VegfestUK Bristol

May 24th25th26th2013
VegfestUK Bristol started life in 2003 and has grown to be the World’s biggest vegan event – and here we are in 2013 with our biggest show to date, full of fun , laughter, great music, some amazing food, some wonderful stalls, excellent speakers, inspiring demos and workshops, incredible comedy hours, superb kids area and an all round most excellent vibe as around 25,000 people visit the show over 3 days. Highlight of the weekend has to be the appearance of the original Happy Mondays, on stage at 10pm on Saturday May 25th, at the height of our celebrations, along with uber legend Peter Hook (New Order/Joy Division) on the one’s and two’s, plus live sets from The Farm and 808 State. And Caravan Palace the night before will get Friday off to a stomping start as thousands let rip on the dance floor to the most infectious electro swing the world over. And with The Abyssinians and Macka B bringing Sunday to a close with a lush reggae vibe all day, Bristol is in for a genuine musical treat as we bring our best lineup ever to town. And of course during the day there is an abundance of the most excellent food, shopping, cookery demos, talks, workshops, comedy hours, performance and ids entertainment as we celebrate the best of the veggie/vegan lifestyle in the biggest event of its kind in the world today. Big thanks to a huge amount of people over the years who have made this event possible – and its great to see so many of our original stallholders, speakers, contractor and visitors still with us a decade after our first bash. We have 3 shows this year in Brighton, Bristol and London and a vast amount of people are working on making them all a top day out for all our visitors. So it’s impossible to say thanks to everyone individually – but if you’ve helped in any way over the last ten years make VegfestK what it is today, then a big heartfelt thanks to all of you for your input – even the occasional moaners. And we hope to see many of you as well as many new people at our events in 2013! Big shout out to our sponsors for 2013, including

To find out more about Vegfam and the priceless work they do, visit their website at All proceeds from the Tombola at Bristol in 2013 (stall number 1) will go towards Vegfam. They will also receive the Charity collections taken on the door and throughout the event at Bristol May 24th - 26th

Animal Sanctuaries

Animal Sanctuaries Stall For 2013 at Bristol we have introduced a fundraising stall for 3 animal Sanctuaries that we have selected, to help raise much needed funds for them. Those people who work at Animal Sanctuaries are often too busy and/or financially challenged to attend shows like this, so we have introduced a volunteer led stall that has a most fantastic tombola on it with some super prizes - and you can be sure that 100% of your money will be going directly to these three sanctuaries.

The Sanctuaries we are supporting at VegfestUK Bristol in 2013 inlcude Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary
Holly Hedge is an independent local charity that receives no funding from the government or National Lottery. They rely on the generosity and goodwill of our volunteers, fundraisers, local community and businesses to raise the £475,000 needed each year to keep our kennel and cattery doors open to animals in need.

Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary

Mino Valley is a non profit safe haven for rescued farm animals. Set on 15 peaceful acres in the Galician valleys of Northern Spain. By creating a loving, nurturing and caring environment Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary offers a second chance at life for animals that are the victims of exploitation.

The VegfestUK Awards 2013
Presented by Dave Spikey at VegfestUK London October 5th 2013 The VegfestUK Awards feature a number of top people, charities, organizations, businesses, products and services that provide for the plant based lifestyle. There are 13 categories with ten nominees in each category. Voting will run until September 15th when the votes will close and be counted and the winners announced. The winners will then be invited to receive their awards at VegfestUK London on October 5th 2013 at a special ceremony hosted by comedian Dave Spikey (Phoenix Nights) To vote in the awards visit

Oatly, Goodlife, Redwood, Fry’s, Nakd, Bute Island, The Vegan Society, Wills Vegan Shoes, Yaoh, Out Of Hand, Sustainable Transport, Koko Dairy Free, Sunseed Organics, Vegfund
And our fantastic Media partners Excellart, Veggie Vision, Foods for Life, Vegetarian Living and Resurgence Magazine


Vegfam is the charity of choice for VegfestUK Vegfam ‘Feeds the Hungry without Exploiting Animals’ and is an excellent choice for vegetarians and vegans especially, who wish to fund projects that help alleviate famine and suffering in some of the poorest quarters of the globe though projects that are vegan and that do not involve the exploitation of animals

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Welcome to our special guests
Everton footballer and first vegan top flight player
Neil Robinson is a legend - not only did he play for one of the world’s greatest football teams Everton FC in the 70’s (sharing a dressing room with the holy trinity of Kendall, Ball and Harvey, quite possibly the greatest club midfield ever to grace the top flight), but also even more incredible is the fact that Neil was the first ever footballer in the top flight to adopt a vegan diet - which he did in 1980. Neil played and trained on a vegan diet for a number of years (having gone veggie aged 13) and was the first player to demonstrate that a vegan diet could be actually an aid to being a professional football player at the top level - he was always one of the fittest at all his clubs. Neil is still vegan and passionate about the cause, and will be at VegfestUK Bristol on Sunday May 26th at 3pm as a guest of Tim Barford who will be presenting a talk on raw energy and hemp smoothies.

Yvonne Bishop – Weston
TV Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston (GMTV’s LK Today, BBC One Show, ITN News) simply explains the why, what, when and most importantly how, of children’s nutrition and the psychology of helping kids to want to eat for life! Yvonne exposes the typical pitfalls and manufacturers tricks to mislead you into thinking you’re getting a healthy wholefood when it’s really just a half-food. Yvonne will be available for question time afterwards.

Pat Reeves
‘I will be 68 this coming autumn and based in the West Midlands. I am amazed at how fast the years pass and enthralled to have existed far longer than I should with an intractable cancer. As my occupation, I practice Nutritional and Functional Medicine. I have been in this field for a quarter of a century and work with all manner of compromised health problems, from the serious to those that are simply very annoying and decrease the quality of life for those suffering.

Janey Lee Grace
Janey is a presenter on the UK’s most listened to radio station BBC Radio 2 co-hosting Steve Wright in the Afternoon and author of 5 books on Natural Living including the No. 1 Amazon bestseller and award winning Imperfectly Natural Woman. She is a passionate speaker and regularly appears on TV and radio offering expert knowledge in all things holistic from organic food and alternative therapies to natural birth and parenting.

Fiona Oakes
‘’In 2013 I plan to become the first vegan to compete in the North and South Pole Marathons - described as the harshest races known to man. By doing so, I hope to become the first woman to complete the 7 Marathons plus Polar Challenge ie. running a Marathon on every Continent plus the Polar Ice Cap hence taking veganism to the furthest and most extreme parts of the globe.’’

Mellissa Morgan
Struggling to veganize your favourite cake recipes or want to expand past your current recipe repertoire? Mellissa Morgan (Ms. Cupcake) will take you through the world of vegan baking substitutions and you’ll learn why you don’t need milk, eggs or butter in any recipe. She’ll guide you through some easy tricks and tips as outlined in her recent cookbook - Ms. Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Bakes in Town.

Kerry McCarthy
Kerry has been the Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East since 2005 and is Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs. Kerry was the first vegan MP in the House of Commons (there are now 3) and has been a vegan for the past 20 years , having been a vegetarian for 10 years prior to that. She is a patron of the Vegan Society. Kerry also campaigns on animal welfare issues more generally, including in her capacity as Vice-President of the League Against Cruel Sports. Additionally, Kerry is a Patron of FoodCycle and is working to ensure that the pressing issues of food poverty and food waste are on the political agenda, having introduced a Food Waste Bill last year.
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Main Stage Friday
6:00pm The Boxettes 7.30pm Kitten and the Hip 9.15pm Caravan Palace

A stunning line up of quality international talent lights up The Amphitheatre as we celebrate our tenth birthday in style. Big up Caravan Palace, Kitten and the Hip, and The Boxettes!

The Boxettes

The Boxettes have an unconventional a-capella sound with tight beatbox work set against dreamy, sundrenched harmonics. The Boxettes are by now well used to the expressions of disbelief on the audience faces as they perform with swagger as well as good nature.

Swing is one of them. So are the French. And depending on your level of kink, vintage black and white porno. Caravan Palace check all these boxes” DON’T PANIC “A unique fusion of the Gypsy Jazz style pioneered by Django Reinhardt and the fuzzy beats and bleeps of French electronica launched by the likes of Daft Punk” TICKETS Admission to this event is by ADVANCE TICKET ONLY. There are no tickets available on the gate. Tickets are [priced £15 + fees, available online from www. or from and also from Bristol Ticket Shop. Tickets can be purchased up until 4pm Friday May 24th ADMISSION Friday May 24th Evening 5.30 - 11pm with Caravan Palace Advance tickets only (none available on the gate) - £15 Saturday May 25th Daytime 11am - 6pm Pay on Gate £2 Saturday May 25th Evening 6.15pm - 11pm with Happy Mondays Advance Tickets Only (none available on the gate) £25 Saturday May 25th Evening AfterHours Party 11.30pm 3.30 am with Club Yeyo, Bez and Graeme Park Advance Tickets only (none available on the gate) £10 Sunday May 26th All day & evening 11am - 10pm with The Abyssinians Pay on Gate £2 before 6pm, £5 after The Marquees are open 11am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday, the caterers, bars and outside traders are open until 11pm and also on Friday 5.30 - 11
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Kitten and The Hip

Take a beautiful and fantastic singer, add a world class horn section and some pumping backing tracks. Throw in some electro swing, some R & B, a bit of camp disco, a dollop of drum and bass a smidge of dubstep, add some brilliant hooky pop songs and there you have Kitten and The Hip.

Caravan Palace
A crazy love affair soon develops for anyone lucky enough to see Caravan Palace live – electro gypsy swing with a twist. We can’t wait. “Gypsy swing music with ooh-la-la insouciance married to a thumping beat’” FINANCIAL TIMES “There are few things in this world that are effortlessly cool.

The Amphitheatre opens at 6.30pm on Saturday evening for a feast of fantastic top bands as we celebrate our tenth birthday in style. Please welcome the original Happy Mondays, 808 State, The Farm, and Peter Hook (New Order/Joy Division) on the ones and two’s. Plus DJ sets from Club Yeyo DJ’s.

Main Stage Saturday 6:00 6:30 7:30 8:00 9:00 9:30 Club Yeyo DJ Set – Balearic Beats The Farm Peter Hook DJ Set 808 State Chris Cross (Club Yeyo) Happy Mondays

Peter Hook

both his experiences with The Hacienda and his first band, Joy Division. Peter Hook drops a half hour set of classic anthems on the Main Stage before the Mondays.

Groovy Train and All Together Now that were a soundtrack for a generation will be returning to the stage with their original line -up.

Club Yeyo
Club Yeyo was the place to be in Bristol in the early 90’s, with a string of top nights aboard the good ship Thekla. Original DJ’s from back in the day plunder the late 80’s and early 90’s for a couple of sets of pure gems for those that should have known better. Club Yeyo host the after hour party later, with specials guests Bez, Graeme Park, Criss Cross, Busta, Tony Montana and Alessandro DaSosa.

808 State
808 State - originals from the Madchester rave scene of the late 80’s - are live on the Main Stage on saturday with their

Legendary New Order and Joy Division bassist Peter Hook remains energetically devoted to music, rock and roll and good times, whether with his new band, The Light, DJ’ing throughout the globe with FAC 51 The Hacienda and as himself, or as an author, having now written books on

Happy Mondays
Original lineup with all the classics plus rumours of some new material up their sleeves. The Mondays are one of the most famous bands in the history of rock and roll and along with The Stone Roses define an era that for many was the most innovative and succulent period of music ever. The cross over between the classic indie/funk riffs and grooves and the hot rave dance beat epitomised by DJ’s and remixers like Paul Oakenfold reinvented music as we know it, and ensure an all time super positive vibe the likes of which Bristol hasn’t seen since the days of the Avon Free raves of the early 90’s.

eclectic mix of dance and trance to relive the heady days of the summer of love, when the acid flowed and the parties rocked. Friday May 24th Evening 5.30 - 11pm with Caravan Palace Advance tickets only (none available on the gate) - £15 Saturday May 25th Daytime 11am - 6pm Pay on Gate £2 Saturday May 25th Evening 6.15pm - 11pm with Happy Mondays Advance Tickets Only (none available on the gate) £25 Saturday May 25th Evening AfterHours Party 11.30pm 3.30 am with Club Yeyo, Bez and Graeme Park Advance Tickets only (none available on the gate) £10 Sunday May 26th All day & evening 11am - 10pm with The Abyssinians Pay on Gate £2 before 6pm, £5 after The Marquees are open 11am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday, the caterers, bars and outside traders are open until 11pm and also on Friday 5.30 – 11

Afterhours party
Admission to the after hours party is also by ADVANCE TICKET ONLY priced £10 + fee, available from the above outlets. The after hours party is at Canvas Club 26-28 St. Nicholas Street Bristol, BS1 1UB. Entrance 12midnight – 4am, Features Club Yeyo DJ’s Criss Cross and Busta, plus special guests Graeme Park and Bez.

