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~ Contents ~

- Preface..1
- Who Are the Ascended Masters?..4
- Purpose..5
- What You Can Expect..6
Section 1 - Essential Information & Practical Steps..7
- Application is Everything!..8
- Overcoming Resistance..10
- What is the Higher Self?..13
- Personal Plan..15
- Peeling the Onion..22
- Your Personal Onion..24
- Identifying the Layers of Your Onion..26
- Contact and Connection with Your Higher Self..30
Section 2 - Overcoming Bad Habits/Negative Momentums &
Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs..35
- Forgiveness..36
- Resolving Your Psychology & Overcoming Bad Habits/Negative
- Need to Overcome These Momentums in Particular..44
- Discouragement - "This Too Shall Pass"..52
- Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs..54
Section 3 - Establishing & Reinforcing Positive Momentums..56
- The Law of Momentum - Building Positive Momentums..57
- Become the Energy of Peace..60
- Gratefulness - Cultivating God-Gratitude..65
- All is Joy!..67
- Cultivating a Sense of Victory - Yes!..69
- Harmony - The Magic Key..71
- Three Keys to Self-Mastery..76
- Non-Reaction and the Power of Neutral..78
- Living in the Moment..81
- Discernment..84
- Letting Go, Surrender & Trust..86
Section 4 - Spiritual Tools & Techniques..89
- Meditation - Essential on the Path..90
- Spiritual Protection..96
- The Heart - The Master Key..98
- Expanding the Love of the Heart & Increasing the Flow of Light
- The Wondrous Violet Flame!..106
- Decreeing - Power of the Spoken Word..109
- Your Aura & Chakras..113
- Balancing/Transmuting Karma..117
- Service..119
- Suggested Reading & References..121

Have you ever felt you are so much more than your outer expression and
current life seems to indicate? Have you ever had the sense that inside of you
somewhere is this great being of Light and power? Do you sometimes feel a
radiance from within that is filled with joy, peace and harmony? Do you at
times sense that there is a part of you that knows the answer for every question
you have and that knows exactly what is the best direction for you to take in
every circumstance? If so, you already have an awareness of the wonderful
being of Light that you truly are - your Real/Higher Self!
The information found in this book is largely thanks to our brothers and sisters
who have gone before us and through fully reuniting with their Higher Self,
have gained their ascension from the earth school and now exist at higher
levels. They are called the "Ascended Masters", and through them there has
been a tremendous amount of information released the past few decades.
Much of this information involves how we too can reunite with our Higher Self
and gain our freedom.
It is my intent with this book to take the teachings of the Ascended Masters
and present them in a way that will hopefully make the process of reuniting
with the Higher Self - your Real Self - seem more attainable through practical
application of the needed steps.
Formerly, I had released a book, "Reuniting with our Higher Self" which was more
geared to those who were already familiar with the Masters teachings and
the spiritual techniques involved. That has been very well received around
the world, but I realized there was also a great need for a more basic, step by
step approach - including a personal plan - for those who may not be familiar or
as familiar with the teachings of the Masters. This book is also meant for those
who already have a familiarity with the teachings, but may feel overwhelmed
with what practical steps need to be taken to fully reconnect with their True
After many additional hours of writing and re-writing, this book is the result. So
even if you know little or nothing about the Master's teachings, the
practicality of this information will lead you to being able to reconnect or
connect more fully with the radiant being you really are! Along with that, as you
make positive changes, you will find your life changing in wonderful ways.
Establishing a strong connection with your Real/Higher Self involves peeling
away the layers of what I call your "personal onion". These layers consist of
many things - false beliefs and perceptions, limiting thoughts, negative
momentums, karma, etc. that have built up over a long period of time. These
layers have caused the beautiful light of your True Self to grow dimmer and
dimmer, blocking you from fully connecting with that Self!
This book features an in-depth analysis to help you identify the layers of your
own onion and a step by step approach to peel away those layers until you
are once again reunited with your Real Radiant Self. It is based on a Fourfold
Approach - 1. Essential Information & Practical Steps, 2. Overcoming Bad
Habits/Negative Momentums & Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs, 3. Establishing &
Reinforcing Positive Momentums and 4. Spiritual Tools & Techniques.
When I first encountered the teachings, I was overjoyed to find them after a
long spiritual journey, searching for the path I felt would take me "home". I
believed and still do, that I found what I was looking for in these teachings.
However, upon getting further and further into them, I was overwhelmed with
the wealth of information available through the numerous dictations, lectures
and books. The ultimate purpose of the teachings was clear - that of gaining
self-mastery through bonding and union with our Higher Self so we could
eventually make our ascension - but the method of attaining that seemed to
be all over the place! Where to start and how to proceed?!?!
In my year's time of posting on the KOF (Keepers of the Flame) List and the
Phoenix forum, things finally started coming together, with a practical path
taking shape. Part of this book is drawn from those postings and my other
book, "Reuniting with Our Higher Self". Other material was added and
everything put into a logical sequence, including the incorporation of a day to
day personal plan. Of course, there are many different paths that will lead to
the same goal, but the basics that must be achieved are essentially the same.
Like many other spiritual writers, I do not have a formal degree, but believe
that I and they have been called upon to do what we do best. In many
months of sharing these teachings I discovered (and was told by many others)
that I have the capability of simplifying, organizing, and distilling a vast amount
of information into a logical plan of action.
It can be a little overwhelming realizing what needs to be done in order for
you to fully reunite with your Higher Self, but if you take it a step at a time and
keep focused on the goal, it will make it easier. Sometimes the journey may
seem very solitary, even though you are in the company of others. However,
you are NEVER alone on the path! There is much assistance available to you
at all times. Also, as you draw closer to your Higher Self, you will realize you
have a dear friend and teacher with you at all times - right there in your heart!
It is my sincerest hope that this book will help you on your journey and assist
you in peeling away all the layers to your Real Radiant Self!
With Much Light & Love...
The Ascended Masters are our brothers and sisters who have gone before us and through their
individual efforts (and occasional assistance) have graduated from earth's schoolroom and now
exist on higher levels. They are the mystics, saints and sages of East and West, and have come
from every race, background and culture.
Together with other spiritual beings and angelic hosts, the Ascended Masters are part of a spiritual
order called the "Great White Brotherhood" (White referring to Light, not race). They work with
earnest seekers and public servants of every race, religion and walk of life to assist humanity in its
Many of you may already feel a connection with one or more of the Ascended Masters and have
had assistance and guidance from them. I personally have felt the presence of Saint Germain in
my own life as far back as I can remember. As you gain a stronger connection with your Higher
Self, you may find you also establish stronger connections with one or more of the Ascended
For more than 50 years, The Summit Lighthouse has been publishing the Teachings of the
Ascended Masters and this book is based on many of those teachings. The Summit Lighthouse is
a non-profit organization dedicated to making these teachings available to all those looking for
answers to lifes difficult questions and those seeking to find their true teacher, their own Higher

