May 14, 2013 Mr. Brent Jackson Oaxaca Interests, LLC 1881 Sylvan Avenue Dallas, TX 75208 brent@oaxacallc.

com Dear Mr. Jackson, The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League is a non-profit organization, which serves as an umbrella for 32 Oak Cliff Neighborhoods, and includes approximately 10,000 households. In September 2010, your assistant, Jessica Martin, emailed OOCCL and requested a meeting between you and our sitting president, Michael Amonett, to “share…and get feedback about…Sylvan | Thirty." Topics of discussion included the use of the Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts sign on the property. Our reason for this letter today is an expression of concern for the future of the Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts sign. We recall 2010 conversations with you very clearly. OOCCL, as well as Preservation Dallas and other groups, agreed not to oppose the demolition of the Alamo Motel buildings, with an agreement from you that the Alamo Sign would remain on the property. In March 2013, your group requested public opinion about what to do with the sign. Many of our members, as well as others in the community, expressed opinions in favor of keeping the sign intact on the property. Without acknowledging or assessing public opinion, your group proceeded with the removal and dismantling of the sign. Through Facebook and other social media, these events have been very public. The Alamo Sign is a piece of roadside history, which marks a time and place as Dallas expanded and the automobile became a major form of transportation. The historical significance of the sign is relevant today, now more than ever, as West Dallas encourages economic development. Attractions such as the sign, and other nods to history, would only heighten the excitement for this growth. As a developer, you have the opportunity to gain positive support for Sylvan | Thirty within the community. We believe you should listen to the voice of the community. You are now the steward of the Alamo Sign and responsible for it’s future. A statement from the Sylvan | Thirty website alludes to your connection with the community: “Being good stewards of our natural resources and supporters of the community isn’t just what we hope to do, it’s in our DNA.” OOCCL is in favor of the Alamo Sign remaining lit, intact and on-site at Sylvan | Thirty. If this does not suit your development plans, we encourage you seek guidance from our group and the community for an alternative, rather than destroying the integrity of the sign. Sincerely, Old Oak Cliff Conservation League 2013 Executive Committee: Phil Leven, President Michael Amonett, Past President Alicia Quintans AIA, Secretary JD Jasso, Treasurer Rhonda Turner, Executive VP Jacques Groth, VP Neighborhoods Judy Pollock/Judi Glazer, VP Membership Lybo Buchanan, VP Communication

Old Oak Cliff Conservation League 2013 Board of Directors:

CC: Cooper Smith Koch,, David Preziosi, Nancy McCoy, Marcel Quimby, David Lyles, Monte Anderson, Roy Appleton, Rachel Stone, Georgia Fisher, Rick Lopez, Mike Rawlings, Tennell Atkins, Pauline Medrano, Scott Griggs, Carolyn Davis, Dwaine Caraway, Monica Alonzo,, Vonciel Hill, Angela Hunt, Jerry Allen, Sheffield Kadane, Linda Koop, Ann Margolin, Sandy Greyson