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Katy Perry Concert

Title Theme Date Time Place : California Dreams Tour : Wonderland : Thursday, January 19th 2012 : 21.00 23.00 WIB : SICC (Sentul International Conventional Centre)

Promoter : Ismaya Live, FM Live, Soundrhythm Ticket

: = Reserved = Rp. 1.900.000,= Rp. 2.700.000,= Rp. 1.700.000,= Rp. 850.000,= Rp. 650.000,-

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Pengisi Acara : Ran and Raisa

This is Katys Perry road show in Indonesia for the first time, exactly on, January 19th 2012. And Indonesia become the opening country of Katys Perry world tour 2012, California Dreams Tour. And she bring her band and dancers about 83 people. Interpretative recount

At 9 p.m. before finally Katy perform, the audiences served a video which tell about story of her concert. In the video, Katy was bad dreaming, and then she wake up and pink big screen open then she appear from backstage, she sing an opening song Teenage Dream. She wear white tight unique dress with red lollypop as accessories which can rotate like fan, glove and red high heels, she shake SICC with Teenage Dream song. She looks like beautiful with her wave black hair like character of cartoon Bettie Page. After that she sings Hummingbird Heartbeat and continue by Waking Up In Vegas. In this section she divide chocolate coin for audiences. And then she go to backstage and return with different costume. She sing Ur So Gay with blue dress and surprise appear when she take her costume off and make she look like sexy with swimsuit and peacock feather as accessories and bring Peacock song. Before continue the next song she surprising the audiences, she said that she want to have Indonesian boyfriend and who want to be her boyfriend, he have to take his t-shirt off. And there is a boy who take his t-shirt off and Katy ask him to come to stage. On the stage Katy kiss that boy it make KatyCats shouted hysterely. After that she sing I Kissed A Girl. The next performance she wear costume like cat woman and she sing Circle The Drain and E.T. In this section , the stage situation be dark and full of red and green lasers. After that, the stage be normal like before. And Perry appear wearing red white long dress and she sit in swing and sing Not Like The Movie beautifully. Still wearing the same costume she sing The One
Action verb Noun phrase Metaphorical expression.

Present tense

Interpretative That Got Away. acoustic and cello make atmosphere SICC be calm recount and KatyCats .They sing a song together.

Finally, the atmosphere back to cheerful with kattys performance , in this section Katty changes the costume

Compound sentence



In her concert, Katty look like beautiful with costumes and make up which use suitable with the theme of song. Exactly when she sing song the title is not like the movies and The one That Got Away. She look elegant wear long white red dress , so she look younger than her age. Beside that in Kattys concert she

Complex sentence

Methapora expression

Phrase of apprasial

Evaluation summation With Sound, Lighting, stage arrange and performance which have concept and interesting , very profer if she get applause and standing applause which cheerfull from the audience which became fact that the katys concert is success . Ismaya Live, FM Live, dan Soundrhythm can display elegant show world level which throught succesly, And we think that over all , Katys perfect concert is success and
Phrase of appraisal Mental process