It is essential to realize that each and every one of us is here for a purpose! We are all part of a
wondrous tapestry of life and each strand/person and their unique contributions are important to the
whole. We all have our parts to play and things we are here to accomplish in this life. Not all our
missions will be "big" ones - such as becoming the President. Some may seem much smaller - such
as learning to be harmonious and practicing true kindness. Whatever the seeming size of our
missions, each one of them is important to our personal development.
Many souls get to feeling lost in the day to day seeming drudgery of life and end up feeling life has
no real meaning. Most - if not all of us - have at times felt the despair of hopelessness and feeling
life is without purpose. For some, that loss of hope and sense of despair become part of their daily
existence. They end up just drifting through life without accomplishing the things they are capable of
and that would give meaning to their lives. The good news is, nobody has to live this way!
Your True Self knows your purpose and is in fact part of it!
Each and every minute of each and every day, your Higher Self knows exactly what you need to do
and will give you unerring guidance to fullling your purpose and missions in life. In fact, the overall
purpose for each of us is to re-discover our true nature - who we really are - and reunite with that
Once you start peeling away the layers that have obscured the Light of your True Self, you will
discover your real teacher and constant guide. With the help of your Real Self, you will be able to
set your sails and chart the course that will at last give meaning and purpose to your life!
WlOI 1Ou On l8O=CI
What you can expect from this book is based on what YOU are willing to do! IF you
are willing to do whatever it takes to make a strong connection with your Real
Radiant Self, by following the steps in this book, you can expect:
- More peace
- More happiness
- More success
- More sense of purpose in your life
- More guidance
- More joy
- More abundance
And the good news is that these results are GUARANTEED! Why? Because unerring
Cosmic Laws guarantee your success! The primary one, the Universal Law of
Attraction ("like attracts like") states that you will get what you put your energy
and focus on, whether wanted or unwanted! In other words, YOU ARE A MAGNET
and at this moment, whether you are aware of it or not, you are attracting
circumstances, events, people and much more into your life! This Law is the most
powerful law in the universe and is not only unerring, it is also neutral. We are the
ones who supply the energy and focus that attracts (creates) the circumstances in
our lives. The bottom line is YOU create your reality!
Along with this potent Law, when you begin peeling away the layers of your personal
onion and making a stronger and stronger connection with your Real Self, the
powerful, positive radiance of that Self will automatically attract more of the MORES
So, if you are ready to dramatically change your life, read on!
>=CIlOn 1
l=nIlOl lnO|mOIlOn l|OCIlCOl >I=O
This section includes essential information on successfully applying the details in this
book, overcoming resistance, explains what the Higher Self is, helps you identify your
own Personal Onion and its layers, and gives you practical steps to take to begin
making contact and strengthening the connection with your Real Self. Most
importantly, it includes information on how to formulate your own Daily Personal Plan.
This is the heart of the book and what will guarantee your success!
I have put this section rst because its message is one of the most important in the book. Many
spiritual seekers, including those wanting to know and more fully connect with their Real Self, are
initially motivated because they are unhappy with their lives and the circumstances they nd
themselves in. First and foremost - if you want your life to change, YOU must change! The
present circumstances you nd yourself in are a perfect match to your current vibratory level/energy
output, due to the universal Law of Attraction. Without change, you can count on things basically
remaining the same in your life - continuing to attract similar situations and experiences.
This book can help bring about dramatic changes in your life, but you MUST have an intense desire
and determination to APPLY the needed steps and follow through with that application on a daily
basis! Otherwise this will just end up being another book to throw on the pile while skipping off to
the next book or lecture hoping to nd the "magic beans" path that will do all the work for you. Trust
me, I skipped along that same path for a number of years going from book to book and lecture to
lecture without really seriously applying what I was learning. I found out - like countless others -
that in the end I intellectually knew about a lot of spiritual stuff, but that wasn't changing my life in
any substantial kind of way. The reality is that if you do not have a step-by-step guide and daily
plan to focus on chances are good you will fail or fall short of achieving your goals! This book
provides both to insure your success IF you are willing to take the needed steps.
Whether we are determined to make changes in our lives or learn a new skill, application is
everything! Just reading about learning how to ski is not enough to make you a skier. You have to
hit the slopes and do whatever is necessary to develop the skill. It is the same with reuniting with
your True Self. You have to be willing to take the actual steps that are necessary in order for you to
accomplish that. Reading is a start, but reading alone will not get you very far. Without application,
you simply will not get very far down the path.
Like myself, many seekers spend years devouring every bit of spiritual material they can. The
bottom line is though, you can read countless books and attend numerous lectures thinking maybe
you can bring about the necessary changes you are seeking through osmosis, but all that will gain
you is an intellectual understanding of things. Somewhere along the line, the reading needs to stop
and serious application begin!
What stops some short is realizing that part of the needed steps involve tackling issues such as
resolving your psychology, going after your negative momentums and anything else that may be
creating blockages on your path. And yes, that can seem like a lot of work! The good news is, your
willingness to go after these issues automatically strengthens your connection to your Higher Self
and as that gets stronger, some of those momentums will start dissolving practically on their own.
As layer after layer of your personal onion is peeled away, the Light of your True Self will shine
brighter and brighter, further helping to light the way home!
Aids to Application
My suggestion in reading this book, is to rst just read it through once. That will give you an overall
idea of the material. Then go back and re-read the book, highlighting or taking notes on what is
most important to you personally, what you feel you need to work on the most, what spiritual
practices you want to use or try, etc. From there, you can develop your own personal plan (a must!)
and set goals. Writing down the plan and goals is important, as that helps strengthen the
commitment. A general, step-by-step plan is included in the book, but since each of us is unique,
the steps we need to take will vary.
Remember, the path to reuniting with your Higher Self is a step by step process, so don't try to do
too much initially where you end up feeling overwhelmed. Prayers or calls to the Masters for
guidance on what steps you need to take is benecial. And of course, once you do establish a
strong connection with your Real Self, that direction will come from within too.
Initially it may seem overwhelming in realizing the work that needs to be done, but if you take it a
step at a time and keeping going, you will eventually come to the end of the journey - and the
rewards are beyond measure!
Resistance is a common occurrence to change and as you embark on the path to reuniting with
your Higher Self, there will of course be changes that need to occur. Even if we are really interested
in making changes in our lives, there is a natural tendency in human nature to resist change - at
least initially. So be aware (but do not get discouraged!), that you will encounter various resistances
to your application - both external and internal. External forces can inuence us from time to time,
especially if we do not have a strong protection momentum established (see chapter in Section 4 on
"Spiritual Protection"). I believe though that much of the day to day resistance we encounter comes
from within - from the ego or "lower self", as it is sometimes referred to. As many spiritual seekers
have discovered, the ght between the Higher Self and the ego/lower self can be quite the battle!
Levels of Resistance
The rst basic level of resistance we normally encounter in trying to make personal changes is one I
am sure we are all familiar with. The resisting part of ourselves will offer dozens of excuses to try
and derail our efforts:
- I just don't have the time at the moment.
- I'm too tired to do that right now.
- I can't miss this tv program.
- I really have to do the dishes, wash the clothes, run this errand, "ll in the blank" - anything but
what we really need to be focusing on!
Of course, we have to take time to do practical things and we all need relaxation time, but we also
need to give priority to our spiritual work and set aside the time for that too.
The next level of resistance directly involves taking steps on the spiritual path. Spiritual teachings
can be divided into three basic categories:
1. Teachings that help us understand the spiritual path and the spiritual aspects of ourselves - such
as teachings on the Higher Self, the chakras, the aura, etc.
2. Things that we "do" that involve the teachings - such as meditating, giving mantras, decrees, etc.
3. Teachings that apply to our behavior - such as being harmonious, controlling our emotions, and
overcoming bad habits and momentums.
I view Category 1 as usually offering the least resistance as far as the ego goes, but one in which
many get trapped. In this category, the assimilation of teachings usually involves reading or
listening to tapes and lectures. Since most of us have been attracted to this material on some level
as spiritual seekers, we don't usually encounter much resistance to reading and studying. We may
nd areas that we question or things we don't agree with, but our seeking normally pushes us on to
learn more. This is the area where many seekers get trapped in - an intellectual knowledge of
whatever spiritual teachings they are studying. Many seekers go from one teaching to the next -
assimilating on an intellectual basis, but not doing much in the way of application.
Category 2 is where most of us encounter more resistance as it requires "doing" something more
active besides reading or listening. Take meditation for example - some may nd it difcult to
meditate initially. For the most part, the mind is pretty undisciplined and runs all over the place with
its various thoughts and scenarios. Learning to quiet the mind and overcome its resistance to
meditating may take some time, but is an important part of most spiritual teachings.
Category 3 is where many of us nd the most resistance of all. Many of our "bad habits" and our
behaviors appear to be deeply ingrained. If we have addictions, those can be difcult to overcome.
The ego can offer Big Time resistance to changing some of these habits and addictions! But the
overcoming of these things is an essential part of reuniting with your True Self, and much of the
Masters emphasis is placed on this category. You cannot get far down the Path without resolving
your psychology and bad habits.
What can be done to overcome resistance?
I view some of the essential keys to overcoming resistance as being Determination, Intention and
Momentum (DIM for easy memory).
1. Determination - A heartfelt determination is needed to get the energy moving to overcome
2. Intention - A clear intention from the Heart - preferably stated out loud - magnies the power of
3. Momentum - Once a momentum is well established, it has an energy of its own that helps carry
you through resistance.
Initially establishing a new habit/momentum doesn't take as long as you might think. Most of the
studies I've read suggest that it takes anywhere from 3-4 weeks. That probably depends a lot on the
determination and actions of the individual. Of course, establishing a new momentum is just the rst
The Masters teach us that everything runs in cycles, and that the 24-hour cycle is critical as far as
maintaining a momentum goes. So to really get a strong momentum going, one needs to "feed" it
regularly. For example, if you are encountering resistance to meditating and you are determined to
establish a momentum, you could state your clear intention each day to meditate for a certain length
of time and your commitment to doing so each and every day. Then of course, you have to follow
through with that!
The power of Awareness - a great aid in dealing with resistance
There is a lot of power in simply being aware when resistance emerges. The ego is used to doling
out resistance that most of the time we are not consciously aware of, thus making it easy to succumb
to that opposition. By shining the light of awareness when resistance comes up, just the power of
being aware will help greatly in overcoming opposition from within. Once you are consciously
aware of resistance, it is easier to take the necessary steps to conquer it!
Other aids in overcoming resistance:
1. When encountering periods where I feel a rise in my resistance level, I try and counter that by
writing down what I intend to do each day and stating out loud my intention to do those things. I nd
this helps me on the follow through.
2. The uses of spiritual practices to overcome all external and internal resistances.
3. Prayers/calls for assistance from God/Universal, the Masters, angels and other cosmic beings.
4. Establishing an ongoing connection with your Higher Self. On days when I have a strong
connection with that Self throughout the day, I usually nd there is little or no resistance to doing the
things I need to do.
In reality, you ARE your Higher/True Self, which is Light - concentrated energy and consciousness,
teeming with creative potential! But if you really are Light, where did that Light come from?
Our origin - where we began
In the beginning there was Light - a great spiritual sun. This Light is God, "Universal" - our Father/
Mother or whatever you want to call it - and what the Masters refer to as the "Great Central Sun".
Once we were a part of this Sun and one with all creation. Eventually, we wanted to experiment with
our own potential, our own ability to create in the world of matter. As we separated from God and
our Spirit sparks went forth, we contacted the world of form, where we integrated with others. We
began to think limiting thoughts, have doubts and fears, formed false beliefs and engaged in
negativity. This caused layer upon layer of density to be formed around the core of Light of our Real
Self. As we became trapped in imperfect creation, we forgot what it was like to be part of the Sun.
We became lost and could not return home. Our souls fell asleep, completely forgetting our origin
and ability to create.
The "Lower Self" and Human Ego
What is sometimes referred to as the "lower self" is your human self, that part of you which is not
conscious of your true nature. Out of the density of the layers that have been built around the Light
of your Higher Self was born the human "ego". This ego is the ruler of the lower self, with its
personality, human will and human intellect. Sometimes referred to as the "lower ego", this is the
aspect of the human self which most of us identify with.
Many on a spiritual path believe the ego to be a bad thing, however, having a positive ego and
healthy self-image, is a vital ingredient that enables the human to fearlessly reach for the "Divine
Ego" and the Higher Self.
The primary goal and purpose of life
The one overall goal for all souls is to eventually unite the lower self with the Higher Self. That
requires waking up from the long sleep in the realm of the human ego and peeling away the layers
which have obscured your true identity. Fortunately, you have help - right within yourself! Your
Higher Self is simultaneously aware of your wholeness and the fragmented parts of your being - the
human consciousness and human ego - and wants to become whole and integrated. Therefore, it
will help you in every possible way you can accept. Its foremost concern is for your greatest and
highest good.
Your Higher Self is the voice of reason, creative inspiration and guidance
Your Higher Self is the voice of higher reason and creative inspiration - and your true teacher! It is
the source of your intuitions and communicates with you in various ways, many of them subtle. It is
that still, small voice that guides you when there is a decision to make, or may more loudly issue a
warning when there is danger. Of course, it is always your choice as to whether you listen or not.
Choosing to ignore the messages from the H.S. frequently results in regret, sometimes in a major
way! It can even assist in more mundane ways, such as helping nd your misplaced keys. Of
course, not every message you receive is from the Higher Self, and that is why you also need to
learn to discern the difference. Any message that would have you harm yourself or another is
obviously not from the Higher Self! However, your Real Self may guide you to do things that you
may not be comfortable with in order for you to overcome fear and hesitation to make needed
Most importantly, your Higher Self will help you gure out what to do in your life and will give you
unerring guidance every step of the way!
A Step-By-Step Process
As the Masters teach us, connecting and strengthening that connection with your Higher Self,
involves a step-by-step process and the steps taken by each one of us will vary. It is the goal of this
book to help you determine what steps you need to personally take and what practical methods you
can use to peel away every layer that has prevented you from knowing the shining Light of your
Real Self!
Note: Higher Self, Real Self, True Self and H.S. are used interchangeably throughout the book and
all refer to the same thing.
l=|OnOl llOn
Developing your own personal plan for applying the information found in this book is
crucial for your success! If you are serious about making changes in your life and
connecting your your Real Self - DO NOT skip this section! Of course, developing
your personal plan is just the beginning - then comes the trickier part - application!
There are basic things that you should follow closely, including the Initial Steps.
However, once you evaluate and identify the layers of your onion, you will be
formulating your own personal plan on a day to day basis, depending on your own
needs and inner direction. You will find that as you begin to make a strong
connection with your Higher Self, you will be guided to exactly what you need to do
every day!
Regarding time required to work on your plan, it does not require a lot of extra time,
rather most of the things you will be doing are incorporated into your daily life. Real
change can only be accomplished through incorporation in your daily activities. So
there is no excuse that you don't have enough time! There will be days when you
have more time to spend on reading, meditating, etc. and others where you have
limited extra time. There is no required time needed every day, just make sure you
are doing something with your plan daily to keep your focus and momentum going.
To begin with
First, print out this entire book. If you don't have your own printer, you can transfer
the file to someone who does have one to print it out for you. (Take them out to
lunch or something as a thank you!) If needed, you can transfer the file to your local
print shop for printing.
Next, find a nice binder to put it in. If you get one with the front cover protector, you
can place the cover page for the book there, or if it works for you, make it special in
some way - adding your own pics on the cover, etc.
First, read the book through once to get a general idea of the material and what may
be needed in developing your Personal Plan. You may want to do a quick read first
and then do a more thorough reading after that. Use markers, highlight, underline or
make notes to emphasize important parts and any thoughts you may have.
Purchase a journal you can write in or make one of your own. The approximate 6 x 8
inch kind are great as they are easy to carry around with you.
Divide the journal into 3 sections - Evaluation, Daily Plan/Focus & Notes to Myself.
You will be using this journal to initially do the evaluations to identify the layers of your
personal onion. After that, you will use the journal to daily record your focuses and
goals, and to write down notes on your progress, observations, thoughts and
Writing is a very important part that will contribute to your success! Writing makes
things seem more real and emphasizes the importance of whatever you are writing
about. It also helps you to keep your focus on what you need to do and your goals,
as well as helping keep track of your progress.
When going to places where taking your journal with you isn't practical, taking a small
pocket-size notebook instead is helpful. You can always transfer any notes you
make into your journal later.
It is possible to keep your journal on your computer, but if doing that, you will still
need to take a small notebook with you to record your daily focuses and goals, as
well as to record observations, experiences and thoughts.
Visualizing your Higher Self and Personal Onion
1. Re-read "What is the Higher Self", "Peeling the Onion" and "Your Personal Onion"
in Section 1. Re-reading material is always valuable as the experts say you only take
in about 10% of what you are reading the first time through.
2. Do the meditation (see chapter on Meditation in Section 4 if you are new to
meditating) in "Your Personal Onion" to establish a visualization of your True Self and
your onion. Keep with the visualization until you have a strong picture of both. This
may require several times of doing the meditation.
Identifying the layers of your onion:
1. Re-read "Identifying the Layer of Your Onion" in Section 1.
2. Do the meditation and exercise to start identifying the layers. This will help give
you a better idea of your negative traits and momentums, limiting beliefs you may
have, as well as your positive traits.
3. For the evaluation of your traits and momentums, you may want to use the list in
that section and do your 0-5 ratings there. You can then transfer information into the
first section of your journal.
4. Re-read the sections on "Resolving your Psychology & Overcoming Bad Habits/
Negative Momentums" and "Need to Overcome These Momentums in Particular".
5. 7 Day Self-Evaluation: Do this evaluation for seven days to further help you
identify your negative habits and momentums. Be sure to record your observations
in your journal in the Evaluation section.
6. Next, do the assessment of this evaluation period, noting the frequency on a scale
of 0-5 of each habit/momentum you have identified. (1 being hardly ever and 5 being
very frequently.
7. After that, do the meditation and visualization to see these momentums as layers
of your personal onion which are contributing to blocks and limitations in your life,
while at the same time dimming the Light of your Real Self that is able to shine
through all the layers.
8. Re-read the chapter on "Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs".
9. Take a look at the initial list you have made of possible limiting beliefs you may
have (from 2. above).
10. Do a smiler self-evaluation as above and as described in this chapter. This will
take longer and you will probably have to dig deeper in order to identify the limiting
beliefs you have. You may find this evaluation will be on-going as you discover more
of these as you go along. Be sure to keep a written record of everything you
discover in your journal.
11. Do a similar mediation as above, seeing the limiting beliefs you have identified so
far as part of the layers of your onion.
You should now have a good idea of the blockages that are contributing to your
personal onion and keeping you from having a strong connection with your True Self!
Initial Contact and Connection with Your Higher Self:
1. Re-read "Contact and Connection with Your Higher Self" in Section 1.
2. Set the Blueprint - Following the suggestions in this chapter, make your
commitment to unite/reconnect with your True Self.
3. Once the blueprint has been set, take time to meditate on the Light of your Higher
Self within your heart, establishing the connection with that Self.
4. Begin to follow the suggestions in this chapter for further strengthening the
connection with your HS.
As noted in the chapter on Forgiveness in Section 2, forgiveness of yourself and
others is absolutely essential. Non-forgiveness can contribute to a lot of density and
many layers of your personal onion.
1. Re-read the chapter on "Forgiveness".
2. As noted in "Practical Steps of Forgiveness" at the end of the chapter, in your
journal list those situations in your life where you have not fully forgiven yourself or
others and follow the suggestions there to help resolve each and every one of these
There are things you should do every day to keep the focus and momentum going of
reuniting with your Real Self.
1. Renew your commitment daily to doing whatever is necessary to reconnect fully
with your Real Self.
2. Connect with your True Self first thing upon awakening every morning by
centering in your heart and visualizing its brilliant white/golden Light. Breathe deeply
and feel the peace radiating from that Self.
3. Stay connected with your Higher Self throughout the day through short
meditations (even a minute or less) by centering in the heart and its Light and
surrounding yourself with brilliant golden/white Light.
4. Have a running conversation throughout the day with your H.S. and channel all
important decisions through it.
5. If possible, have a longer meditation of 15 minutes or more daily to help deepen
the connection with your True Self (be sure and use spiritual protection!). Dawn or
dusk are wonderful times for meditating as the energies on earth become more still
at these times. Before retiring at night is also a good time.
6. Daily visualize your personal onion and its current condition. Each time you
meditate and consciously connect with your H.S., see a small channel piercing
through to the core and decreasing the density of the layers. Every time you
overcome a limiting belief or negative momentum, see layers being peeled away.
When engaging in positive thoughts, emotions and actions, see those strengthening
and intensifying the Light within and dissolving more layers internally.
7. Check your focus throughout the day and shift it to something that will strengthen
the connection to your Real Self or help peel away more layers of your onion.
Preliminary Steps:
1. Re-read Sections 3 and 4 on "Establishing & Reinforcing Positive Momentums"
and "Spiritual Tools and Techniques".
2. Review the "Keys for Overcoming Bad Habits/Negative Momentums" in Section 2.
3. Review in your journal the evaluations and lists you have made of your positive
and negative momentums and your limiting beliefs.
On-going Daily Plan and Focus:
Every day as early as possible, plan your daily focuses by writing them out in your
journal and/or small notebook (to be taken with you if you leave home).
The evaluations you have recorded in your journal will help you determine your own
personal plan and what your focuses need to be each day. For further assistance,
ask your Higher Self or the Masters what you need to focus on.
1. Bad Habits/Negative Momentums - From the results of your 7 Day Evaluation,
choose which habit/momentum you want to work on. Again, you can choose to go
after the tough ones first (the 4 or 5's) or start with the easier ones (2's and 3's). You
don't really need to work on any 1's at this time since those are things you rarely
engage in and so don't have a momentum with those. The 4's and 5's are ones
though that have created dense layers in your onion, so it is good to go after them as
soon as possible. In the case of milder momentums, you can work on more than one
at a time.
Following the suggestions and steps to overcome the habit, determine to carry out
those actions until the momentum has been broken and you feel like you are at least
90-95% done with it. To reinforce your progress, cross off each momentum as you
undo it. Remember not to beat yourself up with an occasional slip-up! The goal is to
eliminate the momentum, not to completely stop yourself from engaging in the action
ever again. You will also need to keep vigilant to make sure the habit does not
The time will vary, but if you have a strong determination to overcome the habit, it will
take a shorter time. Again, experts state it can take 3-4+ weeks to overcome a habit,
with lesser time applying to those habits you don't engage in as often. Remember, if
has taken a lifetime or more to establish these momentums, so give yourself some
time to undo them!
Continue to list and focus on each momentum daily until it is broken. Then move on
to another one on your list, concentrating on only one of the more serious
momentums at a time or several if they are 2's and 3's. Be sure to visualize the
layers being peeled away from your personal onion with each momentum that is
You will find that as you overcome more and more negative momentums and work
on reinforcing positive ones, that the other bad habits on your list will become easier
and easier to undo as you are strengthening the connection with the Light and power
of your Higher Self.
2. Limiting Beliefs - Review the list of possible limiting beliefs you have and select
one to work on. When you get a chance throughout the day, follow the suggestions
in the chapter on "Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs", examine and think about this belief
and how it may be limiting you, the cause behind the belief, etc. The goal is to be
able to at least come to the decision to keep an open mind if you find you can't let go
of the belief entirely yet.
3. Positive Momentums - Pick out one of the positive momentums listed in Section
3 and determine to focus on it during the day and incorporate it into your daily
thoughts, feelings and actions. Use the suggestions in Section 3 to help you
establish and cultivate the momentums.
Say you have chosen to work on Gratefulness for the day. Review the Chapter on
"Gratefulness - Cultivating God-Gratitude" and incorporate being grateful throughout
your day. Wake up thanking God for the new, beautiful day, express gratitude for the
things that happen, you see, or feel that day. Sometime during the day, set 5
minutes aside and have a gratefulness meditation where you express gratitude from
your heart for all the wonderful things you are experiencing or want to experience in
your life. Use the suggested gratefulness mantras during the day.
Look at the list of Positive Traits you rated yourself for in "Identifying the Layers of
Your Onion". Notice the ones you have not developed very much (0's, 1's and 2's).
You should also focus on developing those traits, along with the positive momentums
in Section 3. You will find that as you focus on and develop some of these traits
more strongly, you will automatically start engaging more frequently in other positive
4. Spiritual Tools & Techniques - As mentioned in this section, many of these
tools and techniques are essential if you are wanting to fully reunite with your Real
Self. Meditation, spiritual protection (including the Tube of Light), the violet flame and
decrees are amongst those essentials. Most of these techniques require setting
some time aside to do. You may find you cannot devote a lot of time to them
sometimes, but remember, these powerful techniques will help tremendously in
strengthening your connection with your Higher Self!
Each day, set a goal of using as many of these tools as you can, write those goals
down in your journal and follow through with that as much as possible.
The following is an example of what a typical Daily Plan entry in your journal/
notebook might look like (writing is shown in italics), along with suggestions. You
should refer to your plan throughout the day as a reminder of what you need to be
focusing on. Remember to also incorporate the above Daily Essentials into your day!
1. (Negative Momentum) - Continue to work on Impatience (following suggested
steps). Make notes in your journal of thoughts, feelings and experiences concerning
this momentum, including when you failed to be patient and what the situation/cause
was. At the end of the day, rate yourself percentage-wise on how successful you felt
you were in not being impatient.
2. (Limiting Belief) - Continue to work on the belief that to gain what you want in life,
you have to struggle. Examine this belief whenever possible during the day and
record any thoughts that come up. Also, note if you were able to come to the
decision to keep an open mind about the belief or to let it go.
3. (Positive Momentum) - Practice being in the Present as much as possible during
the day. Again, makes notes in your journal of your experiences that day, including
how it felt to be more focused in the present instead of worrying about the past or
projecting into the future.
4. (Spiritual Tools & Techniques) -
- Do Tube of Light decree at least once today.
- Meditate for at least 15 minutes tonight.
- Do 10 minutes of violet flame decrees.
Remember, writing these things down is only the beginning. You need to be
determined each day to focus on your plan and take whatever actions are necessary
to complete the daily plan successfully.
Once you have done this for awhile, you will find you are encountering less and less
resistance from your lower self/ego - which can be pretty resistant to discipline! Plus,
with each successful day of keeping your focus on your plan, along with overcoming
each negative momentum and establishing strong positive ones, you will find your life
changing in wonderful ways! Best of all though, as you peel and dissolve away layers
of your personal onion, your connection with your true teacher - your Higher Self - will
grow stronger and stronger.
I rst want to re-emphasize that in reality you already are your Higher Self, so this is not a pushing
to become something you aren't already. Rather it is a peeling away of layers - like an onion - until
the shining essence of your True Self is fully revealed and you are once again consciously one
with that Self. So the good news is you already are perfect. On the other hand, that doesn't mean
there isn't a lot of work you need to do to realize and outpicture that perfection again!
The "Onion"
I have personally found that strong visualizations help considerably in keeping the focus on
whatever it is we want to do. In this case, see your Higher Self as a spherical being of the brightest,
shining Light you can imagine and know that is who you truly are! Picture it as centered in your
heart. This is the core of the onion. Surrounding that beautiful light of your True Self are many
layers, with each layer causing the Light within to grow dimmer and dimmer. (More on this later.)
What are the layers?
The layers that surround and obscure the Light of the Higher Self consist of many things - false
beliefs and perceptions, limiting thoughts, fears, doubts, anger and other negative momentums,
non-forgiveness, hardness of heart, and the energetic density caused by the consequences/karma
of negative thoughts, feelings, words and actions - not only in this life, but past lives.
It is the purpose of this book to help you identify the layers of your own personal onion and with a
step by step approach, dissolve those layers until you are once again reunited with your Real
radiant Self!
Establishing a strong connection with your Higher self, including dissolving and peeling away the
layers that are blocking you from connecting and reuniting that Self, involves a fourfold approach.
Steps in each of these sections will be used simultaneously according to your own personal plan.
Section One - Practical Steps
These practical steps include:
- discovering what layers make up your personal Onion
- methods to begin consciously connecting with your Higher Self
- how to strengthen that connection throughout the day
- addressing physical issues such as diet and exercise
- formulating your own daily Personal Plan
Section Two - Overcoming Bad Habits & Negative Momentums and Letting Go of Limiting
This section includes:
- identifying and acknowledging the habits, momentums and limiting beliefs that have contributed
to the layers of your Onion
- 7 Day Self-Evaluation
- assessment, examination and decision after evaluation
- step-by-step plan to overcome your negative momentums
- powerful keys to stopping bad habits
- how to let go of limiting beliefs
Section Three - Establishing and Reinforcing Positive Momentums
By reinforcing and establishing new positive momentums, the connection to your Higher Self will
automatically become stronger! This level includes:
- becoming the energy of peace - steps to practicing peace in your day to day life
- the power of gratefulness - how it can change your focus and greatly improve your life
- cultivating joy - a vital key on the path
- how to become more harmonious - the magic key to reconnecting with your True Self
- becoming non-reactive and the power of Neutral - essential elements to overcoming emotionally
charged reactions to people, situations and events
- learning to live in the Present
- letting go, surrender and trust - substantially decrease worrying!
Section Four - Spiritual Tools & Techniques
This level features many spiritual tools and techniques which will help you more deeply connect
with your Real Self, including:
- learning to meditate and specic meditations to help you connect with your Higher Self
- how to center in the Heart and open the "secret chamber" where your True Self "resides"
- learn about your aura and chakras and how the chakras are a gateway to your Higher Self
- how prayers, decrees and mantras can strengthen the connection to your H.S.
- learn about the miracle gift of the Masters which will help dissolve the layers of your Onion - a
technique that can help you overcome negative momentums and karma - called the "Cosmic
Now it's time to form a strong visualization of your True Self and your personal onion. To do this, it
is best to enter a calm, meditative state (see chapter on Meditation in Section 4 if you are not
already familiar with meditating). After becoming relaxed and still, center your consciousness in
your heart and imagine the brightest most brilliant shining light you can. Picture it as a sphere with
you (your consciousness) in the center and bright light rays radiating out in all directions. Further
intensify the light if possible - like turning up the rheostat on a light switch. These rays can be white
or gold or a combination of both - whatever feels right to you. This is the essence of your Higher
Once you have rmly established this visualization, next begin to visualize layers forming around
the Light of your H.S. These layers consist of all the limiting thoughts and beliefs, negative
emotions, bad habits, etc. that you identied from the previous section. These layers have over time
dimmed the Light and caused you to forget your true nature and who you really are. Visualize these
layers in a circle around the inner Light, just like layers of an onion, with each one causing the Light
to grow dimmer and your connection to your True Self, weaker. Keep with this visualization until you
have a strong picture of it.
You now have a thoughtform of your own personal onion - and know that it exactly represents your
present state of being. In the days to come, you will be visualizing your onion throughout the day
and seeing the layers begin to peel away and being dissolved by the actions you are taking.
Peeling and Dissolving the Layers
The actions you will be taking in the days ahead will work on the layers of your onion in a number of
ways. Things like overcoming limiting beliefs and negative momentums will have the affect of
peeling and stripping away layers from the outside. Engaging in positive emotions and actions that
are a part of your true nature, will result in a strengthening and intensication of the Light within,
which you will visualize as dissolving layers internally. Meditating and consciously connecting with
your Higher Self will have the effect of piercing small holes and channels right through to the core
and your shining Self within, decreasing the density of the layers. Every positive action you take,
will have an effect on your onion.
Positive Reinforcement
The rm establishment of the visualization of your personal onion and the layers being peeled and
dissolved away gives you a strong representation of the fact that with each step you take, you are
removing the blocks to reuniting with your Higher Self. This will give you positive reinforcement that
progress is being made!
Reap the Benets!
As the density of the layers surrounding your True Self begins to become less and less, you will
begin to notice your life changing in many positive, rewarding ways. You will actually start feeling
lighter, less burdened, more peaceful and happier. Goals that you have been struggling with may
suddenly be accomplished. Seemingly miraculous events will begin to occur in your life.
The Powerful Law of Attraction
So why will the above start occurring? Keeping it simple - as you may know, everything in the
universe vibrates - energy, light, sound, color, thoughts, emotions, etc. Each one of us has our own
personal vibratory level which can vary depending on the thoughts, emotions and actions we are
engaging in at the moment. Whatever you are putting out vibrationally will attract to yourself energy
of a similar frequency, due to the Universal Law of Attraction - "like attracts like". In other words, you
are a big magnet! If you are happy and positive, that energy vibration goes forth to attract more of
the like energy to you, reinforcing your vibration which in turn begins to attract positive events and
circumstances into your life. Likewise, if you are angry, you tap into the like anger vibration that is
being put out by all others on this planet who are engaging in that emotion. This magnies your
own anger and can cause things to rapidly deteriorate as the anger energy impacts you and things
around you. Have you ever noticed when you become really angry, things tend to break, go wrong,
and can even cause you to have an accident!
The Law of Karma - Cause and Effect
The Law of Cause and Effect/Karma works in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. Most of you
have probably heard of karma, but may have a limited view of it. Karma is sometimes stated to be
"what goes around, comes around". Karma is many times regarded as being negative and a
punishment. However, karma is neutral - although there is what is considered "bad" karma and
"good" karma, depending on the choices we have made and the effects thereof. Karma is never a
punishment, but is only a return of like energy from the thoughts, words and actions that we have
engaged in in this life or other lifetimes. It serves to help us learn lessons and make better choices.
The Law of Karma operates automatically, without prejudice. This is why there is no injustice. It
may look like some people seem to get away with things, but they do not. Eventually, the karma
(energy) of their deeds will and must be returned to them.
Karma contributes to the layers of your personal onion, but as you begin to undo and transmute
your karma by new positive momentums, those layers will be stripped away. As stated with the Law
of Attraction, when you engage in positive thoughts, feeling and actions, the vibratory energy will
attract more of the same energy to you. The Law of Karma also causes more goodness to be
returned to you as the effect of the positive impact you are having on those around you, especially
when you are engaged in serving and helping others.
Your Personal Onion and Level of Consciousness
Your current personal onion has an overall vibratory level of consciousness consisting of all the
vibrations of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and past actions. This vibratory level in turn attracts
people, events and circumstances into your life. As you begin to remove the layers of your onion
and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self - which energetically is at the highest
vibratory level of consciousness - your personal vibration starts rising higher and higher. This in
turn, begins to attract more events and circumstances of a positive nature. Also, when you are
engaging in positive emotions, helping and being of service to others, the energy of your emotions
and deeds is returned to you (through the Law of Karma) multiplied, bringing even more positive
circumstances into your life!
In order to start removing the layers of your personal onion, you rst need to discover what has
contributed to making those layers. The meditation and exercise below will help you start
identifying the layers. Later on, you will be doing a 7 Day Evaluation to further zero in on and
identify more of those layers.
Below is a list of traits and negative momentums that may be contributing - either directly or
indirectly - to the layers of your onion and the dimming of the Light of your True Self within. Realize
that these things you identify as being things you engage in, are NOT a part of who you truly are.
Rather they are momentums you have developed through the lower self/ego. This realization will
help you more honestly identify these traits and momentums.
It is never easy to see these things within ourselves and admit to them and that is why they continue
to be blockages in our lives. You have to be willing to shine a bright light within and identify and
admit to these traits before they can be undone. Otherwise, they will continue to create problems
and limitations in your life, as well as continue to block you from realizing the Light of your Higher
Self and fully reuniting with that Self. Just a conscious awareness, will begin the process of undoing
and cutting back on negative momentums.
One of the reasons we allow ourselves to get away with bad behavior is because we never shine
the light on these momentums and admit to them - or have some kind of skewed justication for the
behavior. And so, they continue to play out on their own, just below the level of conscious
awareness. Once the Light of Awareness shines on them, the power of awareness will begin their
Initially, just read through this list one trait/characteristic at a time without really identifying if they
pertain to you personally. Although this list is not intended to fully cover all negative traits, it will at
least help you to identify most of the areas where you need work. Later, during the 7 Day
Evaluation, you might uncover other momentums.
Negative Traits/Momentums:
Feeling irritation and annoyance
Too doubting
Feeling overly anxious
Worrying too much
Feeling guilty
Volatile - acting rash
Mean spirited (being unkind)
Having Hatred/Dislike
Lack of Faith
Criticism, Condemnation and Judgment of others
Engaging in Gossip
Lack of Willpower
Being too passive
Being too aggressive
Overly competitive
Being too opinionated
Too defensive
Overly sensitive
Overly suspicious
Next, read over this list of possible Limiting Beliefs you may have - again, not dwelling on whether
they personally pertain to you or not.
Limiting Beliefs:
Disbelief in God/Higher Power
"If it can't be physically proven, it's not real or doesn't exist"
Belief you are a "Sinner"
Belief you are undeserving
Belief you are meant to suffer or struggle in this life
Sense of Limitation - that you are limited to what you can achieve
Sense of Inferiority
Scarcity Consciousness (lack of abundance)
Belief that you only live one life - the life you get is just the "luck of the draw"
There is no reason for the "good" and "bad" things that occur in your life
Next, making sure you will not be disturbed, enter a quiet, meditative state, becoming centered in
your heart (see sections on Meditation and Centering in the Heart ). Visualize the bright Light of
your Higher Self and all the layers of your personal onion surrounding that Self. Merge with that
Light and see yourself becoming the brilliant sphere of your Real Self. Breathe slowly and deeply
for another minute or two, visualizing your Light becoming brighter and brighter. Now ask yourself/
Higher Self to help you identify the surrounding layers of density that have caused your conscious
self to forget who you truly are and brought about lack and limitation in your life. Shine a light on
each of the layers allowing whatever to come to your conscious awareness. Take as long as you
need to complete this meditation.
Next, take a look at the lists of traits/momentums and limiting beliefs again. Using a scale of 0 - 5 (1
meaning something you rare engage in and 5 meaning a strong momentum), rate each trait as it
applies to you (your lower self) - being as honest as possible. Because of the strong identity we
have with our lower self and ego, it may be difcult to get an honest evaluation in some areas, but
this is just the rst step in that identication. Later - using these lists as a starting basis - there will be
a 7-Day Evaluation of actual day-to-day thoughts and actions that will rene your list and further
help you see what has contributed to the density of the layers of your onion.
Identifying your Positive Traits and Momentums
Now that the hard part is done, let's move on to the positive traits and momentums you have
developed! These are normally easier to identify and you probably won't need to meditate to
identify these. Although being humble is one of the positive qualities on the list, you don't want to be
too humble in identifying and rating your positive traits. Again, just be as honest as possible in your
evaluation. As before, rate each trait/momentum between 0 and 5.
Positive Traits:
Sensitive of others
Warm-hearted - kind
Service Oriented
Inclusive of others
Engage in Self-Control
Realize that these qualities are a part of your Real Self and connect you with who you truly are!
These traits will be further developed as part of your personal plan and used to strengthen your
connection to your Higher Self and dissolve the layers of your onion.

Acceptance and Acknowledgment of the Higher Self
The rst step to reuniting with your Real Self is to fully accept and acknowledge the existence of
that Self. Know that this Self is your true being and not outside of you. Obviously, if you are to
become one with your Higher Self, you rst have to believe it exists and that connecting and
reuniting with it is possible. That belief can come through personal experience of being guided by
the "still, small voice" within, communicating with your H.S. in your heart, and/or by trust and belief
in the Masters and what they teach us.
Set the Blueprint
As with building anything, you need to set the blueprint by having the clear intention and
determination to establish contact (if you haven't already) or continue to connect with your Higher
Self and to eventually completely reunite with It. This is not something that can or should be taken
lightly. You rst need to go within your heart and determine if you are willing to do everything that
is necessary in order for that to happen. When you look at the hard work that lies ahead, the
process can seem daunting, but as you address what is needed step by step, it becomes more
manageable. As you make tangible progress along with the rewards that will come your way, that
will help fuel your determination to make it all the way!
Making the commitment to unite with your True Self is one of the most sacred things you can do, so
it should be done in a sacred way. Initially, that commitment should be made in your heart, at the
deepest level of your being. After that, conrming the commitment in a physical way will further
help set the blueprint. This can be done in a number of ways, such as:
1. Audibly make the commitment in a place that is sacred or special to you - indoors or outdoors,
whatever feels right to you. You can make the commitment in the name of your Higher Self and to
God or one of the Masters if that feels right. You can also include a prayer for guidance in your
2. Write down your commitment and burn it and/or keep it in a sacred/special place to review
3. Make your determination while holding your favorite crystal, seeing it infused with the energy of
your commitment. Keep this crystal close to you at all times.
4. Do whatever in your own unique way that will make this special and sacred.
The Power of Determination and Commitment
When you determine with all our heart and make the commitment to do something, the energy of
that determination goes forth to pave the way for its manifestation and also for assistance
(sometimes in seemingly miraculous ways) in bringing forth your desired objective. This is partially
due to universal laws of energy which state that what we put forth is returned to us in like kind. If
you only have a half-hearted commitment to something, you can only expect to receive little
assistance or none at all. Your heartfelt determination, however, can open the doors to heavenly
The Power of the Energy of Freedom
Freedom equates with reuniting with your Higher Self. The energy of determination coupled with
the energy of Freedom is very powerful. When you state that determination and clear intention to
be free, to come to the realization of your True Self with all your Heart and to not be moved by
anything that would try and swerve you from the path, you can literally feel those mountains
The inner wisdom and higher awareness of your True Self holds all the answers you need, and yet
there is usually some reluctance initially to seek it out and listen to what it is telling you. Many
would rather get their answers from other sources outside of themselves.
We have all had many communications with our Higher Self in the form of inner guidance, intuition,
etc. You may not have realized that this was the source of these situations, however. The H.S. is
wanting to communicate with us at all times, but we are the ones who put up the barriers to that
happening by our preoccupation with a myriad of distractions. Once you begin to consciously
communicate with your Real Self and receive answers to your questions, you will begin to trust that
you really do have all the answers within and will know you are never alone! The answers to
questions do not always come in a direct reply. It is important to be open to whatever form the
answer comes in, such as a passage in a book, a conservation with someone, a line in a movie
and so forth.
In order to connect with the Higher Self more frequently, you have to learn how to cultivate the
connection and allow some quiet space in your life in order to communicate with it. Calming and
quieting the mind is necessary to begin consciously connecting with your Higher Self. This is most
easily done through meditation, which is absolutely essential on the path. As the mind and
emotions are quieted, the access to your heart becomes easier. There, within the secret chamber
of the heart you can most easily communicate with your H.S. (See Chapter on Meditation in
Section 4.) Initially when starting these communications, it may seem like you are only talking to
yourself, and of course, in a way you are - your Real Self! In time though, the Higher Self can
become a very tangible presence as it did for me in manifesting as a golden being in the Heart.
Once you have established a connection with your Higher Self, it is important to strengthen that
connection as much as possible. This can be done in a number of ways.
1. In short meditations (even a minute or less), center in the heart, visualizing the Light of your Real
Self and feeling the connection with that Self. Do this rst thing upon awakening every morning. It is
not necessary to "see" this Self in any form, but it may be that eventually you will "see" or sense a
form of some kind. Initially with me, there was no form at all, but one day while centered in the
white Light in my heart, there suddenly appeared a seated golden being, which I eventually
merged into. I had no idea at the time that the Higher Self is sometimes referred to the "golden man
of the heart". It was a little shocking at rst, but once I learned to merge into it, the connection was
highly comforting.
2. Having a running conversation throughout the day with your Higher Self is another good way to
strengthen the connection. It is not necessary to always consciously center in the heart to have this
connection, especially once you have established a solid bond. As time goes on, you may nd
your Higher Self to be one of your best friends!
3. Channeling all important decisions through your True Self is highly desirable, as is asking it for
solutions to problems. At rst, it may be difcult to do this unless a very strong connection has been
already established. Important issues tend to engage our emotions and raise our anxiety levels. At
those times, it can be hard to discern if an answer is coming from the Higher Self or is being fed by
our own desires. When we become anxious, that can make it difcult to establish a connection at
all. At times like this, it is usually best to pose a question about the decision or problem right before
going to sleep while centered in the heart. Ask that you be given a clear answer upon awakening
in the morning. I have found this to work very well most of the time. If an answer doesn't seem to
be forthcoming when you wake up, relax and put the problem aside. Many times an answer will
manifest later on in the day in various ways you can't even imagine!
4. For decisions that aren't so important and charged with emotion, asking the Higher Self for
guidance in other matters is always a good idea. Usually in these types of situations, an answer
quickly manifests. Initially, it is necessary to establish discernment to make sure that the guidance
is truly coming from your Real Self. If there is any doubt, it is always best to later take time to deeply
center in the heart and still the mind as much as possible through meditation. Guidance and
answers usually then manifest in a clearer way.
5. Surrounding yourself with brilliant golden/white Light is another good way to deepen the
connection with your Higher Self. This can be done throughout the day for short or longer periods
of time. I have found doing this while walking to be very nice and it also helps to facilitate a walking
6. Setting some time aside daily to meditate for longer periods in the secret chamber of the heart is
vital for establishing a strong connection with your Higher Self.
***Key point: By cosmic law, what we place our attention on or focus on expands. As you
continually focus on your Higher Self, the connection will automatically be strengthened.
Physical Activities
There are a number of things you can do physically to help strengthen the connection with your
Higher Self. This includes having a well balanced, nourishing diet, keeping your weight under
control, and getting enough sunshine and exercise. A poor diet, lack of exercise and sunshine can
cause vibrational density within your being, along with physical, emotional and even mental
problems. So it is very important to address these issues too, as they can create barriers to fully
connecting with your True Self.
Initial Steps
- Afrm your belief in the tangible reality of the Higher Self by acceptance and acknowledgment of
that Self.
- Set the Blueprint - Have the clear intention and determination to establish contact with the H.S.
and to eventually completely reunite with it.
- Make your commitment to reuniting with your True Self in a special/sacred way.
- Make initial contact with your Real Self by centering in the Heart, meditating and merely talking to
Strengthen the connection by:
- Visualizing the Light of your Real Self and feeling the connection with it
- Making conscious connection with the Higher Self throughout the day and making friends with
that Self
- Having a "running conversation" with that Self throughout the day
- Asking your True Self for guidance and channeling all decisions through the H.S.
- Centering in the Heart whenever possible
- Surrounding yourself with the golden/white Light as much as possible
- Setting aside time daily to meditate in the secret chamber of the heart
- Clear intention/commitment
- Determination to be free
- Forgiveness of yourself and others (see Chapter on "Forgiveness")
- Overcoming negative habits and momentums (see Chapter on "Resolving your Psychology &
Overcoming Bad Habits/Negative Momentums)
- Control of emotions
- Maintaining harmony (see Chapter, "Harmony, the Magic Key")
- Expanding the Love of your Heart and the Light of your being (see corresponding Chapter)
- Balancing of karma (see Chapter, "Balancing/Transmuting Karma")
- Balancing and expanding the threefold ame of the heart (see Chapter, The Heart - The Master
- Clearing and purication of the chakras, and expanding the light of the chakras and aura. (See
Chapter, "Your Aura and Chakras")
- Surrender (see Chapter, "Letting Go, Surrender and Trust")
- Service - helping and serving others (see corresponding Chapter)
Other Aids:
- Become the energy of Peace (See corresponding Chapter)
- Cultivating a sense of Joy (see Chapter, "All is Joy!")
- Gratefulness - cultivating a sense of Gratitude (see Chapter, "Gratefulness, Cultivating God-
- Cultivating "softness" - a nurturing, giving attitude that does not take offense at anything
- Enlisting the aid of the Master, "Victory" and developing the "majestic sense of Victory" (see
Chapter, "Cultivating a Sense of Victory")
- Loving and nurturing yourself
- Prayer
- Utilize Spiritual Tools & Techniques found in Section 4.
Renew commitment daily
I have personally found that if there is not a total heart-felt commitment to do this that is renewed
every day, it is easy to fall back on a half-baked application. You must consciously and through
meditation, make the connection with your Higher Self and expand it, along with doing the
necessary work to overcome the negative momentums that may be holding you back.

