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I want to congratulate you for taking this important step toward improving your vocabulary.

You are
about to learn why improving your vocabulary is the single smartest investment you can make in your
Yes, it’s true! research has proven over and over again that having a superior vocabulary will help
catapult you to success, but conversely, a poor vocabulary will hold you back in life.
That is why this first lesson is focused on getting you excited about improving your vocabulary. We want
to motivate you to start taking steps in your life that will help you to amass a powerful and success-
driven vocabulary. Did you know that if you improve your vocabulary you will…

• Read Faster and Comprehend More Information “When you

complete this
• Increase your intelligence and your IQ Verbal Success
• Earn better grades in school program
you will possess
• Achieve greater success and earn more money in your the tools
career! needed to quickly
Yes, it’s true! Research has shown over and over that by and
improving your vocabulary you will receive all of the benefits easily amass a
above and many more. In today’s lesson, we want to motivate you powerful,
and excite you about improving your vocabulary. We hope to do success-driven
this by reviewing with you some of the studies that prove the vocabulary.”
importance of building a superior vocabulary. Lets begin...

You can skim over these studies, as the main intent of today’s lesson is to get you excited about this
Verbal Success course and to motivate you to complete the program.
Read Faster and Comprehend More
Nearly 100 years ago, a leading educational Psychologist named Edward Thorndike performed a study
that found students’ reading speed and comprehension test scores were directly linked to their
vocabulary knowledge. This was first proven nearly 100 years ago, and many studies since have
concluded the same thing: the more words you know, thefaster you will read, and the more you will
The fact that your vocabulary will affect your reading speed and comprehension is a pretty intuitive
concept—it only makes sense that the more words you know the faster you will be able to read and
recognize these words as well as comprehend the information you are reading.
By taking this Verbal Success course you will learn how to improve your vocabulary so that you can
read faster and comprehend more information.
Increase your Intelligence and Your IQ
If you speak with anyone involved with intelligence testing, you will quickly learn that verbal skills
constitute an important part of standard intelligence tests. Vocabulary is a critical component of well
known IQ tests such as the WAIS and the Stanford-Binet. And if you were to ask intelligence testing
experts what ONE thing (or trait) they would use to best measure a person’s intelligence, you would
find that almost all experts would select vocabulary.
Studies have shown the correlation between vocabulary test
scores and IQ to be between 0.8-0.9, meaning a person’s “A person’s
vocabulary will predict with very high accuracy how well vocabulary will
they score on an IQ test. In other words, if I were to give you
a vocabulary test, your test score would predict with very high predict with very
accuracy how well you would score on an IQ test. high accuracy
By using the Verbal Success® program to improve your how well they
vocabulary, you will also increase your intelligence as well score on
as your ability to score high on an IQ test.
an IQ test.”


Improve Your Grades in School
There have been a number of studies that show a direct correlation between a student’s vocabulary
knowledge and their success in school.
“Simple 29-Word Test Accurately Predicts Academic Success or Failure”
To begin, let’s take a look at a study performed by the University of Illinois. The University of Illinois
created a simple, 29-word vocabulary test that, when given to freshmen, could accurately predict their
future academic success or failure. Now that’s pretty amazing if you think about it: a simple 29-word
vocabulary test could predict, with accuracy, how well a student would do in school! This study clearly
proves the importance of vocabulary in learning and achieving academic success.
Closer Evaluation: If you are a skeptic like me, you may have noticed a paradox here. And that is,
what came first? Is a person born intelligent and therefore is able to learn words easier, and from this,
be more intelligent and perform better at school? Or can you work to improve your vocabulary, and by
doing so, improve your ability to learn new information, express your ideas, and do well in school?
Well, I’m happy to say that a study conducted by several Universities proved the latter. Let’s take a
look at this study…
“Multiple Universities Conclude that by Improving Your Vocabulary
You Will Achieve Greater Academic Success”
Several Universities participated in a study whereby they enrolled a sample group of freshmen in a
Vocabulary Course—a course designed to help a student improve his or her vocabulary. The universities
then went on to track this sample group of freshmen against the rest of the students at the
universities. What they found was that the sample group of freshmen, who successfully completed
the vocabulary course, went on to outperform all of the other students at these universities.
Now, this study really gets me excited and it should get you excited as well! Because, what this study
clearly proves, is that anyone, and I repeat, anyone, regardless of education or socio-economic
background, can improve his or her ability to learn and succeed in school by simply improving his or her
By using the Verbal Success® program to improve your vocabulary, you too will be able to improve your
ability to learn new information and be more successful in school.
Achieve Greater Financial and Career Success
Vocabulary Test Accurately Predicts Your Future Income Bracket
Now that we have seen how vocabulary can impact your academic success, let’s look at how vocabulary
can impact your professional and career success. Probably one of the best studies to highlight this is a
20 year study performed by renowned self-help expert Earl Nightingale. In this study, graduating
seniors in college were tested on their vocabulary knowledge. Earl Nightingale then went on to track
the study participants’ careers for 20 years.

