUM EVOLUTION ® EVOLUCION DEL SER ® www.evoluciondelser.net /Mystical Peru Travel IV. Investment @evolutionisnow evolution is now

Personal Investment $ USD 2,150 (american dollars) Reserve your place with: $ USD 650 (american dollars)

* THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS FEBRUARY 13th, 2013 NOTE: It is extremely important that you reserve your place as soon as possible to secure your participantion.

THE COST INCLUDES: 1) LODGING...9 days, 8 nights lodging in double room at Hotels 3-4* 4 nights at Titicaca Lake 4 Sacred Valley ( Urubamba ) * All accommodations are in double room.

2) Food: 8 beakfasts, 5 meals >>> Note on meals or lunches: The retreat package includes buffet breakfasts and meals except lunches, except 2 dinners on July 16th and 17th. The tour begins with foods starting with breakfast on July 12th and ends with breakfast on July 19th. 3) Spiritual and Mystica Instruction and Guidance Local Peruvian Guides, Mystical & Spiritual Guides, Peruvian guides, Andean Paqo and Peruvian Shaman. 3) Land Transportation & Entrance fees To all sites to visit >>Not Included: Beverages Dinners Any tips to waitresses, waiters or porters None Air Transportation from your country to Peru or back to your country. None transportation from airport to hotel or viceversa. None particular session with andean shaman V. REGISTRATION PROCESS

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1. Event Payment 2. Registration Format
Due to the nature of the event, it will be opened with 25 participants. We recommend you secure your places as soon as possible, the organization Evolucion del Ser ( Quantum Evolution) , reserves its right to change the route or cancel the event due to a situation out of our control.


1. Event Payment Options
a) International Bank Transfer (Deposit) b) USD deposit via Western Union c) Paypal ( debit or credit card) for this option you need to free your paypal account in order to do payments above 500 uds. This procedure takes few weeks. Also you nedd to add 5.5 % that paypal charges for this transaction. >>> NOTE ON PARTICIPANTS CANCELLATIONS : - After une 21st we can not accept any cancellations due to the requirements for contracting services in different places. In this case, your place can be transferred to another person . -Before June 21st we can return 75% of the payment made. >>>RESPONSABILITY: For any of the following reasons: -Delays by weather events, transportation strike, political and other irregularities beyond our reach. Devaluation of the dollar. Organization Evolucion del SER ( Quantum Evolution) , reserves the right to change, or cancel dates, times and fares of the journey, if that was necessary due to major reasons.

2. REGISTRATION PROCEDURE a) Fill out your registration form and send it by mail to: theevolutionisnow@yahoo.com DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM AND REGISTRATION at www.evoluciondelser.net b) Upon acceptance of your participation, you will receive a confirmation email, from date you will have 15 days maximum to do your reservation payment or full payment of the event.. Passing these two weeks, if your reservation payment is not made, your place will be released.

QUANTUM EVOLUTION ® EVOLUCION DEL SER ® www.evoluciondelser.net /Mystical Peru Travel @evolutionisnow evolution is now

c) Send us a copy of your payment via mail. Please take into account the deadline for full payment of your place. d) Later on as soon as you have them , send us an email with your arrival and departure flights.

CONTACT DETAILS theevolutionisnow@yahoo.com www.evoluciondelser.net perumisticoviajes@yahoo.com skype: evoluciondelser +51 (84) 50 58 63 Tel oficina Cusco,Peru blackberry id 27418D6B

VII. REQUIREMENTS AND MATERIAL       Bring two sets of white clothes ( women long skirts) Wear comfortable and appropriate cloths for tempered, little rainy and sunny. As the weather is windy cold but also much sun at certain hours in outdoors activities. Notebook, pen & color pencils Bring a blindfold Hat and glasses Sunscreen and insect repellent for mosquitoes


The event starts on July 11th at 17:00 hrs. You will have all day to arrive and rest it is recommended to do so as soon as possible , so you get use to the altitude. Upon your arrival at the Hotel Taypikala Lago, we recommend you take a cup of coca tea, drink at least 1 lt. water and rest, eat light food We recommend before your travel you start drinking much water, do not eat carbohydrates (pasta, breads, sweets) less or none red meat; spend time to meditate and perform deep breathings to oxygenate your body. The event ends at Sacred Valley on July 18stat night and on July 19th at after breakfast, you may leave the hotel and arrive to Cuzco´s airport which is 1 hr from Hotel. Depending on the routes and deaparture dates of participants, is possible to hire a van for the group for participants with schedule afinity. ( this cost is appart)

 

