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Two words that make you happy...
As a student aspiring for higher studies in the U.S, you must be very happy whenever you hear two words – Financial Aid! You’ve heard of financial aid for MS/PhD, but what about financial aid for GRE training? As a meritorious student who aspires to make India proud through academic achievements in the U.S, you deserve encouragement. You merit some means to distinguish yourself as a scientist, entrepreneur or even a Nobel Laureate in your career ahead. So, here’s the GREedge Score Booster Fellowship. Shortlisted students will receive a fellowship of up to 50% of the online GRE program price. Your application will be rigorously evaluated on the basis of a broad set of achievements and not just exam grades: 1. 2. 3. 4. Academic qualifications: 10th, 12th and graduate degree percentage/CGPA Paper presentations/Research publications Projects/Internships Any other special achievements

Fellowship Winners
Raghu Gupta PECUT, Chandigarh Scholarship: 50% CGPA - 9.94 and 3 months research internship in RUHR Univ, Germany. Apoorva Sridhar NIT, Bhopal Scholarship: 50% CGPA - 8.37 and part of the top 100 students in India, selected for a presentation at ISRO, Bangalore. Navjot Amity University Scholarship: 50% CGPA - 9.11 and winner of Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan scholarship (100% fee waiver) for pursuing B.Tech. Yazhini SKCET, Chennai Scholarship: 50% Aggregate 90% and recognized for a presentation on formation of topology of nodes in clusters for Manets Rajaraman IIT, Roorkee Scholarship: 50% CGPA - 9.01 and did a two months summer project at Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Biology, IISc Bangalore Suchita HIT, West Bengal Scholarship: 50%

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The total amount of fellowship awarded to you will depend solely on your achievements. * The fellowship will be awarded only for 'Complete GRE' and 'Complete GRE plus' programs.

Fellowship Application Form
* Required Your name: * NEHA GUPTA

Email ID: * nicenehagupta@gmail.com


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email id or phone number.Tech project on "Study of Phase Behaviour of graded junction diblock copolymer" Also review project on "“Synthesis of Fatty Esters by Heat Integrated Reactive Distillation Using Aspen Plus.8 Your field of interest in which you wish to specialize * E.com CGPA .04 Percentage of the topper of your class or your university * 9. West Bengal Scholarship: 50% CGPA .TECH(CHEMICAL ENGINEERING) Year of completion: * 2012 Percentage obtained (or grade points as applicable) * 8.com/fellowship 2/3 . VLSI. I am a * Student Working Professional Name of your college and the University it is affiliated to * RAJIV GANDHI INSTITUTE OF PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY.As we all know Oil and Gas is booming industry and also a interesting one.greedge.24 and presented a robotics project at the National Conference on recent trends in engineering and technology. Explain briefly why you wish to pursue higher studies? What is your motivation? What are your goals? * min of 100 characters I always wanted to do MS since my college days but unable to do preparation.2 10th Standard Percentage * 73.So i m going to write GRE this time and wanted to enhance my knowledge in oil and gas industry because i have studied lot of courses on petroleum sector.85 and presenting an essay on her project in Biotechnology at the Indian Science Congress Rajib KGEC.g.8. When do you wish to start your MS/PhD? * (specify month.” Presented paper on "Polymeric Membranes in Acid Gas Treatment" on college level . Wireless. Our committee will contact them for details) No www.8.P.) Undergraduate degree and area of specialization * B. Pharmacology etc OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY Mention about any papers published/ Projects / Awards won etc * min of 100 characters I did my B. colleagues or college juniors? (nominate only GRE aspirants by submitting their name.RAEBARELI(U.3/6/13 Mobile No: * 9426903442 GREedge.5 12th Standard Percentage: * 83.2014 Do you wish to nominate any of your friends. year) January.

com SFA Speak GRE Demystified Site Feedback Contact Us Privacy Statement Terms of Service Sitemap © 2008 Valued Epistemics. * I acknowledge that the above details are true to the best of my knowledge & I agree to the terms and conditions Submit Powered by Google Docs Report Abuse . The decision of the committee will be final and binding. After enrollment.Terms of Service . after which it will lapse.com/fellowship 3/3 .3/6/13 GREedge.Additional Terms Home Buy the Program Take a Free Test Who is GREedge. India www. the fellowship/program enrollment cannot be transferred to another student. GREedge reserves the right to suspend training for a program if the information provided is identified as false.greedge. The fellowship should be availed by the student within a period of one week.com Terms and Conditions: The fellowship is available for the “Complete GRE” and “Complete GRE plus” programs only. Friends/colleagues/college juniors can be nominated for the fellowship.