Book One of The Gifted Series

The Savior

Prologue -Alyssa
It’s my first day of college. But not just any college Karny University, (yes that’s really the name) one of the most prestigious colleges in the magical world. Everyone who was anyone came here. I was here for a different reason. My grandmother. One of the most important people in the magical world. My grandmother is Elena Karny The Witch Queen. Yeah she’s The Witch Queen so what does that make me, you ask? Witch Princess. Now, most people would be overjoyed to have that part of their title, right? Not me. I absolutely HATE it!!! But that might be because my grandmother thinks of me as a disgrace so my life has been full of lectures. I am like the lecture queen. But now I’m off topic. Anyway here’s one reason I’m a disgrace, I like to fight. You know taekwondo, karate, street fights, anything. But being a witch I have more ways too fight. I can do spells, all sorts of spells. I can manipulate the elements. And, oh yeah I can move people and things with my mind. But that’s not a normal witch thing that’s a Karny thing my dad could do it too. It came from somewhere down my family name. The thing is no other witch in the world can do it. Yeah I’m special. That’s one reason my grandmother can’t disown me. The other one is that my parents are dead. They were killed in a car accident. It didn’t fortunately kill my sister Jena who was one at the time of the accident. My dad used his power to save her. He lifted her entire car seat out of the car before the truck hit them. I wasn’t in the car. The truck hit before he could save himself or my mom. I hardly remember them, but I wish I did.

My sister Jema is 17 years old. She’s my grandmothers’ favorite. She’s the perfect little princess. Perfect grammar, perfect grades, perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect teeth, perfect manners, perfect freaking everything. It’s so unfair it should be illegal. But she’s so nice it’s hard to hate her she’s one of my best friends. But my best best best friend is Annie. Annie is a vampire. She’s a pale, beautiful goddess. It’s kind of bad to be to be surrounded by beautiful people because then you look boring and drab. But you can’t help who you befriend so there. Annie’s The Vampire Princess. Her mom’s The Queen of Vampires. You see there are the vampires; they’re the top of the magical pyramid, then witches, and then shapeshifters. You really don’t fraternize with them. They’re like the gang part of the magical world. They’re looked down upon. Why, I’m not sure maybe because they’re animals, maybe because of their animal like tendencies, who knows? But they are looked down upon it’s like species segregation. There is a shapeshifter Queen and King but their opinion doesn’t mean much and quite frankly the vampires would let witches have much power either if we didn’t have so much power. But we do so they have to. And to be truthful most vampires are seriously cruel. They are power hungry egotistical people. They think because they are so strong and powerful they are in control of everybody. (Not Annie though she’s awesome and kind and gentle.)And my grandmother’s completely blind to all this. She just didn’t see it. That’s another reason I like to fight, because I believe that someday there’s going to be a war, a big one against the vampires. And I’ll need to be in top fighting shape. Who knows when or how, but there will be.

Chapter 1 ~New Beginnings~ -Alyssa
I walked into my new dorm room. (Mine was right next to Annie’s.) It was perfectly decorated, four navy blue walls, with a four-poster bed (with black canopy), a fuzzy light blue rug covering most of the oak floor, a flat plasma screen TV complete with DVD player and shelf full of DVDs’, an ipod

player hooked up with the best surround sound, then there were book shelves again fully stocked with my favorites. A huge walk in closet fully stocked with skinny jeans, t-shirts from black to every other color imaginable, mini skirts, and sweaters and sweatshirts of every design and color possible. Then there was the giant shoe rack containing every type of shoe from pumps and high heels to tennis shoes and converses. And there was more shelves of purses and scarves and goddess knows what else. Yes, my sister had been here. Only my sister could perfect my style right down to the shoes. Then I saw the bathroom with beautiful dark blue marble counters with a black marble sink over the sink was a mirror that opened into shelves that had a toothbrush and toothpaste. The shower had power jets that came out from the sides with black and blue tiles. There was a floor to ceiling cabinet fully stocked with blue bath towels, brand new Dove shampoo and conditioner (the only kind I’ll use), deodorant, and all her favorite Merle Norman make up. There was a floor to ceiling mirror and a black porcelain toilet. Yes my sister had thought of everything. Did I mention that she was a perfectionist? “Oh my Goddess!!!! I love your room!!!!” Annie shouted from the door. “Oh, thanks. Jema did it. I can’t wait to see yours.” I said back, just remembering that I had given her a key. “I should have her decorate my room. This is awesome!” Annie said entering the bathroom. “Your fridge is fully stalked!” “Oh, cool I didn’t even notice the fridge.” I said. (Even though vampires drink blood they still like to eat food and drink pop and wine and stuff like that for the taste.) “Yeah, you got Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, Monster, and even some food to put in your microwave too.” Annie rattled out. “Awesome I love Monster!” I said enthusiastically just for her benefit. “Come on. You have to see my room.” She said motioning to the door. “Ok.” I said

We walked next door to her room. It had ‘Annie’ written in pink on top of a violet star. “Here we are. Home sweet home.” She said. I evaluated her room. It was just as big as mine. Almost exactly the same actually. Except instead of blue walls she had neon pink walls. She had a four-poster bed too but hers was white painted wood instead of oak. Her floor was cherry wood with a fuzzy pink rug. There were pictures all over the eastern wall they were of her parents, herself, me, and her brother Jared. who was technically twenty one but had decided to stop aging at nineteen. (See there were two kinds of vampires born vampires and made vampires. Born vampires could stop aging whenever they wanted. Made vampires were stuck at the age they were made but all vampires could live forever unless they were staked, but that was the only thing that could kill them. And it was illegal. Anyone who is even thought to have killed a vampire is killed (burned to be more exact); a vampire hadn’t been killed in over one hundred years.) “Do you like it?” Annie asked once they’d been through her entire room. “Yeah. It’s great.” I said in my tired voice. She took the hint. “I’ll let you unpack what you actually brought if there’s any room left in your closet.” “Yeah. Thanks. I’ll see ya tonight are we still going out?” “Hell to the yeah!” She said enthusiastic again. She loved showing her beauty off to the public. “Great. I’ll come to your room at eight. We can take my car. Maybe we can go shopping before we go to dinner.” I said. “That sounds great. See you at eight.” She said sounding excited. “Cool. See ya.” I said. I went back to my room and unpacked the few things I’d brought from home. Then I lay down on my queen size bed. Ooooohhh.. I thought to myself is this a Tempurpedic mattress? I bet it was. Goddess I loved my sister. Then I heard something crunch. I sat up and looked down at where

the sound had came from. Then I saw it. It was a note from Jema. It said ‘Lyssa,’ (That was her nickname for me.) ‘Hope you totally love your room. I think that it’s your style, but if you don’t like something tell me and I’ll fix it. Love, Jema XXXXXX’ Goddess I loved her, but she worked way too hard. I’ll have to call her and thank her and tell her how perfect it is. I thought to myself before I fell asleep.