Admission to this event is by ADVANCE TICKET ONLY. There are no tickets available on the gate. Tickets are priced £15 + fees, available online from or from www.bristol. , and also from Bristol Ticket Shop. Please note that on Saturday the Amphitheatre shuts at 6pm and will be emptied, and reopens at 6.15Pm for ADVANCE TICKET HOLDERS ONLY Tickets can be purchased online until 5pm Saturday May 25th

The Farm
Twenty years after their million selling album Spartacus reached No 1 in the UK album charts, legendary Liverpool band The Farm have reformed to play live again in 2011. The group who had eight top forty hit singles in the UK including
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Main Stage Sunday
6:30 7:30 8:00 Macka B Pappa Roots DJ Set The Abyssinians

Macka B
Macka B is one of Britain’s most influential dancehall toasters, pushing the music back toward a Rastafarian political consciousness. His rough, gravely vocals give him an instantly identifiable sound. Although the vast majority of Macka B’s material is devoted to spiritual and social messages, he also lightens the mood with perceptive, humorous material. He has shunned aspirations for a commercial crossover, however, staying true to the sound and spirit of his roots but playing shows worldwide to likeminded followers. Macka B is also a patron of The Vegan Society and his vegan anthem ‘Wha’ me eat’ is famed across the globe amongst vegan communities

Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton, England on February 17th, 1989. Their appearances in the United States and in Jamaica at Sunsplash and at the Rockers Anniversary Concert have been excitedly attended by fans. After years, The Abyssinians were on a world tour again during 1997 and 2003. Their rootical harmonies once again filled the clubs and venues with joyous fans, eager to witness the roots of reggae.

Beta Rocker Sound System
Playing all weekend……. The beta rocker sound system is a Brighton based Dee jay collective, built up of two Dee jays Natty Red and King Gibbs. They also have their own successful roots and reggae show every Wednesday morning from 9am GMT on a world wide radio station Code South. Playing some of the finest Riddims around, old and new! They can also be found playing at various venues and festivals around the UK. For latest info and mix’s on The Beta Rocker sound system add on : TheBetaRockerSoundSystem

The Abyssinians
The Abyssinians have set the standard for vocal harmonies and roots consciousness in reggae music, their strong, prayerful voices touch people’s hearts, heads and souls. There is no rigid hierarchy or lead vocalist spot, each member has his talents and they frequently share songwriting tasks. The rootical music, often performed with some of the reggae world’s best backup musicians, have caused crowds to sing and dance while praying along with their spiritual message. They have toured Europe and Japan to huge crowds, appreciative of the chance to see these statesmen of reggae. The opening of their first-ever world tour took place at

Pappa Roots
Roots has been a part of the music scene for more than 30 + years originally Enterprise sound which started back in 1976/77 things crew from there playing many of the top’s sound system from back in the hay day of sound system culture whilst take a break from the sound system seen in the late 90’S returned with a new sound and new name to continue in 2005 pappa roots Going from strength to strength, check out the pappa roots face book page with some original poster from the golden past!! blessed love.

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Cookery Demos
12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Nishma Shah - Shambu’s - Shambhu’s Asian fusion Anna Middleton - Rawsome - Probiotics and Fermentation Sutra kitchen chefs - Vegan Mexican Aneesh Popat - The Chocolatier Textures of Chocolate Saskia Fraser - Quick, easy and delicious Raw Food for busy lives Jay Morjaria - Sutra Kitchens Vegan canapés

Anna Middleton is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Bristol who enjoys sharing information about the effects that different foods have on the way we feel. Anna gives talks & workshops on cellular nutrition, raw foods and Naturopathic Techniques that can support healing and transformation of health.

Chef Jay Morjaria Vegan canapés
Get your party off to great start with a selection of mouth-watering and easy to prepare vegan canapés all accompanied with a thirst quenching cocktail. Chef Jay Morjaria will show you how to combine simple and fresh ingredients to create a selection of guilt free canapés that will impress your guests and make you the perfect host

locally grown vegetables. Paella is traditionally made with fish or meat but just as delicious with vegetables-if you know the tricks to the getting it right! We will share our tips and techniques as well as other delicious tapas dishes from Andalucia, where Jo lived for many years. The dishes are all vegan and wheat free

12:00 1:00 2:00 Rebecca Kane (Shine on Raw) - Raw Chocolate and Coconut Bliss Deborah Durrant (Deliciously Raw) Entertaining The Vegetarian Cookery School Seasonal Vegetable Paella and Tapas dishes Anna Middleton (Rawsome) - Magic Raw Cake Demo Rebecca Kane (Shine on Raw) - Raw Fajitas Jay Morjaria Sutra Kitchens - Vegan gourmet

London based artisan chocolatier Aneesh Popat will demonstrate how to create a set of different textures in chocolate. With the use of chocolate based sponge, crumble, ganache and tempered shard casings he will show how to create a truly indulgent chocolate heaven!

Raw Food Chef, Author and Presenter, Rebecca is the founder of the Shining Academy, a company committed to working with people so they can connect to their true nature and take their lives to the next level. She does this through her fun teaching style, skills as a kinesiologist and love of raw food. At 12pm Rebecca will be giving a demonstration of her quick, easy and very tasty raw Chocolate and Coconut Bliss Balls and raw Spaghetti Bolognese.

Anna is passionate about making healthy food taste fabulous and has become Bristol’s leading raw food expert - as well as hosting raw dinner parties, she makes raw cakes and chocolates packed full of nutrient dense medicinal foods which she posts all over the UK as well as delivering to health shops in Bristol.

3:00 4:00 5:00

In this fun recipe demonstration, Raw Food Mentor and Life Coach Saskia Fraser will be showing you simple and tasty raw food recipes that can be created in a matter of minutes. Saskia demonstrates how raw food is accessible to everyone, including beginners, busy parents, sceptics and kids. Whether you just want to introduce a bit more raw food into your diet or you want to embrace the raw food lifestyle, the recipes in this demo will inspire you with their ease and deliciousness to eat more raw for energy, natural beauty and vibrant good health!

At 4pm Rebecca will be giving a demonstration of her quick, easy and very tasty raw Fajitas with all the trimmings - Sour cream, salsa and nut ‘meat’ - You will not want to miss these!

Join Deborah Durrant from Deliciously Raw and learn to make amazingly elegant and decadent raw food for entertaining . Just back from spending a few months training with Matthew Kenney in California, her courses were shortlisted for the Best Short Cookery Course in the UK and Ireland by the Looking to Cook Awards. Deborah will show you how to make an appetiser, main meal and elegant dessert to wow your friends and family in a little under an hour.

Nishma Shah is the vegan chef behind Shambhu’s, the London-based family run vegan catering company and creators of a popular range of vegan & gluten-free cheesecakes (Shambhu’s Lemon & coconut cheesecake has been nominated for a VegFest UK award this year). One secret of Shambhu’s success is how Nishma draws inspiration from culinary styles from around the world. At the Bristol Vegfest, Nishma’s theme will be Asian fusion, with two exotic, delightfully tasty, healthy and simple-to-make dishes: vegan sushi and chilli tofu.
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Chef Jay Morjaria - Vegan Gourmet
Chef Jay Morjaria will create two vegan gourmet dishes using fresh and quality ingredients. These easy to re-create and sensational dishes will impress your friends and family and make you look like a haute cuisine chef. He will also teach you a few simple knife skills and techniques that will give and insight into restaurant secrets.

Sutra kitchen chefs Vegan Mexican
Before the conquests of the Spanish, the food of the native Mexicans was largely based on a vegan diet. Using the bold and exciting flavours from Mexico, Sutra kitchen’s chefs will create a series of tasty vegan dishes such as Black bean filling for soft flour tortillas, a zingy pico de gallo and an amazing chunky guacamole! A feast for any fiesta!

The Vegetarian Cookery School “Seasonal Vegetable Paella and Tapas dishes”
At the Vegetarian Cookery School and Demuths Restaurant in Bath we love the food and flavours of Spain and one of our best loved dishes is Paella. Rachel Demuth and Jo Ingleby will show you how to make the perfect vegetarian paella with

Vegfestuk | 13

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00

Janey Lee Grace - Is living in the 21st Century making you Sick Saskia Fraser - Raw Food energy for Busy Lives Mellissa Morgan (Ms. Cupcake) - How to replace animal products in your baking The Health Secrets Of Traditional Diets Ange de Lumiere - Go Green with your Slimming Kevin Daw (Soul Juices Mobile Juice Bar) - Juicing, Enzymes and Raw food

Raw Food Mentor and Life Coach Saskia Fraser discusses the benefits of introducing a strong element of raw food into your diet. In this accessible talk Saskia will explain what raw food is and how it works with your body to de-stress and energise you, helping you to get so much healthier, look more youthful and attain your natural weight.

Why should we juice? Why not eat the food? Over time due to eating and drinking the wrong kind of things our digestive systems become over burdened and less efficient. As we get older our enzyme account gets depleted which means the body cannot absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the food we eat.

Nutritional and Functional Medicine. I have been in this field for a quarter of a century and work with all manner of compromised health problems, from the serious to those that are simply very annoying and decrease the quality of life for those suffering.

Tim from Yaoh has been vegan nealry 30 years now and eats a hi raw vegan diet with lots of hemp in it. In this talk Tim looks at raw energy and hemp seeds and includes a short hemp smoothie demo. His special guest Neil Robinson is the UK’s first top flight professional footballer to play on a vegan diet and Neil will be talking about what works for him and about what it was like to go vegan in 1980 and play at the top level.

12:00 Yvonne Bishop - Weston Kids Health Care: Nutrition Information and Facts for Children and Families Ruth Joseph - Journey into Vegetarianism Pat Reeves (Food Alive) - Applying plant-based nutrition for inner-healing Tim Barford (Yaoh) with Neil Robinson (ex - Everton FC) - Raw Energy and Hemp Smoothies Amanda Woodvine - Getting the balance right: nutrition for older vegetarians and vegans Mark Skipper - The Secrets of Vitality Stripped Bare

Struggling to veganize your favourite cake recipes or want to expand past your current recipe repertoire? Mellissa Morgan (Ms. Cupcake) will take you through the world of vegan baking substitutions and you’ll learn why you don’t need milk, eggs or butter in any recipe.

1:00 2:00 3:00

5 minutes of discovery for an optimum nutrition recipe for Kids health and healthy diet plan ideas. Plant based diet solutions for what kids should eat, and why, and what we need to keep out of children’s diets to offer them best chance for a happy healthy future. She reveals life is not a health lottery, there are easy, risk reducing, health insurance diet steps you can take.



Neil Kingham The Health Secrets Of Traditional Diets
Discover the nutritional secrets of traditional diets from around the globe, and the dangers of modern food processing techniques. in this talk, Neil Kingham, a Bristol-based nutritional therapist and lecturer for the College Of Naturopathic Medicine, will share lots of practical advice and tips for surviving the modern diet, and improving your health on all levels.

According to a national survey, older people living in institutions often lack certain vitamins and minerals. Worryingly, nutrient deficiencies affect around four in ten older adults, which can lead to a vicious cycle of infection. Public health nutritionist Amanda Woodvine explains which nutrients to take special care over in and out of a care setting, easy ways to get them, and will be on hand to answer any questions specific to catering for older vegetarians or vegans.

RUTH JOSEPH Journey into Vegetarianism
“As a professional caterer I needed fresh eggs and discovered the horrors of battery cages. A change in career, led me to study nutrition under the guidance of Patrick Holford. Ten years in practice showed me that good vegetarian food can be perfect medicine. And although I have suffered from ME, I used the magic of a vegetarian/ almost vegan diet, plus exercise, to restore my health.”

Janey Lee Grace Is living in the 21st Century making you Sick
Janey Lee Grace (from BBC Radio 2’ Steve Wright in the Afternoon, and author of 5 books on natural living including the Number One Amazon Best seller Imperfectly Natural Woman asks ‘ Is living in the 21st Century making you Sick?’ Janey will share her recommendations on how to avoid the hidden dangers of harmful chemicals in modern day life, and stay healthy.
14 | Vegfestuk

Learn how our biggest challenges can become our biggest blessings. You’ll learn the limitless power that we can all tap into using some easy to apply principles. Skip went from being in traction for 6 months motionless, being told by Doctors and some of the worlds best medical experts that he would never walk again and would be spending the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Refusing to believe this Skip started studying the power of the Mind, Body & Spirit and not only was he able to learn how to walk, run and jump again but he eventually went back to gymnastics and won the British Championships for Gymnastics again
Vegfestuk | 15

Planet Slim SoulTM offers a holistic green sustainable gentle yet very efficient way of slimming without scales, eating plan, calorie counting, or strenuous exercise. It is based on the Seven golden rules of slimming of the book Journey of the Slim Soul. Instead of trying to control the effects of weight issues, it goes to the root of the issue, making the rest of the slimming journey easy and effortless.

I will be 68 this coming autumn and based in the West Midlands. I am amazed at how fast the years pass and enthralled to have existed far longer than I should with an intractable cancer. As my occupation, I practice

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00

Campaigns and Lifestyle
Liz Tyson (CAPS) - Results of brand new CAPS investigation launched! John - Dogs Mountain - The Phillipines Darren - Sea Shepherd Update Kerry McCarthy - Parliamentary Report Victoria Martindale - Who is the Lab Rat? Lee Coates - Ethical Investors - Cruelty free Money a Sanctuary for dogs rescued from the dog meat trade. Starting with a simple bamboo hut in 2006, Dogs Mountain, has evolved into a small village caring for over 200 rescued dogs. A visitors center open all year, offers a warm welcome to international Volunteers who stay free in return for helping with the dogs.