Visa for Peru

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For most Central and South American countries, visa for Peru is no required. Check in your abassay if your country requieres one. Information on how to travel and arrive to the Retreat: Take any international flight that arrives to Peru's capital at Lima. From there the plane route is from Lima to Juliaca (Lan, Taca, Starperu) The trip takes 2.30 min to reach Juliaca. We recommend that at the Airport in LIMA, change your dollars to Peruvian Soles for personal expenses. From Juliaca´s Airport the transportation to transfer to Hotel this can be in: taxi (for 4 people) or van . It takes approx. is 1.20 mins. to arrive to the hotel. Both options are safe and reliable. The hotel is along the road. The arrival hotel is Hotel Taypikala Lago at Chucuito, Puno. In Either option leaves you at the doorstep. To return to your country, the event ends at Sacrede Valley, its 1.30 hr from hotel to Cusco´s airport , where you can take the plane to Lima, Peru and from there travel back to your country.



Andean Paqo from Sacred Mountain of Ausangate. The Apu Ausangata is the most sacred mountain of the Andean world. The paqos are people who engage in mysticism of the Andes and follow the sacred path. They try to live a transcendental experience looking to deeply blend with the natural world and the vast sphere of beings and realize the unity of all. To become a Paqo they have to undergo rigorous training and initiation of a metaphysical nature perform, hold rituals for specific purposes and occasionally reach communion with the spirits of nature to receive teachings, guidance and information that could not otherwise obtain. They do not use psychotropic drugs to achieve these states. They learn to exchange energy with the energy cosmos alive. In the free time in the Sacred Valley for those who wish can schedule customized session with him either: alignment with the 7 chakras and technique whose Andean coca reading, etc..

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Arte Sipan Director, Holistic Center located in the town of Machu Picchu Peruvian Shaman Andean Musician Percussion and Ancestral Sounds Producer of two CD's called "Condor and Eagle everlasting brotherhood" and Shaman Experience in Machu Picchu. Shamans are capable of accessing altered states undertake to travel the world mutidimensional and connect with the universe and nature, and to gather information to heal at different levels. You can use rituals, dance, percussion, and other elements. They celebrate the spiritual journey or a rite to achieve a particular purpose



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For over a decade, has lived the experience and spiritual preparation from metaphysics to quantum physics. She recieve the initiation of the Sword of the Archangel Michael to assist in the Physical and Spiritual Healing. For several years has been in service to expand consciousness into a New Earth. Since 2006 has participated in planetary activations and portals. Since 2007 she has co- organized and led retreats in places of Mystical Power in Uxmal in the Maya (Mexico) and Peru. In 2011 she was part of the call for an activation group in the 12th Sun Disc located in Lake Titicaca, Peru, and in June 2012 Cosmic Activation Venus Passage 5/6 June. Co founder of Evolucion del Ser, (Quantum Evolution) organization She currently lives in Cusco, Peru

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I AM ... I come from the sun, behind the sun ... .. My real name is An*ayatsin ... I am ONE of the golden angels .... Aslan .... ... White Dragon. ... Dolphin. Love Warrior .... "I heard the call .... To wake up ... and walk with an open heart, to embody the true self ... and assume responsibility for walking the path of self- Mastery .... take the scepter and be a real Earth keeper ... in these times of transition and help to cross the bridge 11:11 to transcend the reality of duality and back, finally back to a genuinely new and expended for unity, freedom, abundance, truth and pure love .... that the New Earth is now ... The time is here and now .... from the center of the lotus ".... An * ayatsin 11:11 Bilingüal, Translator and international Mystical & archaeological guide in Power places at Mexico & Peru. Multidimensional Quantum Healer and Coach in Awakening Consciousness, Dimensional Shift & Planetary Changes. Since 2006 she co- founded the organization Evolucion del SER ( Evolution is Now) . She has dedicated to share her gifts and talents in sacred mission to expand awareness and achieve planetary ascension. Since 2006 she has commited to planetary service & global meditations and activations. Since 2007 she has organized mystical retreats and spiritual journeys to power sites in Uxmal Maya Zone (Mexico) and Peru. In 4 times she we has worked with Sun Disc at Mexico, 2 of which were activations that she called & led recently guided the 11.11.11 global activation ceremony at this place of power. In 2011 we called a group to activate the 12th Sun Disc located in Lake Titicaca, Peru. In June 2012, we called for the Cosmic Activation on Venus Passage 5/6th June 2012 , an anchor group of the new codes, in the planetary entry point to Lake Titicaca. Co founder of Evolucion del SER ( Quantum Evolution) , since 2006. Currently living in Cusco, Peru.

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