Chapter 2 ~A Night Out~ -Alyssa
I woke up at seven thirty. I had just enough time to get ready. I got my Coach shades, my favorite Merle Norman lip gloss, and my Dooney & Burke purse complete with my wallet (with all my credit cards, id and cash), my ipod, and my cell phone (a Verizon Wireless Blackberry Storm). It was 7:50 when I went over to Annie’s room. “Hello?!” I shouted over the sound of her ipod speakers (it was playing Untouched by the Veronicas, one of her favorite songs). I knocked on the door. “One minute!” She called from behind the door. She came out a minute later looking stunning. She had most likely just gotten dressed and thrown on her make up in the minute that I had been standing outside her door. Vampires were unnaturally fast. But they were also unnaturally strong too it was all balanced. Annie was tall and yet dainty and thin limbed, but at any time she could pick up my 110-pound body of pure muscle and throw me two miles. It was scary. “Ready.” She said. And we walked out of the dorm across campus to the parking lot. I goy out my student id and showed it to the guard. She smiled at us and waved us through. We walked over to my car a silver Continental GTC Speed, Bentley convertible. It was my baby. “I still can’t get over your car.” Annie said. “Your sister knows you so well. I wish my brother would get me presents

that were actually useful.” (My sister had gotten the convertible for me for my 18th birthday.) “I know. I have to call her and tell her thanks for my room too.” I said as we were getting in. “So where to first?” I asked. “Uhh… I know how about we run to Forever 21 real quick I need a new dress for your grandmothers party.” She said. “Shoot I totally forgot about that. It’s tomorrow isn’t it?” I asked knowing it was, but not wanting it to be true. “Yep. Hurry up you can get one too.” She said. When we got there it was eight fifteen. We immediately started looking at their new dresses. I found three choices and decided to get all of them just incase I bought one and it looked terrible on me. I got a black Ava satin dress, a black Perlin strapless satin dress, and a black Sasha knit dress. Annie got two for the same reason that I got three. She got a strapless floral party dress and a gray tiered ruffled hem dress. All in all it was a profitable dress run. When we got to the restaurant we collapsed at the table. It was reserved; the humans just thought that we were trillionaires daughters. So we were as famous as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, or even Paris Hilton. It was fun and tiring. We were filthy, stinking rich. “May I take your order?” The waitress asked us. Annie answered first “Veal Milanese”. There was no garlic, the only thing that didn’t have garlic. Because believe it or not garlic weakens them and apparently tastes terrible to them too. “And I’ll have the shrimp and scallop cacciatore. Thank you.” I said. “It will be right out.” The waitress said politely. Probably hoping for a big tip. After the waitress had gone Annie and I talked, at first about stupid pointless stuff. Then abruptly she brought up my grandmothers party. “So do you know what the theme is gonna be?” She asked. “Uhhh… I don’t know we could call and ask Jema. She’s doing the whole party. I honestly don’t know when she finds

all this time. She sleeps eight hours every night, she has seven hours of private school because she insists that she must socialize instead of being tutored, she arranges royal parties and banquettes, and she arranges her school dances. She must be seriously driven.” I said. “I know I could never do all that. And she always looks perfect.” Annie said sounding exasperated and in awe at the same time. “You look perfect all the time too.” I said pointing out her excellence out to her. That’s why I was friends with Annie she was humble and kind and never found flaws in others. “I’ll call right now.” I said while I pushed the speed dial #3. (Jema was 3 and Annie was 2.) “Hello?” The other end of the line said. I put her on speaker phone. “Hey Jem your on speaker phone. Annie wants to know what the theme to gran’s party.” “Oh it’s a masquerade ball didn’t you get the invite?” Jema asked. “Oh. Uhh… No. Ann did you?” I asked Annie. “Uh.. Yeah I must have forgot.” Annie said. “So you guys don’t have masks?” Jema asked. “No.” We chorused together. “That’s cool I’ll bring some to you. I’ll meet you in Lyssa’s dorm room at ten. Okay?” Jena asked. “You’re a life saver Jema. Thank you sooo much! Oh and thanks for the room too I LOVE it. Especially the bed.” I said as sincerely as I could. “Oh that’s great. I was worried it wouldn’t feel homey enough.” Jema said meekly. She never could take compliments. “It’s as homey as my old room at home.” I said. “Great. I gotta go. I’ll see you at ten.” Jema said. And then she hung up.

Chapter 3 ~Masks~ -Alyssa
When we got back to campus it was nine fifty. We both went to my dorm room. Jema wasn’t there yet. So we

listened to my ipod until she got there. When she did get there it was ten fifteen. “Sorry I’m late.” Jema said as she came in the door. (If Everyone Cared by Nickelback was playing. I paused it so we could here each other.) “I was really busy with the finishing touches for the party. You know making sure caterers were coming waiters and all that.” “That’s fine. We’re just glad that you came all this way to give us masks. So what you got?” I asked. “Well let me see your dresses.” She said. We showed her our options. “I have the perfect thing for you Annie. It goes great with you floral dress.” She pulled it out. It was very colorful with feathers and it fit over her eyes perfectly. “It looks great.” I said when she put it all on. “I have something for you too.” Jena said and pulled out a black satin mask that covered the eyes and half the face. “I love it!!!” I exclaimed. When I saw myself with the dress and mask.(Id chosen the Perlin black strapless satin dress). “It looks great on you!” Jema said. “What does yours look like?” I asked her. “It’s a light blue strapless with a light blue mask that covers only the eyes.” Jema said obviously excited, but trying to cover it up to keep her cool. “That’s great.” I said. Pleased by her happiness. “Well I better go I gotta get some rest for tomorrow and it’s a half an hours drive.” Jema said. “Oh yeah. It’s like eleven fifteen.” Annie said. “Wow it’s that late. Yeah you better get home or Gran’s gonna have a fit. Are you gonna have any trouble driving in the dark?” I asked her worried. “I’ll be fine.” Jema said gathering up her stuff. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” “Bye.” Annie said. “See ya. Be careful.” I said still worrying. “I’ll be fine.” Jema said. Then she left. “I’m going to bed. See you tomorrow. Of are we taking your car?” Annie asked. “Yeah, sure. Unless you wanna take yours?” I asked.

“No. Your car’s good. See ya.” Annie said. Then she left. I put on my favorite flannel pajamas (one of the few things I brought from home). Then I went to sleep on the best mattress ever.

