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May 17, 2013 1300-2000 (1pm-8pm)


CB & Sons

To date CB & Sons have raised 35K for WEODWF/EODWF. Help us reach our goal of 50K in One Day! When asked why CB & Sons are involved it's simple. Between the seven of us, five have served, 1 of us retired, 2 having served in USMC, and 2 still serving in NSW, with over 58 years of combined service between us all of us having served in direct Combat, jointly agree that our EOD Warrior Brethren have taken great risks for each of us to ensure we could accomplish our missions safely. Thus we feel our efforts are best served by supporting our EOD Warrior brethren thru our efforts to raise awareness & funds for EODWF. Nuff said!!!

cb & sons
Chief Bronson & Sons
Chief Bronson & Sons are proud to invite you to join us for Wings 4 Warriors IV - a fund raiser for EODWF (formerly known as WEODWF) where 100% of funds raised during the event which includes the entry fee, the Chinese Raffle & Silent Auction, all benefit the EODWF so every penny you spend except at the bar or on your own food orders over the counter is tallied, bills paid & 100% of proceeds are turned over to Ken Falke, EODWF Chairman right at the end of the event. COST: Admission for Adults 21 & over - 25.00 Admission for Adults under 21yo = 20.00 Admission for Kids 17 & under 15.00 Make your plans to come join us at Lendys, 1581 General Booth & Dam Neck in Va Beach, May 17th starting at 1300/1:00pm until 2000/8:00pm get ready to enjoy some of the beaches best Wings at Lendys as a matter of fact, All You Can Eat (AYCE) wings, while having fun helping raise much needed funds for a great organization EODWF!!!

Many of our good friends in the Tactical industry have once again stepped up with some exceptional prizes. As a proud LIFE Member of NRA, I have to say although this is their first time donating & supporting our event, they didn't hold back, providing both Raffle prizes & Goodie Bag stuffers! Be sure to bring some spare cash for some surprising Silent Auction & Chinese Raffle prizes. Check out the special Silent Auction items this year for instance, Join up with your shipmates to win the bid and send your favorite Wounded EOD Warrior on a Hunt with Survive the Hunt show host Ron Bellan of Reaper Outdoors, which is scheduled to air next season! A special Thanks for Ron's support, and for planning on joining us May 17th at Lendys all day! The first 200 Paying folks thru the door will receive an EODWF reusable shopping Goodie Bag filled with some really sweet stuff estimated at more than 45.00. Now that's a nice trade 25.00 entry for a 45.00 Goodie Bag First come first served, when they're gone, they're gone! A very Special thanks to my boys Sergei & Patrick for making the trip down from New York, and Hunter for not only taking the day off, but for his day to day help these past weeks all to help their old man out in making the Wings 4 Warriors once again happen!!! And special thanks to the great folks at Lendys for hosting this fantastic event.

CB & Sons C/O Wings 4 Warriors 2129 General Booth Blvd Suite 103 - 192 Va Beach, VA 23454


Buy your raffle tickets Look over the various items and selections in the Raffle Separate your tickets. Keeping one half of your ticket & placing your other half in corresponding bucket, or spread your tickets amongst several buckets to increase your odds. Winning Raffle tickets will be pulled at 1900/7:00pm All winning Numbers will be posted on a large board, for rafflers to compare the board against their raffle tickets. If you have a winning ticket, take it to Hunter, upon verification, claim your prize!

100% of proceeds from sale of Water Bottles bene t EODWF For sale exclusively at: Fat Frogs VB, RK's Surf Shop VB & LENDY'S only 15.00 per bottle while supplies last
Water Bottles courtesy CamelBak!!!