You might be Cruelty Free - but is your money? Lee Coates OBE, architect of the principles of Cruelty Free Money, discusses the ways our financial system exploits animals every minute of every day. If you have a bank or savings account, ISA, Pension or any other form of investment, find out how you to apply your cruelty free/veggie/vegan values to your money. If you don’t apply our values to your money, you allow someone else apply their values to your money, or worse, no values at all.

Do we all believe it is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering and death on animals? ... What constitutes unnecessary? Surely, If it means anything at all, it must mean it is wrong to inflict suffering and death on animals for reasons of pleasure, amusement, convenience, or habit... Covering all ground from our ‘Moral Schizophrenia’ towards animals, to the Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare debate, this talk will be controversial, enlightening, and certainly not one to miss.’

No shortage of drama here as Darren gives us the latest update from one of the world’s most succesfull campaigning groups, in a talk not to be missed by anyone looking for a bit of inspiration in how to take on the big guys and succeed. For a little taster, check out this latest report... d it o r i a l s /2 0 1 3 /03 /0 1 /s e a - s h e p h e rd - e s co r t s - t h e japanese-whaling-fleet-out-of-the-southern-ocean-whalesanctuary-602

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Ruth Semple - Vegan Society - Taking the Sunflower to the Next Level Dean Bracher - Motivation and Change Fiona Oakes - Taking Veganism to the Extreme Ben Frost - Our Troubled Relationship with Animals Tony Wardle (Viva!) - Saving the World with you Knife and Fork Hayley Dann - Wild Futures - The Primate Pet Trade and Why it Must End - Joey’s Story

Kerry will give an update on what has been happening in politics recently that affects or is likely to be of interest to vegans, including: the Government’s response to the horse meat scandal, and to recent authoritative reports highlighting the health problems caused by meat and fast food consumption; the cosmetics testing ban (and what comes next); hunting (will this Government try to reverse the ban?); badgers, bees, endangered species and other environmental/ animal welfare issues.

Ruth Semple reveals how The Vegan Society is reaching for new heights.

Tony’s talk is called Saving the World With Your Knife and Fork and, one by one, he goes through the great environmental catastrophes that threaten the planet and brutally exposes how politics and profit are destroying our world. At the heart of almost every one is livestock farming. People keep talking but the trees keep falling; superbugs just keep on appearing; deserts keep on spreading, land keeps on degrading and the planet keeps on getting warmer - all (largely) thanks to livestock producers.

Why in this day and age do we need to care? Well, with all the things going on around us then maybe it’s time we made a difference and acted on that desire for it to change. This talks will help you down that road and will look at our lifestyle and where it gets us and then the positive steps towards something that can improve not only ours but everyones! It’s for anyone wanting to learn about the ethics of compassion and being open to lifestyles that are new and sometimes seem different! We’ll learn together that they are not and now is the time to act!

LIZ TYSON (CAPS) Results of brand new CAPS investigation launched!
Director of the Captive Animals’ Protection Society, Liz Tyson, will present the findings of a brand new investigation which is currently being carried out by the organisation. In addition, Liz will outline the important next steps for CAPS’ campaigns to end the exploitation of captive animals. More details to be confirmed.

Victoria looks at the evidence to show how unscientific animal testing is. It is wasting millions of tax payers money while not delivering human health benefits and of course inflicts huge amounts of pain, suffering and death on countless animals in vain. The science shows that no amount of testing new drugs and human diseases on mice, rabbits and monkeys will predict the human response, so it begs the question, who is the real lab rat here?

A talk by Hayley Dann of leading primate charity, Wild Futures on the current state of the primate pet trade in the UK and the damaging effects it has on these intelligent, social and complex animals. Wild Futures runs The Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, the only accredited sanctuary in Europe. The Sanctuary is currently home to 36 monkeys, many ex-pets. www.

Life long vegan, elite Marathon runner, Marathon des Sables finisher and North Pole Marathon Champion, Fiona Oakes takes veganism to the extreme whilst combining her training with caring for the 400 previously neglected, unwanted and abused animals at her Sanctuary in Essex. Fiona will speak about her adventures in the Desert, the North Pole, her Marathon experiences and victories and her passionate belief in her ethical, vegan lifestyle and diet.

An Inspiring story of an Artist who sells his house in Brighton and buys a Mountain in the Philippines to build
16 | Vegfestuk

Vegfestuk | 17

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Graham “Theobroma” Jevon - LifeForce Nutrition Richi - Cell to Soul Wellness & Wellbeing Jamison Combs - Inspired-life Leadership Ania Nowicki - Radiant Vitality Will Bedford - Choosing Cheeseburgers Comedy Hour

Richi returns from “The Valley of Longevity” - Vilcabamba, amid the Ecuadorian Andes, to share his singularly transformative experiential insights into creating exuberant health, happiness and true wellbeing. The knowledge Richi has to share with us gained from his own personal transformation from physically debilitating chronic illness, and the deepest of mental and emotional adversities, is nothing short of life changing! His InnerSprings guidances, serve as the essential wellness element of our pioneering LifeWell Wellbeing System and the inspiration for all our lifeliberating wellbeing experiences!

LifeWell’s Expert Guest Speaker; Archaeologist, Anthropologist and Writer - William Bedford, explores a question he has been asking for years: why do we choose food the way we do, despite the health risks? For thousands of years humans have simply eaten whatever they could; are we just not ready for the choices the modern world gives us? Is the problem our “Western” diet or our Western Culture? A rare opportunity to gain from empowering insights into the driving influences of our culture.

lifestyle and sustainable living in an interactive workshop where everyone will be welcome to contribute. While there are a great many ways in which the two themes coincide, there are also times when we have to make difficult decisions in our lives. How can we tackle the moral arguments and value judgements for and against synthetic materials versus animal exploitation? Are vegans worried about ‘air miles’ in their food? This session might help us understand how to make personal decisions.

Caddy Cooper Sign and Song Showcase
The Sign & Song Interactive Showcase is an action packed show for 4-11 year olds and whole families alike. With high energy, engaging songs, families can take the opportunity to learn some cool moves, sing like a ROCKSTAR and even get a feel for Makaton signing! Get your body moving, get your voice soaring, get your brain in gear and get those hands a-signing with Sign & Song at VegFest 2013!! Communication. Confidence. Cohesion. Community. Sign & Song was developed in association with The Makaton Charity and Slough Music Service. See here for details http://

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Berty Justice - Choose Vegan, improve the World Stephen H – Don’t Torture Animals Martin Fodor - Vegan life and sustainable living: the tricky issues Caddy Cooper – Sign and Song Showcase Shiva Trust - Veganism is a Way of Life Comedy Hour

The UK’s foremost example of and ambassador for Enlightened Entrepreneurism, Jamison Combs, offers an elegantly simple method with his Inspired-Life Map, the most refreshingly accessible compass for us to guide ourselves swiftly into coherence with our excitement and our desired dharma. Learn what inspired the “from scratch to success” rise of the UK’s biggest selling wholefoods brand, nakd bars!

Don’t Torture Animals is a new campaigning group. http:// DTA-Dont-Torture-Animals/523616781022145?fref=ts We have the goal of showing shocking films on busy street corners and busy junctions of animals being tortured for human satisfaction. We aim to do this by mounting a large screen onto a van. We are copying the method from Eddie Lama who pioneered this technique with great success in New York. http://www. One of the DTA’s founder members Stephen Hendry recently slept up a tree in Brighton to prevent Council contractors cutting it down. Stephen and other members have now turned their attention to raising awareness of the suffering of animals;

Living Foods, Raw Foods, Super-Foods and SuperHerbs healing and thriving strategies, shared with a refreshingly inclusive while deeply informative approach by the UK’s leading Living Foods, Medifoods and Tonic herb expert, Graham “Theobroma” Jevon. Closely mentored by the worlds most prominent Raw Foods Authority David Wolfe, learn from an acclaimed wellness expert who himself lost over 10 stones in weight! Curing his host of chronic illnesses!
18 | Vegfestuk

We are devotees of Satguru Sri Ramana, and we have learnt that the word vegan means to live one’s life as much as possible according to the principle of ahimsa non-violence. We believe that god is in everything. We must learn to recognize the interconnectedness of all life, and to reflect this realization in all of our choices. Come and explore what true veganism could mean to your life. We’ll explore how devotion - Love of God relates to veganism and show you how to make truly divine homemade chocolate truffles. All participants go home with their very own pack!
Vegfestuk | 19

Integrative Nutritionist and Wholistic Health Coach, Ania Nowicki radiates vitality! Having solved her own weight and health issues and drawing from the frontiers of integrative nutritional health science taught today, Ania offers compassionate and complete guidance into simple and practical ways we can integrate life igniting change into our lifestyle and our whole life experience!

Local sustainability expert and member of Bristol Vegans, Martin Fodor, will explore the links and tensions for those interested in both vegan

11:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 1:30 1:30 - 3:15 3:30 - 4:00 4:00 - 4:30 4:30 - 6:00 Making the Connection Got the Facts on Milk? Forks over Knives Ryan Vance - Jim Morris: The Story of a 77 year old vegan bodybuilder Discussion with Ryan Vance Simply Raw

Got The Facts On Milk? Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home
Got the Facts on Milk? is an entertaining, award-winning feature documentary that dares to question the conventional wisdom of the much publicized health benefits of milk and dairy products. Addressing myth, truth and all in-between, the film is a humorous yet shocking exposition that provokes serious thought about this everyday staple.

11:30 - 12:00 12:00 - 1:30 1:30 - 2:45 3:00 - 4:15 4:30 - 5:15 5:30 - 6:00 Food for Life Planeat Vegucated Peaceable Kingdom The Witness Making the Connection

Forks Over Knives
Forks over Knivesexamines the profound claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods. The major storyline in the film traces the personal journeys of a pair of pioneering yet under-appreciated researchers, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

Peaceable Kingdom: the Journey Home explores the awakening conscience of several people who grew up in traditional farming culture and who have now come to question the basic assumptions of their way of life, providing insight into the farmers’ sometimes amazing connections with the animals under their care, while also making clear the complex web of social, psychological and economic forces that have led them to their present dilemma.

The Witness
The Witness follows a construction contractor from a tough Brooklyn neighbourhood who explains with humour and sincerity how he feared and avoided animals for most of his life, until the love of a kitten opened his heart, inspiring him to rescue abandoned animals and bring his message of compassion to the streets of New York.

Making the Connection Vegucated
Part sociological experiment and part adventure comedy, Vegucated follows 3 meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a plant-based diet for six weeks. Lured by tales of weight lost and health regained, they begin to uncover the hidden sides of animal agriculture that they eventually risk everything to expose. But is it easy for them to deal with customary get-togethers with carnivorous friends and relatives? This entertaining documentary showcases the rapid and at times comedic evolution of three people who discover they can change the world one bite at a time. This 30-minute film Vegan Society production explores an exciting lifestyle which combines delicious, healthy food with tackling many of the ethical and global challenges facing us today and into the future. It explains how going plant-based is good for your health, good for the environment, good for the animals and can help to feed a growing world population.

Simply Raw
Simply Raw follows 6 obese diabetic Americans as they undergo a 30-day detox program on a strictly raw wholefood plant-based diet.

Planeat is the story of three men’s life-long search for a diet which is good for our health, good for the environment and good for the future of the planet. With an additional cast of pioneering chefs and some of the best cooking you have ever seen, the scientists and doctors in the film present a convincing case for the West to re-examine its love affair with meat and dairy.
20 | Vegfestuk

Food For Life
Food for Life covers all aspects of the vegetarian diet including health and nutrition; animals; environment; feeding the world and examples of what to eat each day to be healthy. Experts include Dr Chris Fenn (nutritionist); Alan Durning (World Watch Institute); Juliet Gellatley (founder of Viva! and VVF and nutritional therapist) and Lesley Jeavons (cookery expert). This film has proved very popular with secondary schools across the UK, esp. in Food Tech GCSE classes.

Ryan Vance - Jim Morris: The Story of a 77 year old vegan bodybuilder
Vegan filmmaker Ryan Vance presents his short film about 77-year-old bodybuilder Jim Morris. Jim was a professional bodybuilder for nearly 30 years and won many major titles including Mr. America, Mr. USA, and Mr. International. In 1996, Jim won the Mr. Olympia masters at age 61 as a vegetarian. In 2000, Jim became a vegan for health and ethical reasons. He continues to train regularly and works as a personal trainer in Venice, California. The film will explore Jim’s amazing story and his fascinating thoughts on life and personal fulfillment.
Vegfestuk | 21

Performance Stage Daytime
12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Flame of Fervour Sam Monaghan Dan Korn & The Choppy Waters Owen Penrice De Fuego Howlin’ Mat to hone his craft and his powerful live performances have since led him to become a prominent figure on the acoustic circuit of the Big Smoke.

