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Seeking  challenging  assignments  in  Project  Management,  Execution  &  Health/Safety  Practices  with  an   organisation  of  high  repute  with  the  Construction  Industry  


A   Civil   Engineer   over   xx   years   of   experience   in   managing   overall   construction   projects   encompassing   planning,   monitoring,   controlling   phases   of   project   lifecycle,   administration,   resource   planning   and   health  &  safety  practices  in  Construction  sector.   Currently  associated  with  xxxxxxxxxxxxx,  xxx,  xxxxx  as  a  Project  Civil  Engineer.     A   strategic   planner   with   expertise   in   planning   and   executing   construction   projects   with   a   flair   for   adopting  modern  construction  methodologies;  complying  with  quality  standards.     Holds   distinction   of   executing   numerous   prestigious   projects   of   large   magnitude   within   stringent   deadlines  and  tight  quality  control.   Exposure  in  monitoring  and  coordinating  materials  and  human  resources,  liaising  with  sub  contractors,   supervisors,    planners,  execution  of  all  construction  activities,  supervision  and  monitoring  of  works.   Knowledge  in  Quantity  Surveying  and  Turnkey  Execution  of  multi  disciplinary  projects.   Ability  to  deftly  ramp  up  projects  in  co-­‐ordination  with  clients,  architects,  consultants  and  contractors.     Strong  problem  solving,  analytical  and  organizational  skills  along  with  the  ability  to  motivate  and  lead   teams.  Also  an  excellent  communicator.           Project  Execution           Quality  Assurance   Liaison  Work   General  Administration  

Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä

AREA  OF  EXPERTISE   Project  Management   Contract  Management     Resource  Management       EMPLOYMENT  SCAN     Since  2010       Clients  Handled     Commercial  Operations     Health  &  Safety  Practices  

2005  to  2010     Clients  Handled       Key  Roles  &  Responsibilities:                     Ä Worked  upon  Construction  management  of  state-­‐of-­‐the  art  of  an  infrastructure  projects  as  well  as   rate  analysis  of  various  items  of  work.   Ä Completed  detailed  Study  of  B.O.Q,  Technical  Specifications  &  incorporated  various  factors  coming   out  of  Contracts.   Ä Maintained  Joint  measurement  with  client/sub  contractors  and  monthly  bills  including  PRW’s  and   Subcontractor  bill  preparation  and  verifying  their  bills  for  the  completed  work.   Ä Applied  safety  practices  including  Occupational  Health  &  Safety  (OSHAS)  and  Environment  Health   &  Safety  (EHS)  during  work.   Ä Prepared  construction  programme  based  on  overall  project  program  and  ensures  compliance.   Ä Responsible  for  overall  execution,  included  supervision  of  workman  ensuring  the  safety  and  quality   aspects  as  per  the  requirement  of  the  project  specification  within  the  time  schedule  and   monitoring  the  productivity  as  per  the  company  norms.   Ä Involved  in  regular  client  meetings  and  client  representatives  to  discuss  project  progress.  

xxxxxxxxxxxx,  xxxxx,  xxxxx  as  Project  Civil  Engineer     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,  Bangalore  as  Project  Civil  Engineer   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  

  Implemented  the  company  safety  policy  and  the  site  rules  and  ensure  that  the  site  is  a  safe  place   to  work  and  that  access  routes  to  the  place  of  work  are  clearly  defined  and  unobstructed.   th Ä 10  from  xxxxxxxxxxx  in  1999. Project  Title     xxxxxxx   Detail     xxxxxxxxxxx     4.  xxxxx                   English.Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Ä Coordinated  with  other  professional  consultants  including  Architecture.  Hindi. Project  Title     xxxxxxx   Detail     xxxxxxxx     5.  Electrical.  UK  accredited   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx     PERSONAL  DOSSIER   Date  of  Birth:     Languages  Known:   Passport  Number:         xxxxxx.  xxxxx  (xxxxxxxx  University)  in  Year.  Telugu.  Interior.  Electrical  and   Structural. Project  Title     xxxxxxxxx   Client     xxxxxxxxxxxx     Detail     xxxxxxxxxxxx     2.   Incorporated  the  latest  safety  practices  in  the  workplace  to  avoid  any  LTI  and  to  enable  smooth   flow  of  the  work.  taking  measurements.     PROFESSIONAL  TRAININGS   Completed  trainings  related  to  Health  &  Safety  Practices. Project  Title     xxxxxxx   Detail     xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Preparation  of   Estimates.     3.   th Ä 12  from  xxxxxxxxxxx  in  2001.  Tamil  &  Kannada   xxxxxxxx   .   Implemented  activities  of  Site  Engineers  supervisors/  Foremen  dealing  with  the  execution  of  site   works  in  accordance  with  the  approved  drawings  /  Procedures  and  standard  engineering  practice.  bill  certification  and  familiarity  with  external  /  internal  plumbing   &  sanitary  systems.     PROFESSIONAL  PROJECTS     In  Qatar:   1.  Bangalore  for  3  weeks  in:   Ä Ä Ä xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  UK  accredited   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Project  Title     xxxxxxxxxx       Detail     xxxxxxxxxxx     SCHOLASTICS   Ä Bachelor  of  Civil  Engineering  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  supervision  of  works  and  daily/weekly   progress  reports.   Worked  upon  work  schedules.     Executed  construction  related  activities  of  Building  along  with  Finishing  Items.  monitoring  the  progress.

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