1 = 3.00 3 = 5.00 7 = 10.00 20 = 20.00

Door Prize
Everybody who buys a ticket at the door, will receive a Door Prize Ticket one Door Prize ticket will be pulled at 1915/7:15pm & posted under Chinese Raffle Ticket winning numbers. Our Door-Prize is sure to be worth more than 500.00!!!

r o f s Wing
100% of proceeds from this fundraiser bene t EODWF

Silent Auction items will have minimum opening bid and minimum bid increases posted. Their retail value will be posted for your review and consideration. Look over the various items on Silent Auction, place your bid & check frequently. At 1930/7:30pm Silent Auction will be closed, all bid sheets will be pulled. Bid winner will be posted upon full payment Item will be turned over to winner. High value items will require full payment prior to release of item. Solovey unique laser etched one of a kind artwork of Riderless Horse & carriage in Arlington titled 'Reverence', on black Marble with EODWF logo valued at $1,250- opening bid $650 OTIS Armorers Gun Cleaning Case valued at $4,500- opening bid $1,750 Send your favorite Wounded EOD Warrior on a Hunt with Survive the Hunt show host, Ron Bellan, valued at $10,000- starting bid $5,500 Cash or Checks made out to EODWF Only! All other Silent Auction items will require Cash payment at time of pick/up.

May 17, 2013 1300-2000 (1pm-8pm)

Raffles & Silent Auction Prizes Plus - All the Wings You Can Eat!!!
another fine event brought to you courtesy of

cb & sons
Chief Bronson & Sons

Serving those that proudly serve!

1581 General Booth Blvd., Ste 101 Virginia Beach

Send your favorite Wounded EOD Warrior on an exciting groundhog hunt in Pennsylvania with Ron Bellan, show Host of the popular hunting show, 'Survive the Hunt' - filmed live & on location, weapons & ammo provided. You can catch this episode on TV next year. Valued at $10,000 Minimum Opening Bid: $5,500.00 Let's not miss this unique opportunity. Talk with your friends / shipmates / family / teammates & pool your money to show your support of your favorite wounded EOD Warrior. For offsite bidders, e-mail for bidding directions & Phone no# to call!

A special thanks to our good friends at Warrior Glo Tape for providing these FSR, custom EODWF Tactical Patches & Weatherproof stickers for Goodie Bags & a set to be included with every Raffle & Silent Auction prize! Warrior Glo Tape is the no#1 manufacturer/provider of approved Military IR Patches & weather proof Stickers - be sure to choose Warrior Glo Tape for all your IR Patch/US Flag & custom IR patch/sticker needs!

OTIS - Small Arms Armorer's Tool Case, valued at $4,500 The Small Arms Armorer's Tool Case is used to repair and maintain all small arms weapon systems. The environmental conditions of the battlefield today are much different than in past conflicts. The extreme mixture of sun, wind, and sand are challenging the way weapons maintenance has been traditionally handled. Together, with our partners from all branches of the U.S. Military, Otis Technology has developed a comprehensive solution: The Small Arms Armorer's Tool Case. This Case is readily available to service each and every small arm, and crew served weapons that the Military uses today. The weapons that the Otis Tool Case is now servicing are; the C7, C8, M4, M16, HK 416, Mod 46, AK-47, M1, M14, M24, M249 SAW, M240, SCAR, DMR, M40, M9, 1911, M45, M2, JSCS M1014, Remington 870, Mossberg 590, M107, M82A1, MK19, M203, M320, and GMG grenade launchers. The Small Arms Armorer's Tool Case includes: Armorer's Tools, e.g., Roll Pin Punches, Hammers, and Twisting Pliers, along with the Otis Quick Detach Armorer's Tool Bag and the Otis Deluxe Military Elite. The Otis Military Elite alone was made with the Armorer in mind. These tools and products are all that are necessary to clean and maintain every small arms weapon system. Don't miss your chance - pair up with some of your teammates/shipmates & pool your dough on this item opening bid starts at $2,150.00 less than Half the retail price! For offsite bidders, e-mail for bidding directions & Phone no# to call!

cb & sons
Chief Bronson & Sons
Thanks to our joint sponsors McLean Mortgage Corporation & event coordinator, CB & Sons for going above & beyond, dipping into their own pockets & generously paying for all the wings during this years Wings 4 Warriors Way to go guys!!!


Solovey Art - Reverence in black marble, this 18X24 one of a kind Reverence piece etched with laser includes the new EODWF logo - this piece has sold elsewhere upwards of 1,250.00 & more. Opening bid will start at 650.00 with increasing increments of 25.00 - this is a One of a kind - don't miss this opportunity to own a unique piece of art, this is sure to be a popular item!