Chapter 4 ~The Best Night Of My Life~
I woke up at nine thirty the next morning. I took a shower in my awesome jet powered shower. It totally woke me up and massaged my aching muscles. I got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I didn’t bother with make up because then I’d have to just redo it for the party. Instead I put my dress in a bag then put my shoes and make up in another. I was going to get ready in Annie’s room she had the best hair products in the world. When I got to her room I just took out my key and walked in. She was still asleep, but when she heard the door her vampire instincts kicked in and she jumped up immediately. “It’s just me.” I said. Hoping she wouldn’t attack me. “Oh you scared me.” She said tensely. “You’re never scared. I was thinking we could get ready here since you’re so awesome at doing hair.” I said half scared to hear her answer, she was scary when she was grumpy. “Oh. That’s cool. Have you already taken a shower?” She asked. I nodded. “Okay I’ll jump in real quick then we can get started.” “That’s cool. Take your time, unwind. It feels good. We have time.” I said. “Okay thanks. I’ll be out soon.” She said as she was walking into the bathroom. I sat on her bed and took my ipod out of my bag. I put it on her ipod and put on Linkin Park. What I’ve Done came on, it was one of my favorites. Annie cam out of the bathroom fifteen minutes later in a robe. She got her dress, shoes, and mask out and so did I. We got dressed then did our make up. Then we put our masks on Annie did her hair I waited

patiently for her to perfect every curl. Then she did my hair. I tried not to watch, I wanted it to be surprise. When she was done I studied my hair intently. “Oh My Goddess!!! I love it. How did you do that?” I asked stunned. I looked awesome not meaning to brag or anything, but I did. It was in the perfect bun just sexy enough, but not sloppy either with a perfectly curled strand of hair just at the side of my face. “It was nothing.” Annie said. Once again being humble. “No it’s awesome and you did it. You’re great at doing hair Annie and you know it.” I said. Willing her to see all of her perfect qualities. “Oh thanks. You’re awesome too and you don’t even know it. You’re beautiful and kind. And the hair wouldn’t work if you weren’t so pretty.” Annie said. And I would think she was lying, but Annie didn’t lie. And she sounded absolutely earnest. “Awwww… You are my best friend ever!!” I cried out. “You’re my best friend too. Now let’s get to you’re grandmother’s 90th birthday party. I ran to my room to get my grandmothers birthday present. I met Annie in the hall and we went out to my car again. It was only 3pm but I wanted to see if I could help Jema with anything and I was Annie’s ride so we left (convertible top up so as not to mess up our hair). It was a two-hour drive to where the ball was being held so we got there around 5pm. When we got inside we greeted my sister the ball was going to start in three hours. Sa we had time, but as always my sister was frazzled. “Are you sure there’s nothing we can do?” I was asking her as she was swarming around the ballroom telling everybody what to do it was like they were the worker bees and she was the queen. “ No I’m sure every job is taken. Why don’t you go to the back room and watch TV so you don’t ruin your make up. I’m really glad you came to help though that was so nice.” She was obviously annoyed that I was delaying her procession so Annie and I went to the backroom and watched a rerun

marathon of Made on MTV until 7:30 when people started arriving. We checked over our outfits, make up, and hair to make sure everything was in place. When we were finally done we went into the ballroom and took our seats at the neatly set up tables decorated in silver and gold tablecloths. It was all, stunning. My sister was good at what she did no doubt about that. There was a banner at the front of the ballroom with a picture of my grandmother that read ‘Happy 90th’. It was cute. When 8:00 finally came around everyone was seated and was waiting for my grandmother. Our table was wear she would sit. I was in between Jema and Annie. Next to Annie were her parents the Queen and King of vampires. Then my grandmother would sit next to Jema and Annie’s father. There would be an introduction. Then we would do a traditional waltz her husband was dead so a very lucky young man would get to dance with her. Then my grandmother would leave because well she was old and gets tired easily. Then once she was gone we would kick up the volume and put on some songs actually from this century. Once the dancing started I stood up with Annie and Jema, but we lost each other in all the people quickly because of all the masks we couldn’t tell each other apart. Before I knew it I was in somebody’s arms, but I couldn’t tell who. “Hello fair lady and what’s your name?” The stranger asked. “I could ask you the same thing.” I said waltzing with him. “I don’t believe in titles.” He said. “Okay first name basis.” I said. “Okay then. My name’s Jeston.” He said. “Interesting name. My name is Alyssa. It’s very nice to meet you Jeston.” I said wondering who the hell this guy was. “It’s very nice to meet you too, Alyssa.” He said politely. “So what are you?” I asked curious. “I can’t see because of your mask.”

“Shapeshifter. You?” He said hesitantly. “Witch. What do you shift into?” I asked curiously. “A lion…” He mumbled. “That’s cool.” I said fascinated, as I always had been by shapeshifters and their total transformations. “Wait,” he said. “are you Alyssa The Witch Princess?” He asked sounding hesitant and almost frightened. “Unfortunately, yes.” I said. “Oh… Well then maybe I should go.” He said sounding frazzled, but in a different way than Jema had earlier today while getting ready. Almost as if he were losing something. “Why?” I asked. “Why?” He said sounded confused. “Because I’m way down at the bottom of the magical pyramid and you’re practically at the top. You’re best friends with The Vampire Princess for Goddesses sake.” “So,” I said. “I don’t care about that stuff or I would have left when you said you were a Shapeshifter. Use your logic silly.” I said exasperated. When was anybody going to figure out that species didn’t matter. The music was changing but we were still waltzing I liked being near him. I’d never felt this type of passionate response to someone else. Like it was just meant to be. And suddenly looking in to his light blue topaz eyes I had this yearning to kiss him. This like physical need. We were just staring at each other intently. We had stopped waltzing and were just standing there staring at each other. And then she heard a voice in her head. At first she thought she was crazy. Then she listened to it. Do it! It said. Kiss her. It said. Then she realized it was him Jeston, but he wasn’t talking to her. He was talking to himself like it was his mind having a battle with itself. It’s not proper. She’s the witch princess. I’m not the right person for her. He said back to himself. Do it anyway. She said she didn’t care about that stuff. And she would have left already. She’s just standing there waiting for you to do something. She had made her decision she was just going to kiss him. He obviously wanted it too. And he was also obviously too much of a gentleman to do it. So she would.

And she leaned over and simply kissed him at first he was confused and his mouth was stiff, but then he started kissing her back and it was… Magical. Not the magic she used as in spells, but on a whole different level. Then she heard his thoughts again. I told you so. One part of his mind said. The other part saidSo… Magical. She’s so beautiful. Then she saw herself from his mind. She was glowing with an inner shine a kindness that never left. And yet her body was perfect and curvy. And her lips were gentle yet passionate. They had to come up for air but neither of them wanted to. When they did they had some explaining to do because standing right there watching were Jema and Annie. They must have been looking for her and found her kissing him. Jeston was bright red. Annie was glowing with a happiness that could not be explained and Jema looked like she was gonna burst out laughing at any second. But thankfully they both kept their cool until Jeston had gone with Alyssa’s cell and dorm phone numbers’. Once they were in her car (Annie and Jema were spending the night in Alyssa’s dorm room) the questions came. They buried her in questions ‘What was his name’, ‘Who was he’, ‘Why had she kissed him’. The questions just kept coming and coming. By the time all the questions had been answered they were on campus. Once they were in her dorm she told them about hearing his voice in her head. But how she couldn’t hear anybody else’s thoughts. She told them that she was sure that she’d heard them and that they hadn’t been her imagination. Then they went to bed, all three of them on her queen size bed. Right before she drifted off she heard Jema mumble “ I’m buying you a pull out couch.” Then they fell asleep.