Howlin’ Mat is every inch the blues man and one hell of a guitar player. His wife did leave him, he did lose his house and sleep in his car, he does have no money and his back does hurt. When you hear Howlin’ Mat’s tales of cheap hotels, too much alcohol, late nights and fast food, you know it comes straight from the heart.

perform alongside traditional Middle Eastern and Sephardic music. They also play their own arrangements of music by Eric Satie and Lennon & McCartney, as well as Jazz, blues and anything else that takes their fancy.

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Josh Milton Caddy Cooper Mr Downlands Midnight Al & The Sunflowers Big Joe Bone Ben Jordan

Dan Korn & The Choppy Waters
Songwriter Dan Korn’s guitar led folk, weaves enchanting melodies around exquisitely crafted lyrics. Dan’s moving songs are “like a long sob laden with farewells”. Cutting his teeth in London pubs Dan has become a respected performer, mixing angelic vocals with his bluesy guitar, all of it charged with energy. Dan is currently playing on stage with ‘The Choppy Waters’; Paul Michelmore (harmonica and banjo) and Joe Sharp (double bass and trumpet). Website link:


Born the 14th May 1993, Josh was brought up in the quiet suburbs of Bristol in South West England. Musically Josh started playing guitar when he was little and it has probably been the one thing that he has stuck at doing. Since he started songwriting he has taken influence from a decent handful of artists, particularly from the likes of Ben Howard, Mumford & Sons and a little bit of old school Zepplin thrown in the mix too. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all about Alexandra’s looks and distinctive voice. But you’d be missing the point... invest a little more time, listen a little deeper and you’ll realise it’s also about the clever, witty lyrics; the memorable melodies and the fabulous latin/jazz/swing flavoured arrangements from those talented Sunflowers!

Flame; state of burning, burn brightly, intense passion. Fervour; great intensity of feeling or belief. Flame of Fervour are an acoustic duo evoking an atmospherically intense journey of reflection and connection. Through the deep reverberations of their despondently tuned guitar, the rhythmic vibrations of the cajon and the hypnotic bittersweet melodies, they will captivate your spirit with their unique sound. Awaken now... to your emotions...

Owen Penrice is from Torquay in Devon and writes and records his own tracks on life and his youthful experiences. You get lost in this artist, as you follow in his reality stories. From the funny, to the serious, to even his first love song! The room drops in silence as soon as Owen opens his mouth. This musician is a captivator completely in his own right and style too. Owen has a distinctive vocal ad throws in some rap for good measure! Sounds like we are in for a treat then boys and gols.

Caddy Cooper is a West Australian acoustic blues and folk singer songwriter. This self confessed troubadour weaves an irresistible tapestry with vivacious melodies and poignant stories of the souls encountered on her travels. With a ‘little Martin’ guitar and a voice of epic proportion, Caddy Cooper gives a live performance guaranteed to leave you smiling and humming her tunes for days afterwards; an experience not to be missed.

Big Joe Bone are Danny Wilson and Ivor Aldred...two friends from Wales who love to play delta/country blues, roots and ragtime music.. Influenced by pre-war delta bluesmen like Son House, Bukka White and Robert Johnson, as well as modern musicians like John Hammond and Charlie Parr.....Danny and Ivor play fast, furious foot stomping music, as well as more subtle, dulcet blues. Go to to find out more.

Drawing influence from the deep well of the classic American songwriters Dylan, Young, Mitchell - and smelting it together with a plethora of modern sounds from punk to traditional folk, 20 year old troubadour Sam Monaghan creates deep, powerful music driven by acoustic instruments, acrobatic melodies and razor sharp lyrics. Originally hailing from the Steel City of Sheffield, Sam relocated to London in September of 2011
22 | Vegfestuk

De fuego are a sensational guitar duo, playing energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music. From different backgrounds, Edina Balczo is a Hungarian self-taught guitarist, but became extremely popular on Youtube and Davide Lufrano Chaves is Italian/Costa Rican and studied classical guitar at the Conservatorio Puccini gaining his Masters Degree in Music. De Fuego have come a long way since these humble beginnings when they were buskers in different markets across London.

Ben Jordan can best be classified as a 21st century troubadour. 2010 saw the release of his critically acclaimed “Ghosts Breathing through Our Strings” & finally a European tour. Settling in Cornwall, Ben has been electrifying audiences with a newfound optimism. He has taken this outlook from the streets of England’s West Country to the stages of major festivals and all manner of venues in between.
Vegfestuk | 23

Mr Downland’s Midnight is Simon Leach on oud and Knud Stuwe on guitar. Named after one of John Dowland’s most melancholy lute pieces which they

Chariots of the Sun Stage
5:30 7:00 8:30 Trick The Fox Vid Warren Muff Said

Vid Warren brings you something that you will not have seen before. Look out for bass-heavy beatbox sounds that you wouldn’t believe a human-mouth could make, along with a few surprises from his briefcase. You may have seen Vid Warren performing around the world in Europe/Canada/USA/Asia; at sell-out shows in O2 venues across the UK; on festival stages including Glastonbury, WOMAD, Fusion, and Electric Picnic

Known for his melodic, alternative folk Dirk Landish is the UK based performer songwriter acclaimed for his whisky viscous voice and commanding lyrics. His self-produced debut album, “Blissful Drunken Blues”, has a vintage warmth that will endure many listens and still throw up new surprises time and again.

slide guitar bringing a new twist to roots and blues music so expect original and cover songs to keep your feet stomping! Previous gigs include Glastonbury and the big chill festivals.

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Thom Quentin Leigh Forget Me Not Dirk Landish Dan Korn The Stride Dub The Earth

Piano-fuelled Bristol 5-piece taking you on a musical journey from soulful reflection to foot stomping grooves, presented by the gloriously rich tones of miss Sophie G.

Mae Karthauser (of Mae & The Midnight Fairground fame) boasts a collection of vibrant circus-esque songs that tell vivid stories of wayward characters both human and animal. Song and music is coupled with a distinctive twist of humour and eccentrically woven anecdotes (on topics as wide as resident ladybirds, the violent homeless, and literature for 8-10 year olds). Often shows come wildly embellished, dressed with magical theatrical elements and audience participation to create another world in which the boundaries of performer and spectator are miraculously blended... Whether alone, or surrounded by a troupe of anything up to ten musicians, dancers, acrobats and clowns, Mae Karthauser has audiences nestled playfully in the palm of her hand, as she strokes each one of them gently on the head, grinning like a badly behaved child in the chocolate aisle.

12:00 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 Amy Yon Christian Walsh Mae And The Midnight Fairground Ben River I Am In Love Goan Dogs

A cheekily named 7 piece, female fronted, ska band hailing from Bristol. With a formidable horn section and the most boisterous bass lines in the West, they party onstage with the wild abandon of a band having lots of infectious fun.

This Dub juggernaut from the belly of the Earth have shaken festivals, raves, clubs & free parties with their massive bass lines, skanking acid dub-fueled rhythms & vibes from the belly of the earth! The band originally formed in the Hungerford area way back in the late 80’s with members of dub/punk pioneers RDF, Revolutionary Dub Warriors & Jah Works. They have played stages at the likes of Glastonbury, Womad, Boardmasters, The Glade, The Green Gathering, Alchemy Festival, Farmer Phils, Kingston Green Fair, Bristol Carnival,..... & before those the legendary free festivals of Stonehenge, Torpedo Town, Lechlade, Hungerford Common & Castle Morton!

Trick The Fox are a brand new three piece band, having recently signed a recording deal with the team behind Plan B’s top selling album, “The Defamation of Stricland Banks”, they are already making a name for themselves in the music industry, and touring the UK delivering raw, engaging, high energy shows. Often compared to bands like The Police, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and The Arctic Monkeys.

SATURDAY Thom Quentin Leigh
A sound that some describe to be haunting. Thomas’s performances are simple and stripped back, showing simplicity through one person’s voice and an acoustic guitar.

Poet and songwriter Ben River was brought up in West London, Ladbroke Grove and has been on a weird and wonderful musical journey ever since.

Bristol based musician and artist Amy Yon is an undeniable force of beauty and empowerment. She lives vicariously through her music and has been song writing for over five years. At only 19 that is a true accomplishment and as she enters her twenties she is developing her vocal structure and depth even more; as well as releasing her first EP.

The Bristol five-piece, Goan Dogs, create a mature, intricate and cinematic sound born within the City’s rich musical heritage. Drawing influences from a wide artistic pool, the band has a gift for marrying seemingly opposed elements. The dusty vibes of Ry Cooder, Calexico and Tinariwen easily find a home with shades of 50’s rockabilly, as does their focus on vocal harmonies and interesting melody. Coupled with a desire to experiment and explore beyond the confines of their influences the result is a cohesive and arresting sound unique to the band.

Forget Me Knot is an up and coming Bristol-based band who intertwine velvet harmonies with many different musical influences to create an eclectic Folk/ Pop vibe. With their E.P., “Dust”, coming in April, they are beginning to break into Bristol’s thriving music scene.

Christian is an experienced guitarist, performing sessions and solo shows across the Southwest. He plays unique
Vegfestuk | 25

24 | Vegfestuk

Kids Area
Captain James Tea Cook and The Pirates of The Carob Bean at the Peripatetic Foods for Life Academy of Food and Nutrition 12:00-1:00 Electricity and Rainbow Sushi with Capt JTC We make batteries out of ordinary fruit and vegetables with enough electricity to power a clock. Then we make Rainbow Sushi for lunch trying to get a rainbow in our snack and why that’s important Dan Druff All In One Circus Show Pancake wraps and Volcanos with Capt JTC Capt JTC looks at different ways to make food fluffy as a pink moshi monster using yeast and baking powder. Pancake tossing lessons from a champion tosser and how to make a nutritious healthy rainbow lunch wrap and then stand well back for the famous erupting yeast volcano Dan Druff All In One Circus Show Emulsification, vegan cheese and Chocolate Energy Cannon Balls with Capt JTC Captain JTC teaches the magic of ‘emulsifi-mucation’, how to make vegan cheese and then some healthy chocolate snack balls that are a great addition to a healthy packed lunch or snack box. Dan Druff All In One Circus Show The Colour of Magic and Green Slime with Capt JTC A little bit of fun with colour and taste buds and then with make Green slime to take away(Don’t get it on your mums carpet!) Prizes for Treasure trail 3:00-4:00 4:00-4:30 Emulsification, vegan cheese and Chocolate Energy Cannon Balls with Capt JTC Carmen Miranda Workshop ‘With over ten years’ experience performing Brazilian dance internationally, Rebelado Showgirls will be providing Vegfest with their very own tribute to the queen of Fruit headdresses Carmen Miranda. They’re inclusive workshops will allow for participation on every level, so come on in and have a go. The girls will be performing their tribute act for the less adventurous participants who can come and watch.’ The Colour of Magic and Green Slime with Capt JTC Prizes for Treasure trail with a walkabout mobile musical kitchen guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds and more as they prepare samples of our sponsors’ products.

1:00-1:30 1:30-2:30

The Posh Pigs
appearing on Sunday The Posh Pigs are a walkabout act that travel the length and breadth of the country seducing audiences with oinks, squeals and porky charm. They are hilariously captivating, interactive and fun for everyone. Pigs are inquisitive and intelligent and these cheeky, yet well-to-do characters can be found nosing in your lunch, laughing at your business and causing a stir amongst the crowds. They would be happy as pigs in mud to hear from you, so if you are interested in booking The Posh Pigs, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

4:30-5:00 3:30

2:30-3:00 3:00-4:00

Also appearing….. Capoeria performances and workshops
at various times over the weekend Capoeira is an energetic and exciting dance & fight and it is these unique factors which make it totally captivating to watch. Our group works with the rich elements of traditional Brazilian dance, culture and music promoting art forms such as maculele (warrior dance) and Samba, as well as capoeira

4:00-4:30 4:30-5:00

hosting our Kids Area on saturday and sunday from 11am - 5pm At the Junkfish kids area you’ll find fabulous free activities for the whole family. Visit our craft tent for a great range of ‘make and take’ activities from making a ribbon skirt or designing your own sword and shield to painting a giant rocket. Or relax for a while in our cosy family chill out area with tons of books, magazines and toys including playdough, duplo and a dressing up box. Outside there will be more festival fun with circus skills equipment including our wonderful giant hula hoops and a giant ball run made from recycled junk. Enjoy!

