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our world today is enchanted by the myths of duality. fear. new practices and new relationships. „Unfortunately‟ (at least from the perspectives of a growing critical population around the globe). and who actively seek to re-enchant their realities by engaging streets. Inspired by the countercultural currents of thought that seek to transgress the globalizing world of givens that we together inhabit. most importantly. what we think is possible. Koru is an attempt to make commonplace what now seems impractical: community and smallness. We see that our world is not made up of atoms as such. but stories and collectively held narratives. As indigenous shamans reach for other dimensions. and progress – which animate our global monetary frameworks. neighbourhoods. scarcity. who believe that another world is possible. Koru is an adventure of healing our fragments. shifting consciousness. Koru represents a network of collectives around the globe. only new stories. Our many worlds are the co-creations of our consciousness. It starts with disenchantment. new dreams can help us recover what we have so desperately lost: each other ej clement-akomolafe Koru is a shared dream of people. reconnecting with mystery.“the world we live in leaves a wound of separation so deep that our very souls are scarred. our notions of wellbeing. new myths. our systems of education. This means we can co-create worlds and systems that are meaningfully enabling – worlds in which we can thrive. and asserting the irreducible dignity of difference. . the drive to consume endlessly and. the monoculture of progress. communities and other localities with new conversations. separation. who are disenchanted from these stories.

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culturally sensitive platforms for interaction. and ambiguous. decolonization and reconnecting. A dream-quest can address the hegemony of institutionalized schooling. to anticipate new worlds. Anyone. You can embark on a dream-quest by meeting with a locality and building conversations on creatively generated. First. and the „need‟ to re-animate indigenous livelihoods and ways of be-ing. This is because an ethical space of play motivates our articulation of Koru: the idea that the „reality‟ is porou s. to re-enchant our landscapes with the always unprecedented possibilities of community – the only security of our unravelling days…” bayo akomolafe . Unlike traditional team missions. the destination is the journey of healing. a dream-quest does not need to produce „results‟. “koru is an invitation to become. without need for expertise or degrees. the damage caused by monetary monocultures and the possibilities of alternative currencies. to transgress the normal. you connect with your deep questions and disenchantments. where you can form a collective (a Koru playground) by inviting other friends (with whom you can meet physically!).Koru works by connecting small collectivities of people working together to address the multidimensional crises of consciousness now gripping our planet. then you visit the Koru hub. can embark on a Koru dream-quest. participatory. The idea is relatively straightforward.

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identify a street. a neighbourhood. and invite others you can potentially meet with to your „playground‟. . 3. register. Get to the koru portal. or a locality which you can engage and begin activities that co-create new possibilities.  your transitioning and your consciousness shift  Earn a Fern (a gift currency for koru collectives) Participate in discussions about decolonizing our worlds Share your koru quests. Continue to share with other koru collectives what you and others in your „playground‟ are doing along with your community of interest to localize their economies. Other things you could do with koru  Start conversations about Embark on a dream-quest. and think out educational alternatives. 2. Now that your conversations are on.“the beautiful thing about koru is that it does not require conformity to an external idea…” giovanna olmos How koru work “i don‟t know…” toro ighele 1. Start a koru collective. revitalize indigenous traditions.

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new ethics and values. unorthodox. Imagine the possibilities that can be enacted by small. and new practices that Koru represents are the powerful responses to these questions – „answers‟ that point to the power and possibility of our time. new relationships.How can we transit from independence to interdependence? How can we transit from scarcity to shared abundance? How can we transit from schools and certificates to learning ecologies? How can we transit from the template of one world to the fresco of multiple worlds? The experiments of conversations. We can leap through our „reality‟ – piercing the atmosphere of normalcy and immutability we have been conditioned to accept. un-missionaries in search of other worlds of power! “love is political…” naveen kumar v “what we need is a radical new sense of being together – our days of flying alone must now come to an end” reginald bassey .

