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Wedding Essence

Wedding Essence
the secret for wedding planning success

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Edited by Vanessa Bolosier

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15 Wedding countdown
23 Money, money, money...
29 Your entourage
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To bless or not to bless
Host in style
Choose a dress
101 The beauty and the groom
121 Your wedding figure
127 Wedding catastrophes
133 Bye bye drama
139 Stress tips
145 Money saver
151 Do yourself a favour
155 Better safe than sorry: wedding insurance
157 Emergency kit
163 Last minute wedding
168 Glossary


Dream about your wedding

First and foremost, before rationalising you move forward in your planning. Indeed,
anything, you need to let your imagination once you have decided the date and the type
do the groundwork. of venue you want, it is IMPERATIVE that
you start searching and booking yours as
Start to imagine, visualise and feel what you soon as possible. The venue you want might
would like your wedding to be like. Think be booked on the day you require so the
about a theme, some colours, a reception earlier the better.
type, a ceremony style, menus or anything
you think will make your celebration special. Choosing the venue might help dictate
requirements for the rest of your planning,
Think about the time of the year you would this might really be helpful with regards to
want it to take place by taking into consid- the number of guests or the type of catering.
eration your beloved ones availability, your To help you make these primary decisions
work commitments or favourite season. you need to be knowledgeable on the avail-
able options. The following sections are full
The date is one of the most important of suggestions on the type of ceremony and
aspects of your wedding as it will impact on reception you could have, how to budget and
the cost of everything. Think carefully about more. Imagination has no limits and if you
the date, choose two alternative ones and try decide to go for a tea party in an air balloon,
to stay flexible. it might be even more enjoyable than a
traditional dinner.
Think about where you would want to have
it whether it’s in the country, in the city, on a But more than anything, your choices should
public holiday or abroad. revolve around your main desires and if de-
tails like the ceremony, the reception style or
Also identify the type of venue you want even the venue have less meaning than the
for your celebration, whether it’s the place date or type of entertainment you always
where you met, your church, a hotel, the- dreamt of, follow your heart (within your
atre, a restaurant, a garden, the woods or at budget of course).
your family home.
We hope you enjoy your wedding journey
Collect images, magazine cut-outs, webpage and that Wedding Essence will be your be-
print-outs and start creating a scrapbook. loved companion throughout the process.

Thinking about these aspects will help you Happy Planning!!

narrow down your choices and will help

Money, money, money...


Before you start thinking “why dunk into the money matter straight away?” you should get
something straight: no matter how much human resources, sponsoring and potential free
help you can get, without a proper budget, your wedding is not happening!

And as much as we like to believe in fairy tale and fairy godmothers making everything
happen by waving a magic wand, the reality is you have to plan and do it drastically and

Finances are things you should plan carefully, because this is bigger than your wedding
day. You are preparing for your life as a couple and if you break the bank on the wedding,
you’ll start your married life broke! You probably dreamt of your wedding, but we are sure
your dream didn't include paying for it the rest of your life. So instead of putting childhood
fantasies first, do what is best for your relationship as a married couple.

Your entourage


Professional help
You can get support on any aspect of your preparations thanks to wedding experts. Although
wedding services suppliers are widely available throughout the year, the wedding season can
be really busy for them so you need to select and book early. We advise that you prioritise in
your booking process to ensure you get the best vendors available. Booking your venue is the
first stage that should be completed in your planning. After doing so, here is what we think
you should focus on chronologically:

1. Insurance: Take out an insurance before making any booking and leaving any

2. Caterer or chef: Food is one of the top aspects your guests will judge. Top caterers

Host in style: your reception


Nowadays there are better ways to enjoy your wedding celebration than the traditional
evening meal, the big wedding cake and the party until late. A different twist can be given
to your reception. Below is a list of different ways to mark the D-Day to suit many different
tastes and budgets.

Breakfast reception
They are generally smaller (50 - 70 guests) and less formal than an evening reception.
Breakfast is a fresh as well as practical alternative. The guests can feast happily on elegant,
delicious omelettes, bacon and sausages, for a fraction of the cost of a dinner and drinks.
Preparation is much easier and far less time consuming too.

A buffet line with an omelette chef will dot the trick. Decorations can be simpler and if you
choose to have alcohol, have a mimosa toast (champagne and orange juice). There are also

t Wedding Essence

no rules against dancing in the morning (although soft background music is recommended)
The beginning of a day seems an appropriate time to celebrate a beginning of a new life.
And you will be able to make an early getaway for your honeymoon.