Captain James Tea Cook delivers a wacky mix of cooking, kitchen science and chemistry for primary school aged kids. A little bit of singing and a quite a lot of piratey shouting involved so if your child is of a delicate disposition it’s probably best to take them to the craft tent. Please bring wash hands before cookery classes. Also - There’s a smoothie bike to make your own fruit smoothies (£1) and a treasure trail to find the best meat free food as well as clowns and magicians, Samba dancers, singing, dancing and hoola hoops


Sunday May 26th
11:30 12:00-1:00 1:00-1:30 Treasure Trail – All ages welcome - Grab a treasure map With Capt JTC & POTCB Electricity and Rainbow Sushi with Capt JTC DOMMY B King of rhymes Dommy B (champion of New York’s famous Nuyorican Poetry Cafe Slam, as seen performing his poetry on CBeebies ‘Rhyme Rocket’) comes with a bag full of lyrics, laughs and lots of bits where you can join in! Pancake wraps and Volcanos with Capt JTC Hoola Hoop Workshop – wiggle yourself fit and groovy

Dan Druff Circus Madness Show
A spectacular one man circus show of unicycling, juggling and incredible balance. There’s plenty of audience interaction as Dan Druff uses his crazy humour and zany props to woo the crowds. Get your mops ready as Dan Druff attempts to defy gravity with the precarious fish bowl balance. Watch in a nail-biting frenzy as Dan Druff risks all to perform his death-defying unicycle routine, “the amazing skipping unicycle”, a jaw-dropping display of world class unicycling. There’s even a human (clown?) cannonball. Family friendly circus fun. 100% high energy entertainment!.”

The Crazy Golf Company
The new 2013 course has been remade using only the forefront of crazy golf technology including new holes and the option of improved lighting for night time play.

Saturday May 25th
11:30 Treasure Trail – All ages welcome - Grab a treasure map With Capt JTC & POTCB Find the horses at Vegfest. That’s a trick of course. Horsemeat is banned at Vegfest so find your favourite delicious horse free options in the main marquee and bring back your completed treasure map for a little prize. 1:30-2:30 2:30-3:00

Les Résonateur appearing on Saturday
An Anglo-French company who make musical fireshows, present their latest creation “Restaurant Rythmique”. Jerry, Robin and Steve indulge in the newest of nouvelle cuisine

“The World’s Best Portable Crazy Golf Course”
Sky Sports Road to the Ryder Cup Programme

26 | Vegfestuk

Vegfestuk | 27

Buen Apetito Falafest
Awesome looking Spanish style paella cooked in the massive pans in front of you, with a ‘meaty’ and ‘veggie’ version available, the ‘meaty’ made with Redwoods products…

Some of the best falafel you will ever see at a festival, great firm that have been coming to Vegfest for a number of years now and always impress with their tasty and affordable food.

K & F Catering
There’s a top selection of caterers at our event this year – all of them serving 100% vegan food. There’s a really wide choice and most of the food is available in medium as well as large portions. Great value, freshly cooked by people who love food, love people and love festivals – VegfestUK Bristol really does have some standout caterers. Here’s a selection of a few of them – please note not all menus have been confirmed 100%, these are just a guideline to the sort of food they are serving. All our caterers are vegan friendly and understand the importance of all aspects that this entails, including ingredients, pans and utensils.

Some superb Middle Eastern offerings including we hope more of their sensational baklava and other treats – highly recommended

La Crepe des Delices Pepe Nero PizzaVia

Savoury and Sweet authentic Crepes vegan style with a selection of fillings created by French master chef served from an old fashioned Citroen van.

St Best Caribbean Streetfood Live

Unique vegan pizza selection incorporating mozzarella, chorizo, ham, bacon and other ‘meats’, as well as traditional ingredients like aubergine, mushrooms and tomatoes – truly outstanding

Including rice and peas, and some very nice sounding juices and drinks, as well as snacks and traditional West Indian dishes

Stylish, classy and very tasty – wood fired oven baked pizzas made in front of you with a variety of toppings – all vegan friendly

Noodles and a selection of flavours including sweet and sour, lime pickle and chilli, mushroom pak choi and Chinese leaf, and more

Aunty Jees Spice up your Life

The Spotless Leopard

Traditional Curry House from the loveable Aunty Jee and her family – ever present at our events for years now, along with their vodka bar

Great new addition to the circuit from this 100% vegan business that only serves vegan food and some really good food too – including some brilliant quiches, flans and pies

An Indian Affair Biblos
28 | Vegfestuk

The Sunshine Kitchen

Amazing Indian curries from this family outfit, with plenty of spices, textures and flavours to suit all tastes.

Absolutely amazing Indian spicey snacks including samosa and pakoras, truly excellent food and they always sell out, not suprising really….absolutely hits the spot.

Burgers, salads, soups and snacks from this 100% vegan business, with some lovely people too – expect some big things from this team!

Biblos are Bristol based and have a variety of Middle Eastern based dishes like mezze, hummous, falafel, salads tabouleh
Vegfestuk | 29

Special Offers
Buy one of our delicious chipstix for £3.00 or two for £5.00

Saturday Eddy Brimson Jayne Edwards Jim Daly Sunday Andrew O’Neill Dominic Berry James Hately

At 5pm on Saturday and Sunday on the Workshops tent

Riverford Organic

join us for a vegbox delivery at the show stand and receive the 3rd box free *terms & conditions apply

A newcomer to the comedy circuit, Jim has been bringing his mix of jokes and comedy songs to audiences across London since May 2012. Thankfully a life of being a complete idiot prior to May 2012 has provided plenty of material. He’s recently been signed to record comedy songs for a new Internet TV show that’s launching soon and has a hip hop song about being a vegetarian that Dr Dre will surely opt to produce any day now. http://

AQUAPAX (Just Drinking Water)

7.1pH AQUAPAX Mineral Water - the only bottled water in a paper carton - try 1 for £1 or get 6 for £5. :)

Sarah Latham Massage Therapist

Buy one massage and get a half priced massage for your friend ...come and experience the benefits of massage in the open air

Braham & Murray Buen Apetito

Spend £20 and get a free GOOD Shaker worth £5. Buy 2 fabulous Veggie Paella’s and get a child portion free.

Sea Shepherd UK

Eco-Recycled Jolly Roger Backpacks held at discount price of just £25! (£46 on-line from SSCS web-stores).

Captive Animals’ Protection Society

Shining Seren SOSATEC

10% off by mentioning VEGFEST Discount of 25% and more off the RRP of our award winning Wellbalancer. SOSATEC

Come to the CAPS stall to find out how to help animals exploited in entertainment-for just £5 you can buy our magazine and a CAPS mug or shopper.

Cat And The Cream Ltd Charcoal People

check out special offers available on both days Charcoal People - all products are at least 15% off our normal prices on both Saturday and Sunday!

Streetfood Live

“Our well hot chilli sauce, made with the worlds hottest chilli, try for free buy for half price”

ANDREW O’NEILL Andrew O’Neill is a stand-up comedian, a metalhead, an amateur occultist and a musician. He’s pretty much been a show off since birth! He’s a vegan, as you can tell by the fact that he has a lithe, sinewy body. He’s a heterosexual transvestite, as you can tell by the fact that he wears female clothes and fancys girls. He’s not a goth. “the very definition of alternative” (The Guardian) “one of the funniest comedians on the circuit at the moment ... hitting new heights of comedic brilliance” (TimeOut) “so funny I put him in my new TV show” (Steve Coogan)

The Bristol Bakehouse

Community Foods

Free entry into our draw to win a vegan wedding cake when you purchase any product!

Loads of discounts including Buy One Get One Free’s on selected brands

The Buddha Beauty Company

Farplace Animal Rescue Fresh Therapies

free mini hand massage with all purchases, 20% off online price of all products.

Buy 2 BADGER SOMEONE ELSE T shirts for £10 (normal price £12) SHOW OFFER SAVE £1.50 PER BOTTLE EDEN natural nail polish remover the UK’s first Visit our stand Saturday & Sunday

The Chocolatier The Soap Deli

The Chocolatier - 20% off with this flyer Show offer, Unisex complete collection for only £20 (rrp £24.99) or Male complete collection for only £15 (rrp £19.99). Valid for saturday & sunday at the show only.

hunt saboteurs association

Get muddy, beat up and sometimes nicked best of all help save our wildlife!come out once for free - petrol money there afterwards.


The Sunshine Kitchen

Special show prices on all products, plus extra special value combo deals! Come see us for more info!

The Sunshine Kitchen- 10% OFF every MEAL DEAL with a voucher; we’ll be handing these out all weekend so keep a look out!!

Eddy Brimson
Eddy Brimson is one of the UK circuits most in demand headline acts working regularly with all the leading promoters. Eddy is equally in demand worldwide. He played the first ever Altitude Festival in the French Alps in 2008 and the Sydney Cracker Festival in Australia. Eddy has also taken his comedy to such far flung places as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. He once even played a gig naked.

2012 has seen Dominic perform poetry on UK CBeebies ‘Rhyme Rocket’ and Channel 4′s ‘My Daughter The Teenage Nudist’. He is currently recording his poetry for use in a new BBC2 documentary about the NHS. He is winner of New York’s infamous Nuyorican Poetry Cafe Slam (June, 2011) and Manchester Literature Festival.

Jamaica National UK Representative Office

The Vegan Society

Sign up for a Jamaica Vacation Account on the JN Mobile Unit to win a gift on Saturday and Sunday

Buy our supplement VEG1 90 for the reduced price of £5 and VEG1 180 for just £10 - only at Vegfest!

Journey of the Slim Soul Kara Dairy Free


3 for £10 on all 10g Vegan Faces face paints

Buy the book Journey of the Slim Soul, get the CD free. Kara Dairy Free - Save c. 40% on normal retail prices. All 1L packs at £1.00 on both Saturday and Sunday.

Vegan Organic Network Vegan Runners UK

Join VON and get a bag of Stockfree Organic Flour and DVD Club membership - new members offered one third discount at show for remainder of 2013 not including England Athletics registration.

League Against Cruel Sports Living Naturally Ltd

Set up a Direct Debit today and get a FREE animal keyring! FREE GIFT WITH EVERY PURCHASE


Growing up in the faded seaside town of Rhyl in North Wales, Jayne Edwards grew up surrounded by a surreal and dying tourist trade. Writing throughout her teens, and performing stand up from the age of 20, she has developed into an interesting, intelligent and original act. Funny and very likeable, she has a quirky style that is brought to an audience with energy and confidence. “Reminiscent of Josie Long and Isy Suttie, except I much preferred Jayne” (Alchemy, Wolverhampton) “Jayne was a total delight” (Cradley Heath comedy club)

Viva! Special Offer for Vegfest - Half price membership and a FREE GIFT for the first 20 people who sign up on Saturday and Sunday.

James is a weird and wonderful performer with a spindly ‘pythonesque’ figure and a dazzling imagination. His act makes use of surreal logic and imagery to bring a magical quality to the everyday. James has appeared in the Magners Pub Comedian of the Year final and has performed twice at the Green Man Festival.

MiMi,s Veggie Kitchen
Veg Patties £2 each 3for £5

Wild Futures Trading Ltd

Children’s meal deal veggie hot dog and a drink for £3.50 Cuppa and a Cake for £3.00

Need Sweets

Need Sweets - Free bag of sweets with every purchase! 10% off purchases over £10. 20% off purchases over £20

Wills Vegan Shoes Yaoh

10% minimum discount on all items Buy One Get One Free on all our fabulous hemp food and bodycare products, including protein powder, dehulled seed and oil www.

Pulsin’ Ltd.

Pulsin’ - Buy 4 bars for £5 - sample our bars before you buy @ pulsinandbeond

Revolution foods

Buy one, get one free, on spirulina and chlorella products.

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Vegfestuk | 31

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VegfestUK 2013 Stalls List
67 07414905138 22 Cyncoed Road Cyncoed Cardiff, CF23 5SG

66 Buen Apetito 07585335377 19 Churchill Avenue Dawlish Devon, EX7 9SB 442034450298 32 Upcross Gardens Reading, RG16PN

114 EqualiTea

An Indian Affair

3 Bute Island

46 Ethical Investors 01489 574593 23, Brunel Way, Segensworth East Industrial Estate, Fareham, Hants, PO15 5SD.

12, 13

Fry’s Distribution UK Ltd 07969333347 27 gloucester road tw9 3bs Richmond

La crêpe des délices

16, 17 Animal Aid 01700 505357 14 Craigmore Road Rothesay Isle of Bute Scotland, PA20 9LB 01242 539848 Montpellier House 47 Rodney Road Cheltenham GL50 1HX

77 01925 837810

Goodlife Foods Ltd

79 01527 458395

Lakeside Ethical Treats 01452 728900 Unit 16, Brunel Court Waterwells Business Park Gloucester Gloucestershire GL2 2AL

7 Pulsin’ Ltd.

116 Razzle Dazzle Ices

34 Tatton Court

112 01732 364546 The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge, TN9 1AW

133 134 C.A.R.I.A.D.

