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10 Winning Ways
To Beat the Texas Heat

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to beat the Texas heat


10 Winning Ways MEN’S FASHION Joey Ramirez
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“Whatever It Takes”


The word “diligence” includes such qualities as hard work, honesty, persistence and striving for excellence. The New

Living Bible Translation puts in the way: “Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper.” One expert says, “ Success doesn’t come from being a hundred percent better than your competition, but from being one percent better in a hundred different ways.” Syndicated business columnist Dale Dauten says: “If you want to be crative in your company, your career or your life, it all comes down to one easy step... the extra one. When you encounter a familiar plan, you just ask one question: ‘What else could we do?” To succeed you’ll have to do more-more thank you may want, more than your competition, more than you think you’re capable of. The poet William Arthur Ward said: “ I will do more than belong- I will participate. I will do more than care- I will help. I will do more than believe- I will practice. I will do more than be fair- I will be kind. I will do more than forgive- I will forget. I will do more than dream- I will work. I will do more than teach- I will inspire. I will do more than learn- I will enrich. I will do more than give- I will serve. I will do more than live- I will grow. I will do more than suffer- I will triumph.” You can’t do whatever’s easiest and still reach your goal. You must do more. You must do “ whatever it takes.” - John 3:16


10 Winning Ways To
Worry Free Hair Treatments For Any Weather.
It’s that time again, Spring is here or if you’re in Texas, it’s more like Summer. Fear nothing because living here has forced us to adapt to the sun and heat. So whether you’re a visitor or a native, here are 10 simple and easy ways to avoid frizzy manes due to the high humidity here in Texas. Tips for everything from cleansing your hair to styling and locking in your look! Article by : Esmé Garcia
1) So Fresh and So Clean. First and foremost let’s find a shampoo that lathers less. Sudsy doesn’t necessarily mean clean—sometimes, it means the opposite. Shampoos that lather too much are often overloaded with moisturizing products, which can leave build-up in your hair, making it look and feel dirtier quicker. So opt for a sulfate-free formula. Burt Bee’s All-Natural Shampoo;, Bed Head TIGI Superstar Shampoo and DermoOrganic Conditioning Shampoo are all excellent choices.

2) Nourish Your Hair. After cleansing, give your locks a burst of cold. Before you hop out of the shower, turn the cold water on for a few seconds and quickly rinse it through your strands. It helps seal the cuticle, adding a sleek finish to your locks.


3) Dry Shampoo Bonus. Use dry shampoo a different way. Instead of waiting until your locks need a dirtfighting pick-me-up, apply a dab of dry shampoo to your roots immediately after you wash and dry them. Though your hair’s already clean, the barrier will stave off the debris and oil that your strands will collect throughout the day before it hits. It also gives you that killer Texas volume! Try Suave’s Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo, Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodifier Dry Shampoo or Tresemme’s Freshstart Dry Shampoo.

4) Drop The Towel! Keeping wet strands wrapped in a towel for a half-hour as you do your makeup will just cause frizz! The roughness of the cotton forces your hair cuticles open, making them more likely to go every-which-way. Instead, squeeze out excess water as soon as you’re out of the shower, then let your hair air-dry for five or ten minutes before blow-drying.

5) Protect Your Hair! Whether it’s a leave-in conditioner or thermal spray or any pre-styling product apply product at least 10 minutes before you style. By doing so, it helps it fully absorb into your strands so you get all of its benefits and more bang for your buck. Good options are Paul Mitchell’s Heat Seal; Tresemme’s Heat Tamer Proctectant Spray and Dove Heat Defense.

Beat the Texas Heat
6) So You Want The Blow Out Your Hair Stylist Gives You? Here’s a good tip: play hot-and-cold as you blow-dry. When using a round brush to dry your hair in sections, start from the roots and dry all the way to the ends, letting the brush linger at the tips of your strands. Let your hair cool off like this on its own for five seconds, then repeat on another section. Alternating between heat and cool-down time helps set the style and your hair will have more body. 7) Pump Up the Volume! If its volume you seek, use rollers for high-volume. For that Texas lift, blow out your locks until they’re dry. Then, section off the hair on top of your head—between your temples and all the way back to the crown of your hair. Divide that section into three smaller sections vertically (as if you were making a mohawk), and wrap each in a 2-inch Velcro hair roller. Let your hair sit like this for 30 minutes, and then unwrap your strands, lightly comb them out, and spray for hold.