>=CIlOn ?
v=|COmln hOO HOOlIH=OIlv= NOm=nIum
l=IIln O O llmlIln h=ll=
This section includes the absolute need for forgiveness, the key to forgiving and
letting go, practical steps of forgiveness, how to resolve your psychology, overcome
bad habits and negative momentums - including in-depth self-evaluations, the need
to overcome certain momentums in particular, how to deal with discouragement and
keys for letting go of limiting beliefs.
Forgiveness - absolutely essential!
Forgiveness - forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self - is absolutely essential if you are to
progress spiritually and reunite with your True Self. Non-forgiveness can contribute to very dense
layers in your personal onion.
Along life's path we all encounter situations that hurt us and cause us pain. It can be difcult or
seemingly impossible to forgive the ones who have caused us such pain or committed heinous
acts against us. Many of these situations strongly engage our emotions and energies, which in turn
creates an energy matrix (pattern). Although unseen, these matrices are every bit as real as any
physical object on earth and will stay intact until the situation is resolved or the energies
transmuted. This locks some of your energy in the past, many times to your own detriment. The
past is dead and gone, and yet the past is kept "alive" by non-resolution of the matter. At best, it sits
there and festers. If you continue to bring up these situations and go over and over them in your
mind, you feed the energy matrix and cause it to grow stronger. By the Universal Law of Attraction,
this in turn attracts like energy to you based on what you are outputting emotionally concerning the
incident. If you are angry, anger returns to you, multiplying and fueling the original energy output.
This energy can affect you on the physical, emotional and mental levels. The non-resolution of the
issue continues to link you to the situation and karmically binds you to any others involved until the
situation is resolved - in this lifetime or another.
***Key point: Until you truly forgive someone or something, you are bound to that situation or
Forgiveness of self may be the most difcult of all
The other aspect of forgiveness - the forgiveness of oneself - can prove to be the most difcult of all.
We can be our own worst enemies, going over and over all our misdeeds and wrongs we have
committed. Many times as a result of the non-forgiveness of self, you subconsciously end up
sabotaging things in your life as punishment. The Masters tell us that holding back forgiving
ourselves involves pride since God has already forgiven us for whatever we have done. If that is
true, than we are placing ourselves above God when we don't forgive ourselves.
Your own forgiveness is limited by your non-forgiveness of others
Another very important aspect of non-forgiveness is explained by Saint Germain, where he brings
up the fact that when you withhold forgiveness, you limit the amount of forgiveness you can receive
for any and all karma, saying that the violet ame (sometimes called the "mercy ame" or "Flame of
Forgiveness") will not transmute in you what you have not forgiven in others. For more information
on the violet ame, see below and Section 4.
Forgive and Forget?
Sometimes we are told we must "forgive and forget". In truly forgiving someone or something, you
do not forget the incident - that would be impossible. However, you do Let It Go. Many times, the
ego wants the other to be punished or see justice prevail before truly forgiving and letting go. As
the Masters teach, we need to leave justice to God and His Laws, which are exacting.
Knowing and understanding the Law of Karma (also known as the Law of Cause and Effect) is very
helpful in letting go. It states that for every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction;
which means that if you give happiness, you will receive happiness in return and if you give sorrow,
you will receive sorrow in return. In other words, "as you sow, so shall you reap". The Law of
Karma is indisputable and unerring. Thus you may know that Divine Justice will prevail.

Key to forgiving and letting go
So how do you go about this process of forgiveness and letting go? This can be particularly hard if
you have been involved in a traumatic situation. First of all, you need to understand that there is a
part of the self that is responsible for these types of acts. It is known as the "enemy within" and has
been called many names throughout the centuries - the "dweller on the threshold" (Dweller), the
anti-self, the Not Self, etc. Have you ever wondered why sometimes you do things that you know
are wrong and wonder why in the world you would ever do anything like that? Well, that's due to
the Dweller! Everything which conicts with good is an operation of the Dweller, which can prevent
you from taking actions which would be better ones. What is the Dweller? It is said to be the
enemy of our souls - a giant energy force of accumulated darkness and wrongdoings from all our
past lives - the dark part of self that we would rather not look at. We must eventually face our old
"selves" and conquer this force by meeting and passing over the threshold of this accumulated
energy from the past.
Understanding that there is this Dweller within was a major key for me personally in nally being
able to forgive and release things. It allowed me to see that there is a part that can be judged,
condemned and not forgiven, while at the same time the soul can be forgiven. Many on a spiritual
path understand the need for forgiveness but fall short of being able to do so because they have
the false concept that by forgiving they are excusing the offender for his behavior. They do not
understand that forgiveness of the soul is a two stage process - forgiving on one hand but lawful
judgment and justice on the other. So if you nd it hard to forgive others for wrongs committed
against you, understand it is the soul you are forgiving, not the Dweller.
You can make calls and give prayers for the binding and judgment of the Dweller of the person
who has wronged you, while at the same time praying that their soul make a turnaround and be
liberated from negative momentums of psychology and past records that have contributed to the
cause of their actions. Once you have done this, know with absolute certainty that in God's own
time and way, justice will be meted out and the soul will be assisted according to God's will. When
you call for the binding and judgment of the Dweller of the one who has wronged you but forgive
the soul, both divine justice and mercy are satised and you yourself can be cut free from any
sense of injustice or anger that would tie you to that one.
Set the "Forgiveness Blueprint"
Some of your issues of non-forgiveness may involve incidents that happened years ago and the
matrix established by going over and over these situations in your mind can be very powerful. At
times, you can even become addicted to the pain and suffering you feel when reliving these events.
That is why it is necessary to set a new matrix - a "Forgiveness Blueprint" by having the clear
intention and commitment to resolve the situation by forgiveness. This commitment must come
from the core of your being - from your heart. Once you COMMIT from your heart and state your
clear intention to forgive, the power of that energy will begin to undo and shatter the old matrix
while at the same time establishing a new blueprint for forgiving.
The Violet Flame - the "Flame of Forgiveness"
Behind your inability to forgive may be conditions such as hardness of heart, resentment, even
envy and pride that causes you to withhold the full cup of forgiveness. The key to transmuting the
energies of these situations is the violet ame, which has been dubbed the "forgiveness ame".
The power of the violet ame cannot be emphasized enough. The violet ame energy is the
highest vibratory aspect of the Holy Spirit. It serves as a "cosmic eraser" to transmute the energies
that have been locked up in old energy matrices of non-forgiveness and the cause and core
conditions behind your inability to forgive. But rst, there must be a willingness to truly forgive
and let go of the incident so that the violet ame can do its magic to vibrationally transmute
and dissolve those matrices.
How do you know you have forgiven?
When you can meet the situation or person in your mind and the sting is no longer there, you know
you have successfully forgiven. An analogy would be having a painful abscess a year ago - the
memory is still there, but the pain has been forgotten. You may know then that you have released
the person or situation and are no longer bound - you are free from the entrapment of non-
forgiveness. At the same time, the hardened layers of non-forgiveness in your personal onion will
be dissolved, strengthening the connection to your Real Self!
"Forgiveness will liberate you....forgiveness is a letting go. It is a blessing of all life."

1. In your journal, list those situations in your life where you have not fully forgiven yourself or
others. Then examine each situation and ask yourself why you have not been able to forgive the
persons involved in the situations. See that your own hardness of heart, resentment or pride could
be contributing to your non-forgiveness of the other.
2. Establish a new "Forgiveness Blueprint" for each situation of non-forgiveness.
3. Make calls and give prayers to establish a merciful heart for the complete forgiveness of self and
4. Apply the above process in "Key to forgiving and letting go" to every unresolved situation in your
5. Direct the violet ame through daily calls and decrees into the cause and core behind any
inability to forgive - hardness of heart, resentment, anger, pride, etc. - and to transmute the energy
of non-forgiveness.