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hierarchy.Koru is a DIY (do-it-yourself) operation based on collective efforts towards transitioning from one consciousness to another. “Can we find a way to foster some version of comunalidad in our modern. logos. where „reward‟ means a lot more than monetary compensation. and elaborate titles. urban. In a very compelling way. While these are beautiful gifts. Koru is thus an attempt to reimagine how people can work together. Orthodox organizations reinforce the givenness of structures. We look forward to meaningful work (as against jobs) where the easy divide between „failure‟ and „success‟ is mushy. Western reality? Are we just too far removed from this kind of worldview. and where co-creation is paramount. or is there a way we can make the space and go slow enough to tap into the deepest root of comunalidad: human interdependence…” aerin dunford . memos. The social hub and other „central‟ activities that involve some sort of forecasting and planning (such as organizing a festival) will be animated by a core team of co-founders in a work setting we call a „playground’. we look forward to settings that unleash different types of relationships and conversations not presently available within work settings that stress conformity and order.

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guidance and direction from the koru core team as well as other koru collectives. art. The festivals will strive to honour aspects of indigenous livelihoods – such as gift culture practices. A koru collective or a cluster of koru collectives can create a koru festival – with support.Connecting koru collectives around the globe will be koru festivals. talks. “if the present systems seem limiting and destructive to me. A koru festival is designed to gather koru collectives around the globe. etc. narratives. energized arena. and expeditions. and friends of koru to an animated. dance. We envisage naturally stimulating settings and aesthetically empowering places as contexts for the festivals. presentations of koru dreamquests. persons who would like to engage new conversational possibilities. A koru festival is an opportunity for persons on a koru adventure to share their transitioning experiences with others who are taking the same journeys. story circles. The festival will feature music. which will bring persons who have embarked on dream-quests. food. step into) onto the next rung of the evolutionary ladder…” biren shah . it is not because there is something inherently wrong with them – but because now we are being called to step up (step out. indigenous performances.

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We hope our core team conversations will help stimulate creative ideas about what the hub might look like and what people around the world could do with it.“What does it mean for us to truly come to experience ourselves as Gaia – the emergent being of earth's self-regulation – learning about itself. Could there be a better time than this year of transitions (2012) to celebrate new ways of be-ing that privilege a preferred consciousness? By June 2012. This date will also stand as the point we push into the sea of uncertainty. experimenting with new forms of consciousness and freedom…” kate boverman “you never change anything by fighting the existing reality. share transition narratives. build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete…” buckminster fuller The koru symbol in Maori culture stands for new beginnings. To change something. as we together attempt to stimulate koru collectives. and keep conversations going about what is possible in our chaotic times. Ej and I have committed our little resources to the construction of what will hopefully be an enriching experience on the internet. the Koru social portal will be launched – this is what we envision and hope for. . inspire dream-quests.

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Dear Co-creator of Koru. we believe we reached a milestone with the formation of the core team or playground. we do not intend the kinds of relationships that define these work contexts. A few days ago. Thus. we‟d love to invite you to a conversation about  what koru means for you  why you have said yes to be part of the core team  what you envision about yourself in relation to this process  launching koru  our narratives of disenchantment  what we can do together and how we will work to achieve koru We respectfully invite you to a Skype conference on March 16 (please indicate your readiness and suggested local time preferences in response to this invitation). Now comprising ten members. the co-founding team will help situate the emergent DIY practices of koru. in line with the wisdom of Aerin and Ethan. . and will help manage the social hub and other tasks related to community organizing and event coordination. Because koru is not exactly an „NGO‟ or organization in the traditional sense. We are deeply honoured to be in company of the beautiful people who are making koru a thrilling possibility – persons such as you.

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our sense of separation) were given. ways of life). our interdependence…” ethan miller .“we work often as if these things (the „economy‟. the „environment‟. and are reinforced by. and…begin creating (and. [Koru] will work on unravelling these ways of thinking (which become. recovering) concepts for living that make visible our connections. in many cases. as if they were built into the structure of the world itself.