Chapter 5 ~ A First Time For Everything ~-Alyssa
It had been six days since my grandmothers party, and Jeston hadn’t called yet I was beginning to think he wouldn’t

call. And because I’d forgot to ask him his phone number I was completely at his mercy. It was Thursday afternoon and I was in Annie’s room doing statistics homework when my cell rang. The caller id said unknown so I just answered it. “Hello?” I said. All of the sudden feeling nauseous and yet unbelievably giddy. “Uh, hi this is Jeston. I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was wondering if you’d like to go out tomorrow night like to a movie?” He said again hesitant. This boy needed a serious confidence boost. Which was weird since he shifted into lion. But either way he did and I’d have to give it to him. I thought to myself. “Of course I remember you, silly. And I’d love to go out. What do you plan on having us see?” I asked curiously. What was out this weekend I didn’t remember. “Uh.. I don’t know why don’t we just go and see what’s playing.” He said. “That’s cool.” I said. And hopefully, we wouldn’t be paying any attention to the movie. I thought to myself. “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at seven outside the campus gates.” He said almost as a questoin. “That’s cool I’ll see you tomorrow at seven.” I said reassuring him. Once again giddy and nauseous. “Who was that?” Annie asked probing for details. “Jeston. The guy from the party.” I said almost selfconsciously. “Oh. The dude’s face you were sucking.” She said teasing me. “Yeah. The dudes face that I was sucking.” I said to make her happy. “Have you heard his head again yet?” She asked. Oh yeah I had forgotten that little detail. “Nope.” I said second guessing myself. Had I really heard his mind or had it been my own mind playing tricks on me. And if so why had I only heard him? Why nobody else? I’d never heard any of my other boyfriends’ minds before. But I had been so sure that I had heard it, so very, very sure.

My phone rang so I picked it up and looked at the caller id it was Jema. “Hello?” I said into the phone abruptly feeling sick. “Lyssa?” Jema said hysterically. “Can I come to your dorm. Grandmother she, she, she’s dead!!” The word exploded in my mind. The Witch Queen was dead that wasn’t possible. Who would take her place Jema and I were too young? The vampires would try to take over we would become uneven. The magical world was going to be in chaos. “How?” I asked. Now fearing the answer. The Witch Queen was old, but she was healthy and strong. How had she died? “They aren’t sure. Lyssa how could she die? She was so healthy. So strong. What will happen to the witches?” Jema asked sounding terrified. “I don’t know. But I won’t let anything bad happen. Okay. And don’t drive I’ll come and get you and Annie will drive your car back. You’re going to stay with me until this is all straightened out. Pack up enough clothes for a month. Okay? Hurry up we’ll be right over.” “Okay. I’ll see you. Please hurry Lyssa. I’m scared.” Jema said. “I leaving right now don’t go anywhere alone. Okay?” I said motioning Annie to follow me across campus to my car. ‘I’ll explain’ I mouthed to her. “Okay… Why is it dangerous?” She asked sounding frightened even more than before. “Maybe, but don’t worry about that right now. Okay? Just do what I told you.” I said trying to reassure her. “ Okay… Bye.” She said. “Bye I love you.” I said trying to make her feel better. “Love you too. Bye.” She said. Then I hung up. We were already in the car so I put the keys in the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot. “What’s going on? Where are we going?” Annie asked. And I told her I told her everything. After I had finished talking she just looked at me.

“You think she was killed don’t you?” It wasn’t a question as much as it was an accusation. “Yeah I do. Please don’t be mad at me, but I think it was a vampire.” I said scared to hurt her feelings. Then Annie did the very opposite of what I thought she would. She yelled, but it wasn’t furry it was in joy. Pure joy. She said “The savior she has come!!!!” What the Hell was she talking about?! Savior for what and who me that wasn’t possible. “What!!?” I shouted. “You’re the savior. The one who is to reunite the magical world after a great tragedy. There is a prophecy. ‘The one with unexceptional strength mentally and physically, the power to move objects with her mind, the one to have lived through inexplicable hurt, the one with only one relative left’. She’s said to have an unimaginable amount of powers. It’s also said that she’ll fall in love with a Shapeshifter and that she’ll be able to hear his thoughts to make him happy it’s said to be her main goal in life. I’m part of an organization it’s for anybody who wants the magical world to all be equals. And you’re suppose to lead us to victory. In the war against the vampires!” She kept talking, but I zoned out. What did it all mean? Was I the savior? Could I be? And was I truly in love with Jeston after all I’d only met him six days ago. And was there really going to be a war against the vampires? I had always thought so, but could it be true? The rest of the way there Annie explained The Organization which was what the name of it was. The Organization. She explained how her parents weren’t part of it and that nobody could tell them because they would have to fight them. Annie’s brother had stated The Organization with a witch by the name of Kena the year he turned 19. Kena was a special witch she could see the future or parts of it anyway. And that year she had seen the queen of witches being murdered by a vampire and then it being covered up she immediately went to the one vampire she trusted. Jared. He started The Organization and the first person he asked to join was Annie. They went out looking for shapeshifter’s, witches, and

vampires who wanted nonviolent equalized peace. Annie told me that Jeston was part of The Organization as well. When she had finally finished talking they were at Jema’s house. She lived in an apartment on the estate of our grandmother’s million dollar mansion. Jema was waiting patiently with at least a dozen bags on her front porch. She gave her keys to Annie and Annie started loading up both of the cars because there wasn’t enough room for all the luggage in only one car. (My sister owned a mini bug convertible. The cutest shade of neon green.) It was done quickly because Annie was so strong and quick. Annie gave a thumbs up to say that she was ready to go and that she would follow us. I drove in my car and Jema sat next to me in the passenger seat. She didn’t say anything the whole ride, but she stifled a few sobs along the way. When we got to campus Annie told us to just go to my room that we didn’t need Jema’s luggage I was about to protest, but decided not to. Annie would have her reasons. Jema looked confused, but didn’t protest either. Once we were in my dorm Annie told me to pack anything I would need for a month. At first I was confused and then I got it. Whoever had killed her grandmother would want to kill them too. I started to pack, but this time Jema protested. “What’s going on? Why aren’t we staying here?” Jema asked sounding confused and scared like a wounded animal. Annie spoke before I could. “Don’t worry Jema it’s all going to be all right. I can’t explain here, but once we’re in the car I’ll explain everything. We’ll take my van that way all the luggage fits. It doesn’t look like it from the outside, but it actually has two levels there are two twin size beds, a little kitchen, and even a little bathroom. Witch magic is awesome!” “You’ve been planning this haven’t you? Your brother you and Kena.” I said putting it all together. “Yeah. It’s great to have a fortune telling witch on our side. Oh and Jeston is in the van too. For his safety. He’s actually part of The Organization. My van is one of the safest

