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The End of Madness!

It's in everything you see, everything you do. Matter.

Matter is everywhere. Matter is us, them, everything. God started this existence
with a thought, thousands, perhaps millions of years ago. Only He knows the
length. But with that thought was only the beginning. Satan fell in the beginning.
One third of the angels in heaven fell from the heights of heaven to the depths of
space. He and his mass following felt as if they were owed something because God
had made them first and then humans. They are eternal matter. Well, humans were of
eternal matter until Satan beguiled Eve in the garden and begot Cain. God was
angered by the thought of mistrust so He made Adam and Eve mortal and able to
conceive, hence Cain of Satan. Then the fallen ones copulated with female humans
and the Nephilim were born, half giant, half human. Then, considering themselves,
half gods or semi-gods, they created their own island. Atlantis! God felt as if
their ego had gotten a bit much so He created a flood. Killing most but not all.
The blood of the giants and Cain has been here ever since.
Do most think this story of fiction, yes. Why? Because of ego, once again. Ego is
of pride and God hates pride. Pride has caused wars, famine, pestilence, etc. So
lets touch on the seven deadly sins.
Lust- thought of as excessive thoughts or desires of a
sexual nature, which leads to addiction, fornication, adultery, bestiality, rape,
perversion, and incest.
Gluttony- is over-indulgence and over-consumption of
anything to the point of waste.
Greed- is like lust and gluttony, a sin of excess.
However, is applied to the acquisition of wealth in particular. These include
betrayal, or treason, for example bribery, scavenging, hoarding, theft, robbery,
and simony
Sloth-more then the others sloth’s definition has change,
originally it was sadness, or discontent. The modern view is failure to utilize
one’s talent and gifts.
Wrath- (or anger, rage) is considered uncontrollable
feelings of hatred or anger. These manifest into denial of truth.
Envy- Like greed, envy is characterized as an insatiable
Pride- is considered the original and most deadly sin.
The desire to be more important or attractive then others, failing to acknowledge
the good work of others, and excessive love of self.
So, we see the fallen ones are completely driven by
self absorbance, but that implies to the physical process of absorbing light and I
consider them to be of not light, but darkness. So we will call it self-abasement,
or the voluntary self-punishment or humiliation. Along with Satan, they have made
themselves into fools.
Satan has taken everything of God and duplicated it. The
whole concept of religion is wasted on Satan because he abuses it as he does
everything. His idea of love is actually hate and so on and so forth. Everything
is duplicated but in the reverse. Such a sad estate. So, we have the world full of
fallen angels who are demons, to become trapped souls. God has given Satan free
reign in space and time until He allows His son to return. God’s son, Yahweh is on
the way soon. He’s about to judge everything of existence. We await His return but
until then we deal with Satan and his legion.
Life on earth is relative to Gods plan. He’s given Satan
reign to convince people that he is the only god. So, we have people who worship
him and believe that he is forever. The Illuminati have been using Cain’s blood.
They interbreed to keep it as pure as possible. So, we have the fallen ones and
Cain’s descendants in competition with one another. They’re initial agreement
failed for they are o full of pride to work together. The government (Illuminati)
of the United States had made an agreement in the early 1900’s to help one
another for the U.S. to gain technology and for the fallen ones to gain access to
humans for embryo germination due to their lack of breeding capabilities. Well,
due to the ego of both entities the agreement has been tainted. So, the fallen
ones use thousands of humans while the Illuminati do the same but with different
end results needed. Both at the same time both wanted supreme power.
Many things in the current media and entertainment are of
these entities. Their goals are being projected in the shows we watch, commercials
we see, and books we read. So, it’s being planted by all means of reasoning, their
plans of the future. The Illuminati have goals of powerful reigns of the public,
to the extent of decreasing population and then controlling what peoples are left.
The fallen ones are leading the public to believe that they are going to rescue
the earth from desolation, to take us to the next density level. Taking people
into their ships and onto another planet of safety. Numerous, perhaps millions of
ships that are here in stealth, in our skies. Using these “Ascended Masters” to
make people believe they are God. Their names being “Jesus” and “Mary” and
“Michael“, “ “St. Germain”, and many others, with the leader being “Maitreya”.
They have a force called the “Galactic Federation of Light”, with millions and
millions of demons who follow their every word. These “Ascended Masters” will
perform miracles, and perform great feats of majesty to make others believe. A One
World Government is here, a One World Religion is coming. This “Maitreya” will
enter our temple and make cultures on earth believe he is god, which is the
foretold, Abomination of Desolation!
The truth of the matter is neither entities intentions
are true in nature or estate. God’s plans are of truth. God’s plans are of our
pure estate.
Don’t be deceived by the things of the current society.
Even our Churches have been infiltrated since the days of Yahweh. His first words
and the last words that He spoke to His disciples were of being deceived by false
prophets. Those days are truly here! The prophets of the past were evil but
nothing compared to the present ones. Billions of people will be deceived. There
has been told of raptures but if you look in the Bible, the Septuagint and the
Dead Sea Scrolls, there is NO mention of a rapture. The biggest deception of
history will be coming soon. In fact, most haven’t a clue of what’s to be.
Warnings of it is everywhere, but most are asleep. The Church is not preaching or
teaching the people of the False Rapture. Very few people have the knowledge of
what’s to come. The internet is helping to spread the word but the people need to
be awaken! Most are in a stupor, a dead zone. A great many cultures have the
knowledge of what I speak of but it’s been forgotten or brushed in the carpet,
written of as folktales, legends and myths.
So, when I speak of the fallen ones, I mean many races of
Satan’s legion. All and one being in agreement of a powerful takeover but some for
their own means, but you see Satan has plans of laughing at their plans, just as
he will laugh at the Illuminati about theirs. You see, he knows no truth, he only
speaks lies. He laughs behind the scenes. His plans of killing all but his most
talented of slaves, the demons who take his orders in due diligence.
Where do we start? Satan has protected his legion to the
extent that if a human speaks of UFO’s , and say you believe then your nuts! Satan
has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes! The wolf in sheep’s clothing is very
deceptive, he hides within the Church, temples and religions. He has even made
most of the present holidays a farce. A comedy of errors. There will be those who
read this and think it a joke, but take a look at your media, it’s censored. Take
a look at your entertainment, it’s touched with points of paganism. Take the
information fed to our children, so little so sad. The United States was one of
the top most intelligent to the bottom fifth! So we are fed slop and eaten it so
long that we think it tastes good. We are sheeple! We are trained to be asleep and
be quiet. While everyday our freedom and rights are taken. The original founders
of this once great country are as crooked as a mountain trail. The laws once
revered are now laughed upon. The freedom once enjoyed is now taken. Freedom of
speech is now going away too. The rights of citizens are gone. Now all we have is
but little time to wake up.