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wellness committee Our mission is to support team Alere to Live healthily, enjoy Life, Work together and keep Well.


Greetings and welcome to Amnivia the activity monitoring solution where youre in control! We are pleased to invite you to be part of an exciting new program designed to enhance your overall health and wellbeing. The goal of this program is to increase the activity of all participants towards a healthier lifestyle by giving you control of the challenges you are prepared to take on. Follow the instructions in this quick guide to set up your devices and ready yourself for the exciting challenges ahead.



Thank You!
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what is Amnivia?
Amnivia is our modular online platform that helps empower individuals to take charge of their overall health and wellbeing. Amnivia helps people see, share, and compare a picture of their health. This service gives you insight (data visualization) and motivation (challenges) to improve your health and overall wellbeing. You can view graphs and charts of steps, activity time, distance and calories burned. The upload is automatic and effortless.

what is the Pebble?

The pebble is an intelligent all-day monitor that mounts on footwear and uses a series of patented methods and intellectual property to accurately measure a persons activity level and caloric burn. The device utilizes an accelerometer to measure a persons activity waveform signature and uses this signature in a series of complex algorithms to accurately and verifiably determine distance travelled, calories burned, activity time and total steps. It may be worn on waistband/belt, pocket or bra although it works best on your shoes. Remember to wear your pebble as often as possible so that you can monitor and understand your level of activity. Once you are up and running, consider yourself engaged then take it to the next level by becoming more active! TOP TIP: To view your daily activity goal tap the pebble 5 times. This will activate the green LEDs in a clock style format the amount of lights lit indicates how far you are from hitting your daily target of 5000 steps. Daily goals can be adjusted to calories, distance or time and you can also increase or decrease your number of steps when you log onto amnivia.

Feedback-at-aGlance The LEDs light up throughout the day as you move closer to achieving your goals.

what is ActiLink?
The Actilink is a USB device that wirelessly receives the data from your pebble. Once setup and plugged into your computer this can be used on your home computer or if you are field based on your company laptop (Please note for company laptops you will need to log a case on Service now to get the software installed.) When you register the ActiLink device on the Amnivia website you will be able to download a piece of software called actiHealth that enables it to work on your computer. For more on this and installing the actiHealth software see steps 4 and 5 of this guide. The ActiLink will retrieve the data from your pebble when the two are in close proximity (within a few feet) and make it available for viewing on your Amnivia account.

step 1
Get started by visiting the website Save in your Favorites Click Favorites at the top of the computer screen, click Add to Favorites and name it Amnivia Login. This creates a short cut to the Amnivia site.

step 2
If already registered: 1. Enter account information and click Sign in. If not registered: 1. Click Sign up for Amnivia. 2. Enter your email address and a password. 3. Confirm your password by retyping and accept the Amnivia Terms of Service if you agree. 4. Click Sign up. 5. An Account Activation email will be sent to the email address provided. Upon receipt, open the email and click the link Activate my account. If you do not receive this email, then click the Resend confirmation Email link.

step 3
After activating the account through the email link you will be directed to enter personal information to complete the account activations. Personal profile information is used in order to calculate caloric information. Your weight, height, gender, and age are all contributing factors in determining the rate at which you burn calories. Enter your first and last name, gender, birthday, weight, height, and time zone. Click Save when you have finished entering your information to save the data to your profile. Note: To return to the profile page to edit information in the future: 1. Click on your Username in the upper right hand corner. 2. A drop down menu will appear and then click on Profile.

Make sure you select the correct time zone and upload a photo if you like.

step 4
Once logged into the account, you may add device(s) by clicking the Register a Device link. Enter the Serial Number shown on the device. Example: ABCD-12345-67890. Then select the type of device you are trying to add from the Where is my serial number? drop down menu. Once entered, click on Register Device. Note: You can register several devices to the same account. To add more devices to your account follow steps 3, 4, and 5 for each device you want to add.

step 5 in the field or @ home

This can be used on your home computer or if you are field based on your company laptop (Please note for company laptops you will need to log a case on Service now to get the software installed.)