135 Animal Sanctuaries 07703643327 01559 395777 C.A.R.I.A.D. PO BOX 60 LAMPETER, SA48 9BE 0844 822 2664 Ethics and Health Foundation 33-45 Parr Street Liverpool, L1 4JN

Ethics and Health Foundation

Kingsland Grange Warrington WA14FF

81 League Against Cruel Sports 01483524250 New Sparling House Holloway Hill Godalming Surrey GU7 1QZ 01823 241241 2 Sycamore Close, Taunton. Somerset TA1 2QJ

91 Red Chilli Shop

125 Gusto Organic Ltd 02030703733 96b Holland Road London NW10 5AY

49 Captive Animals’ Protection Society 08453303911 PO Box 540 Salford, M5 0DS

53 Excellart

48 07740052228 8 Pondside Haywards Heath, RH16 4TH

AQUAPAX (Just Drinking Water) 01761 413 022 3 Primrose Terrace Midsomer Norton Radstock, BA3 2US

117 Living Naturally Ltd 02083602597 PO BOX 65722, LONDON N21 9AW


30 Cat And The Cream Ltd 07966464936 Unit 10 Heliport Estate Bridges Court London, SW11 3RE

71 Falafest

133 Aromawakening 07533 385946 197 Arabella Street Roath Cardiff, CF24 4SZ 0151 724 1181 77 Gladeville Road Aigburth Liverpool, L17 6DE +31645770429 Sonckstraat 15, 1623 JH, Hoorn, The Netherlands

Happy Herbi 07912732489 Red Chilli Shop Hunters Lodge Inn Leigh Common Wincanton Somerset BA98LD

22 Revolution foods

8 Lush

19 Hempish

10 Farplace Animal Rescue 01388517397 Far Place Sidehead Westgate, DL13 1LE

95 Aunty Jee

33 07525945876 PO Box 2077 Ilford Essex IG1 9HG 020 8549 2772 67 Clifton Road Kingston upon Thames Surrey, KT2 6PJ

Charcoal People 01600 861871 Hempish Stonelea Back Rd Catbrook Nr Chepstow 01179257582 Lush, 73 Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3DX 07845026884 28 Hawthorn Crescent Stapenhill Burton on trent staffs de15 9qp


140 Herbal Haven


121 Barchester Green Investment 01752 698838 45-49 Catherine Street Salisbury Wiltshire, SP1 2DH

74 CHIPSTIX 07837814378 4 Edward Street, Port Talbot, SA13 1YB

101 Coconom

72 01179232737 62a Stokes Croft, Stokes Croft Bristol, BS1 3qu

Biblos ltd 01905 821777 Baynhall Farm Pack Barn Main Road Kempsey Worcestershire, WR5 3PA 020 8532 9455 Unit 1 Wanstead Golf Club Overton Drive Wanstead London E11 2LW

Femmecup 01799540695 Coldhams Farm Rickling Saffron Walden CB11 3YL 07450317178 8 Tyler Street East Greenwich SE10 9Ey

MiMi,s Veggie Kitchen

87, 88 Riverford Organic 01803 762059 Wash Barn Buckfastleigh Devon TQ11 0JU

11 Ms. Cupcake Ltd
408 Coldharbour Lane 02077339438 408 Coldharbour Lane London SW9 8LF

93 royal natty


126 Fleecehaven 447971011890 Howley Park East Buckland Barnstaple North Devon, EX32 0TD 08454500727 BM HSA, London UK WC1N 3XX

hunt saboteurs association 07920434561 56 melbourne road nottingham ng8 5hp

6 Natural Balance Foods

90 RSPB 0845 862 5340 Unit 10, Wornal Park, Menmarsh Road, Worminghall, Bucks, HP18 9PH

59 incognito

99 07712423207 29 Arthur Road Slough Berkshire

Bohemian Chic Minerals

119 College of Naturopathic Medicine 01342 410 505

34 Flint and Flame

55 57 Community Foods

35 36 Braham & Murray 02077277785 Collabear farm, Tawstock , Barnstaple, Devon, Ex31 3JZ

www, 0208 2088826 Brent Terrace London, NW2 1LT 0845 873 2727 Brookdale Farm West Chitington Lane Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9EA 0207792 8687 incognito, Unit 10 Baseline Business Studios Whitchurch Road, London W11 4AT

31 Neal’s Yard Remedies

96 Jamaica National UK Representative Office 02077086697 Unit 235 ELephant & Castle SHopping Centre London SE1 6TE 07814 632931 7 Ormes Lane Ratcliffe Culey Atherstone Warwickshire CV93PB 01273 704860 Maritime House Basin Road North Hove BN41 1WR

100 Samuel Smith’s Brewery 01937 832225 The Old Brewery Tadcaster North Yorkshire 01179675286 2 Poplar Terrace Kingswood Bristol BS15 4AN

105 Need Sweets

137 Sarah Latham Massage Therapist

32 Food Specialist

130 Dogs Mountain

92 Bristol Cider Shop 0117 382 1679 7 Christmas Steps Bristol, BS1 5BS 01273 774864 07917830316 295 Ordnance Road Enfield EN3 6HB



97 Bristol Drugs Project 01179876000 BDP 11 Brunswick Square Bristol, BS2 8PE 01364642700 Dragonfly Foods Ltd, Unit 2 Newson Buildings, Mardle Way, Buckfastleigh, Devon, TQ11 0NR

Dragonfly Foods Ltd

Foods for Life Academy of Food 08712884642

111 Four Girls and a cupcake 079143606729 14 Old Aust Road Almondsbury BS32 4HJ

Journey of the Slim Soul 0117 9116101 2 Dunkeld Ave Filton Park Bristol BS34 7RJ

51, 52 Sea Shepherd UK 03001110501 Sea Shepherd UK 27 Old Gloucester Street London, WC1N 3AX

89 Origami Events

131 Eco Vegan Shoes

40 020 7619 6965 BUAV 16a Crane Grove London, N7 8NN

BUAV 0207112 4900 1, Queen Square Bath, BA1 2HA 07984381996 7 Eustace close Bedford, Mk420FZ

64, 65 K&F catering ltd 07411978483 2/143 bonner hill road Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT1 3HE 01564731980 Coconut House 15 Aston Court George Road Bromsgrove B60 3AL 01173701834 219 Henleaze Road Henleaze Bristol BS99 4NQ

107 Shining Seren

75 PizzaVia 97545297605

41 Fresh Therapies 07818274037 J M Verney,Ditchford Farmhouse,Moreton in Marsh,Glous,GL56 9RD

139 Shiva Trust

37 Ecotricity 01453 761361 Unicorn House, 7 Russell St, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 3AX 442380739595

23 24 Koko Dairy Free

54, 56, 58 PLAMIL FOODS LTD 01303850588 PLAMIL HOUSE BOWLES WELL GARDENS FOLKESTONE KENT CT19 6PQ 0792788627 Meadows Farm Off Dean Lane Water Rossendale, BB4 9RB

108 Fruits de la terre 07968715205 1 riverside gardens, glynneath, wear Glamorgan, SA115LA

34 | Vegfestuk

Vegfestuk | 35

122 Sighthound Online info@sighthounds TBC Deborah Jaques Sighthound Online Loft Longhope Stromness Orkney, KW16 3PQ

The Electric Lemon 0845 643 9820 Wellands Membury Axminster Devon, EX13 7AL

25 01179593549 Units 3 & 4 The Laurels, Cribbs Causeway Centre, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, BS10 7TT

103 The Green Rocket Cafe 01225 420084 The Green Rocket Cafe 1 Pierrepont Street Bath, BA1 1LB 020 8291 7320 South East London. 01536 400557 Redwood House Burkitt Road Earlstrees Ind Estate Corby Northants, NN17 4DT

127 Vegetarian Cookery School

82 Simply Strawberries 07975528810 Simply Strawberries PO Box 10370 Sudbury Suffolk, CO10 3AE 01225 427 938 6 Terrace Walk, Bath, BA1 1LN

60 the heavenly cake company



62, 63 The Redwood Wholefood Co Ltd

98 Vegetarian for Life

95A Soul Juices

62 Yew Tree Close 447886001026 62 Yew Tree Close Yeovil Somerset, BA202PD 01683 220888 Dalveen, Grange Rd, Moffat Dumfries and Galloway, DG10 9HS

128 Vegetarian Living


136 The Soap Deli 0117 9144448 7 EXCHANGE AVENUE ST,NICHOLAS MARKET BRISTOL BS1 1LJ 07957650134 100 weston road,lichfield,staffordshire,ws13 7pb 01202 586848 P.O. Box 6337, Bournemouth, BH1 9EH.

80 The Spark

125 Vegusto

70 St Best Caribbean Caterers 07540107351 15 Petworth House Pytchley Road London, SE22 8DD 01179143434 86 Colston St Bristol, BS1 5BB 44 7853071031

118 Vervet Monkey Foundation 07990 691863 VMF UK Admin Office C/O 35 Lister Avenue East Grinstead, RH19 4BA

61 The Spotless Leopard

69 Streetfood Live 07818395806 30 Lodway close Pill Bristol, Bs200de 07925641299 101 Woodmancote, Dursley, Glos. GL11 4AH

68 The Sunshine Kitchen 07949 081 658 124 Dormers Wells Lane Southall Middlesex, UB1 3JB

14, 15 Viva!

124 Sukin Natural Bodycare (Cress Ltd) 01440 786 644 Street Farm North St Hundon Sudbury Suffolk,CO10 8EE 0117 9441000 Viva! 8 York Court Wilder Street Bristol, BS2 8QH

9 The Vegan Society

Super Deluxe Coffee Company 07895 225179 0121 523 1738 Donald Watson House 21 Hylton Street Hockley Birmingham, B18 6HJ

29, 30 Vx 02078332315 73 Caledonian Road London, N1 9BT

76 Wild Futures Trading Ltd

20, 21 TOPAS Klaus Gaiser GmbH 0049 7473 948650 TOPAS Klaus Gaiser GmbH Dreifuerstensteinstr. 1 - 3 72116 Moessingen Germany

97 Sustainable Transport 01173521148 Brunel House, St Georges Road, Bristol, BS1 5UY 01503262532 Wild Futures, the monkey sanctuary, St Martins, Nr Looe, Cornwall PL13 1NZ

43, 44 Wills Vegan Shoes

133 TeenVGN

126 Toxin Free Today 01495616242 01179112529 Flat 1, 15 Victoria Square, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 4ES 0207 1839477

84 Woodland Trust

97 The Bristol Bakehouse 07423129751 7 Buckingham St Bristol, BS3 3PF

Kids area VEGAN FACES 07545816889 07876825047 Events Office, 22 Tresillian Street, Plymouth, Pl4 0QW 0117 9239053 PO Box 333 Bristol BS99 1NF

38 Vegan Organic Network 01612327807 Anandavan 58 High Lane, Chorlton Manchester, M21 9DZ

1 Yaoh

115 The Buddha Beauty Company 07704778880 3drayton st hulme manchester m155ll

39 The Chocolatier 447904983589 11 High Trees New Barnet Herts, EN4 9QQ

109 Vegan Runners UK 01908 503919 13 Peers Lane, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes MK5 6BG

36 | Vegfestuk

Stallholders Descriptions
The original specialist in Caribbean & Middle Eastern cuisine in a wrap. We lace fresh Kobez bread, with salad, herbs & pickles. Dressed with homemade sauces & filled with our tasty vegan fillings. Our wraps are good for the soul & will keep your belly full. Our ingredients are vegan.

Stallholders Descriptions
Journey of the slim soul offers a holistic and sustainable approach to slimming: It offers a revolution in slimming without calorie counting, the use of scales or strenuous exercise. It is the only green approach to slimming which encourages mindfulness, eating organic and more fruit and veg plus using green products.


Fry’s is a Vegan Society approved, family business Recommended as a BEST BUY by the Ethical Consumer, FRY’S are also Halaal, Shuddha and Kosher. Fry’s will be sampling and selling FRY’S at their stall (at a discount!) and introducing 4 new products - Pops, Pies (x2) and Tenders!

The world´s hunger for meat devastates countries, extirpates species, kills people. Industrial livestock farming is the biggest threat to the already endangered world climate. - The solution to this mess is already in our hands: mouth-watering vegan “Wheaty” products, based on organic wheat protein, tasting just like the real thing.


Freshly made Veggie heaven cooked in our huge 1 metre wide paellas (pans). Various paellas including: Artichoke hearts, aubergines, courgettes, carrots, green beans, peas, vegetarian sausages, butternut squash, parsley, red & green peppers, onion, garlic, tomato frito, vegetable stock, sweet paprika and saffron - generous portions, great price!

We want everyone to share in creating a good life and a good life starts from within! We make naturally delicious dishes from Mother Nature’s vegetables which are meat free, dairy free and free from anything nasty! Come and visit us at Bristol Vegfest where we will be cooking up delicious samples for you to taste!



Nākd bars are made from fruits & nuts lovingly ‘smooshed’ together to make a delicious healthy snack. 100% vegan and contain no added sugars or syrups. Visit us and try our NEW range of Nākd Crunch bars and yummy TREK protein flapjacks made with gluten free oats. Nature loves you, baby!

Bute Island Food is thrilled to be back for another year at VegfestUK and present three new 100% dairy-free products. Melty Red Cheddar and Mild Cheddar styles are perfect for melting onto pizza, pasta and of course Sheese on toast! The eye catching Red Cheddar style has a wonderful medium strength “cheesy” tang, and the Mild Cheddar style has an excellent mellow flavour. Also, don’t miss out on the New Sweet Chilli flavour which is deliciously smooth and creamy, with a mild, yet cheekily well-balanced hint of spice!

A UK-wide club registered with England Athletics giving members benefits of affiliation including discounts for events and kit. Wearing Vegan Runners kit we help raise awareness and bring together likeminded people. We encourage members to meet for training, enter events and form teams.