places ever. It’s bullet proof, missal proof, and even magic proof incase the vampires get a witch on their side. Your grandma thought of everything. She was part of The Organization too.” Annie said. “Now hurry up they’ve got to be right on our tail it’s not safe here anymore.” “What are you guys talking about?!!!!” Jema exclaimed. “We’ll tell you later. Come on you heard her it’s not safe here anymore.” I said to Jema. I had a dozen bags packed. (Complete with shampoo and conditioner, towels, clothes, and a couple different shoes, socks, underwear, and pj’s.) “Let’s go.” I said. While passing bags out to Annie and Jema. “Okay, now we’ll go to my car first and put your luggage away and make sure your safe in their and then I’ll go get Jema’s bags. Okay?” Annie said. I decided not to use my power to carry the bags because it took all of my concentration and I needed to stat alert. But I wished I could have to hurry us up because Jema couldn’t carry much weight and Annie only had so many hands. I felt like a sitting duck, but eventually we made it to Annie’s van. It was truly beautiful. And then something else caught my eye and it was all I could see. Right there standing next to the van was Jeston, but not in human form he was a majestical lion. A beautiful strong, golden cat. And he was fighting something or someone. A vampire. The vampire was winning. Annie was already in action throwing us behind a car. I stood up and used my power on the vampire picking him up with my mind and throwing him around in the air he shrieked once before I threw him at least ten miles to the east. Once he was out of sight Annie let us out from behind the car. We quickly went over to the van luggage in hand. Jeston was lying on the ground unconscious in lion form I once again used my power and picked him up. He was heavy it was like a mental strain. Annie quickly opened the door and I pushed him through with my power. It was really starting to hurt and I wasn’t sure I could take much more, but I made it to the top level wear I

quickly laid him down on a bed and then collapsed on the other one myself. “Good job Alyssa. I’ll be right back. Okay? You’ll be really safe here. Jema I’ll explain everything as soon as I get back. Don’t bother Alyssa that really tired her out. If I’m not back in twenty minutes wake up Alyssa and try to wake him up and drive out of here. The coordinates are in the GPS system. Can you do that for me please?” Annie said to Jema. “Yeah I’ll try.” Jema said. “Thanks. I’ll see you soon okay?” Annie said to Jema. “Okay. And Annie be careful.” Jema replied Annie. “Thanks I will.” Annie said with all the hope she could muster. Annie left and I fell asleep. When I woke up we were moving. Or that’s what I thought anyway. I sat and felt very lightheaded there was noone on the upper level so I walked down the stairs to the lower level. Annie was driving and Jema was sitting next to her. “Hey guys. Where are we?” I said sounding tired even though I just woken up. “She lives. We were wondering when you were going to wake up.” Annie said. “We are about two miles away from our destination.” Jema said. “How long was I asleep?” I asked curiously. “Like four hours.” This voice came from behind her. It was Jeston. I turned around to face him. He was wearing a red tshirt with baggy jeans. “Can I hav a word with you for a minute.” He asked me. “Sure.” I said he motioned to the stairs and walked up. I followed. Once we were up he sat down on one bed and I sat down on the other. “You wanted to talk about something?” I asked. Then his thoughts jumped into my head I know you can hear me, but I want to see if I can hear you. Direct a thought at my mind. Well I guess I could try. And I did I sent over Okay I’ll try. I knew it. I knew I could hear you! His mental voice said excited.

Again I had that physical yearning to kiss him but there were more important things to do. So I started to get up and walk down the stairs when he said I don’t want you go. Come back. I can’t I have to talk to Annie. I said mentally. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto his lap and then he started kissing me. And it was even more magical than the first time they came up for air every once and a while, but they kissed for a long time. Mentally I said. Now I really have to go downstairs I have to talk to Annie before we get to wherever we’re going.

Chapter 6 ~The Escape~ -Alyssa
The safe house was a little shack, but it was reinforced with some of the most powerful witch magic in the world. Jema knew everything now, and was terrified of her own shadow. I had already met Annie’s brother, but when we walked in he practically crushed me hugging me. I met Kena too. She was nice and very pretty, and I wondered if she and Jared were dating. My mind was going a hundred a miles an hour and all of the sudden I was exhausted. I swayed on my feet and then fainted. I just fainted. I vaguely remember somebody catching me, but I had no idea who it was. When I woke up I was on a little cot type thing and everybody was just sitting around me in a circle. It was a little unnerving to know that everyone had just sat there and waited for me to wake up. Annie and Jema were closest to me. I started to sit up, but Jema just pushed me back down. “How long was I out?” I asked confused. What was wrong with me? It was like I’d just been knocked out. “Ten minutes. Lyssa you really scared us. If Jeston hadn’t caught you, you could have injured yourself. Why didn’t you tell us you were tired?” Jema ranted in my ear. Huh I should have known Jeston had caught me. Now everyone was looking at me with scornful faces. What was wrong with fainting? It wasn’t like I’d done it on purpose. “I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just fine until I fainted. It was like I was just all of the sudden tired. I mean I slept in

the van.” I said exasperated. How could they think I’d done this on purpose? They just looked at me with disbelieving faces. Well everyone except Kena. She was blanked out al most as if she wasn’t here with us, but in a totally different place. Jared noticed my staring and looked over at Kena. His face abruptly changed. “She’s having a vision. Just wait ‘till it’s over this could be important information.” He was mainly saying it to me, but everyone else had tuned in by now and noticed Kena’s odd expression. When Kena’s vision was over she just stared at me with this scared and frightened expression. “How??? You still alive???….” She mumbled trailing off. What? Of course I was alive. Had she seen me dieing? “What did you see Kena? You have to tell us.” Jared said to Kena sounding as if the world was ending. “I saw power. A new vampire power and it was all being thrown at her. It was terrible and vicious. It weakens her until she dies. The amount thrown at her just now should have killed her and then some. It’s like she survived a nuclear explosion directed at her. She has an amazing inner strength.” Kena said in awe. “Uh… Thank you I guess.” I said confused. A new vampire power was not good. Especially one like this. “This isn’t good is it?” Jema asked. “This is beyond not good this is horrific.” Jared said. “They’re trying to kill the savior. The one thing that can stop them from getting more power. We are going to have to go somewhere more safe especially if they know we’re here. We’ll hav to come up with a plan fast. They talked for two hours trying to come up with ways to get me out unnoticed. Finally they got a good idea a decoy. There were two cars. One would leave with me annd one would leave with the decoy. Of course that meant splitting up. And the vampires might just follow both of us, but it was the best thing they had and we were running out of time before they would try to kill me again so we were off. I would go with Kena and Jema. Nobody liked this idea because they thought I was virtually unprotected, but I convinced them

