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Updated 02/27/2014 Kassock Pahlavi Reproductions My name is Zeke !"! Kassock!

# started Kassock Pahlavi Reproductions to o$$er reprints o$ Pahlavi / Middle Persian te%ts $or scholars and students o$ this discipline! &hese hyperlinks 'o to the U() version o$ )ma*on!com! #$ you are in a di$$erent re'ion+ copy the name o$ the te%t and paste it in your )ma*on,s search en'ine! &he covers o$ my -ooks are easy to $ind+ they are colored to look like century era paper! Please look $or updated lists every couple months on (cri-d!com+ this is a -i' pro/ect to 'et them all in reprint+ as 0ell as online! #t is my 'oal to have the 0orld,s lar'est Pahlavi di'ital li-rary online in one location+ as 0ell as hard copy reprints $or them availa-le! 1onations o$ either -ooks or $undin' is 'reatly appreciated! My (cri-d account can -e $ound at2 http2//000!scri-d!com/*kassock # can -e reached at2 *eke!kassock3'mail!com 4ooks # have created2 ) Pahlavi (tudent,s 1ictionary2 Zeke !"! Kassock 4ook o$ )rda "ira$2 ) Pahlavi (tudent,s 2012 Rendition+ &ranscription )nd &ranslation2 Zeke !"! Kassock 4ook o$ )rda "ira$2 5iterary 6dition2 Zeke !"! Kassock 4ook o$ 7i*ista' )-alish2 ) Pahlavi (tudent,s 2018 7uide2 Zeke !"! Kassock 1adestan i Meno' i 9rad2 ) Pahlavi (tudent,s 2018 7uide2 Zeke !"! Kassock :ascimile ;$ &he <omplete &e%t ;$ &he Pahlavi 1inkard2 "olume #2 4ooks ### = "2 Zeke !"! Kassock 7reater #ranian 4undahishn2 ) Pahlavi (tudent,s 2018 7uide2 Zeke !"! Kassock Karnama' i )rdashir Papa'an2 ) Pahlavi (tudent,s 2018 7uide2 Zeke !"! Kassock

Reprints )vaila-le2 )n ;ld Zand=Pahlavi 1ictionary2 1estur >oshen'/i amasp/i &he 4ook ;$ &he Mainyo # Khard2 &he Pa*and )nd (anskrit &e%ts2 ?eriosen'h 1haval 4undahishn2 6rvad &ahmuras 1insha/i )nklesaria &he <omplete &e%t ;$ &he Pahlavi 1inkard2 Part ##2 4ooks "# = #92 1han/ishan Meher/i-hai Madan <orpus ;$ Pahlavi &e%ts2 amasp/i 1astur Minocher/i amasp=)sana 1a$tar i @i*irkard i 1eni'2 &he Pahlavi &e%t2 1astoor Peshotan (an/ana 1ina i Mainu i 9rat2 ;r &he Reli'ious 1ecisions ;$ &he (pirit ;$ @isdom2 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 12 Peshotun 1ustoor 4ehram/ee (un/ana 1inkard "olume 22 Peshotun 1ustoor 4ehram/ee (un/ana 1inkard "olume 82 Peshotun 1ustoor 4ehram/ee (un/ana 1inkard "olume 42 Peshotun 1ustoor 4ehram/ee (un/ana 1inkard "olume A2 Peshotan 1astur 4ehram/ee (an/ana 1inkard "olume B2 Peshotan 1astur 4ehram/ee (an/ana 1inkard "olume 72 Peshotan 1astur 4ehram/ee (an/ana 1inkard "olume C2 Peshotan 1astur 4ehram/ee (an/ana 1inkard "olume .2 Peshotan 1astur 4ehram/ee (an/ana 1inkard "olume 102 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 112 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 122 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 182 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 142 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana

1inkard "olume 1A2 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 1B2 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 172 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 1C2 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana 1inkard "olume 1.2 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana &he :ravardin Dasht2 Unkno0n )uthor amaspi 2 Pahlavi+ Pa*end )nd Persian &e%ts2 ivan/i amshed/i Modi &he Khordeh )vesta2 Unkno0n )uthor 5essons #n Pahlavi=Pa*end Part 12 6rvad (heriar/idada-hai 4harucha 5essons #n Pahlavi=Pa*end Part 22 6rvad (heriar/idada-hai 4harucha 5essons #n Pahlavi=Pa*end Part 82 6rvad (heriar/idada-hai 4harucha Pahlavi <ode% A1)2 Martin >au' Pahlavi &e%t ;$ &he "endidad2 Zand=i avit (heda 1ad2 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana Pahlavi &e%ts2 Khudayar 1astur (haharyar #rani Pahlavi Dasna )nd "isperad EPahlavi &e%t (eries "olume CF2 6rvad 4aman/i ?asarvan/i 1ha-har Pa*end &e%ts2 6rvad 6dal/i Kersasp/i )ntia ?iran'istan2 Pahlavi &e%t (eries "olume 12 1ara- 1astur Peshotan (an/ana (hayast ?e (hayast2 ehan'ir <! &avadia G1ue to to printin' restrictions+ it is la-eled as (ayast ?e (ayast instead o$ HIyast ?J HIyast+ the printer does not do special characters $or the coverK (i$at i (iro*ah2 &he Pahlavi &e%t2 Unkno0n )uthor "endidad2 )vesta &e%t @ith Pahlavi &ranslation )nd <ommentary+ )nd 7lossarial #nde% E"olume 1F2 1astoor >oshan' amasp &he Dashts2 &he @ahram+ >ordad+ 1en+ )shtad+ )nd Ram Dashts2 Unkno0n )uthor 4ooks on ;ld Persian and <unei$orm2 )-rid'ed 7rammars ;$ &he 5an'ua'es ;$ &he <unei$orm #nscriptions2 7eor'e 4ertin )ncient Persian 5e%icon2 >er-ert <ushin' &olman