The Green Rocket is Bath’s newest vegetarian cafe. We aim to provide somewhere informal for great vegetarian food and superb coffee. An independant cafe run by enthusiasts with mains, light bites, plenty of vegan and gluten free options as well as a full breakfast menu. Alcohol licence coming soon.


C.A.R.I.A.D. is the campaign to end the cruelty of puppy farming in the UK. We work to overcome the bureaucracy, apathy, ignorance, corruption and exploitation at the heart of this industry, and are lobbying to have animal welfare laws mandatorily enforced by local authorities. Care And Respect Includes All Dogs.

JNBS is the largest building society in the Caribbean with 138 years of prudent management and steady growth. We have been operating in the UK for 25 years and facilitate unique savings, investments and home loan products and services in Jamaica. email:


At Pulsin’ we produce functional snacks using 100% natural wholefood ingredients, in our gluten-free factory in Gloucestershire. Our award-winning products are suitable for even the most sensitive special dietary requirements including gluten free, vegan, soya free and with no added sugar or sweeteners. Follow us on Facebook:

PULSIN’ is a friendly online store which only stocks vegan products, we are very eco conscious when it comes to packing and wrapping too and have an online community including vegan news and a recipe section. Our slogan is “Friendly food at your fingertips.”






Welcome to Dragonfly Foods, home to delicious 100% Organic Vegan Burgers, Soysages and Tofu. Packed full of flavour and bursting with nutritional value, these Award Winning products are designed to cater for every taste. Our products are free from Meat, Gluten, Dairy, GM Ingredients, and all Artificial Colourings and Preservatives.

Kara Dairy Free is one of the best vegan milk alternatives on the market. An exquisite blend of coconut making this a very tasty drink it its own right, with considerable health properties too, such is the nature of pure coconut. The milk can be used on cereal and as a drink and in a variety of recipes that call for milk, and of course brings a distinct flavour to any recipe.

Award-winning Redwood is the UK’s most ethical vegetarian food company according to the Good Shopping Guide! Famed for producing over 50 deliciously-different cruelty-free vegan foods under the Vegideli, Cheatin’ and Cheezly brand names, Redwood will be giving away free tasters at its stand. Everything is kosher certified too.

An educational charity that provides information and guidance on various aspects of veganism, including to new and potential vegans, caterers, healthcare professionals, educators and the media. There is plenty of information on The Vegan Society website:



Since launching late 2012 eco vegan shoes are fast building a reputation as the first choice for cruelty free footwear. Several shoes and boots in their range have become must have classics. Come along for a chat, try some on and even take some home!

Kinetic are the leading distributor of natural and organic beauty, superfoods and supplements. They will be exhibiting JĀSÖN Natural Care, vegetarian and vegan beauty products for all the family; Dr Bronner’s Magic Liquid Soaps, certified organic and fair trade; Nutiva, Organic Hemp, Chia and Coconut Superfoods; Amazing Grass, Organic Green Superfoods.


Riverford delivers award-winning organic food fresh from the farm straight to your door. There’s nothing Riverford doesn’t know about fruit and veg (they’ve been growing it for 25 years) but the farm has plenty more to offer. Choose from a range of weekly organic essentials, even wine and chocolate when you need a treat. Organic vegboxes start from just £10.45 with free delivery.


The Vegfam Stall is by the main entrance outside the Main marquee and will have a tombola plus information about the charity and its work, plus an opportunity to make donations if you wish. See www. for charity details.


You can find the VegfestUK stall by the main entrance outside the Main Marquee, where there are Goody Bags on sale for £5, plus raffle tickets at £1 each, and our fundraising buckets too. All proceeds go towards Vegfam



Excellart is a PR, marketing and design agency, also offering websites, online shops and social media campaigns for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Clients include The Vegan Society, Fry’s and VegfestUK. Vegan owned, strong ethical policy, established in 2005. We provide everything you could ever need to promote your business.

LUSH BRISTOL is a comprehensive online source of travel information for the west of England, covering Bristol, Bath, Weston-Super-Mare and surrounding areas. It includes up to date and real time information for however you choose to travel. It’s a really handy reference to have on your mobile phone browser to check bus times or travel disruption while you’re out and


Will Green was the person behind Eco Vegan Shoes before resigning in April 2013. If you ever met them at a show, gave them a call, sent them an email or chatted on facebook - you probably already know him! Wills Vegan Shoes was founded by a passion to provide great vegan shoes with high street styles and prices - from a company that had no connection with the leather industry and was vegan owned and run.

Lush Bristol are proud to be setting up shop at VegfestUK 2013, offering an exciting array of ethical, vegan goodies - always handmade and always super fresh! Come and see us for a relaxing hand and arm massage, and to chat to us about our values. 73 BROADMEAD, BRISTOL, BS1 3DX. Phone: 0117 9257582.

The Vegetarian Cookery School from Bath run by Rachel Demuth of Demuths Restaurant. Come & sample Vegan & Gluten-free cakes & find out all about our cookery courses. Lots of courses for vegans, choose from evenings, half days or full days. Fresh, healthy and modern vegetarian & vegan dishes are our speciality.


The UK’s original hemp firm, with selection of hemp foods and bodycare available on their stall outside the Main Marquee by the main entrance, all at a fantastic Buy One Get One Free special offer for the day. Products include hemp protein powder, dehulled hemp seed, hemp oil and their award winning hemp bodycare range - see for details.


38 | Vegfestuk

Vegfestuk | 39

VegfestUK London October 5th 6th 2013

VegfestUK London
October 5th 6th At Kensington Olympia
Fiona Oakes
Our most ambitious show to date takes place over two days in October at the wold famous Kensington Olympia, with nearly 8,000 sq m of prime exhibition space filled with up to 180 stalls, 12 caterers, a performance stage with top comedians and other entertainment, 3 talks rooms (nutrition, Lifestyle and Campaigns), the Living Raw Zone, 2 workshop areas, 2 cinemas and 2 cookery demo theatres. And there’s a long list of top vegan and veggie celebrities, speakers and performers to make this the most incredible gathering of its kind anywhere in the world. Stalls are still available for this event – please contact the VegfestUK Office for availability – space is limited Admission to the events, which runs from 11am – 7pm both days, is £10 each day (£6 concessions, students, OAP’s, £2 Kids under 14) Tickets are available on the gate or in advance - Special offer – Buy One Get One Free - all tickets bought in advance – limited period only See for updates

Dale Pinnock

Dave Spikey

Chad Sarno

Fran Costigan

Vegfestuk | 41

Brighton review

VegfestUK Brighton 2013
Held at The Hove Centre on the weekend March 16th 17th, VegfestUK Brighton was a most excellent event, with a huge increase in footfall and spend as this show came of age in its fifth year. Around 7,200 people visited the show over 2 days, along with around 400 people working on the show each day – there was a sell out for stalls, with 135 stallholders at the event, and a huge selection of food, produce and information available. Highlights of the show included Janey Lee Grace opening the event on Saturday, CBeebies star Sarah Jane Honeywell in the Kids area on Sunday, and footballer Dean Howell visiting on Sunday. Other attractions included a cinema, a speed dating session, the vegan bodybuilders strength contest, a cookery demos area, talks room, workshop space and a performance area with live music.

Big thanks to everyone who came and made this one of our best ever shows – hugely enjoyable for everyone concerned See for details – site goes live for bookings for the 2014 show in September 2013

Vegfestuk | 43

Bute Island

Bute Island are the proud creators of the Sheese brand of vegan cheeses, making all their products at their custom built factory on the beautiful Isle of Bute in Scotland. A variety of textures and flavours makes the Sheese range a must have product for many vegan households, and being dairy free is of course an excellent choice for those who are lactose intolerant too. Recently Bute island have brought out some new products - the brand new Melty, in two flavours (Mild Cheddar and Red Cheddar), which (as the title suggests) manages to melt most satisfactorily thereby making it a most excellent choice for pizzas, lasagnes and other dishes that require that essential ingredient - melting cheese. For years vegan have had to forgo this luxury but suddenly, just like the buses there are several really good plant based alternatives in the melting cheese department that have all come along at once, and once again Bute Island leads the way with this innovative, tasty and versatile product that takes another big leap forward into the world of cruelty free healthy options that will become the by word of the 21st century. The Bute Island team are more than just cheese producers though - one look at their website and you will see a plethora of philisophical and wise words and a deep underlying lifelong commitment to a world of peace, harmony and a plant based lifestyle that further deepens their credentials as one of the World’s leading ethical and evry special companies - the real McCoy, as they say. And again Bute Island extend their wholehearted and generous support for VegfestUK Bristol for the 7th year running in the way of sponsorship anbd support. Events like this would never have survived this long without the support of producers like Bute Island and the vegan public especially should be full of respect for this beautiful bunch of individuals that make up the close knit team that is Bute Island. The Sheese product range includes

Bute Island Foods have just launched an exciting new range of continental mock meats and sausages called VEGANDELI. The range is 100% Vegan and consists of 7 delicious products: Gourmet Morcilla, Smoked Gourmet Chorizo, Mock Ham, Mortadella, Smoked Mortadela, Italian Gourmet Mortadella and Mortadella with Sweet Peppers. These healthy, animal-free alternatives will totally wow your taste buds giving your favourite dishes a more authentic taste! All of these products can be eaten cold straight from the packet, and are ideal for making sandwiches more exciting too. Pep up stews and pasta sauces with spicy Mortadela and Chorizo sausages. Try the fabulous Mock Ham or Morcilla Style which is a very tasty alternative to the traditional Spanish black pudding. The range tastes amazing as a topping for pizza (accompanied by our new MELTY SHEESE of course!) They’re also great barbecued in chunks on skewers alongside vegetables such as peppers, onions, mushrooms, courgettes and cherry tomatoes etc. absolutely delicious! So why not let your culinary skills run riot? This is a range you definitely need to try....don’t deny yourself the experience, go out and get some today! :)
Vegfestuk | 45

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9 ‘Hard’ cheeses in the following flavours: Blue Style, Cheddar Style with Chives, Cheshire, Edam, Gouda, Medium Cheddar, Mozzarella, Smoked Cheddar and Strong Cheddar 5 ‘Creamy’ Cheeses in the following flavours: Cheddar, Chives, Original, Mexican Style, Garlic & Herbs 2 ‘Melty’ Cheeses in the following flavours: Mild Cheddar, Red Cheddar


VegfestUK 2013 gives a warm welcome to our Supersize Sponsors, Goodlife.

Goodlife have been producing veggie friendly food for many years now but have recently rebranded to ensure that everything in their range is now suitable for vegans too - which is an absolutely fantastic move and one applauded by many. Their range includes 7 main products ›› The Fair Trade Nut Cutlet ›› Spicy Bean Quarterpounder ›› Glamorgan Sausage ›› Fruity Falafel Quarterpounder ›› Spinach and Lentil Grill ›› Root Vegetable Roast ›› Garden Vegetable Quarterpounder They are available in the big 4 supermarkets Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose - as well as many independent health stores throughout the UK. Its firms like Goodlife that are now helping the plant based lifestyle go mainstream - their products are wholesome, tasty and attractive to the whole family. Lots of families now have Goodlife in their freezers for both regular meals and also standbys for those times when you just don’t have time to cook but want something really nutritious and free form animal products that everyone can enjoy. They are a fast growing and well established brand and have joined the extended veggie/vegan family at events like VegfestUK and other vegan food festivals with a big heart and a great attitude, generous, courteous, with lots of free samples and good attitude in abundance and are playing a big part in giving vegans and veggies a good name - with products like Goodlife around its easy to veggie and vegan, and not only easy, but easy to recommend too - even the most hardened omnivore has been known to tuck into Goodlife products without so much as a murmur of protest, so good are some of their products. Goodlife products are well recommended, especially for families and kids and for those making the transition to a veggie or vegan diet. Big thanks to the team for sponsoring the event and we welcome the opportunity to sample their entire range when they come to Bristol. Check their full range out at
Vegfestuk | 47