that I was the safest person of them all with my training and my power. Plus I’d have one of the most powerful witches in the world with me. And the vampires would expect me to go with my ‘boyfriend’ the shapeshifter and the vampire. So this was the best way. Annie and I switched clothes. I pulled the hood over my head and walked in between Jema and Kena to a big black van with no windows except the two front doors and the windshield that was so tinted it was almost black. I went into the back of the van with Jema. And Kena went to the cab, which was closed off to the rest of the van there was light and Jema turned it on. “That was scary.” She said on the edge of hysterics. “I know, but it’s okay we’ll be fine. Kena is one of the most powerful witches in the world. If anyone can protect us it’s her.” I said to comfort her. “Jema, Alyssa come in.” The walkie-talkie they’d been given beeped. It was Kena. “We’re here. What’s up?” I answered. There was a slight chuckling from the walkie-talkie, but it wasn’t Kena. It was Jared. “You sure know how to lighten a mood.” He said. “I told you so.” That was Annie. “We are going to split up. So far there’s only one car following us. We’ll meet you at the destination. Okay?” He said it as question, but it obviously wasn’t the issue had obviously already been decided. “Okay. See you there.” I said discouraged that I was being treated like a little kid. “We’re splitting up? Isn’t that like dangerous?” Jema asked. “It’s the best way to lose them don’t worry. We’ll meet you at the next safe house.” Jared said back. “Okay…” Jema said uncertainly. “It’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” I said to her trying to believe my own words. “That’s the spirit.” Jared said. And then I fainted again.

Chapter 7 ~ This Is Getting Old ~ -Alyssa

When I woke up I was chained in a dark room. As I started to make out details I noticed somebody beside me, as I looked closer I saw that it was Jema she was trembling and silently crying. There was nothing else in the room. “Jema. What happened? You have to tell me.” I said trying to figure out how we’d been captured. “Well right after you fainted I screamed and I guess that’s how the vampires knew which car you were in they just tore open the side of the van and grabbed us. You were unconscious and I’m really not a good fighter so it was pretty easy for them to grab us. One of the vampires punched you in the head a couple times. I think he was the one you threw across the parking lot on campus. H was pretty mad at you, but one of the other vampires made him stop. He looked pretty familiar now that I think about it. Anyway I tried to heal you, but my magic didn’t work.” She said with hopelessness in her voice that made me want to cry. I was already using my power to break the chains it worked just fine. I broke Jema’s and then crawled over the area of the room there was a door, but it was locked. There was hinges though and those I could move. I motioned Jema over and told her my plan we were going to as quietly as possible take the hinges off the door, but as soon as the hinges were off Jema would have to catch them because I’d have to use my power to keep the door from falling. Everything happened right and we were on our way out of the door except we didn’t know where we were. The door led to a hallway there were no other doors in the hallway except one at the end. We walked as silently as possible down the hallway. I did the same thing with this door as I had with the first. This door led outside. It was a beautiful thing, freedom. There was nothing out here though, just a dusty torn up road. No forest to hide in. No bushes, and even the grass was dead. “Where are we?” Jema asked.

“I have no idea.” I told her. “But let’s not dwell on that. We need to start walking before the vampires realize we’re gone. Do you know which direction the vampires went when they grabbed us?” I asked he hoping she would know so we could go the opposite way. “Yeah actually I paid attention to that part they ran while holding us and since we had split up with Annie and Jared could catch them they carried us north.” She said. “Good then we’ll go south. And try to find a town. Okay?” I said. “Wait I think I know a spell that could help us. It’s an out of body spell. You know the one that lets you switch bodies with someone. We could switch with Jared or Annie or both if we both do it. All we have to do is meditate and focus on them.” She said excited. “But what are we going to do in there bodies?” I asked trying not to crush her happiness, but no wanting to lie either. “I mean how are we supposed to show them where we are?” “I don’t know. This sucks. You know. Not being able to do anything even though we’re witches.” Jema said discouraged. “Uh… Oh I think I know how it could work when switch I bodies you could talk to me, but you’d really be talking to whoever I’m switching bodies with and tell them everything then they’ll respond. Okay? But first lets walk farther away.” I said. “Yeah that’s a great idea. You switch with Jared and I’ll talk to him.” She said excited again. Once we were about two miles south of where we had been held I started meditating. After a few minutes of meditating and focusing on Jared I felt myself slip into his body. He was in a room and was pacing or was pacing since I had made him stop. Kena, Annie, and Jeston were with him. I walked over to Annie. “Annie I know this doesn’t make sense, but this is Alyssa. I switched bodies with Jared so I could talk to somebody. Jema and I escaped, but we have no idea where we are.” I

said sounding desperate even to myself. Annie just stared at me or well Jared. Then she spoke. “How do I know it’s really you?” She asked suspiciously. How could she do this now? But Annie and I had planned the answer for this when we were twelve. We had said if we ever doubted each other we would answer that we had a crush on J.C. from ‘N Sync. “Your first crush was J.C. from ‘N Sync.” I said simply. “I knew it was you!” She screamed. “Like I could forget our first crush.” I said glad that she believed that it was me. “So where are you?” Jeston asked from behind me. “She already said that she didn’t know. But can you explain it?” That was Kena. “Well there is absolutely no forest and all the grass is dead. There is only one road and it’s all crumbly and old. Jema said they took us north running, but I don’t know for sure because I was unconscious. Oh and it was the vampire from the parking lot because he hit me in the head a couple times like really hard he probably would have killed me, but Jema said another vampire made him stop and that he looked familiar.” I said hoping to not worry them over my condition. “He hit you?” This was Jeston he sounded mad. I turned to face him. “Well that’s what Jema said and there was some dried up blood on my head so yeah even though I wasn’t conscious for that part I guess he did hit me.” I said tired hadn’t I just said that. “Look I’m really tired and I’m not sure how much longer I can do this, but I promised Jema half an hour to explain so how long have I been here like fifteen minutes? Oh and where are you guys like I need a specific location.” I said tired and tense. “Uh were in Arizona really near Phoenix, but I have something else that will get you here. There is this spell that will transport you here just say the concentration incantation and concentrate on us and you’ll get to us fine. Do you remember it?” Kena asked me.

“Yeah I remember it. Cool okay well I gotta get back so I guess I’ll see you soon.” I said. And then I went back to my body. I thought I heard someone say something to me or maybe it was in my head, but it didn’t matter I was back in my own body now. “Jema.” I said tiredly. “Yeah. I’m right here. Jared didn’t know what to do. Did they give you any ideas?” Jema asked me. “Yeah. You know the concentration incantation right?” I didn’t wait for her to answer I just kept talking. “Well we say that and concentrate really hard on them and Kena said we’d go straight to them. Okay?” I said really tired now. “Yeah. Okay lets do this.” She said. And we did. It didn’t work at first well at least for me I think Jema left a couple seconds before me, but then I was drifting. And I landed on the floor, hard and passed out for the third time that day.

