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The question paper will consist of 100 questions. Each correct Answer will be awarded one mark Total test time will be
2 hrs. The question paper will be divided into five parts. Each part will compose of MCQ type questions. There will be
no negative marking. The test will consist of questions on the following subjects from the 2006 National
(i) English Language (ii) Pakistan Studies (iii) Physics (iv) Chemistry
(v) Mathematics (vi) Biology (vii) Pedagogy
Some examples of the kinds of questions you will be asked are given below:
SECTION-I (English)
Q Which of the following word has correct spelling?
(A) Lieutenant (B) Leiutenant (C) Leftenant (D) Lieutanent
Choose a correct form of Passive wise from the given four options for a given sentence:
Q The manager will give you a ticket.

(A) You will be given a ticket by the manager.

(B) A ticket was given you by the manager.

(C) You would give a ticket by the manager.

(D) The ticket is given you by the manager.

Q “I am told the two brothers have fallen out”. What is the meaning of “fallen out” in the given sentence?
(A) failed (B) quarrelled (C) slipped (D) defeated
SECTION-II (Pakistan Studies)
Q Durand Line is the boundary between Pakistan and:
(A) Afghanistan (B) India (C) China (D) Tajikistan
Q Which of the following is the derived unit?
(A) coulomb (B) meter (D) ampere (D) mole
Q F=ma defines

(A) Newton’s First Law of motion.

(B) Newton’s Second Law of motion.

(C) Newton’s Third Law of motion.

(D) Newton’s All Laws of motion.

SECTION-IV (Chemistry)
Q The chemical formula of ascorbic acid (Vitamin-C) is:
(A) C6 H8 O6 (B) C6 H12 O6 (C) C2 H6 O2 (D) C3 H8 O3
SECTION-V (Mathematics)
Q The Characteristic of log 1234 is:
(A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4
Q Let A = [a11 a12]. The order of matrix A is:
(A) 2×2 (B) 1×2 (C) 2×1 (D) 1×1
SECTION-VI (Biology)
Q Which of the following germs causes typhoid?
(A) protozoa (B) bacteria (C) virus (D) Fungi
SECTION-VII (Pedagogy)
Q A student sitting at the back of the classroom does not seem to pay any attention to what the teacher is saying. What
should the teacher do?
(A) Ignore the student and carry on as if there was nothing wrong.
(B) Beat the student with a stick.
(C) Find out whether the student has a hearing problem
(D) Put the student to stand outside the classroom.