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The Digital Storm
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Be Prepared
Revenue Assurance Fraud Management

Receivables Management


Applying learning from traditional Business Assurance practices in the evolved digital environment is essential to maintain profitability and customer experience goals. Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail...

Revenue Assurance is a key component of Business Assurance.

Be Prepared
Revenue Assurance

Improving RA maturity and designing change to prepare for digital evolution will sustain profitable growth. Good RA creates additional competitive advantage.

Revenue Assurance Maturity " is directly linked to returns…
Maturity Level!
f (Strategy, Budget & Time)
Optimizing Managed


Defined Repeatable Initial


See the difference
Enhanced RA Maturity brings…
! ! ! ! !           Increased revenue Reduced costs Better customer experience Efficient business operations Increased speed to market
30%   25%   20%   15%   10%   5%   0%   M1   M2   M3   Maturity   M4   M5  

RA  Maturity  Global  Study:     %  Operators  by  Maturity  Level  

RA is no longer a ‘nice to have’. " To compete profitably, RA is " an essential business function.

Mature RA Functions will have…
!   Major focus on prevention !   Highly efficient and effective controls !   Intelligently designed controls !   Well defined processes !   Automated corrective actions !   Risk based strategy & measurement !   Cross business influence

… and continuous improvement

Prevention and performance lead
Prevented Leakage


! ! ! ! !


Design-stage assurance Change management controls Reference Data Assurance Focused measurement & reporting Performance Catalyst Projects

Recovered Leakage Maturity

Organisation structures must support a prevention and performance focus. " Recover less. Prevent more.

The Digital Services imperative
! ! ! ! ! !             Revised charging principles Varying digital service scenarios New and revised control points Provisioning of digital services Updated data analysis techniques Risk management principles

RA will be need to be revised end-to-end. Understanding the business and technology evolution is essential.

Digital Services are changing the revenue landscape. Protecting these revenues is essential.

Finding your way through the assurance maze can be a challenge. We are here to help.

No need to gamble on the future
AssuringBusiness’ innovation and expertise will help you prepare…
!   RA Maturity & Performance Review !   Digital Services Pioneer Review™ !   Operational Design & Implementation !   RA for Digital Services Training & Workshops !   Next Generation Assurance Tools !   Performance Catalyst Programme

Complete with essential Business Common Sense

Revenue Assurance" Maturity & " Performance Review

Organisation, Roles, Skills & Knowledge Process, Policy & Practice

Monitoring, Detection, Analysis & Control Systems

Strategy & Enablers Scope, Controls, Measurement & Performance Drivers Business Interface & SLA

Climb the maturity curve and " enjoy rapid performance gains

Initial review including…

Digital Services Pioneer Review™

!   Revenue and charging positioning !   Key risks and control options !   Technology framework; source data and controls !   Adapting RA technology !   Organisational readiness/change !   Process and practice evolution !   Strategic planning advisory

Quickly understand the key risks and opportunities. Plan your success strategy.

Design & execute change…
!   Hands-on expert drive for change !   Detailed RA design; operations, technology & organisation !   Business interface optimisation !   Product, service, business and technology infrastructure controls !   Vendor management support !   Quick-wins and strategic change

Operational " Design & Implementation

Deploy winning changes across " the business and RA framework

Knowledge & skills…

Digital Services " RA Training & Workshops

!   The Digital Services environment services, revenue & charging models !   Data sources, types and flows !   Risks, issues and opportunities !   Risk management principles !   Choosing the right controls !   Ensuring smooth RA operations across the Digital Services business

Building human capital. " Driving real change.

Smart controls design " & delivery…
Proactive Operational Assurance

Business Assurance Suite
RA | Fraud | Risk | Automation


Next Generation Assurance Tools
Maturity | Efficiency | Effectiveness

Protection & Application Mediation

Stay ahead of the storm
Prevent | Detect | Correct

Continuous improvement …

Performance " Catalyst Programme

!   Long-term, high-impact resource engagement for continuous performance gains !   We become part of the team but with an independent drive !   Strategic improvements plus prioritised Performance Catalyst projects for accelerated wins !   Gain-share principles

Independent Innovation +" Global Expertise = " Tangible Results

There’s a storm approaching
Best pick the right umbrella to get you through…

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