CB & Sons wish to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of our fine sponsor's & product supporters of this year's Wings 4 Warriors IV - it is thru their efforts & support that make this event possible and allow us to present EODWF with the funds from this event -

Our Foundation Board of Directors will be comprised of existing board members from both the EOD Memorial Foundation and the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation. In addition, I am pleased to announce that Nicole Motsek will serve as Executive Director to manage the daily operations and overall goals of the Foundation as we remain steadfast in our commitment to serve the EOD community. March 1, 2013 To the EOD Community, Family and Friends, Just as the joint service EOD community adjusts tactics and reorganizes command structure in order to improve the fighting effectiveness of battlefield operations, so must the benevolent organizations that support them. As of March 1, 2013, the EOD Memorial Foundation and the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation have merged to form the EOD Warrior Foundation. The EOD Warrior Foundation combines the missions and resources of these established organizations to increase our capacity to serve and support the joint service EOD community. The EOD Warrior Foundation will continue to provide assistance to wounded, ill, and injured EOD warriors. The Foundation will also maintain the EOD Memorial Wall in honor of our fallen EOD warriors, and provide support to both wounded and fallen warriors families. Our support for the families of EOD warriors will include our ongoing commitment to the EOD community scholarship program. The merger of the foundations will help streamline our ongoing care to the community overall and help eliminate confusion among our donor community. The merger and expanded mission will also enable the new EOD Warrior Foundation to grow and evolve, ultimately allowing us to serve more EOD warriors and their families, for decades to come. The EOD Warrior Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that serves the EOD community by providing financial assistance and additional supports, such as morale events, peer support, and educational programs to active duty EOD warriors, veterans and their families, and families of the fallen, and the ongoing care of the EOD Memorial Wall. The immediate and ongoing resources provided by the Foundation are above and beyond the budgetary constraints of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).
Our VisiOn ThE EOD WarriOr FOunDaTiOn LOgO

The EOD Warrior Foundation logo reflects the rich history, tradition and symbolism of the EOD badge, the ongoing mission of the Foundation, and the courage, strength and resilience of the EOD community we serve. Key symbolic elements within the logo include: Bomb: Inspired by the World War II Bomb Disposal Badge, the bomb represents the historic and major objective of the EOD attack: the unexploded bomb. The three fins represent the major threats areas: conventional bombs, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The separation of the bomb represents the EOD mission to render the bomb safe and the Foundations goal to disarm challenges. Lightning Bolt: The lightning bolt symbolizes the potential destructive power of the bomb, along with the courage, power and strength of the entire EOD family. shield: The shield in the nose of the bomb signifies the EOD mission to protect lives and property, and the Foundations commitment to protect our EOD families in the most vulnerable of times. heart: The heart represents the compassion and ongoing care and support the Foundation provides to EOD families. The heart is located in the tail of the bomb to reflect how compassion and support steer the Foundations efforts; much like the tail fin directs a bomb. The heart is also symbolic of the Purple Heart awarded to EOD warriors killed and wounded in action in service to our country. Please find attached a fact sheet that provides an overview of the Foundation and our services that support our EOD warriors and their families, and honors our fallen heroes. If you would like additional information or assistance, please contact us at or call (540) 554-4550. The EOD Warrior Foundation operates from the core belief that the EOD family is for life. We remain resolute in our service and support of our military family. We are extremely grateful and thankful for your ongoing support and commitment to the EOD community that enable us to carry out our mission to provide assistance to those who serve and sacrifice for our freedom. Sincerely,


Ken Falke

Nicole Motsek Rod Simmons

Chief Counsel Treasurer

Executive Director

Jane Gingrich Bob Busby

Financial Advisor

The Honorable Sue Payton Sherri Beck Erin Berky Leland Browning Keith Bubier John Haynes Christina Kazakavage Greg Mittelman Kellie Perry Paul Plemmons Adam Popp Rob Sehnert Jeff Simons Frank Skinner Jon Tobias