Resolving psychological issues and the overcoming of bad habits and negative momentums is essential
on the path to reuniting with the Higher Self. These momentums contribute greatly to the layers of your
personal onion. As discussed previously, everything - including emotions - vibrate at different frequencies.
The energetic density of momentums such as anger, doubt and fear make up those layers and make it
difficult to develop a strong connection with your Real Self. So a good housecleaning is in order!
First Step: Awareness, Acknowledgment and Evaluation
Obviously, to overcome your negative habits and momentums, you have to be aware of them and be able
to admit to them. So an honest assessment and evaluation is the first step so that you can clearly see what
needs to be worked on. Not all negative momentums have a psychological reason behind them, some are
simply bad habits that have turned into a momentum due to repetition. For those that do have a
psychological reason, it is necessary to resolve the psychology too, otherwise the momentum will be
difficult, if not impossible to overcome.
7 Day Self-Evaluation
A self-evaluation is very helpful in discovering exactly what your negative momentums and bad habits are.
Of course, you are probably aware of many of them, but some of these types of momentums and habits
may have been in place for so long that you are not really consciously aware of them. You should already
have a better idea of these habits from the 0-5 ratings you made of possible negative momentums in the
chapter "Identifying the Layers of Your Onion".
It is very easy to become identified with bad habits - like they are a part of who you are - that you do not
see that it is just a trait that you have developed over time. Example: You have a tendency to be overly
honest and critical with others - even hurting them, but maybe dismiss it with, "that's just the way I am".
Well, that's not the way you REALLY are, just a momentum you have formed. And that momentum, can be
To do this evaluation successfully requires scrupulous honesty and the willingness to see every aspect of
conduct that is not in alignment with your Higher Self. This includes not only physical activities, but also
mental (thoughts) and emotional ones. All that is required is a small journal to record every negative
situation that arises. The trick is to not try to be on your best behavior or control your actions, but allow
yourself to behave as normally as possible. See your Higher Self as the neutral observer in the stands
while your lower self is on the playing field going about its usual activities. Simply record - without
judgment or reaction - all physical situations, thoughts and emotions that play out which are not of a
positive nature. It helps to ask the Masters and the angels to assist you in observing everything that comes
up that needs to be recorded. (See Section 4 on Decreeing and making calls to the Masters.)
Your energy, emotions and thoughts are not private!
In your journal and observations, it is important to also monitor your thoughts and emotional reactions.
You may think your thoughts and emotions are private, but they are not! The energy of your thoughts and
emotions go forth to impact not only you, but those around you. As mentioned before, everything has a
vibratory frequency including emotional thoughts and feelings. That is why sometimes you may be feeling
fine when all of a sudden you get hit with a wave of energy that causes you to feel out of sorts, depressed,
angry, etc. It may have come from somebody that you just passed or is nearby, but that is not always the
case. If somebody at a distance is focusing negative energy on you, you can be impacted by that. That is
why it is important to establish spiritual protection each day, otherwise others energies can influence your
own feelings and actions. (See section on Spiritual Tools & Techniques.)
After the seven day period is over, carefully go through your journal and categorize the various incidents
that came up under headings such as: anger, fear, deceit, irritation, impatience, judgment, gossip, etc.
Now you have brought these momentums into your conscious awareness. (Since a week may not be
enough time for all negative momentums to surface, continue to observe yourself for anything that may
arise later that is not on the list.) Awareness itself begins the undoing of these momentums, as many times
we are not fully conscious of our behavior or else we probably wouldn't behave in those negative ways.
Writing things out will also firmly bring these situations to your attention.
Next to each heading place a number between 1 - 5 indicating the frequency you honestly feel you
engage in each behavior (overall, not just for the week) - 1 being hardly ever and 5 being on the other end
of the scale - very frequently. Then place the headings in order with any 5's being at the top of the list.
You should now be able to determine which are your most serious negative habits and momentums. Most
people do not have more than 5 seriously bad ones.
Meditation and Visualization
Now that you have a better idea of your negative traits, habits and momentums, it's time to visualize them
as part of your onion! Look over your list and every entry you have made until you are very familiar with
everything on it. Then enter a calm meditative state. Center in your heart and visualize the brilliant Light
of your Real Self. Now begin to see the layers of density surrounding that Self, each layer made up of one
of the traits/momentums from your list. See the more serious habits (the ones you rated 4's and 5's) as
making up thicker, more dense layers. One by one, see the layers of your personal onion expanding
outward, each layer further dimming the Light within. Continue until every momentum on your list has
been incorporated in your onion.
When finished, deeply realize in your heart that each one of these layers is causing lack, limitation and
blockages in your life! Know that each one of these negative momentums has caused you to forget who
you truly are and to limit the access to your Higher Self who knows exactly what you need to do, can guide
you each step of the way, give you the correct answer to every decision you need to make and give
purpose and meaning to your life. Know that the density of these layers is limiting the happiness, peace,
joy and success that will come in abundance once you dissolve the barriers to being at one with your True
Self. If you come to a real understanding of how the things on your list are hurting you and preventing you
from being all you can be, this will fuel your determination to go after these momentums!
Examination and Decision
Next, examine and if necessary, meditate on each serious habit to try to ascertain if there is any reason
you have allowed the momentum to continue. Is there some kind of perceived benefit in maintaining the
habit? (Example: Many people speak negatively or criticize and judge others partly because it makes
them - their ego! - feel better about themselves.) Or does it appear that it is simply a behavior you weren't
fully aware of or have allowed to continue because you haven't determined to overcome it before? If there
appears to be some sort of payoff in maintaining the behavior, look at what the trade off would be if you
decide to stop the momentum. For example, if you yell at your children when you are upset, the payoff
may be that you get a chance to blow off steam and feel better temporarily. The trade off is that you are
causing stress and tension in your children which could affect their emotional health. Seeing what you
may be sacrificing by maintaining the behavior, will help with your decision to overcome the habit.
The next step is to decide if there is a true desire to overcome these negative momentums. It really is up to
you. You can determine that you will overcome these bad habits or not - it is your choice. Having a firm
commitment to doing whatever is necessary to shatter these blocks to reuniting with your True Self will
help with that decision.
Determination, Commitment and Assistance
Once you have made the decision to go ahead, a formal statement, pledge or even vow, stating your clear
intention, determination and commitment to overcome all negative momentums as much as possible is
very helpful to start out. This sets the blueprint. It would be very difficult if not impossible to completely
eliminate every single negative situation, and we are told by the Masters that is not necessary to be 100%
in control at all times. Know that with each momentum you are able to overcome, you will be removing a
layer of density of your onion, allowing easier access to your Higher Self and its inherent peace and joy.
Your overall energetic vibration will also rise, which in turn will start attracting more positive, rewarding
experiences, events and circumstances to you.
Remember, you are never alone and assistance is always available. So make calls/prayers to the
Masters, angels and your Higher Self to assist in conquering your bad habits.
The Establishment and Breaking of Habits
Although it may initially seem like old habits and momentums would be difficult to overcome - especially if
they are long standing ones - it helps to see exactly how habits are established. It is plain and simple -
Consent and repetition are prime factors in establishing both negative and positive habits. Denial and
abstention are the means of breaking negative habits - so there is no mystery there! Once you are aware
of your negative momentums and bad habits, allowing (consenting) them to continue over and over
(repetition) will keep the bad habits intact. Denying their playing out and refraining (abstention) from
engaging in the bad habit, will eventually eliminate the momentum. It's all up to you - you are the one that
allowed your bad habits to be established and you alone have the power to decide to stop them!
Step by Step
In looking at your list of negative momentums and habits, it may seem a little overwhelming if there is a lot
to deal with. The trick is to take it a step at a time - whittle away at these habits a little every day. Pick out
one momentum that you feel would be easiest to overcome and start there. Go after it until it is no longer a
problem. Or you can take the opposite approach and start on the momentums that are most detrimental to
your spirit, your soul, your mind and your body - one by one. Ask yourself what seems to trigger this
momentum? In what type of situations does it occur? Then be aware when you encounter those triggers.
That awareness alone may be enough to keep the habit from emerging because you are now bringing
conscious awareness to what previously was probably mainly an involuntary action. If the momentum
does occur, write down in your journal what was happening at the time to trigger it and determine to stop it
from happening the next time. Constant vigilance is required until the habit is overcome. By not engaging
your energies in the momentum, it will eventually die off. Authorities state that it can take between 3 - 4
weeks to overcome a habit, or a little longer if it is a serious one.
No self-condemnation or sense of struggle
In the overcoming process, the Masters tell us we are never suppose to engage in self-condemnation or a
sense of struggle. Even though it does require effort to overcome negative momentums, the effort should
be "joyous effort" not martyrdom - nor long faces and sadness based on self-denial. One Master states,
"be free of all self-condemnation for the condition, see yourself in your great Reality (your Real Self), large
as Life, filled with the Spirit, and look at this problem as an inch high. Have the sense of the power of God
in you!"
In going after the bad habits in your life, attention should not be placed on the unwanted conditions and no
sense of struggle or battle made in overcoming the momentums. Remember, what you put your attention
on expands, so attention on the bad habit tends to stir up emotional energies, which can actually create
opposition to what you are trying to do. That opposition arises from the conditioned responses of your
subconscious mind. On the other hand, determination and consciously reducing the frequency of
indulgence in the negative momentum, gradually weakens those conditioned responses, until eventually
they are eliminated.
It is important to realize that your bad habits and negative momentums have probably been built up over a
great deal of time, so they are not going to go away overnight. Be kind to yourself and do not engage in
self-condemnation when you slip up and repeat a bad habit. Rather, gently acknowledge the slip up and
make the determination to continue to overcome the momentum. Overcoming a momentum does NOT
mean that you will never engage in the bad habit again, it just means that the subconscious repetition of
the habit has been broken and you rarely engage in the behavior anymore. So, even when the momentum
of the bad habit has been broken, you may still find it popping up occasionally. Again, do not condemn
yourself as that is natural, especially during emotional situations. As long as you are aware of what has
happened and maintain your determination to not allow it to become a strong momentum again, there is
no problem.
Substitute the opposite
Where possible, substituting an opposite positive behavior in place of a negative momentum will not only
assist in breaking the bad habit, it will allow you to reap the benefits of behaving in a more positive way. It
will also create a double whammy on the layers of your onion! You will be removing layers when breaking
bad habits, and the positive behavior will be help strengthen the connection with your Real Self,
increasing the Light within and subsequently dissolving even more layers.
Visualize each layer being peeled away
As you work on each bad habit and overcome it, be sure to visualize that in your meditations. See the
layers being peeled away and be aware of the Light within of your Real Self becoming stronger. You can
even visualize your progress on each momentum. Say you have a bad habit you rated as 4. You may
want to initially see this habit as contributing to 4 layers of your personal onion. As you gradually
overcome the momentum, you can see one layer at a time being removed. Remember, strong and
frequent visualizations of your success in overcoming your negative momentums will show your progress
and encourage you to keep going!
As each momentum is overcome, you will no doubt find yourself experiencing more peace and attracting
more positive experiences in your life as you are no longer engaging in negative energies that attract
more of their kind to you. You will also feel more empowered as you take control and overcome these
habits. Most importantly, your connection to your Higher Self will become stronger and stronger. Because
of your efforts and the change in your vibration, your life MUST and WILL change for the better!
- Awareness and acknowledgment
- Honest assessment and self-evaluation
- Decision/desire to release and let go of habits/momentums
- Determination and commitment
- Examination of habits - perceived benefit in maintaining?
- Consciousness of what you may be sacrificing by maintaining the behavior
- Step-by step process - overcoming one habit at a time if necessary
- Self-discipline and vigilance - constant self-observation
- Non-engagement in self-condemnation
- Joyous effort
- Have sense of the power of God in you to overcome the problem - see it as an "inch high"
- Do not place attention on unwanted condition
- Do not engage in battle or sense of struggle
- Denial and abstention versus consent and repetition
- Substitute the opposite positive action
- Calls/prayers to the Masters, angels and your Higher Self for assistance
- Violet flame decrees (see Section 4)
- Establish spiritual protection each day so that other people's energy is not impacting you and influencing
your own feelings and actions.
(Criticism, Condemnation, Judgment & Gossip, Anger/Irritation, Fear, Anxiety & Worry, Doubt
and Pride)
The Masters have said that these momentums in particular are very important to overcome. All of
these momentums and habits contribute greatly to the density and layers of most people's onions.
Criticism, condemnation, judgment (CCJ) and gossip...they've got to be some of the toughest
momentums to break, partly because their manifestations can be so subtle. After being in the
teachings for awhile, I noticed that these things were continuously being discussed by the Masters
in their dictations, with the admonishment for the absolute need to stop these unfortunate
momentums. At some point in time, I decided to really get to work to end these nasty habits. The
first step I took was to be really observant when I became engaged in those things. Then I tried to
discern what was really going on behind those habits, not only in myself but in others. I discovered
that for the most part, these momentums appear to be part of the ego's need to elevate itself above
the other. As for gossip, it seems to be a group effort to do the same thing.
The next step I took was to try and catch myself when I started to engage in those energies, and to
pull out as soon as possible. I found that the ego was very tricky with this sometimes, and had all
kinds of subtle justifications and rationalizations for engaging in criticism and judgment. Things like
- "Well, this is constructive criticism," or "This is just a statement of facts." I found it to be very
insidious. After many starts and stops, I finally managed to eliminate most of my participation in
these habits. As far as CCJ, I would fall back on, "I don't know" (what's going on with the other), and
"It's not up to us to judge." As for gossip, some people are just bound and determined to try and
draw you into gossiping, so I just tried not to add any energy to it and to change the subject as soon
as possible.
What finally helped break the backs of these momentums at that time was my intense determination
to be overcome anything that was blocking the way to reuniting with my True Self!
Righteous Judgment
Sometimes it is necessary to judge another - bring up something they are doing that is harmful to
themselves or detrimental to others. Regarding judging others, there is a difference in judgment
and what the Masters term "righteous judgment". The Ascended Master definition of righteousness
is "the right use of the Law." The key to righteous judgment is to proclaim it (the truth as we discern
it - which is still a tricky matter) and then to LET IT GO. Judgment and discernment go hand in hand
and are necessary in assessing what is really going on. Once you develop a strong connection
with your Higher Self, discernment and righteous judgement become much easier.
Judgment needs to be left to a higher level
Once you have proclaimed your righteous judgment and the truth as you (through Your Higher Self)
see it, it is very important that you then LEAVE IT to God - do not proceed further from there with
condemnation and criticism. Nor should you try and force someone to change their behavior. That
needs to come from a higher level.
Justice will be served
I personally feel that a lot of criticism and judgment stems from the fact that we want justice to be
served. However, once you come to the realization of the cosmic Law concerning cause and effect
and compensation, you realize you will never have to worry about justice. Every erg of misqualified
energy sent out by anyone through misdeeds and actions MUST and WILL be returned to them (or
ourselves!) unless it is first transmuted. That is perfect cosmic justice!
Probably the greatest deterrent to your engaging in CCJ is to realize that the energy (karma) of the
CCJ you engage in WILL be returned to you. No, it does not come back with a label so it is easily
identified, but it must be returned, so in actuality, you are only punishing yourself when engaging in
these actions. When you fully realize this, you will find it easier to let go of judging others.
You cannot connect with your Real Self when engaging in these momentums
If you are truly wanting to reconnect with your Higher Self, you cannot do so at the times you are
engaged in CCJ, gossip and other negative momentums. Engaging in negative momentums,
effectively cuts off any kind of connection with the H.S., leaving the ego firmly in control - to your
detriment as well as others!
A matter of pride and lack of love
Criticism, condemnation and gossip are an absence of love. When you stop to think about it, you
can clearly see this to be the case. They are also a product of human pride. Even when we
condemn ourselves, it is a matter of personal pride that we think we can evaluate ourselves and
then say, "I am not good enough." That judgment needs to be left to God/higher levels. The Masters
state that once we cease to have pride in ourselves and our accomplishments, we will also
cease to have that criticism, condemnation and judgment for ourselves and others.
Self-condemnation is just as important to overcome as the condemnation of others! Unfortunately,
most people identify negative habits as being part of who they are and part of their "self". Self-
condemnation is a way of punishing that self. Realizing that the negative actions you engage in are
NOT a part of who you really are - that they are just bad habits developed through your lower self/
ego, will help you to let go of any need to engage in self-condemnation.
Walk in another's moccasins
I have found this advice to be very helpful in overcoming the criticism of others. A good exercise to
do when you have criticized or judged someone is to imagine being them and experiencing all the
things that might be driving them to act the way they do. Better yet, the Masters say we can ask -
through our Higher Self - to actually be given someone's "moccasins" and for awhile experience
their burdens and the karma they are carrying. The problem with criticizing someone else's
behavior is that you really don't know what they may be going through or what burdens they are
Others are a mirror for your own behavior
You may have already heard that when seeing and identifying someone else's negative behavior,
you are actually seeing something within yourself and they are reflecting that back to you. When
you meditate on it, there is some truth to that as how would you know how someone is acting unless
you had experienced the same behavior yourself! So instead of condemning someone for their
behavior, it helps to look within to see if you engage in like actions or there are remnants of that
same behavior within yourself. Once you see that others really could be reflecting back something
within yourself, it will help you to stop criticizing others.
Form good habits and strong, positive energy
Probably the strongest way to prevent engaging in these momentums, is to form good habits and
strong, positive energy, staying centered in the Light and love of your Real Self. When you are
radiating Light and love, it is impossible to engage in negative behaviors.
Irritation and annoyance are actually manifestations of anger, and can be just as destructive. When
I first got into the teachings and began to realize how important maintaining harmony is and how
detrimental anger can be, I felt pretty good because I very rarely have gotten outwardly angry with
anybody. Then I came across a "Pearls of Wisdom" (dictations of the Masters) describing "imperil"
and the dangers of irritation. I had always considered irritation and little annoyances to be minor.
Well, I found out how wrong that was!
"Imperil" is defined as "the poison resulting from irritability". As well as personal imperil, there is
"planetary imperil", which is "caused by the collective consciousness of the race of aeons of
momentums of irritation." Imperil is said to be the "deadly enemy" of anyone on the path to reuniting
with the Higher Self. One Master relates that Irritation invades the emotional body and can cause
and precipitate into the physical manifestation, every manner of disease itself! Well, that got my
attention, because I have a tendency to get slightly irritated and annoyed at times. Like I said, I
always thought that these things were minor issues, until I realized that the energy of all of our so-
called "minor" irritations and annoyances builds up into a huge mass of planetary "imperil" (poison).
Being angry is nothing more than a choice and a habit
Anger is a more full blown expression of irritation and annoyance and is just as detrimental to
yourself and others. Anger is a choice - nobody can make anybody else angry unless they allow it.
I am sure you have heard someone (or yourself) explain, "so and so makes me so angry," but that
is NOT the case! Nobody has the power to make you angry, it is our own choice to ALLOW another
to cause you to be angry. If you then allow yourself to be angry over and over, it becomes a very
bad habit. It is the sheer pride of the ego itself that causes you to again and again go into the old
habit pattern of anger. This is one momentum you have to be willing to truly wrestle with daily until it
is overcome.
Unconscious anger
Most of us have anger that we are not consciously aware of. I never have considered myself an
angry person at all, and yet have discovered that I, like so many others, have suppressed anger. I
did not realize this initially, as I was hardly ever outwardly angry. Sometimes unconscious anger is
a more serious condition which might require aid from a therapist in order to bring it to the surface
for transmutation. Once you begin to open the compartment of the mind and become mindful of the
suppressed anger, you can see how that anger can spring forth and trigger your emotions. Once
you see this, you will know that the anger is not directed at you from without, but will know that it is
coming from within. I believe that most, if not all of us, have pockets of varying degrees of
suppressed anger - some buried deep within our beings - which we may not even be conscious of.
Anger and non-forgiveness
Many times internal, residual anger is a result of the condition of conscious that WILL NOT let go,
DOES NOT let go, and that DOES NOT forgive. Failing to deal with anger due to unresolved past
situations and non-forgiveness is an avoidance tactic. It's like believing the anger will continue to
punish whoever and that by letting it go, you will be releasing them - which is exactly in reality what
you need to do! If you become stuck in anger, it can come out in every manner of disease,
emotional and psychological problems. So you think you are still punishing the other, when in
reality you are punishing yourself! Another problem is that unresolved anger against others tends
to come out in unrelated situations that are triggered because of like circumstances or behaviors.
This results in someone else becoming a surrogate beating board for the anger harbored against
whoever you have not forgiven.
It is your responsibility to overcome anger
No matter what you have experienced, it is your responsibility to deal with your own anger reaction
to what has been done to you. If you are harboring anger against anybody who has supposedly
wronged you or even against God for allowing the wrong to happen, you will not be able to get far
down the path of reuniting with your Higher Self.
Overcoming an anger momentum
Many times when one gets angry, it is not really about the situation they are directing the anger at.
So it is important when you get angry to stop and immediately ask yourself what is the real
reason you are getting angry? Is it really because of the person who just cut you off in traffic or is it
because you are mad at the way your boss treated you today? Oftentimes when you do this, you
will see that your anger is actually totally unrelated to the situation that has brought the anger out.
If you are aware or once you become aware of what is really causing your anger and that anger is
due to something someone did to you, true forgiveness is the only way to completely release the
anger. Again, forgiveness is one of the most important things that must be done if you are to reunite
with your True Self. That is why I have put it first in this section.
There are many other things that can be done to help in overcoming an anger momentum, such as
removing yourself from situations that trigger your anger, counting to ten instead of immediately
reacting with anger (which can many times diffuse the initial reaction), exercising strenuously and
visualizing working out the anger or hurt, or writing a letter to the person who made you angry (and
not sending it), etc. It is not the scope of this book to go into all the remedies, but there are plenty of
good resources out there to help. It is important to not just stop yourself from expressing the anger,
but to get to the cause and core of the anger and to be able to release it for transmutation.
If you are aware of what is causing your unresolved anger and are determined to overcome it, one
of the most powerful ways to do that is a complete release and surrender of the situation to God.
This can be done in a ceremonial way, or whatever way feels right to you. Many times if this is done
with the full intensity of your being, you will actually feel the burden and the energy of the anger
being lifted from your being!
If you are unable to access the real cause of your anger or have a serious situation where you
cannot resolve your anger yourself, you may need to seek professional help.
Harmony and Love - the antidote for anger and irritation
One of the keys to overcoming anger and irritation is to develop and maintain a strong momentum
of harmony (see chapter on "Harmony").
The supreme antidote for anger is pure Love. If you keep yourself centered in the energy of Love
and continually radiate Love and Light, anger cannot come in! Love and anger are the opposites
energetically of each other and therefore cannot occupy the same instant. As you practice being in
the energy of Love throughout your day, you will find that Love will automatically increase the
energy of Mercy within yourself, along with your ability to more easily extend mercy to others for
their alleged wrongdoings. Being in the energy of Love is also being connected with your Real Self!
The Masters tell us we must conquer fear as we enter the Age of Aquarius. Fear contributes a lot of
density to most people's onions. It can be a major stumbling block on your path and can keep you in
darkness, which does not allow you to connect strongly with the Light of your Higher Self. Fear can
immobilize you and keep you from taking the necessary actions that are vital to fulfilling your
mission on earth. Anxiety and worry are by-products of fear and Saint Germain tells us that anxiety
is a major deterrent to precipitation - bringing into the physical - what we need. You cannot be a
clear channel for the flow of spiritual and material abundance into your life until you abandon
anxiety, fear and worry!
Fear destroys innumerable possibilities, because when you have fear in your world you negate the
power of the creative vibrations that are naturally flowing to us. In doing so, your anxiety causes
these energies to take on the patterns of your fears and worries instead of allowing the vibrations to
move freely through you and arranging themselves in more positive patterns which can help you
accomplish the things you need or want to do. Fear can also be a powerful magnet. As Job
learned, "the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of, is come
unto me."
When you think about it, anxiety and worry is really doubt that God/our Creator/the Universal can
supply you with what you need. Know that the Source has unlimited energy and that you have
access to that energy. Elizabeth Clare Prophet once said, "Have you ever seen a master who was
a worrywart?" Sometimes, you just have to get out of the way so that God can walk through the
door! We are the ones who by our fear, anxiety, worry and doubt prevent and block God's
abundance from manifesting in our lives. A good visualization of this is to see the unlimited flow of
God's abundance pouring down on you and see a valve that is responsible for allowing so much of
the flow into your life. The valve regulates how much of that flow is allowed in. Every fear, worry
and anxiety you have causes the valve to tighten and further restricts the flow into your life. So let
go the the fears and worries and let God be God in you!
In a teachings session I attended, we were told that no shadow can exist without God's counterpoint
of Light to free it from our beings - that God possesses an antidote for all darkness. First comes the
intense determination to overcome fear and to get serious about replacing fear with Light. We need
to not be afraid to look at the shadow side of ourselves. By bringing the darkness up for air you
gain power. If you hide from fear, the fear will grow in power. By looking fear straight in the face
and naming it, the unknown becomes the known and is a giant step in mastering fear. You need to
realize that fear is an illusion and you need to keep moving through fear a step at a time. Another
great antidote for fear is laughter and keeping a sense of humor.
Fear of Failure
Many people fear to try new things because they have the fear that they will fail. In fulfilling our
missions in life, we must many times go beyond our comfort zone. Fear can prevent you from taking
the necessary steps. One way to overcome this kind of fear is to realize that through profound love,
God has prepared you for whatever steps you need to take and to realize that "through God I can do
all things." Sometimes you get into an intense sense of struggling because you are trying to
accomplish things through your human self alone, whereas you need to realize that through your
Higher Self, God is there to help you.
Fear of the Future
Have you noticed that many of the fears you have are about what may happen in the future? To
overcome this kind fear, you need to put things in perspective and live in the "eternal NOW." You
need to maintain a positive vision of the future and to not dredge things up from the past and project
them onto the future. As these past events and fears come up, they need to be constantly put into
the fire (violet flame - see Section 4) so they can be transmuted.
Fear of Change
Many people connect security with keeping things the same so they end up fearing change.
Unfortunately, this type of fear can crystallize and create rigor mortis which prevents them from
moving ahead and accomplishing the things they need to. You need to realize that everything that
comes to yours a lesson and an opportunity and you need to welcome these things and realize they
are mirroring something within you. By realizing that change brings growth, you can welcome
change with more excitement rather than fear. If change does not feel good, it usually means you
are holding on to the past. We all need some stability of course, but it is essential to cultivate
flexibility so you can make needed changes without fear.
Fear of darkness - within or without
Many fear the darkness they sense within or outside of themselves. In this case, you need to
realize that God is your protection and that nothing can destroy you/your spirit. By speaking out and
by using humor when confronting this fear, you bring to Light what has previously been hiding in
the dark corners of your being, thereby gaining power over it. It helps to realize that any darkness
that is felt internally is merely an accumulation of negative energy that has built up over a long
period of time. As you work on releasing negative momentums and reconnect more and more with
your Higher Self, these energies will be dispersed as they have nothing to do with who you truly
are. By bringing down and embracing the matrix of what we really are - children of God - that will
help displace all fears.
Spiritual practice for overcoming fear
In a teachings session I attended, Marilyn Barrick suggested this meditation to help in overcoming
1. Position yourself in meditation as the Divine Observer, the Buddha under the Bo Tree. Allow
yourself to be fully aware of your fear and any other feeling. Allow waves of fear and anxiety to
move through you, without denying them, holding onto them or pushing them away.
2. Allow yourself to remember other situations in your life where you felt this same kind of fear. As
the Loving Adult, soothe and comfort your Inner Child, the younger part of yourself, who carries the
pain of that drama from your childhood or youth.
3. Mobilize your courage and determine to take positive action, to act "as if" you were indeed
fearless, where you feel that way or not.
4. Take wise action, give it your best effort, call it good and surrender the outcome to God.
5. Call forth the violet flame to transmute all that is less than your Real Self acting in the situation.
Extend forgiveness to yourself and to the adversary.
6. Return to your meditative posture under the Bo Tree to review your actions, to claim your victory
or learn from your defeat from the same point of oneness with the Buddha, the Divine Observer.
Keys to overcoming fear
- Keep on moving, one step at a time - move through the mirage of fear - keep active, keep moving.
- Have the intense determination to overcome fear and get serious about replacing fear with Light.
- Don't let fear become real - turn on the Light
- Look at the shadow side - bring up fear for air. Fear gains power when you hide from it. When
you look at fear - name it - know it - the unknown becomes known - this is a giant step in mastering
- Keep sense of humor - laughter
- Listen to the still, small voice of the Higher Self - commune within
- Develop Faith
- Practice courage until it becomes part of your being (inner meaning of courage: Coming of the
Age of the Heart)
- Use the violet flame to transmute the energy of fear, worry and anxiety
Doubt can be a great slayer and can keep you from reuniting with your Higher Self and
accomplishing the things you need to. Nothing can manifest where doubt is! We've probably all run
into people who refuse to believe anything unless it can be physically proven. It seems they may
use their doubt as a shield to protect their limited view of reality, perhaps so it doesn't threaten their
comfort zone. That kind of doubt, however, can severely limit any kind of spiritual progress. It is
essential to at least have an open mind.
The antidote for doubt is faith, but faith must be cultivated. In a lecture of Mark Prophet's on
Momentum he states that faith is developed by momentum. Faith is built a step at a time until, like a
magnet the power of Faith and Trust will generate and draw to itself the necessary requisites of the
One way to cultivate faith is to prove to yourself the reality of whatever you are seeking to know.
You must be willing to do whatever is necessary to prove that reality. Say you want to know if the
violet flame can really do what the Masters have told us it can. You need to work with it
continuously until you have the proof you seek. You can also ask your Higher Self and the Masters
to help you.
Cultivating a strong connection with your Higher Self is probably the best way to slay doubt. As you
strengthen that bond within your heart, you come to KNOW the truth in our heart. That inner
knowing can become unshakeable and then doubt no longer enters the picture!
PRIDE (Human and Spiritual)
Saint Germain cautions us that the more progress we make on the spiritual path, the more we must
be careful of the vice which is spiritual pride. Human pride is another form of pride and one of the
things that can keep mankind from discovering their Real Self. Pride is sometimes hard to see in
oneself, but a clue to lurking pride within yourself is if you allow yourself to become piqued over
little things, or if you become annoyed or angry with others over trifles or unimportant matters that
shouldn't make a difference. Also, if you find yourself criticizing or condemning another - there's the
pride again!
The Masters teach that as we progress further down the Path, spiritual pride is a major pitfall
experienced by many. Personally, I have witnessed this in every spiritual organization I have
encountered. There seems to be a propensity amongst some who feel they are more spiritually
advanced to develop a "holier than thou" or self-righteous attitude, which is a product of spiritual
pride. Some also develop a sense of responsibility to try and convert those not on the path, as if
they have all the answers.
Being humble in your accomplishments is an antidote for pride. Developing a strong momentum of
being non-judgmental is another slayer of pride.
Violet Flame to the Rescue!
The bottom line is that whatever the momentum - CCJ, gossip, anger, fear, etc., if you are
determined to be free of the momentum, the power is within you to do so. We have been given the
violet flame (see Section 4) to help transmute these energies and the causes behind them. This
merciful flame sets all free from the pressure of the energy of negative momentums, which if left
unchecked may continue to build until many times, that pressure alone may compel a repetition of
the same mistakes.
The use of the violet flame does not mean just letting the momentum play itself over and over and
then calling for the violet flame to transmute the effects, but rather to try and be in God-control as
much as possible and work constantly with the violet flame to overcome the cause and core behind
the momentums.
The power of the heart conquers absolutely everything
As stated in the Agni Yoga book, "Heart", the power of the heart can conquer anything. As you
strengthen the connection with your Higher Self and your heart, the innate power within you can be
released to aid in overcoming ANY momentum that may be limiting you. The power of your heart
can set you free!
When things get tough and you're going through trials as we all do, discouragement can easily set
in. We all experience times of transition when much is coming up for transmutation and resolution
in our lives. It is easy when things start coming at you right and left, and there doesn't seem to be
any let up, to get a little overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed can then lead to discouragement and
discouragement can lead to depression.
Take a step back
When first feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, I have found it important to step back and find
some time to be alone to meditate or just relax. Calls for assistance during these times are vital.
You don't have to go through these things alone! With a clearer mind it is easier to evaluate the
situation and see options more clearly. Making a call to one of the Masters or your own Higher Self
for a "right decision" or direction can be very helpful.
Opposition - Internal and External
No doubt, all of us have encountered the forces of opposition numerous times on our paths.
Sometimes that opposition comes internally from our own dweller-on-the-threshold and sometimes
it comes from outside ourselves. This opposition is all a part of being on a spiritual path. Those
forces oppose our choosing our Real Self over the ego, oppose our expanding the Light of our
being and oppose our fulfilling our missions on earth. As the Masters tell us, discouragement is
one of the major tools that is used to try and turn us aside. Fortunately, we have been given the
tools to overcome the influence of these forces in the use of certain decrees, fiats, meditations, and
spiritual protection practices.
It is important when discouragement sets in, to realize you have a choice to try and do something
about it and not allow yourself to wallow in it. Discouragement can not only lead to depression, but
also to doubt, lack of motivation, feeling like a victim and other negative energies - remember, like
attracts like! By utilizing the different tools available to you, you become proactive in pulling out of
the energy of discouragement.
"This too shall pass"
Sometimes, when there doesn't seem to be any options and you're just passing through a trial,
keeping in mind "this too shall pass" has many times helped me get through to the other side. I
remember in one of Elizabeth Clare Prophet's lectures, she said this helped her get through some
very difficult situations in her life. She stated, "When you say it, you are declaring that this human
creation, this human nonsense will pass and that the glory of the Lord will be in you and upon you."
Whatever course of action is taken, it is important to pull up before discouragement sets in.
The Masters have given us this mantra that can be used in times of trial. The words "this too shall
pass" are a fiat of authority that acts as an eraser to wipe the slate of life clean and to remove
unwanted pictures from the consciousness. Remember that what you put your attention on
expands, and this fiat allow the consciousness to move on and not dwell on the matter as it is only
"This too shall pass!" stated three times and followed three times by "The Light of God never fails!"
creates a mantram to clean the consciousness of unwanted conditions and a victory over negative
elements. When experiencing the elements of doubt, discouragement and shadow, remember
there is a constancy of the sun of your being - your Higher Self - that shines behind each cloud!
Know that whatever the situation is, it WILL pass. During these times, it is usually best to postpone
making any important decisions until the clouds have rolled away and the cycle has passed.

If you have already done the meditation in Section 1, "Identifying Layers of your Onion", you already
have a general idea of what some of your limiting belief may be. Those again may include:
Disbelief in God/Higher Power
"If it can't be physically proven, it's not real or doesn't exist"
Belief you are a "Sinner"
Belief you are undeserving
Belief you are meant to suffer or struggle in this life
Sense of Limitation - that you are limited to what you can achieve
Sense of Inferiority
Scarcity Consciousness (lack of abundance)
Belief that you only live one life - the life you get is just the "luck of the draw"
There is no reason for the "good" and "bad" things that occur in your life
All of the above and other beliefs can contribute to the density of layers in your personal onion. Any
belief that is not in alignment with the capital "R" Reality of who you really are will keep you from
fully connecting with your True Self.
People tend to hold personal beliefs as "sacred" and something that cannot be changed. Some
identify so strongly with their beliefs that they think those things are part of "Reality" and part of who
they are. So limiting beliefs can be more difficult to change than bad habits and momentums. The
good news is they CAN be changed because beliefs are a CHOICE. You choose to believe what
you believe and there is nobody forcing you to believe anything!
As before with your bad habits and negative momentums, take a look at your initial list you made of
limiting beliefs you know or think you may have. Since beliefs tend to run in the background of our
lives and sometimes aren't easily discernible, it will probably take more time than 7 days to see what
beliefs are contributing to your experience of life.
Like with the 7 Day Habits/Momentum Evaluation, keep your journal handy and record any possible
limiting belief that comes up throughout your day. This may take a little more digging to discover
them, so you really have to have your microscope out too! When you are experiencing any lack or
limitation of any kind, look at things closely and see if you can discern a limiting belief that may be
behind the event. Say you become aware that you always seem to be struggling in life with your
job, your personal life, with money, etc. Now look for a possible belief that is contributing to those
situations - such as a belief that life is meant to be hard and you have to struggle, or that you think
you don't deserve to have things easy.
Along with identifying the beliefs you hold, also note in your journal WHY you think you believe the
way you do - what is the cause? Is it something you were taught? Is it due to your upbringing? Is it
due to guilt you have? Again, this will require total honesty and a willingness to see what is limiting
If you experience difficulty in identifying your limiting beliefs and the cause behind them, ask your
Higher Self (in meditation or at the start of each day) to assist you in fully seeing the beliefs and their
causes. You can also ask God, the Masters or angels for assistance.
Letting Go
Once you have a good idea of the limiting beliefs in your life, now comes the part of letting them go!
Again you first need to realize that no one is forcing you to hold on to any belief. Also essential is to
fully realize that beliefs are NOT a part of who you are - they are simply a choice you have made
somewhere along the line to believe a certain way. Next is to clearly see that these beliefs are
restricting your experience in life and your connection with your Real Self. Next, you have to have a
willingness to have an open mind that will first allow you to question the reality of the belief and
finally the desire and willingness to LET GO of the belief and the driving force it has had in your life.