8) Wrap—don’t clamp. When using a curling iron, you don’t need to fasten your locks to the barrel. It is better to wrap sections around the iron and hold in place for about 10 seconds to score the same soft, sexy curls in half-the time.

9) Hair seems dull? Perform an at-home glaze between color appointments. Glazes are good for filling holes and rough spots in your hair cuticles, helping to smooth your locks and put moisture back into your hair. This keeps your color shiny and bright so it lasts longer and looks better. Plus, you can snag an at-home kit from your local drugstore. John Freida’s Luminous Glaze is an excellent choice. 10) Awaken Your Mane. Use spray bottles as your new lazy-day BFF. If you wake up and your locks are totally flat or grungy from the day before, just spray the top layer of your hair until damp, and then use a big barrel round-brush (2 inches or more) to blow your locks dry. You’ll score high volume on that top layer, and since it’s freshly blown out, you’ll create the illusion of all-over smooth hair. Finish with a smoothing serum. An exceptional serum is Moroccan Argan Oil, it’s weightless and smells amazing!



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The beginnings of a fashion icon
Article by: Erica Torres



an Antonio is quickly becoming a focal point for talent. In recent years we’ve seen the likes of American Idol and America’s Got Talent scout the city for the next superstar. And so the same can be said of one of San Antonio’s emerging fashion designers. Three years ago the name Joey Ramirez may not have a rang a bell for many in our local fashion community. Fast forward to 2013 and he is becoming one of the most sought after designers in San Antonio, Texas. He has been blessed to have his collections featured in several fashion shows, photo shoots and even a music video for national star, Devyn Deloera, a finalist on Season 3 of The Voice. He has worked with quite a few notables in the San Antonio area as well, such as the lovely Ms. Cassandra Lazenby, a morning show host on Daytime @ Nine on our local FOX San Antonio network, and with Tony Harris of Tony Harris Productions who produced San Antonio Fashion Week 2012. Allow me to introduce to you Mr. Joey Ramirez. Originally from Laredo, Texas, he has welcomed San Antonio and its culture with open arms. Joey was raised in a loving and supportive home; his mother and father are the epitome of hardworking parents. His mother, Josefina, has been a custodian for 32 years at Martin High School in Laredo, Texas while



his father, Jose, has been a security officer for the past ten years; however, prior to that he was a tenured construction worker. Joey was raised with his two brothers, one older and one younger, both also avid artists. His younger brother, Manuel, “is the musician of the family” as Joey puts it, who can play the guitar and piano. In high school, Manuel and Joey started a garage band playing mainly covers of hard-rock bands such as KISS, Chevelle and Kittie; Joey slapped the bass. His older brother, George, was a “phenomenal artist, specifically in portraiture” says Joey. Sadly, George passed away a few years ago but Joey still holds him near his heart as he embarks on his endeavors. Joey’s fascination with art started as a child. He would often be found painting and enjoyed dressing little figurines that he made. An indication of his future? I think so. In high school he enjoyed sketching and painting and was honored to be approached by The Laredo Center of Arts to display two pieces from his art collection. After high school he enrolled at Laredo Community College as an art major. After he completed his second year, the next chapter in his life would bring him to the multi-cultural and colorful city of San Antonio. He enrolled at the International Academy of Design & Technology, also known as IADT, in 2009 to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising. It wasn’t until his senior year in 2012 that I would

