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QUESTIONNAIRE-1(Developing Team)

1. What is meaning of certification of development process for you? a) To satisfy the customer b) To maintain the quality c) Employee satisfaction 2. Do you follow any standard development process? a) Yes b) No 3. Which Software development model do you like most? a). System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Model b). Prototyping model c). Rapid application development model d). Component assembly model

5. Do you follow all stages of software development process? a) Yes b) No c) Its depends on project

6. What kind of implementation programmed do you want to follow? a) Phase wise b) One time c) Depends on customer 7. Is customer always satisfied with your product? a) Yes b) No 8. How much time you take in completing the process? a) More than 1 day b) More than 2 day c) More than 5 day 9. What features you used in it ? a) Six Sigma Green Belt b) Siebel COE Quality Assurance c) Proven Methodology

10.Which type of testing you adopted? a) Functional testing b) Load testing c) Test management

11. What is the Basic goal to make this testing? a) To satisfy customer b) To satisfy the organization c) Both a & b 12. Does there any security provide for process? a) Yes b) No

13. Have you ever created a test plan? a)yes b)no 14. What approaches you have applied ? a) Top down b) Bottom up



1. The quality of software we recommend is appropriate ? a) Excellent b) Good c) Average d) Satisfactory e) Unsatisfactory 2. How many years you are using it? a) 1 year b) More than one year c) More than Three year d) More than five year 3. How much you rate the software? a) Excellent

b) Very good c) Good d) Average e) Below Average 4. Do you want any kind of modification in software? a) Yes b) No 5. Does it is reliable to use? a) Yes b) No 6. Does it is cost effective? a) Yes b) No 7. Does is easy to understand and work on it? a) Yes b) No 8. Do you find any difficulty in it? a) Yes b) No 9. Does it fulfill your need /requirement? a) Yes b) no

10) Does it contain proper help manual for you? a) Yes b) No