Chapter 8 ~Terrible Situation~ -Alyssa
When I woke up I was aching, tired, and my head was throbbing. “Ugghh… I hurt.” I said mostly to myself, but somebody laughed. Of course you do you were beat up and you fell on solid wood oak. Jeston was talking to her in her head. Except I can’t see anything. Oh my goddess am I blind? And then this terrible, terrible pain came. I shrieked out. I screamed and screamed. What is it? What’s wrong? Jeston said both mentally and out loud. “Alyssa what’s wrong? Why are you screaming?” He shouted at her. And then there were more voices. Annie and Jema were yelling at her now too, but she just couldn’t stop. Then slowly the pain subsided and she could talk now. “The pain. It hurts so much. And I can’t. I can’t see anything.” I said desperately. “What? Alyssa I don’t understand.” Annie said exasperated.

“Okay well first the pain I just had is seriously unexplainable it hurt so bad. And I can’t see. My eyes aren’t working. Do you understand now? Because I don’t know if I can say it again.” I said in pain and exasperation. “Okay so you think you’re blind. Is that what your saying?” Annie said in a disbelieving voice. “I’m pretty sure that I’m blind because I can’t see. Getting beat up and then falling on the floor took my sight away. I can’t see anything.” I said tired again. “Kena?!” Annie called. “We need your help.” “Yes?” Kena asked. “What is it?” “Alyssa says she can’t see anything. Can you check her?” Annie asked. “Are you serious? The savior without sight. How’s she supposed to use here power? I hope it’s not permanent.” Kena said. “I’m telling you I can’t see anything.” I said disappointed again. “Okay. Okay. I’ll check you out, but I think it’s just because you got hit so hard. Maybe if you go back to sleep. I can try to heal you. It’s easier if you’re totally relaxed.” Kena said to me. “Okay. That’s not hard. I’m exhausted.” I said tired. And then I fell asleep again. I was so tired it took less than five minutes. I dreamed it wasn’t a good dream. I saw myself, but I was on my knees begging for mercy. And in front of me was Annie, Jema, Jared, Kena, and Jeston and they were dead. It was a horrific dream and I was afraid that it would never end, but finally I woke up and I was screaming. “Woe. Woe what’s wrong?” Kena asked me. “That was one seriously creepy dream.” Jeston said from across the room. “Why what was it?” Kena asked. “You saw it? How?” I asked. I mean I knew he could read my thoughts, but it was my dream. “Okay one question at a time. Kena’s first. She saw you, me, Jared, and Annie dead in front of her. And she was begging for her life. And to answer your question, Alyssa you

were practically screaming it at me. It was like you were showing it as a movie to me on high volume.” Jeston said. “Well. Um that’s an interesting dream.” Kena said. “It was scary.” I said. “Seriously, my body was all pale and lifeless.” Jeston said. “Oh I forgot to ask. Can you see us now?” Kena asked. I had totally forgotten about that. And I could. I could see each of them in full detail. In fact it was better than before. And I wasn’t tired anymore instead I felt restless. I jumped up. “I feel great and I can see better than before too. It’s funny it’s like it enhanced senses.” I said still restless and jumpy. “I’m really restless too. Can I go run or something?” I said much faster than I should have. “Interesting. I think your powers are blooming. You’re becoming more stronger and all your senses are sharpening.” Kena said in a curious tone. “Wow cool Alyssa. You should test out your abilities.” Jema said. “Oh my goddess I want to run please let me.” I said energetically and a little whiny too, but I didn’t care. I wanted to run I needed to. “Well I suppose if you went with an escort, but I don’t like this the vampires already kidnapped you once. They could make you black out again it’s really dangerous.” Kena said in a worried disapproving tone. “I’ll go with you.” Jeston said almost amused. “I don’t know…” Kena said trailing off. “Please. I don’t care who goes with me I just wanna run.” I said still jumpy and restless. “Well… Okay, but Jeston and Annie they’re fast runners. Okay?” Kena asked. “Kay. Lets go!” I said excited. I’d never wanted to run so much in my life. Well now that’s not saying much because I usually hated running, but I really wanted to run. I practically jumped out the door. I was so restless. “Alyssa what’s up? You never liked running before.” Annie said confused.

“I don’t know, but I have this really restless feeling. I want to run. No more than that it feels like a physical need.” I said. “Okay then start running.” Annie said. And I did and it felt…. Great. I felt invigorated. I didn’t even notice that I couldn’t see Annie or Jeston until I heard Jeston in my mind. What the hell are you doing you’re running so fast we can’t see you, but somehow I know you’re here. It’s like I can sense you. But Annie is freaking out so come back and stand still. But. But how? How can I go faster than a vampire? I asked. I don’t know, but come back now. I know how this makes you feel, but it’s not safe. And if Annie can’t see you she’ll think you’re dead or something. Okay. Okay I’m back. I said as soon as I saw them in my view. I almost ran right past them too, but I stopped at the exactly right moment and was standing right next to Annie. “Hi!” I said all cheery like one of those peppy cheerleaders. “What in the world…” Annie trailed off. “We can go inside now.” I said still sounding like the cheerleader me. “Since when have you been such a fast runner? Faster than a vampire for goddesses sake.” She said in awe. “Lets just get inside.” I said and I dragged her into the house. “What happened? Annie you look like you’ve just seen a ghost.” Kena said. But Annie didn’t answer Jeston did. “Alyssa just ran at the speed of light and Annie couldn’t keep up. She ran so fast we couldn’t see her. It was different from anything I’ve ever seen before. And I think that she’s stronger than Annie too.” Jeston said. “Oh my goddess. Can I see Alyssa? Just run around the inside of the house. Then we can test out your strength.” Kena said. “Okay.” I said with a shrug and I did I ran around the house. “See?” Jeston said.

“Now try your strength. Fight Annie just try to confine her. Pin her down. Annie use all your strength not to let her pin you. Okay?” Kena asked Annie and I. “Okay.” I said. Annie however didn’t look so confident. “But what if I hurt her?” Annie said barely above a whisper. “Oh come on Annie you know you won’t hurt me come on lets do this.” I said totally confident like I knew that I could possibly hurt her. “You’re sure?” She said. “Positive.” I said and then added as an afterthought. “You should be afraid of me hurting you.” She laughed at this and then said. “Okay.” So we did I jumped on her and pinned her down and she struggled a little, but she just couldn’t get up. “Wow and you’re hardly even trying.” Annie said awestruck. “I know it’s awesome.” I said as I released her. “This is so cool.” Jema piped in. I had totally forgotten she was there. “What’s cool?” Jared asked coming into the room. I’d totally forgotten about him too, but where had he been? Hadn’t he heard me scream? Where had he gone? “Alyssa has new powers she’s faster and stronger than Annie.” Jeston said in a way that almost sounded proud, but not as proud as a mother sending her kid off to kindergarten like two octaves down that’s where he was, but still it was sweet and kind of cute. “Really?! How?! When?! Why didn’t anybody call me? This is serious people like the end of the world serious. You can’t even call down your head of operations? What is the world coming to? Oh yeah The End.” He said those last two words with such passion and emotion it hurt my throat. I was about to say sorry, but as I opened my mouth Annie spoke. “Well sorry, but personally I didn’t know where you were. And you’re being pretty rude about it and in front of the savior too.” Annie said hotly. As if he’d said this all to her personally.

