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Features of plan: This policy is beneficial for partner having less than a year old child (not an adopted child). It makes provision for higher education / marriage of the child. In case of death of the policyholder at any time during the term of the policy one additional S.A. will be payable in addition to the above fixed benefits. This plan is not allowed when occupational extra is chargeable and to pregnant ladies. Joint declaration by the husband and wife is must, if child is less than one year old. One fourth of the S.A. is given every year during the last 4 years of maturity to the policyholder. Bonus for the full term on the full S.A. is given on maturity. Plan parameters:

Age at entry Maturity age Sum assured S.A. in multiples Term Mode of payment Accident benefit (Max. 50 Lac inclusive 1000 S.A. All plan) Policy loan Housing loan Assignment Revival Surrender of policy Term rider CIR Underwriting Conditions: Form no. Age proof Female lives category Non-medical (Gen) Non-medical (Prof) Non-medical (special) Actual sum assured Risk coverage Dating back @ 8%

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Min. 18 yrs, Max. 45 yrs Max: 65 yrs. Min. 50,000, Max. No Limit 5000 Min.18 yrs, Max. 25 yrs YLY/HLY/QLY/SSS/MLY Re. 1extra per yes yes yes yes yes N.A. N.A. 300 STD/ NSAP-1 I/II Allowed Allowed Allowed 1.5 times of SA SA & prem. Waived Allowed

Benefits: Survival benefit: 25% S.A. during last 3 yrs. Before maturity Maturity benefit: on maturity balance 25% of S.A. + Bonus on full S.A. + FAB, if any. Death benefit: S.A. is immediately paid to the nominee. Future premiums are waived. Moreover, during last 4 yrs. Of term 25% of S.A. is payable. In addition bonus for full term + FAB, if any will be paid. Example: Mr. Sachin Tendulkar aged 30 years, opts for jeevan chhaya policy for S.A 2 Lac and term 18 years with DAB. His daughter baby Tanya aged 5 years is nominee and Mrs. Tendulkar meets with an accident, his wife will get Rs.2 Lac on behalf of her daughter. Further more at the end of 15th year, baby Tanya will receive 50,000/- (i.e. one further of S.A) again, at the and of 16th and 17th year of the policy she will receive Rs.50, 000/- finally, at the end of 18th year she will get Rs.50, 000 + 1,62,000 = 2,12,000 (bonus as per bonus rate of 2005 i.e. Rs.45 per thousand per annum)

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