- Awareness and identification of the beliefs
- Examination of WHY you have the belief - the cause behind it
- Realization that no one is forcing you to believe anything
- Realize that your beliefs are NOT a part of who you are
- Know that beliefs are a CHOICE you made somewhere along the line
- Determination to have an open mind
- Clearly see that your limiting beliefs are restricting you from experiencing all the goodness of life,
as well as contributing to your suffering and a sense of struggle in life
- Know that limiting beliefs are keeping you from fully connecting with your True Self
- Willingness to have an open mind that allow you to question the reality of the belief
- Must have the DESIRE and willingness to LET GO of the belief

>=CIlOn J
lIOOlllln R=lnO|Cln lOlIlv= NOm=nIum
This section includes The Law of Momentum and how to build positive momentums,
becoming the energy of peace, cultivating gratefulness, joy and a sense of victory,
the Magic Key of Harmony - including practical steps for developing and maintaining
harmony, the Three Keys to Self-Mastery, how to become non-reactive and the
power of neutral, the value of living in the moment, cultivating discernment and keys
to letting to, surrender and developing trust.
Building Positive Momentums - Key to Success
A number of years ago I listened to a lecture of Mark Prophet's on "Momentum". He said that this
lecture was one of the most important he could give. Developing and maintaining positive
momentums - especially on the spiritual path - is vital.
He related that the building of positive momentums is our key to success in reuniting with our
Higher Self. We each have a certain amount of energy that is allotted to us for which we are
accountable for. This energy can be increased or decreased according to our use or misuse of it.
What is a momentum?
A momentum is essentially a habit pattern. Once that habit pattern or momentum is established, as
long as it is continuously "fed", it remains in place and serves to draw like energy to it. This goes for
both "good" and "bad" momentums. If one has developed a habit pattern of being angry, that
energy of anger goes forth and attracts more of its kind. These negative types of momentums
decrease the energy that is available to you. On the other hand, developing positive momentums
increases the Light/energy that is available to you and dissolves layers of your onion. This Light is
channeled to you from your Higher Self. So the less blockages (less layers) - the more Light. The
more Light - the more positive your life will become!
The Law of Momentum
Mark calls the Law of Momentum one of the greatest laws. We create and uncreate momentums
every day. Negative momentums/habits seem to be much harder for us to break. Once
established, these momentums tend to have a life of their own. Breaking them requires constant
vigilance and dedication.
Positive momentums can be easily broken
Unfortunately, the chain of a positive momentum can be easily broken. Say if one makes a
commitment to do 15 minutes of meditating a day - every day. The first time that chain gets broken,
it weakens the momentum. It makes it that much easier to break the next time. I have personally
found this to be very true in my life. When I make a commitment - I find that it is necessary to do
everything possible to honor that commitment. From past experience, if I don't, I know that it's just
too easy to be drawn off the momentum.
An uphill climb...
Mark states in his lecture that the spiritual path - and the path to reuniting with your Real Self - is an
uphill climb. If you stop to rest, you'll go backwards - rolling back down the hill. I'm sure many of us
can attest to having had times when we've had a seeming potent positive momentum established
and then events transpire to draw us away from that. Boom - there you are, wondering what has
happened. Well, the momentum of Light gets broken and you start rolling back down that hill! It
really is an upward battle - and just as the breaking of bad habits/momentums requires discipline
and constant vigilance, so does the feeding of positive/Light momentums. Once you get a Light
momentum established, it serves to draw more Light to you, uplifting you and making challenges
easier to meet - as long as you maintain the momentum.
Making things manageable - a practical approach
To make things manageable, sometimes I analyze each day to see what I can commit to doing -
what I feel I will be able to stick with that day. This is in combination with an overall commitment.
Say my overall commitment is to consciously connect with my Higher Self each day. My intention
(momentum) then is to make some connection each and every day. Each day then I figure what my
daily commitment will be - say to try and make a conscious connection 3 times that day, once an
hour, etc. based on what the day's activities may be - something that is manageable, that I feel I will
be able to do. This keeps feeding the momentum, but is flexible enough to take into account the
variance in time available each day.
Keeping the momentum established
I have a meditation momentum of many years. Some days I might meditate only once, whereas
others I may have 2 or 3 different meditation sessions - or more. However, each day I try to find
time to meditate at least once - keeping the momentum established. As long as you are doing
something on a regular, on-going basis, your positive momentums will continue to grow, drawing
more Light to you and dissolving more layers of that onion!
Momentums and the Law of Attraction
In his lecture, Mark relates how the Law of Momentum is related to the Law of Attraction and how it
increases or decreases the energy/Light available to us. The more Light energy you have
established, the more you will be able to attract and the less energy you have, the less you will be
able to attract. Developing positive momentums draws more Light energy through your Higher Self,
which in turn raises your vibratory level and consciousness.
Each positive momentum you establish will also serve to make your life more pleasant. Say if you
have a momentum established of staying calm, even in times of chaos - the more peace you will be
able to attract and experience in your life. The energy you put out is like a magnet, drawing like
energy back to you.
As you work on undoing negative momentums and building up positive ones, you will have a
greater quotient of energy that can be used in the development of raising your consciousness and
reconnecting with your Higher Self. In regards to your onion, view this as stripping away layers
with each negative momentum that is overcome and dissolving more layers from within with each
new positive momentum that is established. The result is that the Light from your Higher Self is
able to shine much stronger through the lessened density of the layers on your onion, which in
turns allows you to reconnect more strongly with your True Self.
1. A momentum (good or bad) is a habit pattern which once established serves to draw like energy
to it - adding or subtracting Light/energy that is available to you.
2. Establishing positive momentums is a major key to success on the spiritual path, connecting
with your Higher Self and peeling away the layers of your onion.
3. You create and uncreate momentums every day.
4. Establishing positive momentums and overcoming negative ones both requires dedication and
5. To make things manageable, daily commit to what you feel you can do to continue to build your
positive momentums, based on the activities of the day.
6. The spiritual path - including establishing positive momentums - is an uphill climb. If you stop to
rest, you may lose the momentum and end up going backwards.
7. The Law of Momentum is directly tied to the Law of Attraction. As you attract more Light through
your positive momentums and conquer your negative ones, you will have a greater quotient of
energy that can be used for raising your consciousness to higher levels and gaining self-mastery
by re-uniting with your Higher Self.
When asked what they want in life, many people will say they want to be happy and at peace.
There is a link between happiness and the increase of the vibration of peace. In truth you already
ARE the essence of peace - that is the true nature of your Higher Self! The problem with the majority
of mankind is that they seek peace outside themselves as if it is something they must find some
place. That is not the answer because one cannot find a lasting peace outside one's self. Yes, you
may experience moments and times of peace, but they are usually short-lived. You must find that
peace within and magnify it in everything you do. Only then will you feel you are living in peace.
As you become more and more connected with your True Self, you will find yourself experiencing
more peace.
Peace is a Choice!
It may not seem so initially, but peace IS a choice. There is nothing and no one that can prevent
you from experiencing peace and being peaceful if you are determined to do so. If you think
that others are responsible for keeping you from being peaceful, then you are giving away your
power to them! It is your choice if you engage in energies of Anti-Peace - anger, irritation,
impatience, etc. - no one is forcing you to behave that way. Facing this reality squarely can begin
undoing old momentums that keep you from experiencing peace.
An exercise that really helped me to see that it was ME who was keeping myself from experiencing
peace many times was to start observing every time I wasn't feeling peaceful. I soon came to
realize that it was my OWN reactions and energy much of the time that was causing me to not be
peaceful. You can do the same thing. Every time you are not feeling peaceful ask yourself why that
is and what is the real cause of your feeling that way. If you are still inclined to think someone or
something else is causing you to be upset, ask yourself how that can be if you are the one in control
of yourself - and how can anybody else be in control of you but you? I think you will find like I did,
that your own reactions are causing you to not feel peaceful.

As you make the determination to keep the peace and become peace, you will gain an invincibility
that few very have and further the connection to your Higher Self.
Desires and Needs
I think there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding desires and the value of being in a desireless
state. Without desire, there is no initial motivating energy to create. So desire is a necessary
ingredient in alchemy and for making changes in your life. However, what is sometimes termed as
"inordinate desire" (excessive desire) is what can create problems and keep you from being
peaceful. Excessive desire becomes a "need" and when needs are unfulfilled, it is very difficult to
find peace. So when you are not feeling peaceful, take a look and see if it is due to your needing
something to be a certain way, or for someone to act a particular way (and they aren't), or if you are
needing something to happen and it is not manifesting in your life. When you see that needs are
robbing you of peace, then make the choice to let go of them!
Your Higher Self already is the essence of peace, so that peace resides within you. A constant
radiation of peace is also around us at all times. Why we don't experience peace most of the time is
because we simply are not vibrating at the same level of that peace. Many times our hearts remain
troubled simply because we do not become quiet for a moment and permit the infinite peace of God
to penetrate the levels of human thought and feeling. At times it is difficult even for infinite peace to
occupy the space within when it is filled almost to the point of saturation with the disturbances of
outer conditions. In order to open the door to peace, you must first connect with the peace already
within - the peace of your True Self.
The Place of the Sun - the Solar Plexus
The Masters teach that the solar plexus is the opening for the release of peace and that there is a
"body of peace" which surrounds the solar plexus, which they call "the Place of the Sun". The
power of that energy is sufficient to dispel and transmute other energies that hold you back from
experiencing peace. In order to maintain that peace, you must determine you will have absolutely
no compromise in your feeling/emotional world.
To experience the energy of peace within your solar plexus, get still and center your consciousness
in the area of your solar plexus. Breathe deeply in and out of this area. With each breath, silently
say "Peace" while picturing a golden radiance in your solar plexus. Continue to do this until you are
completely at peace. This is the energy of Peace.
A Simple Meditation to Become Peace
This simple, but effective meditation will help you become Peace and can be used anytime
something disturbs you. To do it, you have to find the place within where peace resides. To do so,
you first have to release all judgment, so that the judgment of anything is totally absent. Having no
judgment means no worries, no fear, no concerns of any kind. With no judgment, there is nothing to
hold onto those kinds of thoughts and energy. That of course, can take some practice!
As described above, center your consciousness in your solar plexus and breathe deeply,
visualizing the golden radiance of Peace. Then expand and radiate it through your entire being,
feeling all tension melting away. You can do this anytime, anywhere - at traffic lights, standing in
lines and when faced with confrontation. Centering in peace before speaking to someone will keep
conflict at bay and protect your own energies. You especially need to do this when your mind is
churning away with thoughts that are pulling you away from experiencing peace. Doing it before
going to sleep while in bed will help with sleeping more soundly.
After you have a momentum on doing the above, you can then expand peace out to the world. As
you center in peace and radiate it out more and more often, it will become an automatic habit and
you become Peace! Doing this will automatically strengthen your bond to your Real Self and the
radiance of Peace that is the essence of your Higher Self will dissolve more layers of your onion!
The Great Sun Disc
One of the most powerful ways you can protect your solar plexus from the discord of others and thus
protect the peace of your feeling world, is to daily place the "Great Sun Disc" over the solar-plexus
chakra. It is a shield of dazzling white fire that will deflect discord. Visualize the Great Sun Disc as
a large round shield of heavy armour reflecting dazzling Light in all directions. Call for this Disc to
be placed over your solar plexus first thing every morning and maintain its presence by visualizing it
throughout the day.
Meditate on the Flame of Peace
Meditating on the Flame of Peace will also help you to establish peace in your solar plexus and
connect with the essence of the peace within your True Self. It is helpful to do this at times when
you are feeling non-peace. You first need to become aware of what is causing you to feel that way.
Then go within the Heart, connecting with the Higher Self, and visualize the Temple of Peace as a
purple and gold heart, with a magnetic forcefield of alternating purple and gold concentric heart-
shaped rings The flame in the center of the heart is the flame of Cosmic Peace. The energy of
Peace can then be extended through your entire being and out to the world.
The Masters tells us that if we would keep the peace on the planet, we first must keep the peace in
our hearts, in our minds and in our beings.
A Powerful Mantra
The Masters have given us a powerful mantra Peace, be still and know that I AM God! "I AM"
refers to the Presence of God that is within you - your Real Self. This can be done in conjunction
with meditating on the Flame of Peace for a more potent release of the energy of peace.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet further explains this mantra: "Who are you talking to when you say that?
Youre talking to your feeling world. Youre talking to something thats in your carnal mind. Youre
talking to something in yourself that is not whole, that is not at peace. And you are commanding
your atoms, cells and electrons, the organs of your body and your four lower bodies to be still and
stop complaining and stop constantly nagging and saying, Give me this. Give me that. I want this. I
want that. You are in the peace-commanding presence of your Higher Self and you are the
authority over all elements of your lower self..."
This mantra can be spoken out loud or said silently when you encounter chaos and upset - on tv, in
a crowd, or in your own household. There are times when the energy of others may be impacting
you, and this wonderful mantra will help dispel that energy. To make this even more powerful, you
can raise your hands over your head and visualize pure white light shooting out from your hands,
dispersing all negative and Anti-Peace energy.
Increasing Oneness with Peace - Never Take Offense
If you allow yourself to become offended at little things and become angry when someone else
steps on your toes, you cannot experience peace at those times. There really never is a reason in
any situation to take offense at what someone might say or do to you. If you dont take offense, you
dont have to fight back and there is no upset. Instead, you can say something very quieting and
calming and simply not be engaged. If you are determined to become Peace, you will find that
never taking offense is a very liberating state of consciousness that will increase your oneness with
Why don't we experience more peace?
The Masters warn us when we are not in control and radiating peace, the forces of Anti-Peace can
overtake us and drag us into all kinds of unfortunate situations. Many get tripped up in their quest
for peace by tolerating their "Dweller on the Threshold" (see previous discussion), which is
sometimes called the "Not Self". By allowing the "Dweller" to roam freely, it effectively cuts off the
connection with your Higher Self. It is important to continually analyze yourself and to realize when
your Dweller is in control. Centering in peace will automatically dispel its presence.
Additional tips to help you cultivate the energy of peace (condensed and rewritten from a lecture
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet)
1. Make the best of things. Always try to keep a very upbeat attitude. When working with others,
make the best of each situation. Do not lament anothers shortcomings, but by the flame of peace
supply the difference! Supply the difference that someone you are working with may not have a
talent for, an energy for, a desire for. Make up the difference. Make the best of things. Give of your
heart and you will experience peace within your being.
2. Write down the situations of nonresolution in your journal. As you are working on your
various negative momentums, it helps to keep a list of them in your journal. Everyday make a
commitment to cross each entry off one by one until they are all eliminated! You cannot find peace
when engaging in negative habits.
3. Forgive and ask to be forgiven. Forgive and ask to be forgiven even when you think you are
not in the wrong. Do this because you live by the Masters code of forgiveness. Do it to give another
the opportunity to do the same. Perhaps you know that someone else may need to be forgiven or to
forgive. By bringing up the subject and being the first to express it, you make it very easy for another
to apologize or to be forgiven.
4. Determination and Vow. Make a strong determination and even a vow, that you will not be
moved from the centeredness of love and peace, come what may, even in trifling matters.
5. Seek daily resolution by giving the violet flame. Seek daily resolution. Put everything into the
violet flame! (See Section 4)...Examine the rightness of your heart daily to be certain that you have
not left frayed edges in any relationship, that you have not abruptly parted from someone without
resolution, that you have not left any matter hanging, such as a simple disagreement or discourtesy.
Examine your heart. Sometimes people have the idea that the heart is perfect. The heart needs
perfecting just as every other chakra needs perfecting. We have to purify all of our being, including
our heart. The heart is very burdened with its envy, with its jealousy, with its anger. All kinds of
vibrations are in peoples hearts, as well as sluggishness from a lifetime of wrong eating. And the fat
that covers over the heart is also a block to the flow. Radiating love and peace from your heart will
help to purify it.
6. Be humble. This is a wonderful state of being, the state of being humble and of having humility.
Dont be a know-it-all but...have a sense of holiness in the presence of one anothers Higher/True
Self and a sense of the holiness of the flame that burns in the heart of the one that sits next to you.
When saying, Be humble, the corollary is Judge not. When we judge others, we are engaging in
7. Forsake harshness. Forsake the jagged ways, the abrupt motions, the absence of grace and
the harshness and the cruelty of the word idly spoken, for all of these are an offense and will keep
you from peace.
8. Do not chatter or criticize. Take some moments each day to celebrate the vibration of
soundlessness. Take a vow of silence from senseless chattering. Do not engage in criticism and
9. Make your body a chalice for Light--every cell, every organ, the etheric, mental, desire and
physical bodies - make every molecule of your body a chalice for Light. Visualize Light radiating in
every part of your being.
10. Keep the peace with one another.

Gratefulness - the energy the Masters call "God-Gratitude" is very powerful and can bring about
major changes in your life! Each time you say, "I AM grateful," you increase the flow in the feeling
body. When stated with emotion, you can actually feel the heart opening and filling with that
powerful, heartwarming energy. Not only that, but the Masters state that those who continually
express God-Gratitude in their lives will have a "literal shower of blessings" descend upon them.
Why that is is that as you affirm your blessings through gratefulness, the energy of that gratitude -
through the Law of Attraction - draws more blessings to you! This forceful energy helps open your
heart more, strengthening the connection with your Higher Self. Plus, the radiation of gratitude will
work away on dissolving more layers of your onion!
Gratefulness is the key to attracting abundance
Saint Germain states that, "Gratitude as the catalyst of good fortune must not be overlooked by
those seeking abundance in their lives." In fact, gratefulness is a key ingredient in alchemy and
precipitation. As you state your gratefulness for your abundance (or whatever), you are affirming
that you ARE that abundance here and now! Again, through the Law of Attraction, you draw more
of that which you affirm into your reality.
Cosmic Law states that, "Ask, BELIEVING YOU HAVE ALREADY RECEIVED and you shall
receive." So even if you have not received all the blessings you would like in your life yet, by stating
your heartfelt gratefulness (something that is normally felt and stated AFTER receiving something)
- as if you have already received the blessing - you are working in accordance with the Law and
will attract that blessing to you!
Fill every day with gratefulness!
As you go through your day, regularly express your gratefulness for everything you can think of -
the wonderful day, the beautiful flowers, the sunshine, your spouse, the smile on your child's face,
your family's health, and on and on. Let gratitude fill your heart and you won't believe what a
difference this will make!
Saint Germain tells us that our thankfulness expressed on Thanksgiving Day was instituted as a
safeguard, so that the majority of the people would not forget their benefits. In this way, at least a
yearly momentum to keep alive the cycle of God's continual bestowing of his blessings upon all
would be maintained.
He also tells us of the importance of regularly giving thanks, because of spiritual laws that state in
order to continue to receive, one must give! An annual day of thanksgiving is important, but daily -
even hourly and momentary thanks are even more effective.
So, again, there is a wonderful power in gratefulness/gratitude that will provide you with great
benefits if you regularly send forth this energy! Personally, this has worked wonders in my life.
Periodically, or when things get a little rough, I give heartfelt gratitude for all the people, conditions,
and things in my life I can think of. If done with emotion, this will definitely lift your spirits! It also
helps to keep things in perspective and balance when you are in the middle of some of those trying
times. Acknowledging the wonderful blessings in your life can help you get over those rough
Suggestions for cultivating God-Gratitude and gratefulness:
1. The usage of these mantras:
- "I AM gratitude in action."
- "I AM grateful, O God! I AM grateful, O God! I AM grateful, O God! "
- And this powerful mantra:
"Hear O universe, I AM grateful! "Hear O universe, I AM grateful! "Hear O universe, I AM
2. Daily express gratitude for the things that happen, you see, or feel that day - for example: the
wonderful day, the beautiful flowers, the fresh air, even the small things, like that perfect parking
place you found.
3. Regularly have a gratefulness meditation of 5 minutes of more where you express gratitude
from your heart for all the wonderful things you are experiencing (or want to experience) in your
life. Example:
I am so grateful for: God, my life, love and the ones I love, my health, the Masters, the abundance
in my life, being able to see, hear, smell, walk, nature, etc., etc.!
4. Once every six months or so, do the above only write everything out. This is a great exercise to
do on Thanksgiving too.
Just as cultivating the energy of God-gratitude and and expressing gratefulness can be a wonderful
aid for connecting to your Real Self and dissolving more layers of your personal onion, so too can
cultivating the sense of joy, as it is closely aligned with gratefulness. Joy is a quality of the heart
and the threefold flame (see Section 4, "The Heart - The Master Key"), and is another name for God.
A Path of Joy
The Masters tell us over and over that the spiritual path is and should be a path of joy. I think there
is a tendency sometimes to forget that, especially when things get challenging. But even those
challenges can be met with a sense of joy - joy in the meeting of karma and the transmutation of it,
and joy in the overcoming of bad habits and obstacles.
The Power of Joy
In one of Elizabeth Clare Prophet's lectures, she states that joy is the key that unlocks the flow of the
energies of the heart, and that we have the right to be joyous. She tells us that simply centering in
our hearts and radiating joy can cut us off from the forces that would rob us of our energy. In
radiating joy, more joy is then returned to us in various ways.
In reading the series of books titled "The Initiate", I came across a teaching from the Master who the
author refers to as "Justin Moreward Haig". He tells us that we must cultivate the sense of
joyousness and that practice is everything. "You practice to acquire facility in this, that and the other
art; but none of these will repay you to the extent that the practice of joyousness will repay you. Tell
yourself repeatedly: 'ALL IS JOY.' Fall asleep with that phrase in your mind last thing at night, and
let it be your first waking thought in the morning. Then one day it will begin to work subconsciously,
and you'll retain that joy as a permanent consciousness....Therefore, seek ye first the kingdom of
Joy - which is an attribute of God - and all things shall be added unto you..."
This is a mantra that I have personally applied in my life. The periods of time where I have
developed a momentum with it, I have found to be very uplifting and have noticed that it seems to
trigger a greater occurrence of those little everyday type miracles.
Joy and your Higher Self
Joy is the energy you will naturally feel when in perfect attunement with your Higher Self. Joy is
part of the energy that is constantly being channeled from God to your Real Self, and is
automatically available when you are connected with that Self. The density of the layers of your
onion is primarily the reason you don't feel joy more of the time. So joy is not something you need
to seek, it is right there available to you at all times!
Keys to Cultivating Joy
1. Capture the sense of joy. Remember times when you have been particularly joyful and how it
felt and then amplify that in your heart and being.
2. Tell yourself constantly, "All is joy." Go to sleep repeating that phrase and let it be the first thing
you think of in the morning.
3. Meditate on the constant bubbling stream of joy and Light that is being channeled from God to
your Higher Self and to your heart. Then radiate that joy throughout the day.
4. Be conscious of feeling joy even in the little things that occur - like seeing a beautiful flower or
sunset, or the feeling of joy in helping somebody out. Then amplify the energy of that joy.
5. Practice finding joy in situations that might not seem very joyful. Be joyous in overcoming a
difficult situation or meeting a challenge with harmony instead of anger, impatience, or any other
type of negative energy. Feel the joy in meeting karma and transmuting it or overcoming a bad
6. When feeling burdened or negative energy, center in the heart and radiate joy. This unlocks the
flow of energies of the heart and can cut you off from the forces that would rob you of your energy.
7. Seek ye first the Kingdom of Joy - ALL IS JOY!
I have found the energy and the sense of Victory to be a tremendous aid on the path to reuniting
with the Higher Self. There is a wonderful power in Victory, that when you start developing a
momentum with it, infuses you with this energy that just seems to lift you out of anything that may be
trying to drag you down. It fills your heart with light and hope, lifts your spirits and sends you
soaring! Starting your day with Victory, carrying the sense of Victory throughout the day and ending
the day with Victory can completely transform what you experience. As you cultivate the sense of
Victory, it automatically strengthens the connection to your Real Self.
Victory - the Ascended Master
"Victory" is the name of an Ascended Master whose devotion to the flame of Victory has given him
the authority over that flame (energy) throughout the cosmos. He tells us that when you have a
"sphere of victory whirling in you, it's like a buzz saw meeting all the problems that come to you."
He also states to keep the energy of Victory throughout the day to arise with Victory in the morning,
retire with Victory in the evening and each hour of the day connect with the energy of Victory. By
doing so, you will more easily be able to triumph over the problems that arise daily. To help
establish the sense of Victory in your life, you can call or pray to Ascended Master Victory for his
assistance. Cultivating the energy of Victory within your being will powerfully help strip and dissolve
blockages and layers of your personal onion!
The word "YES", especially when said with emotion, can help connect you with the energy of
Victory. Yes is of course a very positive word and will invoke positive energy within you. Raising
one or both hands over your head at the same time will increase the power of Yes even more. You
can imagine all the layers of your onion being the opposite - layers of negative energy - layers of
"NO". By saying (out loud or silently), or better yet - shouting "YES!" throughout the day, will lift your
spirits and punch holes in those negatives layers.
Victory - our ultimate purpose in life
Victory, our freedom - the ascension in the light - is the ultimate purpose of our lives, but A.M.
Victory tells us, mankind has somehow failed to acknowledge or to realize that to this purpose and
for this cause we were born. Reuniting with your Higher Self is part of the path to your freedom!
Accept your Victory NOW!
For some of us, it is easier to conceive of the victory of others, but difficult to conceive of our own
victory. I have found a reluctance to claim victory to be true with many seekers, and yet that is
something Victory says we must do NOW. It seems we are always waiting to claim that victory,
waiting until psychological problems are overcome, waiting until more karma is transmuted, or
waiting until we think we deserve it, or whatever. What many don't realize is that by accepting your
Victory now and invoking the Light of Victory, a matrix (pattern) is created that then aids you in
overcoming everything you think you need to resolve first. You need to Start with Victory!
Reinforce Victory with the Power of Action
Although the energy of Victory is very powerful, it is not enough alone to give you whatever victory
you are seeking - as well as the victory of reuniting with your Higher Self. You must also accept the
statement you are making, believe in it, be united with it and ACT UPON IT. Say you are invoking
the power/energy of Victory to overcome a bad habit. Along with that, you will need to take
whatever actions are necessary to give you your Victory.
1. Ascended Master Victory tells us to "Call unto me and I will answer! Call unto me at that moment
and ask me to give you my flame of victory and see if I do not flood your being with light!"
Calls to make include:
"Mighty Victory, I AM calling to you. Give me your feeling of victory!"
"O God, give me your Victory! Give me your Victory! Give me your Victory!"
"I claim my Victory now!"
2. In one of Mark Prophet's lectures, he suggests that when you get up in the morning that you tune
in with your Higher Self and invoke Victory saying, "I AM the majestic sense of victory" seven times
or more. He says this will draw to yourself the proper feeling that will produce a miraculous state of
consciousness - the consciousness of the majestic sense of victory!
3. Make Victory calls every hour or so (with emotion) and maintain that sense of victory throughout
the day.
4. Say or shout "YES!" throughout the day with arm or arms upraised in Victory! Shout "YES!" into
the face of all opposition or obstructions to energetically slice through blockages and give you your
5. Picture the layers of your onion as being made up of negative/NO layers and see holes being
punched through every time you say/shout "YES".
6. If a challenge comes up, invoke the energy and power of Victory.
If there was one quality that could be viewed as the most important one to focus on and maintain, it
would probably be that of Harmony. It is one of the major keys - if not THE major key - on the path
to raising your consciousness and reuniting with your Higher Self.
Harmony is a quality of the heart and internal equilibrium
Harmony is an internal quality springing from the heart and not just an external expression.There
are those who may walk about with their smiles of peace, but may have internal raging going on, or
may be deeply troubled. Putting on a false front of peace or merely acting as one thinks they
should is not the thing.
The Masters tell us that our very lives and health depend upon staying in harmony. You cannot
connect with your Real Self when you are not harmonious. Harmony comes from establishing an
internal sense of your own completeness through union with your Higher Self and an internal
happiness that does not require that you derive your happiness from others.
The Magic Key
As Saint Germain says in the book "Unveiled Mysteries", " cannot realize how very great is
the necessity for harmony in the outer self if the fullness of the Inner Perfection and Power is to be
expressed in your outer life." It "is the Magic Key that unlocks the door and releases instantly this
tremendous Inner God Power...Harmony is the Keynote, the One great Law of Life."
Harmony involves mastery of the emotions
In "Unveiled Mysteries", Saint Germain teaches us that the very first step on the path to reuniting
with our Higher Selves is the conscious, willing control of our feelings.