Without a single exception, Earl Nightingale was able to “What Earl

conclusively prove that your vocabulary can either catapult you to Nightingale found
the top income bracket or derail your career into the lowest income in his study was
bracket. And the good news is, it’s never too late to improve your truly remarkable:
vocabulary and gain an edge in life and more success in your in every single
career. case, without a
“Vocabulary Test Scores Correlate with single exception,
Rank on the Corporate Ladder” those who scored
There have been dozens of other studies that prove the direct highest on the
correlation between vocabulary knowledge and career success, but vocabulary test
let’s just focus on a couple more. One study that is particularly went on to be in
interesting was performed by scientist Johnson O’Connor. This the top income
study found a direct correlation between vocabulary and rank on bracket, while
the corporate ladder. In the study, a vocabulary test was given to those
executive and supervisory personnel in 39 large manufacturing who scored the
companies. lowest went on to
be in
the lowest

• The test results reported the following:

Presidents and Vice presidents averaged 236 out of a possible 272 points
Managers averaged 168 out of a possible 272 points
Superintendents averaged 140 out of a possible 272 points
Foremen averaged 114 out of a possible 272 points
Floor Bosses averaged 86 out of a possible 272 points
In virtually every case, vocabulary correlated with executive level and rank on the corporate ladder.
Research Study Proves that Vocabulary is the Only Common
Characteristic Shared by Successful People
Another study performed by the Human Engineering Lab concluded that the only common
characteristic of successful people in the United States was their vocabulary. This was a pretty
remarkable finding, so I will repeat it: the only common characteristic shared by successful people
was their superior vocabulary.
The Human Engineering Lab tested the vocabularies of people from every education level and socio-
economic background. The test results found, once again, that people earning the highest incomes
scored highest on the vocabulary test. In addition to testing vocabulary, the Human Engineering Lab
performed numerous tests and found that the only common characteristic shared by successful people
was, in fact, a superior vocabulary!
Now, when asked why vocabulary is linked with financial success, the President of the Human
Engineering Lab had a very interesting answer. He made the following statement:
“Why do large vocabularies characterize executives and possibly outstanding men and women in other
fields? The final answer seems to be that words are the instruments by means of which men and women
grasp the thoughts of others and with which they do much of their own thinking; essentially, words are
the tools of thought.”
Now that may sound a little pretentious to you, but the message should resonate. Words are our tools
of thought. Words are how we learn and words are what we use to convey our knowledge. You may also
want to think of words as your tools for success.
You are on Your Way to Improving Your Vocabulary
The Verbal Success® Program is a step-by-step program designed to help you to improve your
vocabulary with a focus on your success in life.
I hope these studies have helped motivate you to read through every lesson in the Verbal Success®
program. By completing the Verbal Success® program you will improve your vocabulary so that you
• Read Faster and Comprehend More
• Increase your intelligence and your IQ
• Earn better grades in school
• Achieve greater success and earn more money in your career!