Usually about the same size as a breakfast reception and about the same degree of formality,
with a menu that may shift to include sandwich-makings and accompaniments. A carving
station with several selections (turkey, ham, and beef for instance), a salad bar, cake and a
champagne toast can more than satisfy midday appetites and midrange budgets.

Lunch Reception
If you want a morning wedding, but do not fancy a breakfast reception, consider a lunch

It gives you and your guests more time to get ready and be there. You will be able to serve
the same dishes you would at a dinner reception, for a cheaper price. You may also be able to
leave for your honeymoon the same day.

A picnic reception might be an excellent idea! You could have cushions in an outdoor loca-
tion or even under a marquee but make sure to have some tables and chairs available for
those who prefer not to sit on the ground.

Afternoon Tea
A really unique way of celebrating your wedding would be to have an old-fashioned high
tea. Serve champagne, finger sandwiches, canapés, petit fours, éclairs, and wedding cake.
Ideally you would give the celebration a lounge feeling, but a garden tea party is just as nice.
Introduce a nice variety of tea whether it’s green, white, herbal or loose leaf, but don’t forget
coffee. You could even include spicy hot drinks like chai or cinnamon lattes.

Choose a dress


Where do I start?
First you should really think about what you want. It is your wedding and no matter what
tradition says about wedding dresses, if you resent wearing a meringue dress and would like
it short and backless, it’s up to you. Nowadays, women are taking the reins of their style. Just
like with beauty, wedding dress taste is in "the eye of the beholder".
Whether it has short sleeves with lace, it is empire style with a train or fuchsia with ruffles,
it is your choice to make. You may even not wear a dress at all. You may feel more comfort-
able in an elegant suit. The choice is yours!

Be sure that the outfit itself makes you feel like a princess. It is, after all, your wedding day.

The BWD: the Big White Dress

Let tackle the first issue. Does it have to be white?

t Wedding Essence





Choose a dress




F Shoes

The beauty and the groom


Your wedding day (and the way you will look) will be remembered for a long time to
come(thanks to photographs). The bride usually is the centre of attention and we all know
that what you want to look your absolute best.

We believe that every single part of your body should be carefully prepared as the ground-
work of your big day. They all need specific care and require a regime of ongoing attention.
There is a general code of conduct you can follow to nurture your entire self.

Overall beauty care

• Drink water
Preferably at room temperature to help circulation. The more your skin is hydrated the
more radiant it becomes. And glowing skin is the secret to a beautiful bride. Drinking 8 to
10 glasses daily will help clear up blemishes and make your skin more luminous. Have water

t Wedding Essence

with you everywhere you go, at work, when you exercise, in your bag, in front of the TV.

• Avoid caffeine or alcohol

They tend to dehydrate. Increasing your water consumption will help you decrease your caf-
feine consumption. Less caffeine will help your skin, it will also help you to be less stressed

• Have herbal teas

Warm liquids are circulation boosters and will help you have a clear and healthy skin.

• Have hydrating baths

Add essential oils to your baths and replace dry soaps with shower gels with milk. Apply a
body moisturiser while your skin is still humid as it will penetrate your pores better and
have an enhanced moisturising effect.

• Adapt your skin-care routine to the season and to your skin type
Use a facial wash in spring and summer and favour a cream cleanser when it’s colder. Ex-
foliate weekly. It will helpfight a dull complexion and will remove all the dead skin. Do it
gently and hydrate your skin by applying a mask afterwards.

• Apply moisturising lotion

Especially after any water exposure to any part of your body, including your hands and feet.

• Protect your skin from the sun

Wear a cream and don’t forget a lip balm with an SPF.

• Use a humidifier
Place a bowl of water by the radiator to act as a humidifier, or leave some windows open. It
will prevent your skin from being dehydrated.

Bye bye drama


Planning a wedding can be stressful, but if you can single out which aspects of the planning
are stressing you out the most, the process will be smoother, as you will be able to deal with
it, delegate it or just stay away from it.

The following are the usual drama scenarios that will bring you more stress.

Wedding Vendors

Their business relies on your expenditure that will mainly be emotional. They know you
want your wedding to be perfect and they will try to pressurise you into choosing the most
expensive options available. That is when having a specific budget will help you stay rational
and adamant. Play the budget card every time you feel pressured and be tough. You can
always play the "I-have-to-discuss-this-with-my-fiancé" card. They rarely argue with that.

t Wedding Essence

Divorced and quarrelling friends/family members

Although these are people that should be rejoicing and putting their pride and issues aside to
celebrate your union, they can be the ones acting selfish as if it was THEIR BIG DAY. They
are unpredictable and might throw a tantrum or make a scene.