To provide timely and ongoing support to those in need from the joint service explosive ordnance disposal community. Services include financial, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual support.
Our MissiOn

To manage an effective, transparent and accountable nonprofit organization that provides direct and essential assistance and support to our EOD warriors and their families and honors our fallen EOD warriors. We manage our fiduciary responsibilities with the highest ethical standards and execute our mission by: Providing timely and ongoing support to wounded, ill and injured EOD warriors and their families; Providing ongoing support to families of fallen EOD warriors; Ensuring ongoing care to the EOD Memorial Wall; Providing an annual EOD scholarship program; Maintaining an active and accountable board of directors and board of ambassadors that share our vision and execute our mission to the highest ethical standards; Raising funds and growing financially to include the establishment of an endowment by: - Fostering relationships with individuals, corporations, and foundations; - Pursuing both federal and state grant opportunities; - Maintaining a robust combined federal campaign; - Developing a robust call-to-action online giving campaign.

Kenneth Falke Chairman, EOD Warrior Foundation retired Master Chief Petty Officer

33735 Snickersville Turnpike Suite 201 Bluemont, VA 20135

P 540.554.4550 E

As Chairman of the EOD Warrior Foundation and a member of the EOD family, I pledge to work closely with the board, the Foundation staff, our ambassadors and other volunteers, and the many organizations and individuals who support the EOD community to ensure the effectiveness, sustainability, and fiscal responsibility of the Foundation.

Disarming Challenges

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Disarming Challenges


What is EOD?
EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal, relating to the disarming and disposal of bombs. On todays battlefields, bombs known as improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are responsible for the majority of fatalities and severe injuries to our troops. The IED has become the enemys strategic weapon of choice and on average, EOD forces around the world respond to more than 10,000 threats per year.

Who is eligible for a grant? We prioritize our grants on the following tier system: Tier 1: Active-Duty Military EOD Technician, EOD Reservist on Active Duty, wounded in combat operations. Tier 2: Military EOD Technicians/ wounded in non-combat EOD operation. Tier 3: Other EOD family inquiries are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Tier 4: Federal, State and Local Bomb Technicians, members of IABTI injured in the line of duty. How can I support the EOD Warrior Foundation? Donations can be made in the following ways: By check: Make checks payable to EOD Warrior Foundation and mail to: EOD Warrior Foundation 33735 Snickersville Turnpike, Suite 201 PO Box 309, Bluemont, VA 20135 Online: at Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): CFC# 37190 Fundraising events: To submit an idea or apply to conduct a fundraising event, go to and click on FUNDRAISING, then FUNDRAISING PROPOSAL. Volunteer: To volunteer, go to and click on VOLUNTEER. Will my support now for the Foundation affect my current year combined federal campaign (CFC) allotments? NO. When the FY 2014 campaign starts up again in September of 2013, please use CFC number 37190 to designate the EOD Warrior Foundation. What do EOD Technicians do? EOD is a joint-service military occupation skill, which means EOD technicians serve within the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force. EOD Technicians are highly trained military responsible for disarming, rendering safe and disposing of a variety of IEDs. EOD Technicians are considered to have one of the most dangerous occupations in the military and willingly put themselves in harms way to protect the lives of others. On average, there are more than 7,000 brave men and women serving as EOD Technicians. Their service includes support to the most complex special operations missions. When EOD Technicians are injured: EOD Technicians sustain some of the most severe and often life-changing injuries including loss of limbs, paralysis, blindness and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many of our wounded, injured and ill EOD warriors may also experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Recovery and rehabilitation from these injuries can be extensive and require months and sometimes years of inpatient and outpatient care. Fallen EOD Warriors: For the families of fallen EOD warriors, the surviving family members face many changes and challenges in their lives as they grieve the loss of a loved one. Both the short- and long-term emotional and financial impacts on wounded EOD warriors and their families and the families of the fallen, can be quite significant. Fortunately, the EOD community is as resilient as it is steadfast. The EOD Warrior Foundation is accompanied by an indivisible EOD family network, which enables wounded, injured and ill EOD warriors and their families, and families of fallen EOD warriors to face the future with hope, knowing they are not alone as they forge a new life.
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The EOD Warrior Foundation: Frequently Asked Questions The EOD Warrior Foundation (EODWF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves the EOD community by providing assistance to active-duty wounded, injured or ill EOD warriors, wounded EOD veterans and families of our fallen EOD warriors and by maintaining the EOD Memorial Wall in honor of our fallen EOD warriors. The Foundation believes the EOD family is for life and is committed to providing the necessary assistance and ongoing support to our EOD warriors and their families. The EOD Warrior Foundation was established through the March 1, 2013 merger of the EOD Memorial Foundation and the Wounded EOD Warrior Foundation, two well-established and respected organizations supporting the EOD community.

