t r u c k

3. Identify the American English Word in each box and write down the s t o r e corresponding British English word:

• • • •

sweet s pub pants rubber

• • • •

flat • a petrol s •e theatrr • sweat e r e er corn o • o can f t b a l l • ill • footbal lift • angry l • gás shop • film • lorry • taxi • biscuit

• • • •

pavemen t the cinema trousers honor

2. In the box bellow there are British English words and their equivalents in American English. Write bellow in each flag.

truck store eraser football taxi

soccer sweets flat elevator rubber

movie angry gás film cookie

petrol lift shop biscuit candy

cab mad apartment lorry

1. Write the common American Word instead of the British Word and complete the sentences.

• • • • • •

Mary ate a biscuit. She ate a ____________. They had three weeks holiday. They had three weeks ____________. Fill up the tank with petrol. Fill up the tank with ____________. He drove his new lorry along the motorway. He drove his new ____________ along the ____________. It was too cold so I had to wear a vest and a jumper. It was too cold so I had to wear a ____________ and a ____________. A pencil and a rubber are necessary tools. A pencil and ____________are necessary tools.

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