Getting married can stir up a lot of emotions on your part and for all the people that are
close to you. The process of getting ready for marriage, and unresolved emotions about par-
ents and family, will come to the surface to be explored.

Discuss the issues with them one by one and ask them to respect your union and celebration
out of love for you. And even if they do have a bad attitude on the day, focus on your union
and stay away from them because if they can’t show respect on such an important day, it
means they are too self-centred and past seeing sense.

People’s opinions
They will annoy you, trouble you, make you doubt yourself and at some point you will need
to stop taking each and every opinion into consideration. Listen to them but go with your
heart and what you want. It’s your wedding, your union, your celebration and it should re-
flect your personality as a couple, where you come from and where you intend to go.

As much as you will be showered with compliments, gifts and congratulations, you will also
be bombarded with unsolicited advice, wedding horror stories, and negative vibes from well-
meaning friends and relatives who are too lost in their own experience to realise they are
imposing on you. People tend to see your wedding as a chance to fulfill their own fantasies.

Even if they are contributing financially, it doesn’t entitle them to boss you around; be clear,
concise but stay respectful. A bride has to clarify the wedding she truly wants, try to stay
centred and set clear boundaries.

Emergency kit


Your dream day can become a disaster with just a simple stain or rip. (Or if you overact over
small misfortunes!)

On a wedding day, there are so many people involved that anything can happen. That’s why
we compiled a list of risk management items that will come in handy should anything go

You can accessorise it if you want such as in a vanity case, carrier bag or basket or you can
purchase a ready made one that would have been designed by professionals to be as handy,
flexible and complete as possible. However, some of the items can only be collected by you.
The list can be broken down as follows:

t Wedding Essence

z Health
• Antacid • Baby wipes
• Antihistamine • Handkerchiefs
• Cold remedies • Make-up
• Any prescription medications • Perfume
• Painkillers aspirin, paracetamol, ibupro- • Nail polish remover pads
fen • Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Plasters/ Band-aids • Emery board
• Boiled sweets • Dental Floss
• Cotton pads • Clear Nail Polish
• Smelling salts • Tampons
• Rennie tablets for indigestion • Makeup Remover
• Beauty/Grooming/ Toiletry • Cotton balls
• Razor and shaving Cream • Hairdryer
• Hand Sanitizer • Nail polish in the bride’s shade
• Tweezers • Contact lens solution, cases and replace-
• Mouthwash ment
• Eye drops (to reduce the redness from all • Wash cloth or hand towel
the crying) • Nail glue
• Body cream • A couple of diapers for small attendants
• Mirror (small and portable) or guests
• Hair grips and hair elastics • Manicure kit (nail clippers, file, tweezers,
• Hair spray Scissors)
• Hand cream

Emergency kit

W Attire f Outdoors
• Gel shoe cushion • Insect repellent (be sure it doesn’t leave
• No-Slip pads for the soles of new shoes marks and has no smell or smells nice)
• Masking tape or sewing tape (for last- • Sunglasses (pre and post-ceremony)
minute ripped hems)
• Extra stockings, tights and socks
• Throwaway garter u Just In Case
• Earring backs • Ceremony program
• Sewing kit: buttons, hem tape, needle, • White chalk or baby powder (useful to
safety pins, small scissors, straight pins cover any stains on a white dress)
thread that matches the wedding/bridal • Small flashlight
parties dresses • Charged mobile phone
• Emergency buttons • Mints
• Flat shoes or ballet slippers • Straws (for drinking without messing up
• Safety Pins lipstick and avoiding spills)
• Shoe polish that matches wedding parties • Cash
shoes • Disposable camera
• Stain remover • Driver’s license or photo I.D. card
• Lint brush • Extra copies of directions to your recep-
• Iron tion
• Undergarments • Important phone numbers: family, wed-
• Extra wedding bands ding party, vendors, taxi company
• THE DRESS! • Notebook and pens
• Roll of coins (phones, parking meters,
vending machines, etc.)
• Snacks/bottled water (energy bars, dried
fruit, nuts)
• Umbrella
• Watch
• Mobile  phone charger or spare battery
• Super glue

Hope you enjoyed your journey with Wedding Essence. You are now ready to face the
challenges of wedding planning with confidence and knowledge and we believe it will
be a wonderful event.

We wish you all the hapiness in the world!

The Atypique Wedding Team


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