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Social Work Textbooks


The Changing Face of Health Care Social Work, Third Edition Opportunities and Challenges for Professional Practice
Sophia Dziegielewski, PhD, LCSW

Professional Writing for Social Work Practice
Daniel Weisman, MSW, PhD Joseph Zornado, PhD

Facilitative Leadership in Social Work Practice
Elizabeth Breshears, M.Ed, MSW, PhD; Roger Volker, M.Div. 232 pp | Softcover 9780826108531 | $55.00

Completely new or updated sections examine: • Mental health parity • Changes in billing • Evidence-based practice strategy • Electronic record keeping • The DSM-V • Protecting yourself legally in your documentation • Protecting the privacy of the client • Supervision in the health care setting • The importance of teamwork and collaboration • Social work in the military/VA settings • Safety planning Key Features: • Addresses all recent changes in health care social work including updated roles and functions, policy, demographics, advances in health technology, and more • Emphasizes the importance of evidence-based practice throughout • Includes an instructor’s manual with a test bank, learning activities, and a sample syllabus This third edition of a best-selling social work text reflects the dramatic changes that have taken place in our health care environment since the second edition was published in 2004. It encompasses all facets of professional health care social work within the U.S. health care system, across all settings, and with all client populations. Permeating the third edition is a strong emphasis on the need for evidencebased, accountable practice. The third edition also encompasses updated professional profiles for diverse arenas of practice, a master reference document, a bibliography in each section, and an instructor’s manual that provides a test bank, activities designed to enhance learning, and a sample syllabus. 468 pp | Softcover | 9780826119421 | $40.00

Key Features: • Helps students understand and practice the basics of good writing • Focuses specifically on the types of writing they will need to do in social work practice • Includes writing samples used in actual social work venues • Provides samples of agency reports, intake forms, client progress notes, court documentation, and more

Multicultural Perspectives In Social Work Practice with Families, 3rd Edition
Elaine Congress, DSW; Manny Gonzalez, DSW (Editors) 408 pp | Softcover 9780826108296 | $70.00

Many social work students today are lacking the basic writing skills they will need to practice effectively with clients. This user-friendly guide to effective writing skills focuses specifically on the types of writing social work practitioners are required to do in everyday practice: agency reports, client documentation, court letters, and grant writing applications, among others. It includes abundant real-world examples drawn from all arenas of social work practice.

Handbook for Public Health Social Work
The text helps students to understand and practice the basics of successful writing through the inclusion of actual forms and records that are customarily used in social work practice. It presents examples of strong writing and analyzes common writing errors. Each chapter contains examples of good and poor writing, and includes forms on which students can practice their new skills. The text also covers legal and ethical issues surrounding legal documentation and use of writing to influence policy and transmit research findings. 250 pp | Softcover | 9780826109262 | $45.00 The Social Work Section Of The American Public Health Association (Editor) Robert Keefe, PhD; Elaine T. Jurkowski, MSW, PhD 408 pp | Softcover 9780826107428 | $65.00

Interpersonal Social Work Skills for Community Practice
Donna Hardina, PhD 512 pp | Softcover 9780826108111 | $70.00

Tools for Strengths-Based Assessment and Evaluation
Catherine Simmons, PhD Peter Lehmann, PhD, LCSW 560 pp | Softcover 9780826107657 | $60.00




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