San ANtonio's
have the utmost pleasure of meeting Joey. My first impression of his greatness started with his sketches of a six-piece collection titled, Marry the Night, which he designed for the 5th Annual IMAGINE fashion show put on by IADT in April of 2012. As the producer of the show, I was floored by the beauty I saw in his sketches and couldn’t wait to see his complete collection. The collection itself was inspired by Lady Gaga. Joey reflects about a period in his life that was rather dark and says he could relate to some of the same struggles that Lady Gaga had endured herself growing up in New York City. His collection portrays their shared emotions of “embracing your flaws and to always accept the bad with the good.” The end-result of his collection was even more remarkable. I knew at that moment Joey would one day be a successful designer. And I was right; at the end of the show Joey was approached by numerous parties that were interested in either featuring him in a show or hiring him as their very own personal designer. One of those interested parties was Tony Harris of Tony Harris Productions. Tony would eventually invite him to be featured in San Antonio’s Fashion Week 2012 as a contestant in the Current Collections challenge. While he had participated in the Going Green fashion show back in 2010 as part of SAFW, it didn’t quite hold the same caliber as SAFW 2012 did. The challenge: Four contestants would have two months to design a six-piece collection to be shown to and judged by some of the notables of San Antonio’s fashion industry. The winning prize: $1000.00 and San Antonio’s Best Emerging Designer Award. The four contenders would be Samantha Plascencia – a graduate of the University of the Incarnate Word, Latoya C. Hudson, Danielle Andrews and Joey, the latter three were all fellow classmates from IADT. The Current Collections fashion show was hosted at the Blue Star Art Gallery in October of 2012. At the end of the show the judges’ scores were tallied and it was announced that Joey Ramirez was the winning designer. His collection, Dita Meets Lucy was on trend and he described it as “Dita Von Teese meets Lucille Ball.” This was yet another proud moment of his life as well as a confirmation that he was on the right path to achieving his dreams. Following his success of winning the Current Collections contest, Joey would endure another extraordinary moment just four months later. Through mutual connections, Joey was approached by Devyn Deloera’s team to design a jacket for her to wear in the music video for the single by Ready Revolution titled “Don’t Forget About Me” in which she was the featured artist. For those of you who are not familiar with who Devyn Deloera is, she was a finalist on the hit music reality TV series, NBC’s The Voice. She was a member of Team Christina who earned her spot by singing an unbelievably impressive version of Christina Aguilera’s own song, “Ain’t No Other Man”. The music video was filmed here in San Antonio and it was zombie-themed as its release date would be February 10, 2013, in correlation with the day “The Walking Dead” would resume its final episodes of season 3. Joey was approached on a Saturday and had 7 days to design the “killer” jacket for Devyn, pun intended. The video was an instant hit amongst social media sites and created lots of newsworthy buzz. To date the video has had over 5,500 views on YouTube where it can be found. As well, you can find it on any of Ready Revolution’s and Devyn Deloera’s social networking sites. She wears the jacket throughout the entire video ... and after wrapping up the video shoot, she took the jacket home with her and a piece of Joey Ramirez as well. Some of Joey’s major influences include his favorite designer, the late Alexander McQueen. He states that he loves the fearless nature McQueen displays as well as his incredible concepts and immaculate construction. Joey also notes that he is inspired by the more elegant designs of Coco Chanel, whom he says “if it weren’t for her, you ladies wouldn’t be wearing pants today.” In addition, music will be a constant motivational tool for him along with his parents. As for his personal career goals, Joey just wants to be great as a fashion designer. And while he wouldn’t mind making a career in San Antonio, which he now calls home, he will go wherever his profession takes him. What I learned from Joey is that he has an extremely creative mind and an invaluable work ethic. His insatiable desire to succeed is infectious and witnessing, though in some cases being a part of, his professional milestones is truly an inspiration. His personal words of advice are that “in order to succeed you have to love what you do”. Through Joey’s triumphs, lessons that can be learned are to continue to take risks, chase your dreams fiercely and stay true to your beliefs. I’m anxious to see what the future offers Joey. Although, no matter what the goal is, I know Joey will be extraordinarily great at achieving it.

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Love Overcomes Beauty
We follow our hearts
But is our heart deceiving? Does our heart seek love? Or is it blinded by beauty? When does love overcome beauty? Love never falters, lover never quits. Beauty fades, it’s only deceiving. Love is a trust, energy is the founder. Lust sees beauty, love savors it even as it fades. When beauty cannot prevail The keys nest with love Fast and fleeting beauty is Endless and secure love will be Behind every love, there is beauty. Beyond beauty, where is the love? See it with your heart By: Ashley Kudson




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