He states this in a talk to Godfre:
"The Eternal Law of Life is: 'What you think and feel, you bring into form; where your thought is,
there you are, for you are your consciousness; and what you meditate upon, you become.'
"When one allows his mind to dwell upon thoughts of hate, condemnation, lust, envy, jealousy,
criticism, fear, doubt or suspicion, and allows these feelings of irritation to generate within him, he
will certainly have discord, failure, and disaster in his mind, body and world. As long as he persists
in allowing his attention to be held by such thoughts - whether they be about nations, persons,
places, conditions or things - he is absorbing those activities into the substance of his mind, his
body and his affairs. In fact he is compelling - FORCING - them into his experience."
I consider Saint Germain's talk to Godfre on maintaining harmony and control of the emotions to be
one of the most important teachings I have encountered. Rather than paraphrasing and perhaps
losing the impact of what he said, the following continues that teaching and is directly quoted:
"The feeling activity of Life is the most unguarded point of human consciousness. It is the
accumulative energy by which thoughts are propelled into the atomic substance, and thus thoughts
become things. I tell you, the need of GUARDING THE FEELINGS cannot be emphasized too
strongly; for control of the emotions plays the most important part of anything in Life in maintaining
balance in the mind, health in the body, success and accomplishment in the affairs and world of the
personal self of every individual. Thoughts can never become things until they are clothed with
..."The greatest crime in the Universe against the Law of Love is humanity's almost ceaseless
sending forth of every kind of irritable and destructive feeling.
..."Discordant feeling is the producer of conditions we call disintegration, old age, lack of memory,
and every other failure in the world of human experience. The effect upon the body structure is the
same as that produced upon a building if the mortar holding the bricks together were to receive
repeated shocks, and each day those were to be increased. This continued shock would shake
apart the particles composing the mortar; the building would collapse into a chaotic mass, and the
form be no more. That is what mankind is CONSTANTLY doing to the atomic structure of the
human body.
"To give expression to the discordant thoughts and feelings in oneself is the course of least
resistance, and the habitual activity of the undeveloped, undisciplined and willful individual who
refuses to understand the Law of his own Being and to bring the personal self, which is but his
instrument of expression, into obedience to that Law.
"He who cannot or will not control his thoughts and feelings is in a bad way; for every door of his
consciousness is wide open to the disintegrating activities thrown off by the minds and the emotions
of other personalities. It takes neither strength, wisdom nor training to give way to unkind,
destructive impulses; and the full-grown human beings who do this are but children in their
development of self-control.
"It is a blight upon the Life of mankind that so little control of the emotions is taught humanity from
the cradle to the grave. ATTENTION to this particular point is the greatest need in the Western
World today. It is easy to give way to discordant thoughts, feelings, and activities because the mass
of mankind are submerged, as it were, by environment and association entirely created by
"The individual, through his control of the outer consciousness, must make the effort to rise out of
this condition by his own free will in order to transcend this limitation PERMANENTLY, and no one
can hope to rid his life and world of misery, discord, and destruction until he leashes his own
thought and feeling. In this way, he refuses to let the Life flowing through his mind and body
become qualified by the discord resulting from every little disturbing occurrence in the world about
"At first such discipline does require determined, continuous effort; for the thoughts and feelings of
ninety-five percent of humanity run as uncontrolled and free as a little tramp dog. However, no
matter how much effort it takes to bring these two activities under control, it is worth any amount of
time, energy, and effort and no REAL, PERMANENT DOMINION of one's life and world can take
place without it."
Moment of decision
Although it may not seem to be the case, there is ALWAYS a moment before reacting
inharmoniously or venting anger. That is the trick to maintaining harmony. It is to seize that
moment and stop the emotional energy dead in its tracks - before it has time to be expressed. In
that moment you can decided to let the anger pass through you or you can decide to seal your lips
and your chakras (energy centers - see Section 4).
Saint Germain has given us a fiat to use instead of emotionally reacting to people and situations.
He says if someone pokes you or provokes you, give the fiat (silently or out loud if possible), "In the
name of Saint Germain, I shall not be moved!" as many times as need be to seal your solar
plexus (the emotional energy chakra). He says to still the turbulent waters of your emotional body,
take some deep breaths and return to the scene as the master and moderator of the situation.
HeartMath also has a wonderful technique called "Freeze Frame" which can help stop your
reactions and keeps your emotions in check, as well as helping to transmute the energy to a more
positive state. (See section on "Non-Reaction and the Power of Neutral" for the explanation of this
technique.) I highly recommend checking this technique out further in their book, "The Heartmath
Harmony and balance
In order for you to experience true harmony, your physical, mental and emotional bodies need to be
in balance. If there is a problem in any one of these areas, it won't matter how hard you try to stay
harmonious, it simply won't happen if there is an underlying cause that needs to be addressed first.
Many people have chemical imbalances that can affect their emotions and cause psychological
problems. Also, the wrong diet can be very impactful on the emotional and mental bodies. A wheat
allergy can produce many symptoms, including anxiety and depression. Refined sugar is also
linked to causing a variety of psychological problems. Chemical imbalances may produce rage,
anxiety, depression and other symptoms. So it is important to explore possible dietary reactions or
the possibility of having a chemical imbalance if you are continuously experiencing emotional and
psychological problems.
The goal in regards to being in Harmony
The Masters tell us that the goal is "to be in God-control of your life and your universe 85 percent of
the time (plus or minus)." Life on this planet is challenging and it would be extremely difficult if not
impossible to maintain our harmony all the time. So don't be too hard on yourself when you have
an occasional slip up. Just determine to stay in harmony as much as possible and to resolve any
recurring situations that make you inharmonious.
The Flame of Harmony
The Flame of Harmony is the flame that contains all of the seven rainbow rays of God. This flame
can be visualized as multi-colored rays spiraling from a brilliant white-fire core or as a pure white
flame (the combination of all the colors). Meditating on this flame and visualizing it passing through
your entire being - physical, mental, and emotional aspects as well as your chakras and aura (see
Section 4) will help you maintain Harmony on all levels of your being. It is also a powerful aid in
establishing a strong connection to your Higher Self and dissolving the layers of your onion!
A method for restoring our energy and harmony
Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives this method for restoring our energy and harmony when we are
experiencing discord, oppressive energy from unknown sources or are feeling drained. I have
personally used this a number of times, especially at night when feeling burdened with energy, and
have found it to be very helpful. She tells us we have the power of our hands to reverse the energy
by raising them above our heads and visualizing light streaming forth from them. (Hold them there
as long as necessary.) This may be combined with the mantra, "Peace Be Still" ("and know that I
AM God") or calls to the Masters to reverse whatever is upon us energy-wise. She states that this
stops the energy from resting on us and turns and sends it back in the other direction. There is
great power in our hands and the chakras in the palms. She says that we can even do this at night
by propping up our hands on our pillow, if we wake up and feel discordant energy.

Become the energy of Harmony
Harmony is a quality that can be expressed in all aspects of our lives - in how we approach life, in
our thoughts, words, and deeds, in our reactions to others, in the work we do, when we drive our
vehicles, and on and on. As the Masters teach us, when we put our focused attention on
something, through cosmic law, we become that which we are focusing on. By centering on the
quality of Harmony and "exercising" it in all you do, you become the energy of Harmony and more
closely aligned with your Higher Self.
1. State your clear intention to be centered in Harmony and to be harmonious in every situation you
meet. Reaffirm that intention throughout the day.
2. Keep centered in the Heart as much as possible and focus on peace and harmony.
3. Meditate on the white and rainbow flames of Harmony.
4. Make calls for assistance from the Master and your Higher Self to keep centered in Harmony
throughout the day and to be aware when experiencing disharmony or being inharmonious.
5. Use Saint Germain's call when necessary - "In the name of Saint Germain, I shall not be moved!"
6. Utilize the method of raising your hands over your head, visualizing white light coming from them
while repeating over and over, "Peace be still, and know that I AM God" to restore harmony when
feeling discord or being hit with oppressive energy.
These are some of the things I have found to be beneficial for me in maintaining the energy of
1. Slow down. Be in less of a rush. I tend to be a fast walker and sometimes rush around doing
things. I have found that walking and doing things more slowly gives me a sense of calm.
2. Stay centered and focused in the Now.
3. Take several deep breaths at a time throughout the day.
4. Make a list of things you need to do and then do them one at a time with focused attention.
5. Reduce the clutter in your life, including your home. As taught in Feng Shui (the oriental art of
"arranging your home for health and happiness"), clutter can block the flow of chi and create
6. Take an occasional "time out" to sit and do nothing.
As you can see having gotten this far, self-mastery is the overall key to reuniting with your Real
Self and peeling away all the layers of your onion! The following is based on teachings of Saint
Germain in "Unveiled Mysteries" and even though parts of this are a reiteration of things covered in
other sections, I felt this should be included separately since it emphasizes what he feels are the
most important keys to attaining self-mastery and establishing a strong connection with the Higher
Saint Germain states that the following conditions are essential for the attaining of mastery:
1. The acknowledgment of your individual "God (Real) Self".
2. Perfect calmness of feeling under all circumstances.
3. Being above all temptation to misuse power.
The acknowledgment of your God/Real Self
He tells us that we need to meditate upon and commune with the Light of God (the Higher Self)
within ourselves. We need to think of our outer and inner Self as One, rather than seeing them as
separate. When we sustain a sense of separation, that becomes a source for doubt, fear, decay,
etc. Saint Germain explains that if the sense consciousness thinks itself as separate from God - the
Source - then that is what the sense consciousness thinks into its world. If you let an idea of
imperfection or separation from God occupy your attention and your mind, a condition
corresponding to that begins to express itself in your body and world. This will cause you to feel
you are an entity apart from your Source. The moment one thinks oneself as separated from God,
he thinks his life, intelligence and power have beginning and end.
To help establish the connection between the lower self, Higher Self and God/Source, see yourself
continuously throughout the day as one with the stream of Light from your Higher Self, which in turn
is connected through a stream of Light with God/the Source. In addition, continually acknowledge
God as the One Source of all good - all day long.
Saint Germain states:
"To most people, the above sounds difficult, for they have lived so many centuries in the belief that
they are beings apart from God, while every instant of every day they are using God Life, God
Energy, God Substance, and God Activity in everything they think and do without realizing it.
However, it requires the conscious admitting of this fact in the outer activity of the mind, and
constructive direction, to release its Full Power through the personal self.
"Recognition, conscious direction, and constructive use of the God Energy maintained within
oneself at all times is the way of Perfection, Mastery, and Dominion over all things on earth,
including the conscious control of ALL natural forces. The instruction I have been giving you will
erase completely all false beliefs, if maintained. The rapidity with which it is accomplished
depends upon how continuously, persistently, and deeply you feel and associate with your God
Perfect calmness of feeling under all circumstances
Control of the emotions is not an easy thing for most of humanity in the Western World because as
Saint Germain stated, "the temperament of most people is "sensitive, emotional, and impulsive."
However, if we embody this characteristic of perfect calmness, it results in energy of "tremendous
power". Unless the waste of energy through the emotional body is "checked and completely
governed, the individual cannot and never will make permanent progress."
The stilling of emotions does NOT mean a repression of discord within yourself at any time, but is a
stilling and harmonizing of the feelings, no matter what the circumstances you find yourself in.
Be above all temptation to misuse power
The misuse of power means engaging in anything that would harm anyone in any way, including
yourself. This includes criticism of others and self-criticism. You need to remember that thoughts
are "things" and can be harmful to yourself and others. As we spiritually progress further and
further, our accountability for our actions grows, as does the repercussion for our wrong actions.
The key to accomplishing these things is to align your will with the will of your Higher Self and to
stay centered in that Self throughout the day. By staying centered, you can then allow any
disturbance to pass through. As far as relationships with others, Love is the key - looking beyond
the human and loving the True Self in each other - will keep you from criticizing, condemning or
judging another.
Non-reaction and remaining neutral are key components to maintaining harmony and becoming
more connected to your Higher Self. I have separated this section from the main one on Harmony
in order to emphasize the importance of these two states of being.
What is non-reaction?
Non-reaction means not acting NEGATIVELY to the action of others. It does not mean NO action,
as in the case where we need to exercise "righteous judgment" involving somebody else's actions.
Passiveness is also not what non-reaction means, in the case of not standing up for what is right.
There can be a tendency when trying to be non-reactive, to suppress and thus think that the self is
not reacting negatively to others. However, suppressing is not what non-reaction is about.
Suppression just takes a negative reaction and pushes it deeper inside us, where it can sit there
and fester. Of course, your initial reaction to a situation is spontaneous and may be very emotional.
After that initial reaction the key then is LETTING IT GO.
You have a choice to react or not
In the past, I have had reactions to situations involving others that have then resulted in me going
over and over them until I stopped and realized that was a waste of energy. Over the years, I have
come to see that you can't change the other, but what I can change is MY reaction to the other and
to the situations I meet. I can choose to react in a positive way, or a negative way - that's up to me.
There is always a split second before you react to something where you DO have a choice. Even if
you react in a negative way initially, you have the choice to continue to react and revolve the
situation, or to let it go.
Self-awareness is needed to know when you are reacting, so you can choose another way. Being
in the NOW as much as possible will help you to consciously see when you are over-reacting or
reacting negatively. Reactions are often learned habits and they'll come out before you even know
it if you are not constantly being vigilant.
Defusing a negative reaction
Sometimes it may be too difficult to simply let go of a situation and your reaction to it. Once you
become aware that you are reacting, one of the best ways to defuse the energy is to go into the
heart and breathe deeply through it and connect with your Higher Self. Focusing the attention
there, remembering joyful events and radiating love can help dissipate the energy - sometimes very
quickly. Asking the Higher Self for help with the reaction can also be beneficial.
HeartMath Freeze-Frame Technique
HeartMath ("The HeartMath Solution") is an institute that has developed a comprehensive system
that provides information, tools, and techniques to access our heart intelligence. The book and
their techniques are highly recommended. Looking at life as a high speed movie, the "Freeze-
Frame" technique gives us the power to stop your reactions to the movie at any moment. By going
into the heart, it not only reduces stress, it shifts your perspective, allowing you to tap into a deeper
source of intuition and power. "Freeze-Frame" uses the power of the heart to help manage the
mind. It consists of five simple steps which creates a harmonious relationship between the head
and the heart. This allows us to edit the next frame of our movie from a point of balance and non-
reaction. "Freeze-Frame" was designed to work quickly - especially once learned and put into
"Here are the five steps of the "Freeze-Frame" technique:
1. Recognize the stressful feeling and "Freeze-Frame" it! Take a time out.
2. Make a sincere effort to shift your focus away from the racing mind or disturbed emotions to the
area around your heart. Pretend you're breathing through your heart to help focus your energy in
this area. Keep your focus there for ten seconds or more.
3. Recall a positive, fun feeling or time you've had in life and try to re-experience it.
4. Now, using your intuition, common sense, and sincerity, ask your heart, What would be a more
efficient response to the situation, one that would minimize future stress?
5. Listen to what your heart says in answer to your questions. (It's an effective way to put your
reactive mind and emotions in check and and in-house source of commonsense solutions!)"
Of course, "heart" can be synonymous with the Higher Self, seated in the heart. With practice, this
technique becomes almost second nature. For a more thorough explanation of each step, see the
book "The HeartMath Solution."
The Power of Neutral
Neutral is a powerful state of emotional balance and inner quiet and peace. It is a place of
equilibrium where you are more able to access the wisdom of your Higher Self. Learning to stay
neutral is a key to becoming non-reactive to situations.
Being neutral is not a state of not feeling anything, but rather a state where you are in balance with
your emotional responses to what is happening. Becoming overly excited about the potential
outcome of things can compromise your ability to maintain balance. You wouldn't think that being
too positive and energetic could create a problem, but if you get too far on that side of neutral, it can
be energetically draining and require recovery and regeneration too. Also, if the outcome is not as
expected, it can cause you to have an equal opposite reaction. So when feeling intense emotions,
whether positive or negative, focus on the heart and breathe deeply to find a more neutral
perspective. When coming back into balance, you save energy and are more easily able to assess
events without the interference of strong emotions.
Remaining neutral and in balance in the midst of chaos or disturbing conditions, allows you to
better respond to situations. If you become reactive and your subsequent actions come from an
overly emotional state instead of one of peace and calm, you can make things worse - and
sometimes create negative karma in the process. You can actually hamper your progress in life
when you become overly reactive.
At first, it may be difficult to achieve a more neutral state and be non-reactive, however, like
anything else, it requires practice. In time, maintaining a neutral state can become a habit which
enables you to meet situations with non-reaction and to stay in harmony, and that in turn helps you
to connect more fully with your True Self.
"If you can keep your head when all about you / Are losing theirs and blaming it on you... / Yours
is the Earth and everything that's in it."....Rudyard Kipling
1. Realize that you do have a choice of whether or not to react in a negative way to people and
situations. Practice observing yourself and emotionally charged encounters so you can see that
there IS a moment to make a choice before reacting.
2. Stay in the NOW as much as possible so you will instantly be aware of when you are becoming
3. Once you are aware of a situation that is beginning to invoke an emotional response in you, take
a time out if possible - breathe deeply and count to ten, excuse yourself for a minute, tell the person
you will get back to them, disconnect from the phone, whatever is necessary to disengage to give
you time to become centered again.
4. Practice HeartMath's "Freeze Frame" technique when becoming reactive, or if the situation
doesn't allow that, simply go into the sanctuary of your heart and breathe deeply until you feel calm
again. You can also radiate love and light to the situation you are dealing with.
5. After things have stabilized, take time to ensure you are not holding on to any negative energy
regarding the incident.
6. When feeling intense emotions, whether positive or negative, focus on the heart and breathe
deeply to find a more neutral perspective.
(Being in the Present)
If you take fifteen minutes and be an observer of your thoughts, you will probably find you are
thinking about all kinds of things that are totally unrelated to what you are physically doing, unless
that requires a great deal of concentration and focus. You may be thinking about the past, making
projections about the future or simply daydreaming about whatever. Saint Germain made the
observation that with most of humanity, the mind is as undisciplined as a tramp dog. Our minds are
used to running all over the place unchecked. It is virtually impossible to not think or have a thought
for more than a minute or two. Anyone who has tried to meditate for that length of time without
thinking about anything can attest to that!
Much of your suffering comes from not living in the now. As Paramahansa Yogananda put it, "You
live in a state of anxiety for the future, or of regret for the past", and therefore you suffer.
Your power is in the present
Our minds are unbelievably powerful when focused, but most of that power is lost by not living in
the moment. The present is where your power is! Of course, in the present you can still be
planning for the future or consciously contemplating the past in order to gain knowledge or to learn
something, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, living in the past and revolving old
events is essentially a waste of time and energy as the past is dead and gone. You can learn from
the mistakes you made in the past, but then you need to let go and move on.
Worrying takes you from the present
I very rarely think about the past, and when I do it is usually only briefly when remembering
something. I have found that what has taken me out of the present the most is worrying about
things. Worrying is projecting future possibilities, so you are not in the present when you engage in
worry. Worrying is pretty pointless when you stop and think about it. Your worry will not change the
future outcome a bit. In fact, it could make it worse, because if you worry about something long
enough with enough focus, you can actually energetically propel your worried future into reality!
Benefits of living in the moment
One day, I decided to get really serious about staying in the present, and boy it was not easy at first!
But I was determined, and gradually over time I was able to stay more and more in the present. I
practiced this for quite some time, although eventually I went back to my old habits - although not
totally. From time to time, I really focus on living in the moment and have found there are wonderful
benefits to doing that. First of all, worries and stress evaporate, you start seeing things more clearly
and hearing things you never really did before. Colors seem brighter and you begin to notice more
of the beauty that surrounds you. I definitely find myself becoming more peaceful when I am really
focusing on being in the present. By having less stress and more peace, your health may improve
and you can sleep better.
In the present there is no worry, no fear, no suffering (unless you are in the midst of a circumstance
that in the present is invoking those conditions), there is only the "isness" of what is happening.
There is no need to fear future situations as those situations are not happening in the present,
which is the only time that exists.
Most people live in the past or future. When you can be truly happy in the present, then you have
Living in the moment can prevent accidents from happening. I'm sure all of us have experienced
times driving where we had no idea how we got from point A to point B - and that's scary! By
focusing on the now you are better able to tune into events and circumstances surrounding you.
I believe much of the discontent we experience is because of time spent fantasizing about a better
future (which implies there is something wrong with the present) and requiring it to be a certain way.
Once you let that go and focus on the present, you become more content with what you have now.
Most importantly, you can only connect with your Higher Self when you are in the present. If you
are constantly thinking about the past and projecting into the future, you are cutting yourself off from
the innate wisdom of your Higher Self. You cannot receive answers and guidance when you are
cut off from that Self by worrying and projections - guidance that could eliminate the problem you
are thinking about!
Practice living in the moment
Living in the moment takes practice as we are constantly being distracted from what we are doing.
Start out by just trying to be totally immersed in what you are doing for a few minutes - whether it be
driving, doing the dishes, or whatever. As you become used to that, try to extend those periods
more and more throughout the day. Doing things differently - such as taking a different route to
work - can help you concentrate on the new surroundings (while of course, still focusing on our
driving!). Dancing is a wonderful way to become immersed in the music as your body moves to it.
Getting involved in a creative project is another great way to keep your attention focused on the
now by concentrating on what you are creating.
Another way to be in the now, is to focus on your senses - what can you see? what can you hear?
what can you smell? what can you feel? what can you taste? - right now! Try doing this for a minute
or so throughout your day. It's a great exercise for developing a stronger focus on the Now.
Meditation and Concentration
Meditation and concentration are two things that are valuable aids to help calm the mind and focus
your attention. Meditation is also a major key to connecting with your Higher Self. Meditation can
be as simple as focusing on our breathing or a beautiful sunset. (See section on Meditation for
more information.)
Over the years, I have done concentration exercises which have greatly improved my ability to
focus and image things in my mind. By teaching the mind to concentrate and focus, it becomes
easier to stay in the present. I highly recommend this set of exercises:
For each letter of the alphabet, pick a subject to concentrate on, such as A - Apple. For 5 minutes,
focus on an apple in your mind - seeing it clearly, touching it, smelling it, cutting it open, eating it,
etc. Do one letter each day.
After completion, you should notice a dramatic increase in your concentration abilities.
"Forget the past, for it is gone from your domain!
Forget the future, for it is beyond your reach!
Control the Present!
Live supremely well now!
It will whitewash the dark past, and compel the future to be bright!
This is the way of the wise."....Paramahansa Yogananda (from "Inner Peace", pg. 45 - SRF
Publishers, LA, USA)
Discernment as the Masters tell us is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Discernment comes from the Heart,
from your Higher Self. As you strengthen your connection with your Real Self, your discernment will
also grow stronger. You come to trust that "still, small voice" of your Higher Self, who knows what is
best for you at all times.
Many Decisions and Crossroads in Life
As you journey through life, there are many situations you encounter that require a decision that will
alter the direction of the path you are on - some are minor, and occasionally you come to a major
crossroad. Ultimately, there are probably no "wrong" choices as eventually we all will find our way.
However, lack of discernment of what is the BEST path for you can cause you to be diverted and
add years or even lifetimes to your journey. I am speaking of your spiritual journey. Sometimes you
make decisions that seem to be good in other respects, but may take you far from the path you may
need to be on spiritually. There are many paths that will take us to the "top" (symbolizing the end of
our spiritual journey here on earth) and they will all get there eventually. My father told me when I
was growing up to see our journey as a mountain. Some paths will go straight up (the harder ones)
and most will spiral around and around the mountain in varying degrees before reaching the top.
Your Higher Self knows what is the best pace and best path for you and will unerringly guide you in
making the choices that will take you where you need to go - in all aspects of your life. Once you
cultivate discernment through your Higher Self, you can be confident we are making the "right"
decisions along life's path!
Cultivating Discernment
My grandfather had told me early on that especially with spiritual teachings, one must first take
everything to the Heart (the Higher Self) to see what "feels" right. This has always served me well.
He also told me that if something initially did not feel like the truth or there was resistance to
accepting something, to just put it aside for the time being. In those cases, it might not be an
indicator that something is incorrect or not true. It may simply be that we are not ready to "hear" the
truth yet. Your Real Self knows what is true, however, due to your belief systems and resistance to
hearing certain things, you may block the truth and be unable to accept it at the time. There is
nothing wrong with that, as each must spiritually develop at their own pace. When you are ready,
you will be able to discern and know the truth.