Wow that’s tense. Jeston said in my head. I know. I hate to come in between here and her brother. But she’s right. I answered in my head. Wow this talking mentally thing was easy. Jared just stormed off. Slamming the door to whatever room he’d gone to shut. “Sorry about him he’s just agitated that we left him out.” Kena said in her naturally calming voice. “So what’s next?” I asked. “What’s next is bed. Tomorrow we work on your powers. The goddess has given this gift to you. And we shall always use her gifts.” Kena said in her wise way. And really you couldn’t argue with that voice. So we all went to bed. I shared a room with Jema and Annie. Jeston was supposed to room with Jared. But since Jared was in a bad mood. Jeston took the couch in the living room downstairs. He would be lookout first then Annie and then Kena they insisted that Jema and I were to get our rest. Even though I was stronger then any of them and may I add faster.

Chapter 9 ~Transformations~
I woke with a start my head was yelling at me. Alert! Alert! Wake up!! I jumped out of bed and ran to Jema and Annie. “Annie! Jema! Wake up!” I whispered as loudly as I could because I had a feeling that there was a problem and that if it heard us we were dead. Annie came up immediately alert. I gave her the universal signal for quiet. Jema was another story. But I couldn’t stay I had to alert the others. “Annie wake her and Jared up make sure they stay quiet. I think something’s happening. I’ll go get Kena.” I whispered as quietly as possible. “Okay… But Alyssa what’s going on?” Annie asked.

“I’m not sure yet, but I know it’s not good.” I said with a face I’m pretty sure was a grimace. I crept over to the door and across the hall to Kena’s room. “Kena?” I whispered. “What? Is it my turn?” She mumbled. “No. I have this really bad feeling. I think something’s inside the house.” I said. “I’m going to go check it out.I just don’t want you to wake up to have a vampires hands around your neck.” I said. “Thanks I’ll go with you.” Kena said. “Yeah. No problem. Let’s hurry.” I said. We snuck out of her room down the hall and down the stairs. We crept into the living room and standing right there holding Jeston by the neck was the vampire that had punched me in the head. He smiled a terribly awful smile that sent chills down my spine. I felt this tingling in my spine that felt good and yet it was terrifying because my body was transforming it was changing. This little voice in my head was telling me “You’re special you are more than one magical creature. You are many things. You are a powerful witch. You have al the vampire powers enhanced. And you can shapeshift into any creature you want. However many times that you want.” And then I had shifted and somehow I knew what I had shifted into a panther. I felt my razor sharp claws, my long sharpened teeth. And then I pounced on the vampire. And somehow I knew that I was 200% stronger and faster than a normal panther. With my enhanced vampire powers added onto my panther senses I was virtually unbreakable. I was now ripping the vampire apart and then I thought. “Why didn’t I just use my power?” Huh. Well now I was the most feared creature in the magical world. Alyssa stop he’s as dead as he will be without a stake. Jeston said in my mind. Okay. I said wondering if he could understand it from my panther mind. I felt myself start to transform back into my

human body. And as I did I felt as if I was losing something. My ruthlessness I felt myself think. “What happened?!!!” Kena asked. “I don’t know. It just happened, but something in my head told me that I was a super-witch, I have enhanced vampire powers, and I can be any animal I want over and over again. I think I changed because my body wanted me to know what I was.” I said explaining my theory. “Okay well you are definitely special.” Kena said. “You may be even more than a savior something even more important.” “What’s that?” I asked. “I don’t know I’m waiting to have another vision.” Kena said. “WOW! Any animal whenever?” Jeston asked. “That’s what the voice in my mind said. And no I’m not crazy.” I said. “Whoever said you were crazy?” Kena asked. “You’re giving me that ‘You’re totally crazy’ look.” I said staring Kena squarely in the and then staring at Jeston squarely in the eye. His eyes were nice light blue topaz so pure and full of life those were the type of eyes that never ended like they went on for miles and miles and never ended like a blue you would see in the Caribbean it was beautiful. Well thank you I didn’t know my eyes looked like the ocean. Jeston said in my mind. I had no idea that he had heard that. Why had he heard it? Shut up. I told him because he was acting like those flirts who make fun of you because they liked you. I think your mind let me hear it so my mind would know that you really cared about me. He thought back to me. Of course I care about you. I thought back. Then I added. Why wouldn’t I? Because I’m a shapeshifter. He thought back it was almost bitter. I told you this when we met. I don’t care what species you are! And I’m one too so why would you think I didn’t like them? How can I dislike myself? I thought back.

“I can tell there is something between you two that I can’t hear so I’m just gonna leave.” Kena said. It broke my concentration, but then I told her. “Tell Annie and Jema and if they got Jared up to go back to sleep there’s nothing they can do.” I said. Once Kena was gone I said. “We should stake him and get rid of him.” “Oh yeah I forgot about him.” Jeston said. We found a piece of wood and broke it so that it was jagged and sharp. Once we’d gotten rid of him. We just sat on the couch tired. Once I’d gathered my breath I started to get up. But Jeston spoke in my mind again and it stopped me dead. You really do care don’t you? He asked. Yes I do I really care! I thought back. And you should know that by now. I walked over to him and sat down. Then I kissed him like my life depended on it and it was the best kiss ever. Not just one of those physical things, but with a true kind of love it was love. I loved him. And there was nothing I could do about it. It was a hopeless kind of love, a love that you would never and could never get tired of even if you wanted to. Not that anyone ever would it was self-fulfilling. Like connecting the other piece of your soul together and it was a perfect fit. I love you too. He said and at first I was scared had he just heard my thoughts? But then I felt like he was supposed to know. If he loved me I’d wanna be told. And he had. He had told me that he loved me. I have to go to bed, but I’ll see you in the morning. I said. And I knew I sounded totally clingy and weird like the worst girlfriend movie eight. But he felt the exact same way. And I knew that this would work out. Somehow it would and that was comforting. We were going to be okay. I knew one thing though: No more expensive dinners. No more quick clothing trips. The old Alyssa was gone and a new one had been born.

This was a whole new game she was playing. But she had been right about one thing all along; there was going to be a war a big one, against the vampires. Who knows when or how, but there will be. Only I was going to be a bigger part of it than I had originally thought. I was going to be a big part of the (hopefully) winning team. But I’ll still need to be in the best fighting shape. I’d have to fine-tune my powers. But I’d be able to do it. The question is; will the rest of them be able to?

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