Install the ActiHealth software on computer. ActiHealth software is required to send data to Amnivia and is available on the main page under devices. If you have registered your activity device you will see your device serial number, battery life, and software for options. Click the appropriate software (Mac or Windows) to download. Install the ActiHealth software for your system. Note: You may not have admin access on your work computer, please engage your local IT representative by logging a case on ServiceNow. Once ActiHealth is installed, clicking on the Show hidden icons arrow at the bottom right of your screen should reveal the little green running man. If you click on him, the ActiHealth Network Client Window will pop up showing your registered devices. Please note, if the running man is not showing (i.e. ActiHealth has been shut down), your activity will not register, click on the ActiHealth link to open the programme.

step 6
CONNECT your ActiLink: 1. Make sure ActiLink device is registered in Amnivia (Steps 4 and 5). 2. Connect the Alere ActiLink USB to an open USB port on your computer. 3. The ActiLink must be connected to sync data from the pebble to the Amnivia Website.

step 7
ACTIVATE your pebble: 1. Walk at least 200 consecutive steps with your pebble attached securely to your shoe to activate the device. 2. To view your activity data click on the Metrics tab in the top navigation banner. If everything is working properly you will see how many steps you have taken so far in My Progress Today. (Syncing with the Amnivia portal may take up to 10 minutes).

200 consecutive steps will activate your pebble

step 8
CHALLENGE Someone! 1. You can now issue your first challenge by clicking on the Challenges tab and then clicking Create a Challenge 2. You can make your challenge a defined number of steps (ie. first to 100,000) or most steps by a given date. 3. Challenges can be individual or team 4. You can participate in multiple challenges simultaneously 5. Have fun!

Head to Head Challenge

challenge ideas
Some challenge ideas include: Going solo. Start out with a simple personal challenge all for yourself. Team oriented. Challenge another team within your organization and see who can be the most active. Find a friend. Challenge another individual to participate in a challenge. Sometimes all it takes to become more active is a little encouragement so dont be shy!

Your pebble device measures walking, running and other. Other includes any exercise that is not walking or running, including aerobics, cycling and any activities which you add to your metrics manually. You are able to increase the default settings of any of the metrics measured by going to your front page, clicking on change in the Daily Activity Goal box.

add an activity
Amnivia allows you to add activities such as swimming, or rowing on a rowing machine, to your metrics manually. On the metrics page, click add activity, fill in the boxes, click on add activity. This will then show on your metrics page. Please note, you need to fill in all the boxes as Amnivia is not able to automatically calculate distance or calories based on the amount of time or distance you have done. Any activities added manually will not count towards the metrics on any challenges you are involved in unless that challenge allows manual entries to be inputted.

frequently asked questions

Why is my data not getting through to my account? Make sure you have properly downloaded and installed the client software if using the ActiLink. Make sure that when you first get your pebble you walk at least 200 consecutive steps within an hour to activate it. Check to make sure your ActiLink is properly connected to your USB port. Ensure your pebble is properly registered. Check your internet connection If you run a security/firewall program, make sure you have granted AHClient.exe permission to run. Make sure your PC has not logged you out, gone into power saving mode or hibernation. The ActiLink needs a live internet connection to properly receive and transfer data. Why is my pebble not registering on a treadmill? Due to the bounce on a treadmill, you cannot activate your pebble on a treadmill. In order to ensure your steps register when using a treadmill, you have to set it on a 3% incline with a minimum speed on 4km/hr.

faqs continued
My green LEDS have turned RED? When red lights appear, there is less than 2 weeks of battery remaining. How long should my pebble battery last? With normal activity the battery in the pebble should last 4-6 months. Employees will be responsible for replacing and changing the battery in their Pebble. How do I change the battery in my pebble? The battery is designed to be user-serviceable, so that you can change the battery yourself if you wish. The battery type is a standard CR2032 Lithium battery. To change the battery, simply twist the pebble to the unlock position as marked on the back. Once you lift the casing off, you will see the battery. Use a pen to pry out the battery. Once you have placed the new battery in the pebble, place the cover back on the unit and twist to the lock position. Your battery replacement is now complete! To check the pebble is working tap it 5 times. Will my data be lost when I replace the battery in my pebble? No, your data will be saved and available after changing the battery. Who can I contact if I still need help with Amnivia? Answers to many other FAQs are provided in the Help section of the Amnivia site. You can also submit questions to the Amnivia team if you cant find what youre looking for in the Help Section. You can email your questions and concerns to For additional help see: amnivia/problems/common