Cultivating discernment comes through strengthening the connection with your Higher Self and
continuously taking decisions and questions to the Heart and through deep meditation, seeking
answers and direction. Initially, the answers may not come immediately. Many times they will be
revealed synchronistically later on through a sign you receive, somebody mentioning the very thing
you have been thinking about, or through a book you suddenly come across. I've even had books
literally jump off the shelf that have given me what I was seeking. One time, I even opened up a
large book I had inwardly been directed to to the EXACT page with the answer I was seeking!
Some important situations and problems you are seeking direction for may be charged with
emotion and anxiety, making it difficult to receive an answer or discern if an answer you are
receiving is coming from the Higher Self or is being fed by your own desires. In those cases, I have
found that centering in the Heart before going to sleep and asking for a clear answer or direction
upon awakening works very well much of the time. If an answer isn't immediately forthcoming,
which sometimes happens with important decisions, let the situation go and know that the answer
will eventually be revealed. A good way to do this is to surround the situation in a bubble of white
or pink light, ask for the best solution to be revealed to you, and then release it by seeing it floating
up and away. Sometimes anxieties and strong desires can actually push away the correct answer,
so by releasing it to higher levels, you can also clear any blockages to receiving the solution.
Once you start developing discernment through your Higher Self and peeling away more layers of
your onion, the answers you seek will come faster with less sense of struggle when ascertaining a
course of action. Sometimes we are faced with decisions that require an immediate answer. The
stronger the connection with your Higher Self is, the easier it will be to take whatever short amount
of time you have (seconds, minutes), center in the heart and come up with the answer you need. By
including your Higher Self in the decisions you make, you automatically strengthen your connection
with that Self.
Aid for Clearer Vision
Occasionally you will come across situations where you can't seem to get an answer to what you
are seeking. In those cases, that may be due to strong desires or conflicting answers you are
perceiving. Whatever the case, it always helps to ask what is God's Will and to ask for clear vision
in seeing the solution. Surrendering your lower self's will to a Higher Will and what is best can
many times clear up conflict and allow you to see things more clearly.
The Discernment you receive is for you alone

The discernment you receive from your Heart and Higher Self is for you and you alone. It is not our
job to be a "Discernment Director" for anybody else. We have no way of knowing what is best for
someone besides ourself. Some people need to take the harder road to learn a life's lesson - they
need to go down that rough road. If you really feel they are in a bad situation, you can always ask
for assistance and decree/pray for them - always adjusted to God's will of course. So you need to
concentrate on your own Path and discernment will light the way for you!
One thing I have been working on for many years and have made a lot of progress on, is to realize
that we cannot control everything and the events in our life through the human self. Sometimes it is
necessary to "let go and let God". Letting go involves surrendering yourself (and your ego!) to a
higher force, and the ego does not like that at all. As you connect more and more to your Higher
Self, surrendering and letting go becomes less difficult.
Letting go also means surrendering your fears, worries and insecurities and trusting God/the
Universal that everything will work out. One of my favorites stories is about a rope and letting go.
I'm not sure who the author is, as there are many versions around, but I wanted to share its
message here. I have altered it slightly to coincide more with the version I remember:
The Parable of the Rope
"We are like a person holding on to a piece of rope.
We hold on for dear life, knowing that if we were to let go we would fall to our death. Our parents,
our teachers, and many others have told us this is so; and when we look around we can see
everyone else doing the same.
Nothing will induce us to let go.
One day we pray to God for help and He answers us. He tells us that holding on is unnecessary,
that the security the rope offers is illusory, and only holds us where we are.
He talks of real security, of deeper joy, of true happiness, of peace of mind. He tells us that we can
taste this if we will just release one finger from the rope.
"One finger," we think; "that"s not too much to risk for a taste of bliss." So we agree to take this first
And we do taste greater joy, happiness, and peace of mind. But not enough to bring lasting
"Even greater joy, happiness and peace can be yours," God tells us "if you will just release a
second finger."
"This," we tell ourself, "is going to be more difficult. Can we do it? Will it be safe? Do we have the
courage?" We hesitate, then, flexing our finger, feel how it would be to let go a little more . . . and
take the risk.
We are relieved to find we do not fall; instead we discover greater happiness and inner peace. But
could more be possible?
"Trust me," God says. "Have I failed you so far? I know your fears, I know what your mind is telling
you -- that this is crazy, that it goes against everything you have ever learned -- but please, trust me.
Look at me, am I not free? I promise you will be safe, and you will know even greater happiness
and contentment."
"Do we really want happiness and inner peace so much," we wonder, "that we are prepared to risk
all that we hold dear? In principle, yes; but can we be sure that we will be safe, that we will not fall?"
With a little coaxing we begin to look at our fears, to consider their basis, and to explore what it is
we really want. Slowly we feel our fingers soften and relax. We know we can do it. And we know we
must do it. It is only a matter of time until we release our grip.
And as we do an even greater sense of peace flows through us.
We are now hanging by one finger. Reason tells us we should have fallen a finger or two ago, but
we haven't. "Is there something wrong with holding on itself?" we ask ourself. "Have we been wrong
all the time?"
"This one is up to you," God says. "I can help you no further. Just remember that all your fears are
Trusting this quiet inner voice, we gradually release the last finger. And nothing happens. We stay
exactly where we are.
Then we realize why. We have been standing on the ground all along.
And as we look at the ground, knowing we need never hold on again, we find true peace of mind."
Sense of Struggle
I have found this story to be very true - that a lot of our worries and fears are totally groundless and
are manufactured in our minds and by false beliefs, some that have been instilled in us since we
were young. Thinking we have to hang onto the rope for dear life or something dire will happen,
can create a tremendous sense of struggle with life. As Saint Germain has said, "the sense of
struggle, creates the struggle." In other words, whatever you hold to be true in your mind will
create how you are experiencing things. Life doesn't have to be that way, but you first have to be
willing to surrender and let go of false beliefs and perceptions.
Unfortunately, there are many on a spiritual path who believe they must walk the so called "via
dolorosa" (the route that Jesus took between his condemnation by Pilate and his crucifixion and
burial) and that spiritual progress is only made through suffering and hardship. Yes, the Path can
sometimes be difficult, but it does NOT have to be a constant struggle. However, we have free will
choice, and if you believe that you must walk a path of struggle and hardship, than that is what you
will experience! By letting go of such beliefs, you can experience a much more joyful existence
while still experiencing the spiritual progress you seek.
Non-attachment and surrender
One of the goals of Buddhism is nonattachment - to let go and let be. Buddha taught that the cause
of suffering is craving and attachment and that by experiencing nonattachment, suffering will be
greatly relieved or alleviated. I believe this concept to be valid, although I also feel it has been
misinterpreted and taken too far by some people who feel that any attachment is bad.
My personal interpretation is that attachments to desires, people, things and events that aren't the
Will of God can and DO create a great deal of pain and suffering. All of us have experienced
wanting something to happen very strongly and when it doesn't happen, we can suffer. To me, this
is a red flag that we are pushing for something to happen that may not be the best for us. I believe
our Higher Self is always guiding us to what is right and best which is in alignment with God's Will.
The many times I have seen this happening in my life, I stop, center in my heart and surrender
whatever to God's Will and try to let it go completely. Amazingly enough, there have been
numerous incidents when after I have done that, the very thing I had wanted to happen, happens! I
think sometimes we hold so tightly and try to make things happen with our human will, that it
actually prevents it from happening. Once you surrender and let it go to a higher will, it can then
sometimes be made manifest. Of course, your surrender must be heartfelt and not a way to trick
God into giving you what you want!
Desire and the Will of God
The Masters tell us that surrender to the Will of God is a key to manifesting our desires. There has
been a misunderstanding involving desire amongst many spiritual students. Some have thought
that we must be "desireless", however, as the Masters teach us, there must be desire in order to
start the energy flow to create something. They tell us that even Jesus was not without desire. The
problem with desire is when it is "inordinate" desire - as Gautama Buddha teaches. An example of
an inordinate desire is one that has not been submitted to the Will of God. In other words, I would
have an "inordinate desire" if I was so intent on getting what I wanted that I would be unwilling to
surrender it to that Will. One may even go through the process of surrendering the desire on a
certain level, but still remain attached to it because they want it so badly. That keeps it in the
category of being inordinate, and as Gautama taught, that causes suffering. The trick is being able
to "let go" of those desires, in other words - let go of the attachment to the desires.
Letting go involves trust. As the "Parable of the Rope" suggests, trust is something you develop a
step at a time - or a finger at a time! Trusting is not always an easy matter for people. Many of us
have been burnt by others and situations in our lives and we do not give our trust easily. We cannot
force ourselves to trust something, someone, or to trust God.
By taking small steps at first, testing things out and getting the desired results, you slowly develop a
greater trust. As you raise your consciousness and connect more completely with your Real Self,
you will find that trusting and letting go becomes easier. As you continue to let go and surrender on
a regular basis, you will find that any sense of struggle with life is lessened and you will begin to
experience more peace in your life!
>=CIlOn 4
>Ol|lIuOl IOOl I=ClnlOu=
This section includes some spiritual tools and techniques - many of which are
essential if you are wanting to fully reunite with your Real Self. Meditation is one of
the essentials and this section covers meditation basics if you are not familiar with
meditating, and also includes a number of meditations. This section also covers the
need for and different methods of spiritual protection, the Heart as the Master Key for
contacting and making a strong connection with your Higher Self, expanding the love
of the heart and increasing the flow of Light, the "Cosmic Eraser" - the wondrous
Violet Flame - another major key, decreeing - the power of the spoken word, basic
information about your aura and chakras, balancing and transmuting karma, and how
service will help connect you with your Higher Self.
One becomes that upon which he meditates...Saint Germain
Meditation is essential on the spiritual path. If you are to connect with your Higher Self, you must
be able to still the mind through meditation. Through that inner quietness, you can then learn to
listen to the "still, small voice within" of your True Self. Meditation is a key which can open the door
to higher perception, unlocking the perfect wisdom in your very own heart! Through quieting the
mind and focusing your attention, you will allow your own innate inner wisdom to flow into your
Meditation is described in various ways and can take place in many different forms - some of which
are seemingly simple, but can be very powerful. From a more intellectual point of view, meditation
can be viewed in the most general sense as thinking in a controlled manner. It is deciding exactly
how one wishes to direct the mind for a period of time, and then doing it. This describes a more
structured form of meditation. This type of meditation helps develop mental discipline and one-
pointedness. An example of this kind of meditation would be in the concentrating on one's
breathing. A less structured type of meditation may involve the exploration of one's reactions/
thoughts/feelings regarding the subject of the meditation...(e.g. a word, image, concept or problem).
Meditation can be a formal practice or discipline, or it may simply involve relaxing, calming the
mind while watching a beautiful sunset, or while walking and enjoying the wonders of nature.
Every moment of your life can become a meditation when you focus in the here and now on
whatever you are doing and experience it to the fullest.
The highest forms of meditation are for the purposes of self-realization and connection with the
Light, God, and your Higher Self. Through meditation, you can establish and make a strong
connection with your Heart center and the threefold flame, wherein your H.S. abides. Through
meditation, you have the opportunity to see the Light in all things, for the Light is in all things. As
you expand the Light within your heart and being, that Light can be radiated out for the upliftment of
Meditation and Your Personal Onion
In regards to your personal onion, visualize each meditation you do as punching holes in the
onion, creating channels to your Higher Self and lessening the density of the layers.

It is important to establish a daily routine of meditating. Without meditation, you will not progress
very far on the path to reconnecting with your True Self. It is not the purpose of this book to go
extensively into the subject, but for those who may be new to meditating, here are some of the
Meditation Place:
A special meditation place is helpful, but not a requirement. Find or create a quiet, comfortable
place where you can meditate undisturbed. It may be a place on the floor, a comfortable chair, a
spot in the garden or a quiet corner in a park. The temperature should be comfortable, the noise
level low and distractions minimal. As you learn to center in your heart and experience the peace
and solitude within, you can meditate almost anywhere, under almost any condition.
The length of a meditation can be a minute or less or for an hour or more. With more structured
meditations, at least 15 minutes is usually recommended. Some people find it helpful to set aside a
specific time for meditation, although flexibility is needed as it is the pleasure of the practice, not the
discipline, that leads you into self-introspection and self-awareness. As meditation becomes a part
of your life, you will probably find you miss it when it is not there.
Meditation can be done lying down, although that makes some prone to falling asleep, so sitting is
recommended. When sitting, the spine should be kept as straight as possible as that keeps the
chakras (light/energy centers) in alignment and allows more Light to flood in and through the body.
Hands can be placed on the thighs or in the lap with palms cupped upward, indicating openness to
the process. When sitting on the floor, the legs can be crossed in the standard way, or in the half or
full lotus position (yoga).
Visualize a protective bubble of energy (white or blue light) completely surrounding you and make
calls to be protected from any disturbances or interference during your meditation.
Before beginning any meditation, it is always helpful to take several or more deep, slow, full
breaths. Deep breathing helps to calm the mind and aids in easing into a meditative state.
Heart Centering:
The heart has been regarded by many of the world's religions as a source of tremendous energy
and power. The heart has been referred to as the place where God resides in man, the point of
Spirit that is the source of inspiration and self-transendence. When centering in the heart during
meditation, you connect with that spark of divinity that anchors the Higher Self. From this wellspring
of Light, you can bring forth solutions to even your most challenging problems.
For those just beginning to meditate:
Go within and consciously focus your attention and draw all your energy to the point of your heart.
Take several deep breaths until you feel calm and centered. To intensify the feeling of being in
your heart, feel a deep sense of love for someone close to you, or visualize a beautiful rose or
flame in your heart.
In these teachings, we are told to "center in the heart" when decreeing and meditating. As
explained in the chapter, "The Heart - The Master Key", centering in the Heart is much more than
just a vague sense of being in the center of the heart. It is going into the Heart chakra and then
deeper and deeper until the contact is made with the white fire center of the threefold flame - the
"point of peace and power" and "perfect harmony" in the secret chamber of the heart. This is where
your Higher Self abides and is the contact with God's Heart as well as all creation.
For more information on the threefold flame and the secret chamber of the heart, as well as Saint
Germain's Heart Meditation on entering the secret chamber of the heart, see the Heart chapter.
You may find that as you meditate, your thoughts continue to flow in a seeming never-ending
stream through your mind. When this happens, gently return your attention to the focus of your
Short Meditation to Begin the Day:
Starting out the day with a short meditation to align your thoughts and feelings with Spirit/God/the
Light and your Higher Self helps to set the tone for the day. Focus your attention on your heart,
becoming centered there and connecting with your Higher Self. Let the Light fill your heart,
radiating out from the white fire core. With each slow breath, allow the Light to expand a little
further in all directions until you are completely surrounded by Light. Open your heart to the loving
energy of God/Spirit. Ask to know the Will of God and be guided by that Will throughout the day.
This meditation can also be used throughout the day whenever you have a couple of minutes.
The Flames of God
The Masters teach that the "flames of God" may be invoked and meditated on by those who desire
to raise their consciousness and to become more fully connected with their Real Self. Each of the
flames has a different vibration and attributes associated with the energy and color of the flame.
Regardless of their color, all of the flames have a white-fire core of purity which embodies all of the
attributes of God. Here is a list of some of those flames and their colors:
Blue - The flame of faith, power, perfection, protection and the Will of God
Yellow - The flame of wisdom, intelligence and illumination (focusing the mind of God)
Pink - The flame of adoration, love and beauty
White - The flame of purity (focusing the inherent design of all creation)
Emerald Green - The flame of healing
Chinese green tinged with Gold - The flame of precipitation, abundance and supply
Purple and Gold - The flame of ministration and service
Violet - The flame of freedom and transmutation (known as the violet singing flame and the mercy
White Tinged with a delicate Pink - The flame of comfort (also known as the flame of the Holy
Golden Yellow - The flame of Peace (often used in conjunction with the purple flame)
Brilliant White tinged with Green - The "Fearlessness Flame" - which is said to help strip fear from
your being like bark on a tree!
A simple method for visualizing the flames
To help get a good visualization of the flames, fix in your mind the memory of a blazing campfire
and the action of the physical flames as they burn, then see the flames take on the color of the God
flame you desire to invoke and meditate on. Now enlarge your image of the flames to fill your
entire consciousness.
Meditation on the Threefold Flame and other Light Rays
Very powerful, yet simple meditations involve meditating on the threefold flame, the seven light rays
(spiritual Light rays) and the aspects connected with each ray/color. Become centered in the heart
and the secret chamber with the threefold flame (pink plume (love - 3rd ray) on the right, yellow
(wisdom - 2nd ray) in the middle and blue (power - 1st ray) on the left. Visualize the flame
completely becoming each color and bathe in the radiance of the Light while focusing on the
attribute it represents. You can silently say the word (love, wisdom/illumination, power) over and
over and feel any emotion connected with it. At the same time, visualize the Light radiating out from
your heart and every single cell and atom of your being. As the meditation becomes deeper and
deeper, observe any thoughts that arise in connection with the object of the meditation and silently
repeat any affirmations that may come to mind. Keep intensifying the Light and radiate it outwards.
Through Universal Law, that which we send forth is returned to us, as in truth we are powerful
energy generators and magnetic forcefields.
Meditating on the other light rays and seeing them as heart flames from the white fire core is
wonderful too and helps you become more attuned to the energy of each ray - emerald green
(healing/abundance - 5th ray), violet (7th ray - freedom/transmutation), purple/gold (6th ray - peace)
and purity/harmony (4th ray - white). Each of the seven rays is magnified on the planet on
corresponding days - Monday (Love of God, 3rd ray), Tuesday (Will of God, first ray), Wednesday
(Science of God/Healing, 5th ray), Thursday (Peace of God, 6th ray), Friday (Purity of God - 4th ray),
Saturday (Freedom of God - 7th ray), Sunday (Wisdom of God - 2nd ray). Meditating on the flame/
ray that corresponds to each day allows you to really tune into the energy that is being magnified.
So, there are many flames you can meditate on! As I became more attuned to my Higher Self, I
would let that inner Self direct me in which flame I most needed to utilize. Sometimes just a few of
minutes of really focusing on the flame will work wonders - try it!
This meditation is not only very powerful, but will also help facilitate a strong connection with your
Real Self. I have personally done this meditation numerous times over the years and have found it
to be one of the best meditations I have ever done. This has helped me through some rough times
and helped me to establish a stronger bond with my Higher Self. This has proven to me beyond a
shadow of a doubt that the Light and its power is REAL - and that Light can assist us in many, many
different ways.
Saint Germain's Light Meditation
This meditation was originally published in "Unveiled Mysteries":
Saint Germain teaches that "the first step to the control of yourself is the stilling of all outer activity
of both mind and body. He explains: "Fifteen to thirty minutes at night before retiring and in the
morning before beginning the day's work, using the following exercises, will do wonders for anyone
who will make the necessary effort.
"For the second step: Make certain of being undisturbed, and after becoming very still, picture and
feel your body enveloped in a dazzling white Light. The first five minutes while holding this
picture, recognize and feel intensively the connection between the outer self and your Mighty
God Within (HS), focusing your attention upon the heart center and visualizing it as a golden sun.
"The next step is the acknowledgment: "I now joyously accept the fullness of the Mighty God
Presence - the pure Christ. Feel the great brilliancy of the Light and intensify it in every cell of
your body for at least ten minutes longer.
"The close the meditation by the command: I AM a child of the Light - I love the Light - I serve the
Light - I live in the Light - I AM protected, illumined, supplied, sustained by the Light, and I bless
the Light.
"Remember always: 'One becomes that upon which he meditates' and since all things have come
forth from the Light, Light is the Supreme Perfection and God-Control of all things.
"Contemplation and adoration of the Light compels illumination to take place in the mind - health,
strength, and order to come into the body - and peace, harmony, and success to manifest in the
affairs of every individual who will really do it, and seeks to maintain it. Nothing is impossible - The
Light never fails!
"If you will practice this exercise faithfully and feel it in every atom of your mind and body, with
deep, deep intensify, you will receive abundant proof of the tremendous activity, power, and
perfection that abides and is forever active within the Light. When you have experienced this, for
even a short time, you will need no further proof. You become your own proof. The Light is the
Kingdom. Enter into it and BE - at peace. Return to the Father's house.
After doing this for ten days, Saint Germain suggests doing it three times a day - morning, noon and
The Masters tell us that in reality we are spherical beings and to picture ourselves as that. To do
this, first of all, center your consciousness in the heart center. At the same time, stretch your arms
out to the sides (or imagine them to be so), and while still being conscious of the heart, become
conscious of your left hand and then your right hand, and then both together, along with the heart.
Practice pushing your consciousness out from the heart to both sides at once. Next, imagine
stretching your consciousness from the heart center to an arm's length in front of you and behind
you, each direction separately, and then together. Again, send your consciousness out from the
heart in both directions at once. Then from the heart, push your consciousness out on both planes
to the side and in front of you. Keep practicing until you can easily do this and have awareness of
the heart and all four points of outreach. Now, add the direction of an arm's length above and
below you, and do the same thing as above, first getting a sense of the consciousness flowing out
in each direction, then at the same time. Now from the heart center, practice sending your
consciousness out along the three planes to the six farthest points all at once. This may take a little
practice. I personally found adding the up and down direction to be a little more difficult initially.
Once you are comfortable with an arm's length, you can practice expanding the distance, first feet
at a time, and eventually up to miles.
Another good exercise that I found to be very helpful was visualizing myself centered in a cube.
While centered in the heart, I would practice pushing my consciousness out to contact all sides of
the cube - first the side walls, then the walls in front and the walls on the top and bottom, and then
all of them at the same time. I did this with the sense of being a sphere and contacting the walls.
Next, I would push against the walls, expanding them out in all directions at once - further and
further. Eventually, I could actually feel my sphere contacting all sides and pushing those walls out.
It's pretty amazing!
When you are easily able to visualize this, it will help considerably when picturing the white/golden
Light of your Higher Self and expanding it out in all directions from your heart.
As many on a spiritual path know, protection is vital. If you are to bond with your Higher Self and
fulfill your mission here on earth, you must guard yourself against unseen poisons (negative
energy) that penetrate the astral as well as the physical planes of earth. As the Light increases in
our beings, that Light naturally attracts more darkness and opposition that will sometimes try and
cause blockages and interference in our lives. The Masters tell us though, that these dark forces
ultimately have no real power over us and caution us that we should not place inordinate attention
on them. As Saint Germain reminds us, where one's attention is, there one's energy goes, and if
the attention is allowed to go in that direction, one can suffer because of it.
On the other hand, we cannot and should not ignore these forces, but use the Light and give the
necessary decrees, fiats, prayers, etc. to counter any possible energy and interference from that
direction. So it is a matter of balance.
Need to keep vibratory level high as protection against lower level (astral) substance
One of the Masters once stated that the average person in embodiment today is not consciously
aware of the forms of destructive astral substance that float in the lower atmosphere of earth and
almost completely fill it. This substance/energy comes from mankind's release of discordant
thoughts, feelings, spoken words and deeds and is continuously thrown off into the earth's
atmosphere twenty-four hours a day. Because of the low vibrations of these thoughts and feelings,
their energies actually congeal into forms that clairvoyants can actually see around people and
places. These energies cause distress at some time or another to everyone on earth!
This energy surrounds us all the time and when you are not protected sufficiently or lose your
harmony, it can impact you. By not having your vibratory level high enough or lowering it by
becoming inharmonious, you open yourself to attract energy (Law of Attraction - "like attracts like")
of a lower level vibration (fear, anger, etc.) that can then create even more discord and problems for
Vibrations like anger, anxiety, fear, etc. are not native to the rhythms of the heart and these
aggressive vibrations can literally floor you - like an emotional Mack truck barreling straight towards
you. These energies can hit you as a headache, make you feel irritable and out of sorts, cause
disruptions - and they can even cause accidents! So again, protection is essential as well as
keeping your harmony!
Tube of Light
The first line of defense is to put on what the Masters call the "Tube of Light" first thing in the
morning and last thing at night (and at noon if possible) and whenever you lose your harmony
throughout the day.
The Tube of Light is called forth from your Higher Self and is a pure, scintillating electronic light
substance. Visualize this tube of white light as a shaft of radiant energy directed from your Higher
Self as a steel-like cylinder with walls at least 3 feet thick and extending from your heart center for a
radius of about 9 feet, surrounding you with its protection of blazing light. The Tube of Light extends
through the four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental and etheric). This tube has been
referred to as the "tube of miracle light". It can offer invincible, practical protection as some
unascended masters in India have demonstrated many times - even stopping bullets from elephant
rifles aimed at them!
The Tube of Light is instantly formed at your call (see "Tube of Light" decree on the Internet). It then
acts as a sieve to keep the denser vibrations of shadowed human thought and feeling substance
from entering your world, as well as help give you protection from other negative energies.
However, in order to maintain it, you must hold your harmony throughout the day. By doing so, you
can move in the harmonious atmosphere which is being radiated naturally from your Higher Self,
thus strengthening your connection to it.
Initially, the Tube of Light is delicate - like a chiffon veil - but as you maintain your harmony, it grows
stronger and stronger, becoming more impenetrable to anything unlike itself that would seek to
enter into your world from without! Not only can you call the Tube of Light for yourself, but also for
your family members and all who are in need.
The White Light
Whenever you meditate, you should always call for the protective white light to surround you to
help guard the heart. You can also call for the white light as added protection throughout the day
and visualize it surrounding you wherever you go. Imagine you ARE Light! See it all around you -
in every corner and on every side. The white light can help you stay centered and at peace. It can
guard from negative energies that may be directed at you through someone's anger,
condemnation, hatred or jealousy.
Archangel Michael and the Blue Flame Angels
Calls and decrees (see section on Decreeing) to Archangel Michael and the blue flame angels can
also help give us protection. Archangel Michael has promised that he will guarantee our
protection if we will give his decrees at least 20 minutes each day.
The heart is the seat of consciousness, the seat of Life and where you make contact with your
Higher Self and God/the Universal. In the Agni Yoga book, "Heart", it states that "The power of the
heart conquers absolutely everything."
Having an open heart is critical
In order for you to access the power of the heart, your heart must be opened as much as possible.
Many people have been through traumatic situations that cause them to shut down their hearts and
to withhold love. Unfortunately, this limits the flow of Light and love from the Divine which truncates
the Light and power of your own heart. That can then go on to create blockages and limits in all
areas of your life.
The main key to opening the heart is the energy and power of love. When you have an intense
love for life and for God in all, that love will burn through any and all blockages and the layers of
your onion until you are fully reunited with your True Self! Love is the essence of who you really
The violet flame - also known as the "Cosmic Eraser" (see Section 4) can also help transmute all
blockages around the heart that keep you from fully opening your heart. As you give violet flame
mantras and decrees, see the violet flame swirling up around the heart and around you, and
release all burdens into this flame. See the violet flame consuming all records/events of the past
and the debris that has collected around your heart that has been weighing you down.
Purifying and Cleansing the Heart Chakra
In the book, "Lost Teachings of Jesus," Mark Prophet tells us that one of the most important parts of
keeping fit is cleaning up and balancing the heart chakra. (Chakras are energy centers that have
been scientifically documented. The seven main ones are located from the top of the head down
along the spine. See Section 4 for further information.) Our brain and organs depend on blood flow
and likewise, all other chakras depend on energy flow from the heart. When the heart is clogged
through selfishness and possessiveness, which block the flow of energy, all of the chakras suffer.
When the chakras are cleared of negative energy and blockages, it opens the way to your being
able to fully connect with your Higher Self.
He goes on to tell about Saint Germain's mantra, "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God
desires", being adapted for use with all the chakras. The one for the heart chakra is: "My heart is a
chakra of violet fire, My heart is the purity God desires!" This mantra is used for cleansing the
chakra of negative energies. At the same time as giving the mantra, visualize the beautiful twelve
petals of this rose (chakra) of the heart placed over the physical heart in its perfected state. When
at its optimum, the heart chakra emits a white fire clothed with shades of pink, rose and ruby
depending on the intensity and purity of the loved expressed. See the violet fire swirling in, around
and through the heart chakra.
There is a non-physical flame (called the threefold flame - 3FF) that burns within your heart that is
your personal point of contact with the Divine, your Higher Self, and is the connecting point for all
being, for all self-consciousness. The threefold flame is a Divine spark - a spiritual fragment of God/
the Universal and is located in the heart chakra in what the Masters call "the secret chamber of the
heart". It is nourished by the stream of life that flows from God through your Higher Self. The
Masters tell us that we cannot even begin to comprehend how powerful and how great a gift this
flame is!
Saint Germain states that our heart is one of the choicest gifts of God. Within the heart there is a
central chamber surrounded by a force field of such light and protection that is separated from
Matter, and no probing could ever discover it. It occupies, simultaneously, not only the third and
fourth dimensions, but also other dimensions yet unknown to man. It is the connection point of the
mighty crystal cord of light that descends from your Higher Self to sustain the beating or your
physical heart, giving you life, purpose and cosmic integration.
Love, Wisdom and Power
The threefold flame embodies the qualities of the God force - love, wisdom and power and is your
connecting point to your Real Self. The three fiery plumes that make up the heart flame are pink
(love), yellow (wisdom) and power (blue). The pink plume is to your right, the yellow in the middle
and the blue on the left. The Masters tell us that each one of us has a mission on earth to
accomplish - what they call a "divine plan". The blue power plume sparks your faith and willpower
to outpicture your divine plan. The yellow wisdom plume anchors the energies of wisdom,
intelligence and illumination. The pink love plume anchors the love, compassion, mercy,
tenderness and grace of God with the practical know-how to put your divine plan into action. In the
center of the 3FF and connecting the plumes is what is called the "white fire core" - visualized as a
blazing white sphere of pure energy.
Saint Germain states that one of the first steps to connecting with the threefold flame is to pay
conscious recognition to it.
Centering in the Heart
In the teachings of the Masters, we are told to "center in the heart" when meditating and decreeing,
but what exactly does that mean? Centering in the Heart is much more than just a vague sense of
being in the center of the heart. It is going into the Heart chakra and then deeper and deeper until
the contact is made with the white fire center of the threefold flame - the "point of peace and power"
and "perfect harmony" in the secret chamber of the heart. This is the connecting point with your
True Self and is the contact with God's Heart as well as all creation.
Meditating in the Secret Chamber of the Heart
Elizabeth Clare Prophet said to think of the secret chamber of your heart as your private meditation
room. It is the place where you can commune with your Higher Self, who is your Teacher and can
be your dearest friend. When you go into the "closet" or "secret chamber" of the heart and close the
door on the outside world, you go into another dimension of consciousness.
I started meditating when I was a teenager and if I remember correctly, most of my meditations
seemed to be more centered in my head. That center gradually shifted to the heart, but it didn't feel
really solid - just kind of vague and fuzzy. After I got into the Master's teachings, we were told to go
to the "altar of the Heart", the secret chamber of the Heart, the lotus in the Heart chakra, the
diamond of the Heart, etc. The wonderful meditation that helped me to finally do this was one
which involved visualizing drawing and spiraling all the energies of the four lower bodies (physical,
mental, emotional and etheric) into the Heart, compressing them down to one single shining Atom
of self and becoming centered in that white fire core of the crystal of the Heart. It is a very beautiful
meditation (in the Book "Cosmic Consciousness") and it really helped me to establish that contact
with the white fire core center.
After that, I came across another meditation from one of the Masters in the book, "The Human Aura",
where you go into the secret chamber of the heart, visualizing it as a place of beauty, filled with
crystals, and flowers, or whatever, with the blazing threefold flame in the center. Sometimes I would
go into the 3FF - with its three colored plumes, or whatever color I felt I needed at the time, and
sometimes I would go into the white fire core of the 3FF and just sit there. Very peaceful! I would
always make connection with my Higher Self and ask for whatever guidance I needed. I did this
meditation every day for several months. This helped me to establish the secret chamber of the
heart as a very beautiful, real place - a place to commune with my Higher Self.
Saint Germain's Heart Meditation on entering the secret chamber of the heart
Saint Germain has given us a number of wonderful heart meditations. This is a wonderful, easy
one that will help you establish a stronger connection with your Higher Self. First prepare to
meditate (see chapter on Meditation).
Once prepared, center all your attention and energy on your heart and know that God has placed
himself within it. You can visualize his presence as an intense sphere of white light - like the sun a
noontime. It is such an intense fiery sphere, you cannot even look at it. Now transfer that
visualization of the light to the center of your chest cavity and become aware of nothing else but this
radiant sphere of light.
Take some deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling slowly. Then visualize yourself gently descending
into the sphere of dazzling white light in the center off your chest. Enter this sphere entirely,
abandoning time and space. Feel the same reverence as you would when entering a holy temple.
As you enter this sacred temple of your heart, see in front of you a beautiful altar. Burning on that
altar is your threefold flame - the flame of God that burns perpetually inside of you. See the three
plumes blazing brilliantly - a beautiful sapphire blue, a golden yellow and a deep rose pink.
Here in the secret chamber of your heart and before the altar of your threefold flame, you meet your
Higher Self. Bow to the sacred flame and your True Self - your inner guide who has much to teach
you. You can converse with this Self as you would your best friend. Be still and await answers to
your questions which might not come directly, but will be answered sometimes later in very
unexpected ways! As you become more deeply connected with your Higher Self, radiate the Light
within outwards through the layers of your onion, visualizing some of the layers dissolving, along
with the blockages associated with them.
Once the connection to the heart center - the 3FF and secret chamber - is established, it is then very
easy to become centered there in just a short time.
Guard the Heart
The Masters tell us we must "guard the heart." Guarding the heart does not mean stopping the flow
of love or shutting down your heart. Rather it means protecting the threefold flame in the delicate
heart chalice against the shock waves that come from discord, stress or your own moods and
emotions. Guarding the heart also protects it from discord or negative energies that may be sent to
you by others. The heart is sensitive to all types of vibrations, good and bad and its sensitivity must
be guarded. Most dangerous to the heart are anger, hatred, mental criticism, hardness of heart,
envy, fear and malice.
Daily calls/prayers should be made for the protection of the heart and protection calls should be
made before meditating. When meditating on the heart and the threefold flame, as added protection
you can see in your mind's eye a spinning disc of white light in front of the heart.
In order to expand the power of the heart and have a stronger connection to your True Self, the 3FF
needs to be expanded. Expanding the 3FF increases your capacity to love and comfort others and
increases the Light of your heart. The stronger your Heart Light is, the more power you have to
effect change in yourself and the world. Before you can expand the flame though, there must be
harmony and the 3FF needs to be balanced. In other words, the three plumes of the flame (pink,
yellow and blue, representing love, wisdom and power) must be equal in size in order for the 3FF to
expand as a whole. The Masters tell us that balancing the 3FF is the "golden key" to reconnecting
fully with our Higher Self. Balancing the 3FF does not happen overnight however.
Balancing the Threefold Flame
The first step to balancing the 3FF, of course, is to discover the "condition" of that flame as it is now.
One way to do this is to center in the heart, visualizing the 12-petaled rose/chakra of the heart, the
secret chamber and the threefold flame. Meditate on the flame to determine with of the plumes is
the tallest and strongest and which is the smallest and weakest. Ask your Higher Self to see this
clearly. Ask to be shown what you most need to master in order to balance the 3FF.
Saint Germain says that self-observation is another key to determining when any one of the three
plumes is out of balance, which thereby affects the balance of the other two. He goes on to tell us
to study the qualities of the threefold flame (love, wisdom and power) and take note of which ones
are lacking in your everyday experience and which ones are better suited to your persona and
psyche. By energizing the strongest plume and maintaining its strength, it can facilitate the
strengthening of the lesser plumes.
Saint Germain goes on to say that you can tell when your plumes are not balanced by how strongly
you feel God's power, God's wisdom, or God's love in your heart. If you do not feel the strong
pulsation of any of these attributes, then you need to exercise the neglected one(s).
For instance, if your blue/power plume is your strongest one, then it is in command of the yellow/
wisdom and pink/love plumes. By maintaining the strength in the blue plume, you can use it to
shore up the yellow and pink plumes. Then you will need to take action to increase the pink plume
and the yellow plume to establish equilibrium between the three.
If you have a tendency to withhold love from yourself or others, exercise more love by going out and
finding others who need your love and caring. If you sense you are not exercising the wisdom God
gave you, then bring the sunbeams of God's wisdom to those who need them the most. Try to work
on the weakest plume or plumes each 24 hour cycle.
Your goal in this process is to balance the threefold flame so that the love of your heart may also be
equal to the intelligence of your mind and the determination of the will of God that he sealed within
you in the beginning.
A few minutes each day
It only takes a few minutes each day to put your attention on this spiritually tangible flame within
your heart, to pour out your adoration to it and to call for its magnification. By visualizing it
expanding and feeling the Love, Wisdom and Power emanating from this triune spiritual foundation
you can bask in its radiance throughout the day. With persistent application, it becomes somewhat
automatic and your Higher Self will continue to sustain that which you have already magnetized by
your attention.
Balancing the 3FF involves balancing your karma
Balancing your threefold flame also involves balancing your karma. It is your karma (your negative
thoughts, words, deeds and feelings) that has caused your threefold flame to get out of kilter. No
matter how much you decree/pray, meditate or invoke light, you still need to balance karma in order
to balance your threefold flame.
Other aids to balancing the Threefold Flame
- Make calls to the Masters for assistance to balance, blaze and expand the 3FF and to intensify the
qualities of your heart.
- Continually shift your focus to the 3FF throughout the day, if even for a few moments, seeing it in
perfect balance.
Heart Meditations:
- Saint Germain's heart meditations
- There is a wonderful meditation in the book, "Quietly Comes the Buddha" that I feel really helped
me dissolve areas of conflict in my life and expand the Light of the Heart, Importantly it also
involved the balancing of the threefold flame. It is called, "Meditation for Expanding the Light of
Your Heart."
- Meditate on the 3FF in the secret chamber of the Heart, seeing the 3 plumes in perfect balance -
blazing and expanding. Or meditate on the weakest plume, bathing in the radiance of that flame
and expanding and radiating it out through all levels of being.
If you are interested in pursuing the balancing and expansion of your threefold flame, there are
many other aids in the Masters' teachings (through the Summit Lighthouse) for accomplishing this.
Balance is the key
Once you have balanced the threefold flame, you will find that you are now strongly connected with
your Higher Self. You will then experience the sweetness and peace that is always the sign of a
balanced threefold flame, which of necessity must occupy a body that is balanced, body, mind,
soul, heart and spirit. Balance in all things is the key to reuniting with your True Self!
Tangible contact with my HCS in the Heart Center
After doing heart meditations for several months, I was having a meditation one night which
involved going into the heart center, linking up with the Higher Self and asking for some kind of a
sign. I made a call to one of the the Masters for guidance and assistance with this meditation. I
centered in the heart as I usually do, but was shocked to discover that there was a golden presence
seated in the white fire center. It was very tangible and related to me that it was my Higher Self.
Now I had had previous contact with what I considered to be my Higher Self - but only through the
"still, small voice" - nothing visual. Up to this point, I had not heard of what is sometimes referred to
as "the golden man/Buddha of the Heart". At first, I was outside of this presence looking at it. I was
told to merge with it, which I did from the back side and would then be seated with it. From that
point on, whenever I went to the Heart center that presence was there. I started out having to
merge with this presence every time, but eventually when I went to that center, I no longer had to do
the merging, it was as we were one.
That is my personal experience of establishing the Heart center and the connection with my Higher
Self. The important thing is that you do establish that connection and make it as strong as possible.
As the Masters have related, the stronger your Heart Light is, the more power you have to effect
change in yourself and the world!
Practicing the "presence of love" and expanding the love in your Heart and the Light in your being,
will help you strengthen the connection with your Higher Self, as well as dissolve more layers of
your onion!
Increasing the Flow of Light from your Higher Self
As mentioned previously, the threefold flame which resides in the "secret chamber" of the heart - is
nourished by the Light of God through your Higher Self, which descends as a focused stream of
energy, called the crystal or silver cord. This Light empowers you to think, feel, experience life and
to grow spiritually. Increasing the flow of Light, increases the size of the cord and your spiritual
power, and strengthens the connection with your Higher Self.
There are primarily two ways to increase the flow of Light from the Higher Self. When you
contemplate or meditate on your True Self and the flame within your heart, you draw the Light from
your Higher Self into your heart. The flow is increased further by loving thoughts and actions. Love
is the most powerful force in the universe - love is God in action. So as you become more loving,
you automatically draw more Light from your H.S. The more love you generate, the more love is
returned to you, increasing the Light in your aura and being. This Light can then be sent forth to
bless the world, which in turn by Universal Law, returns more goodness to you!
The second way to increase the flow of Light is through the giving of decrees. (See section on
"Decreeing - Science of the Spoken Word")
Exercise Love every day
The Masters tell us we need to "exercise" love every day, to lead with love. In other words, you
should try to meet every situation with love as best you can. That may involve sending a pink beam
of love from your Heart to another when meeting them and trying to be loving in all of your
interactions. You can endow action, thought, word and deed with an overlay of pink flame, which
will soften any unintentional harshness. Increasing the love of your Heart may involve going into
the heart center and expanding the love plume and radiating love out to the world. Each of us, no
doubt, have our own ways of accomplishing this "exercise" of love. Whatever you do, it is essential
you do something each and every day to expand the Love and Light of your Heart.
Love begets Love
In a lecture of Elizabeth Clare Prophet's, she stated that "God is a God of Love" and that love can
know no unhappiness. Love gets happiness from giving and that unselfish giving results in getting
happiness and more love in return. As you give without thought of reward to the one you are
helping, good is bound to flow back to you because love begets love. The more you send forth, the
more you will receive in return.
She said to see in your mind's eye giving every manner of happiness to all you would have love
you. As you image that in your mind's eye, you set the God within/your Higher Self to work bringing
opportunities to make all these loved ones happy. By using every opportunity, no matter how tiny it
may be - even if it's just to say a pleasant word or give a kindly smile, you will find that doubly great
happiness will come to you!
What is the Violet Flame?
The violet flame is a spiritual energy that is invisible but appears violet to those who have
developed their spiritual vision. Just as sunlight when passing through a prism refracts as the seven
colors of the rainbow, spiritual Light manifests as seven rays. The violet flame is the essence of the
seventh ray. Each ray has a color, vibrational frequency and quality of God's consciousness. The
wondrous violet flame encompasses the qualities of transmutation, forgiveness, freedom, justice
and mercy. It is said to have the highest vibratory level of the Holy Spirit.
The use of the violet flame is a major key to your connecting with your Higher Self more fully. It is
one of the most powerful tools we can use for self-transformation!