thE EOD MEMOrial Wall

The EOD Memorial Wall honors EOD men and women who gave their lives in the performance of duty, having died on active duty as a result of an EOD mission since the declaration of World War II. The original memorial was built at the EOD School, then located at Indian Head, Md. In 1999, after consolidation of the EOD School from Indian Head to Eglin, Fla., a new memorial was constructed across from the main EOD School building at Eglin Air Force Base.

Why did the two foundations merge? The merger combines the mission and resources of the foundations to help streamline our support and increase our capacity for providing assistance to the EOD community overall and to eliminate confusion among our donors. The new EOD Warrior Foundation is positioned to grow and evolve, in order to serve more EOD warriors and their families for decades to come. What financial assistance is provided by the Foundation? The immediate and ongoing resources provided by the Foundation are intended to provide support above and beyond the budgetary constraints of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Initial Grant: The initial grant of $3,000 is issued to newly combat-injured personnel and their families when they return stateside for treatment. The Foundation also provides iPads and online connectivity for one year to inpatient personnel, so they can stay connected to distant family, friends and their military units. Follow-on Grants: Additional awards are granted to wounded, injured and ill EOD personnel and families of wounded and fallen warriors on a case-by-case basis, to provide financial assistance with expenses such as child care, adaptive equipment, retreats, travel expenses, debt relief and other financial support. Foundation Scholarships: Scholarships are provided to EOD family members, with priority given to family members of fallen and wounded EOD warriors. Scholarships are intended to assist with the costs of tuition, books and fees at two- and four-year colleges. Remaining scholarship funds are awarded competitively to eligible students, based on academic merit, community involvement and financial need. What assistance is available to the families of fallen EOD personnel? The EOD Warrior Foundation is committed to long-term connections with the families of our fallen warriors. Financial support is available to Gold Star families to attend retreats and to receive financial counseling services, scholarships, and general support to help stay connected to our EOD family. Are any services offered by the Foundation available to the active-dutyEOD community? Most of our wounded, ill and injured EOD personnel remain on active duty. We provide support to both active-duty and veteran EOD personnel who are retired with disabilities. How do I apply for a grant? Go to and click on APPLY for GRANT.
For more information about the EOD Warrior Foundation, please email us at or call us at 540.554.4550.
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Each year, the EOD Memorial Ceremony is held to commemorate fallen EOD technicians to recognize the service and sacrifices of these warriors and their families. The ongoing care and maintenance of the EOD Memorial Wall is completely funded through donations and fundraising events.

Adams Industries...
an exceptionally strong supporter of the EOD Community in general & has been quite generous by providing this announcement yer for this years Wings 4 Warriors fund raiser. Our sincere appreciation goes out to Chris Adams & Company for providing this awesome yer announcing the 2013 Wings 4 Warriors event!

CB & Sons with all of our sponsors, join together and ask that we all take a moment to recognize the sacrifice of those who have gone before, and ask that you join us, at some point in the day May 17th, to reflect on the sacrifices of those who have gone before, and have a Good Thought for those valiant Warrior Brethren who have selflessly given the Ultimate Sacrifice & hold their families close in your hearts.

Freedom definitely isn't free.

233 16th Street Virginia Beach 757-428-7363

1169 Nimmo Pkwy. Suite 232 Red Mill Commons Virginia Beach 757-427-9488