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HEALTH Mr. Gaurav GhildiyaL Clo-R.P. GhiLdiyaL, H.Nol Dang, Srinagar (Garhwal) P.O Kamleshwar Uffrakhand-246174




CPDIAppmtl12-131118 August 01, 2012

Mr. GhiLdiyal,

Further to your application and the subsequent interview you had with us, wherein you have expressed your desire to undergo training for a period of Six months, we are pleased to appoint you as a "Trainee Sales Representative" in CPD Division of the Company. TRAINING: tll Your training shall commence from 16 June 2012 and will continue for Six months thereafter. You will initially undergo classroom training and the remaining period will be spent in the field. You will be trained under the supervision of our Divisional Sales Manager I Area Sales Manager concerned. You will be based at Dehradun. The Company reserves the right to transfer you to any of our branch offices, associates, subsidiaries, sister concerns or divisions anywhere within the Union of India on the same terms and conditions. STIPEND: During the period of training, you will receive a stipend of

Rs. 9000.00 comprising of Basic

Stipend of Rs. 3000.00 and Other Allowance of Rs. 6000.00 per month, which may, at the sole discretion of the Company, be raised after six months, if your performance is adjudged as satisfactory. In addition to the stipend you are entitled to field allowances as applicable to your grade, which will be informed to you by your Zonal Office. The Company will reimburse actual train fare, not exceeding first class or bus fare, whichever is spent by you in accordance with the Company's Rules for traveling on Company's business. LEAVE: During the period of your training, you will not be entitled to any leave. MEDICAL SCHEME: You will be covered under the Employees State Insurance Scheme wherever applicable; else the Medical Benefit Scheme of the Company. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE You will be covered by the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme Policy. OTHER TERMS It is expressly understood that the company has agreed to provide training at your specific request. Such an agreement by the Company to provide you training can be discontinued by the Company without any notice; compensation or explaining any reasons whatsoever. On satisfactory completion of the training, the Company will at its discretion, taking into consideration your progress during the training period, confirm you in the regular service I grade. Till such time a letter to this effect is issued by the Company in writing, you will deem to continue on training.

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