Redwood is a success story that continues to grow year on year with ground-breaking new products and a boom in sales both is the UK and in the many countries that Redwood exports to. Owned by skiing champion and charity campaigner Heather Mills, and run by a dynamic but laid back team that combines ethics, humour and top quality products with an ease that is worthy of an Olympic gold medallist. Their range of food is extraordinary - and of course music to the ears of a growing number of individuals who are shunning animal products and seeking out decent replacements that make the transition from meat and dairy to plant-based tasty, enjoyable and really quite easy. Check out their beef, poultry, fish and pork - style creations on their website, suitable for a huge variety of dishes with an authoritive combination of textures, flavours and shapes that stand up in their own right as most superb food choices for the 21st century. And it’s not just meat style creations that Redwood is famous for - their meltin cheezly is legendary in many a European city now, especially amongst the lactose intolerant and those committed to a vegan lifestyle. And their new range of pizzas, desserts and snacks are all 100% dairy free, bringing even wider variety to a once desolate market place that is now at last filling up with choice dairy free products that outdo their dairy predecessors on health, taste

and nutritional value, as well as ethics, welfare and environmental responsibility. Redwood continue to support VegfestUK events with wholehearted and significant contributions and deserve respect from the entire animal loving UK population for their continued efforts to help reduce animal suffering across the globe by introducing the tastiest and most creative plant based options the world has ever seen. Champions League. As they rightly say on their website - ‘At Redwood, we produce delicious vegan and vegetarian alternatives to meat, fish and dairy. All our foods are sustainably produced from ethically sourced, natural plant-based ingredients and free from GMOs. We’re passionate about people, animals and the environment. It’s at the heart of everything we do.’
Vegfestuk | 49



are a big brand - and completely free from any animal products, making them one of the world’s market leaders in plant based foods. The Fry’s brand is distributed in the UK by the wonderful Pat and Lisa Drummy who between them (and with a little help from the family) have ensured that Fry’s products are just about everywhere in the UK, giving hundreds of thousands of vegans and millions of veggies, as well as millions of meat reducers, a truly satisfactory meat substitute that stands out in its own right as a flavoursome, incredible textured range of burgers, pies, nuggets, sausages, schnitzels and other truly wondrous creations. The stand out product (and quite possibly their best seller) is the incomparable Fry’s chicken burger - a sublime creation that has a verve and satisfaction that you need from a burger - and if one ain’t enough, try a double (as you do) with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, chilli and garlic - it’s our favourite dish in the VegfestUK offices. The other most recent addition to the Fry’s stable that has caused a lot of excitement in the office are the new Fry’s pies - a pepper and steak version and a mushroom one. Now it has to be said that the cooking of said pies does take a bit of practise but we have perfected the art and often indulge in these wholesome, tasty and satisfying creations that do a lot lot more than just fill the gap. The pepper steak ones just shade it in our humble opinion but both are very very

good and completely put to shame the concept of a meat pie that includes goodness knows what. Fry’s are available in the freezer section of all good independent health stores as well as most branches of Holland and Barrett, and they are now distributed by 3663 which means that you can access Fry’s products in hospitals, schools, prisons universities - indeed any practically any institutions across the UK, such is the spread of 3663 distribution. So Fry’s are good, Fry’s are good, and are now available just about everywhere. Result for veggies, vegans, meat reducers and healthy livers everywhere. Fry’s continue to support our events with a relish, having been with us since day one. Our deepest thanks once again to this most lovely family outfit, they have stood by us through thick and thin and deserve much credit for their wholehearted support for the UK veggie/vegan scene - big part.

Vegfestuk | 51

Natural Balance
EAT PROPER FOOD WITH NEW & IMPROVED TREK PROTEIN FLAPJACKS FEELING THE NEED FOR AN EXTRA ENERGY BOOST? Munch, munch, munch the new Nākd Protein Crunch bars What’s crunchy, gluten free, packed full of goodness and utterly scrumptious? Nākd Protein Crunch bars of course! Oh yes, Nākd is giving you another reason to love its yummy bars with the launch of a new range that’s designed to keep you going, going, going for longer. The new Nākd Crunch bars contain a delicious combination of fruit, nuts and protein crunchies, all smooshed together into a handbag friendly bar. With 5.5 grams (18%) of added protein, each bar has a wonderfully crunchy texture, slowly releasing energy for a lasting boost. All this extra goodness will keep you feeling fuller for longer, making the bars perfect for every tummy rumbling occasion, whether it’s at breakfast, mid-morning, during the afternoon or pre and post exercise. Available in four fantastic flavours – tangy Apple, ripe Banana, sweet Strawberry and chocolatey Cocoa - the products are also wheat, dairy and gluten free. These bars join the existing Nākd bar range, which include nine mouth-watering flavours, from Ginger Bread and Cocoa Orange, to the new Caffé Mocha and Rhubarb & Custard. The full Natural Balance Foods range is available to purchase from the website ( ). Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@nakd_wholefoods) and ‘like’ us on Facebook (

Natural Balance Foods has revamped its TREK Protein Flapjack range by introducing exciting new flavours, an improved recipe and bright new packaging that features scenes from the beautiful British countryside, along with a Union Jack flag to reflect the brand’s British heritage. Available from the beginning of March, there are six delicious new flavours to choose from - Oat Raisin, Banana Bread, Original Oat, Cocoa Oat, Cocoa Coconut and Morning Berry. Adding a whole new taste sensation to the range, Cocoa Coconut and Cocoa Oat both have a scrumptious chocolate topping that, when combined with yummy oats and protein crunchies, creates a flapjack that’s hard to refuse. The handmade flapjacks are made using a new recipe that now contains gluten free oats, less fat and sugar than ever before, and a whopping 20% more protein - between 9-10g per bar - to banish those niggling hunger pangs and help you feel fuller for longer. Each wonderfully gluten free oatie flapjack is wrapped in colourful packaging that depicts the Union Jack flag, as well as different images from across the country, whether it’s rolling hills and dramatic coastline, or idyllic sunrises and sunsets. The handmade bars are also fantastically filling, making them perfect for those in search of a nutritious breakfast option, a tasty treat with a cup of tea, or a way to refuel pre and post exercise – even if you’re planning to climb a mountain.

Vegfestuk | 53

Sustainable Transport

TRAVELLING MADE EASIER ACROSS THE WEST OF ENGLAND is a comprehensive online source of travel information for the west of England, covering Bristol, Bath, Weston-SuperMare and surrounding areas. It includes up to date and real time information for however you choose to travel. It’s a really handy reference to have on your mobile phone browser to check bus times or travel disruption while you’re out and about. The Travelwest road show team will be at Vegfest on Saturday 25th May to offer helpful and friendly advice about any aspect of travel around the region. They can advise about public transport options in your local area; discuss ways to help you get cycling; and even show you how to find car share buddies. Come along and say hello ......

Vegfestuk | 55

Sunseed Organics


We are a Soil Association certified wholesaler and importer of fresh organic produce who offer a walk in service to the public to our Bristol premises just behind Temple Meads. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook. Our Mission is to offer fresh, organic produce such as organic fruit and vegetables, cheese, eggs, nuts, as well as vegetarian and vegan wholefoods at affordable prices. We serve the Bristol public as well as schools, vegetable box schemes, caterers, restaurateurs, food processors and grocery stores just to name a few. We aim to buy as local as possible to support the UK farming industry but will offer a selection of produce from organic farmers around the area and overseas once local supplies have been depleted. Our walk in service is open to the public from Monday to Friday 7am - 12pm and Saturdays 7am - 1pm. We also offer free parking to our customers. You can find us at Units 3-4, Chapel Court, Chapel Street, St Phillips, Bristol, BS2 0UL We are happy to be involved as a sponsor of Vegfest and are looking forward to meeting you.

Will Green was the person behind Eco Vegan Shoes before resigning in April 2013. If you ever met them at a show, gave them a call, sent them an email or chatted on facebook - you probably already know him. Wills Vegan Shoes has been founded by a passion to provide great vegan shoes with high street styles and prices - from a company that has no connection with the leather industry and is vegan owned and run. With the first styles on show at Veg Fest Bristol, ready for sale Autumn - 2013 looks to be another exciting year for vegan shoes. Right now you can take part in an amazing Golden Ticket Competition! Get yourself onto to add your email address. When the new styles launch in Autumn EVERYONE who has entered will receive a minimum £10 gift voucher to spend on the website! You may win £20, £30 - the winner will receive a free pair of shoes of their choice!! To get in touch with Will visit tweet @willsveganshoes send a mail to or call 0207 1839477
Vegfestuk | 57

Kara Dairy Free, the delicious alternative to cow’s milk and soya milk, is re-branding to Koko Dairy Free. The new name strengthens the brand relationship with the healthy attributes of coconuts. Low in fat (only 2%) and rich in calcium, as well as being cholestorol free Koko Dairy Free is a fantastic healthy option for people of all dietary persuasions. Additionally, the coconut is not a nut but is actually a fruit, making Kara Dairy Free a nut free product and therefore suitable for people with nut allergies, which is amazing. At Vegfest you’ll also have the opportunity to taste the new Strawberry ‘milk’ flavoured with real strawberry juice, and available in 250 ml packs. WWW.KOKODAIRYFREE.COM as encouraging vegan outreach with its focus on the achievements of vegan volunteers across the UK and further afield. The magazine is posted to all Vegan Society members every season as part of their membership. Annual membership costs very little and is a good way of giving back to the Society which works towards a world free from the exploitation of all animals. You can browse the informative website here:, or ‘like’ their Facebook page to interact with like-minded vegans from around the world:, or follow them on Twitter:

VEGAN.CO.UK is a friendly online store which only stocks vegan products, we are very eco conscious when it comes to packing and wrapping too and have an online community including vegan news and a recipe section. Our slogan is “Friendly food at your fingertips.”

The Vegan Society will celebrate its 70th Veganniversary in 2014 in what everyone hopes will be another year of phenomenal growth in the number of people discovering ethical, animalfree lifestyles. The Society continues to flourish at the front line of educating and awarenessraising around the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. They promote ways of living free from animal products for the benefit of people, animals and the environment, and the Society is a strong worldwide organisation that is proactive in addressing vegan issues. Their quarterly publication, The Vegan, won VegFest UK awards in 2011 and 2008 and is a professional, informative and fun magazine which aims to keep vegans in the loop with interesting articles, recipes and reviews, as well

Big thanks to Vegfund for sponsoring the cinema and providing funding. Vegfund empowers vegan activists worldwide by funding and supporting effective outreach activities that inspire people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle The Cinema is hosted by Alan Lee, from Vegucate Bristol

Vegfestuk | 59

Yaoh is the UK’s original Hemp company, and their current products include an award winning bodycare range of bath, sun and skincare products as well as some first rate hemp food items, including hemp oil, dehulled hemp seed and hemp protein powder. Yaoh’s bodycare range has been awarded the highly prized Ethical Consumer Magazine Best Buy stamp no less than 4 times, placing Yaoh above a host of well known green and eco friendly brands. All Yaoh’s products are vegan and cruelty free. Yaoh has traditionally supported numerous vegan and veggie events over the last decade and is thrilled to be firmly behind the new VegfestUK events, starting in Brighton, and continuing through Bristol to London. Yaoh products include ›› Shampoo and Conditioner ›› Shower Gel & Bubble Bath ›› Liquid Soap & Body Lotion ›› Lipbalms ›› Moisturisers ›› Sunscreens (SPF 30 & 15) ›› Dehulled Hemp Seeds ›› Hemp Oil ›› Hemp Protein Powder For more info contact Yaoh on 0117 9239053 or email

Out of Hand

Out of Hand is a specialist design and print team from Bristol that are responsible for masses of flyers and posters and magazines around the south west and beyond as well as numerous vegan fayre flyers, brochures and programmes down the years. Recently expanded to include their own eco friendly print works, Out Of Hand are staunch supporters of VegfestUK in ways you couldn’t possibly ever imagine and all the VegfestUK team are deeply grateful for the OOH support. Out of Hand are also responsible for distributing large numbers of flyers and posters for us across the South West and Wales, and VegfestUK advertises frequently in 24/7, their free what’s on magazines that cover both areas thoroughly. And if you want the best deals in any print and design job, get in touch! Specialities include top of the range eco friendly printing techniques, perfect for the 21st century ethical business.
Vegfestuk | 61

Big thanks to all our media partners for their assistance in promoting this event
Excellart is a vegan-owned marketing and design agency with over 5 years of expertise in the vegan, vegetarian, ethical and organic trade. They specialise in PR, marketing advice, printed design, magazine design and websites. They can get your products into the hands of celebrities, onto television and radio and into national newspapers and magazines. Contact Ian or Jenny Liddle on 01761 413 022,

Vegetarian Living

Superb monthly magazine that is a must read for everyone interested in the veggie lifestyle, as well as those who want to reduce their meat and dairy. Informative, fun, excellent design, great features, loads of recipes, reviews, product info – spot on, a really good read and highly recommended


Veggie Vision

VeggieVision TV was founded by Karin Ridgers, who are delighted to announce that they are now approved by The Vegetarian Society. Karin has been a member for many years and for the past 2 years has been invited to present awards at The Vegetarian Society awards ceremony in London. Karin has also been writing an article about How to Veganise your food for Social & Personal, Winner of Ireland’s Most Influential Fashion Magazine 2011.

eckhoBristol is a community run website with the aim of being one of Bristol’s premier event and tourism listing websites. A comprehensive and feel-good one-stop shop offering you information, news and events to help ensure that you’re always up to date and never miss out, from small car boot fairs to large city wide festivals we support and promote any event of any size.

Foods for life

Foods for Life is the brainchild of celebrity vegan cookbook author Tony Bishop Weston, whose recent collection of healthy plant based recipes sold out in record time. Currently featured in Sainsbury’s marketing material, Tony and his wife Yvonne, a Harley Street nutritionist and regular TV guest and panellist, may not quite be the Posh and Becks of the Veggie world but they are not far off. Tony also runs his own PR Company Pea - PR. Top Team

The Resurgence Trust

The Resurgence Trust is an educational charity that promotes ecological sustainability, social justice, ethical living and spiritual values. It brings together a community of like-minded individuals and groups who all believe a more sustainable way of life is possible. It publishes Resurgence & Ecologist magazine - which challenges and questions the status quo through in-depth and thought-provoking articles on environmental, ecological, social and cultural issues. The organisation runs two websites - and

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