Saint Germain releases knowledge of the Violet Flame
Saint Germain is known as the Lord of the Seventh Ray and it was through him that the knowledge
of the violet flame was released in the 1930's through his teachings to Guy Ballard. The violet flame
had been kept secret for centuries, but the Ascended Masters decided to release it to the public
during that crucial time. Saints and adepts of East and West have long used the violet flame to
accelerate their spiritual development.
Saint Germain once commented that the violet consuming flame is more valuable to us and to all
mankind than "all the wealth, all the gold, and all the jewels on this planet."
The "Cosmic Eraser"
The violet flame has been called the "Cosmic Eraser" and changes negative energy into positive
energy. It is said to be able to transmute negative substance within our being - even the energy of
our karma! (See Chapter, "Balancing/Transmuting Karma") By transforming negative thoughts,
feelings and energy, the violet flame powerfully assists you with your healing - physical, mental and
emotional. The violet flame will revitalize and invigorate you!
Saint Germain states that it is impossible to enumerate all of the benefits of the violet flame. He
says that there is an alchemy that the violet flame causes to take place in the personality. It goes
after the schisms that cause psychological problems that go back to early childhood and even
previous embodiments that have established such deep grooves in the consciousness that have
been difficult to shake lifetime after lifetime.
In the Summit Lighthouse book, "Climb the Highest Mountain", it states that the violet flame is truly
the universal unguent that we can apply for the healing of our entire consciousness, being and
world and that the violet transmuting flame enables man to win his freedom from every form of
human bondage.
How does the Violet Flame work?
The following is from a former page on the Summit Lighthouse website and explains how the violet
flame works:
"The violet flame works a little like soap. Soap gets dirt out of your clothes by using the positive and
negative charges of atoms. It works because each of its molecules has two sides-a side that is
attracted to dirt and a side that is attracted to water. The dirt-loving side attracts the dirt, like a
magnet attracts paper clips when it is dragged through a box of them. The water-loving side sticks
to the water, carrying the dirt with it.
"When we invoke the violet flame, it sets up a polarity between the nucleus of the atom and the
white-fire core of the flame. The nucleus, being matter, assumes the negative pole; the white-fire
core of the violet flame, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole.
"The interaction between the nucleus of the atom and the light in the violet flame establishes an
oscillation. This oscillation dislodges the densities that are trapped between the electrons orbiting
the nucleus. As this hardened substance that weighs down the atom is loosened, it is thrown into
the violet flame and carried away.
"But unlike soap, the violet flame does not simply surround and remove the debris; it transforms it
into pure light-energy. Freed of this debris, the electrons begin to move more freely, thus raising our
vibration and propelling us into a more spiritual state of being."
What happens when we repeat the words of a violet flame decree?
"People do notice a spiritual and physical difference when they use the violet flame. But what
actually happens when we repeat the words of a violet-flame decree?
"I can give you two perspectives on this-the spiritual perspective as it has been revealed to me by
the Ascended Masters and a scientific perspective based on recent developments in physics and
medicine. Both explanations involve the concept of vibration.
"In physics, vibration is the speed at which something moves back and forth, or oscillates. As I
understand it, at a spiritual level vibration is also the rate of spin of the electrons as they move
around the nucleus of the atom. As we will see, these definitions may not be far apart.
"We each have four bodies that are envelopes of our soul: (1) the physical body, which we can see
and touch; (2) the desire, or astral, body, which contains our emotions; (3) the mental body, which is
our conscious mind; and (4) the etheric, or memory, body, which contains the memories of all of our
past lives. The violet flame works on these four lower bodies by changing the rate of their vibration.
"Saint Germain has given us the violet-flame decree:
"I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!"
"When you recite this and other violet-flame decrees, the violet flame permeates every cell and
atom of your body, into your mind, your emotions, your subconscious and your memory.
Experiment with the Violet Flame:
What does the violet flame do when it permeates your atoms?
The Masters have given the following explanation:
"We all know that atoms are mostly empty space. If an atom were the size of a basketball, its
nucleus would still be too small for our eyes to see. Yet 99.9 percent of the mass of the atom is
concentrated in the nucleus, leaving the rest of that basketball as empty space, inhabited solely by
electrons, which weigh very little. All that empty space between the nucleus and the edge of the
atom is where discord and negative energy can become stuck.
"At the cellular and molecular level, this substance appears as dust, soot, tar or even cement. The
Masters have used the illustration of someone taking a pail of molten tar and pouring it over a barrel
full of marbles. The space between the marbles gets gummed up by the tar running down, and soon
the whole mass is welded together.
"The Masters tell us that when our physical and spiritual bodies become clogged by negative
energy and karma, it slows down the vibration of the electrons in our four lower bodies. We then
begin to resonate more with negativity and less with the pure cosmic energy that comes from our
God Presence, and eventually we can become ill. The more substance there is in our four lower
bodies, the lower our rate of vibration and the more burdened we become. Spiritually, this is why
people die.
"If you have studied acupuncture and yoga, you know that optimum health comes when spiritual
energy is flowing freely through our bodies. When karmic substance solidifies, it's like the
hardening of the arteries of our spiritual bodies. When we resonate with this negativity, we will
gradually become it unless we do something to turn ourselves around.
"The violet fire transmutes anything negative that is lodged anywhere in your spiritual or physical
being. This includes everything from kernels of self-hatred to physical viruses. When the violet
flame goes to work, it passes through the clogged spaces between the electrons and the nuclei. It
ejects these particles of dense substance from your body and dissolves them. This process
transmutes the negative energy into positive energy and restores it to its native purity."
Quoted Summit Lighthouse Material:
All material, violet flame chalice and Saint Germain picture Copyright The Summit Lighthouse, P.
O. Box 5000, Gardiner, Montana 59030-5000, Tel. 406-848-9500.
Decrees can be thought of as a form of spoken prayer given to us by the Masters who first form the
matrix (pattern) of the decree. Giving decrees can be a powerful aid in helping connect to your
Higher Self and can release a tremendous amount of spiritual power and energy to you. In fact,
unlocking the energies of the Real Self is the goal of effective decreeing. Those who are familiar
with the Masters teachings know that decreeing is a central part of the work one does to not only
help himself, but to help the world.
Decrees are part of the "science of the spoken word." This science has been practiced for many
centuries by adepts in the Far East and by Western mystics. It utilizes the voice in conjunction with
the throat chakra in the giving of decrees, mantras, chants, prayers, affirmations, invocations, songs
and fiats of light. A decree is the most powerful aspect of this science as it is the command made in
the name of the Higher Self for the will of God to come into manifestation.
Decreeing is an exact science
There is an exact science to the giving of decrees, and to get the full benefits from decreeing, there
are certain things that must be followed that include having the right posture, being centered in the
heart, a strong visualization, steady focus, right rhythm and cadence, etc. The decrees themselves
consist of three parts - the invocation/salutation, the body of the decree and the closing/acceptance.
It is not the purpose or within the scope of this book to go into all aspects of decreeing. However, if
we are going to decree, we need to do it the right way, otherwise as Mark Prophet once said, we can
"decree until the cows come home" and it won't make a bit of difference if it is not done properly. I
highly recommend the Summit Lighthouse book, "The Science of the Spoken Word" which goes into
every aspect of decreeing and contains many excellent decrees and visualizations.
Here is a link from the Summit Lighthouse website that you can use to experiment with various
decrees. If you are not familiar with decreeing, you can also find out more information there:
Love is the key to giving decrees
Love is the key to giving decrees. Love - not in the sense of human love, but Divine Love. Love that
is God, that is the source and "glue" of all creation, that is the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega/
negative and positive/masculine and feminine energies - the Tai Chi. Love that exists as the perfect
point of balance in the white fire core of every atom and in the white fire core of the threefold flame
(our individual focus of God's Power, Wisdom and Love) in the secret chamber of the heart. That is
why we are told to center there when giving decrees, because this is the point as the Masters tell us,
of Perfect Love, Perfect Power and Perfect Peace. When we center there when decreeing, we
endow our decrees with the energy of creation - the energy of Love.
I wanted to share some of the insights I received in a Decree Workshop that Debra Lindegren gave
in San Diego a number of years ago. She is very dedicated to decreeing properly and decreeing
has been one of her main focuses as far as the teachings go.
She first related that it is not necessary to give hours and hours of decrees and that if you decree
properly with your full attention and strong visualizations, you can have more impact doing 15
minutes worth of decrees than giving 2 hours of decrees half-heartedly.
She went on to then cover various aspects of decreeing including attunement, posture, breathing,
rhythm, enunciation, focus and invocations.
Increasing the power of decrees
The power/fire of our decrees can be increased considerably by certain things. One is posture.
Sitting or standing up straight is essential when decreeing as it brings all the chakras into alignment.
The shoulders should be back and the stomach should be relaxed so the diaphragm can easily
move in and out. Breathing should be from the diaphragm and you should feel the diaphragm move
up and down. As for rhythm, the rhythm of a decree is very important. The correct rhythm helps
make the decree more powerful. One way you can check your rhythm is to decree with or
sometimes decree with one of the Summit decree tapes. Strong concentration/focus and
visualizations also increase the power of the decrees. The center of your attention should always be
in the heart flame when you decree. The attention at the same time should be focused on the
desired manifestation as this will make the results "infinitely more effective" (from Science of the
Spoken Word").
Giving Effective Invocations
Debra gave us a 6-Step process for giving effective invocations. Invocation is defined in "Science of
the Spoken Word" as: "the act of invoking or calling upon a deity, spirit, etc., for aid, protection,
inspiration, or the like; supplication; any petitioning or supplication for help or aid; a form of prayer
invoking God's presence, said especially at the beginning of a public ceremony; a call to God or to
beings who have become one with God to release power, wisdom, and love to mankind or to
intercede in their behalf; supplication for the flow or light, energy, peace, and harmony to come into
manifestation on earth as it is in heaven.
Six Steps:
The key to remember these 6 steps is "HA! - W.I.G.S."
H (Heart) - 1. Make attunement in the Heart - contact with God and your Higher Self
A (Authority) - 2. Call in the name of God, your Mighty I AM Presence/Higher Self (I AM THAT I AM)
W (Who?) - 3. Address specific Ascended Masters, Elohim, angels, etc.
I (Intercession) - 4. Request specific action/intercession - e.g., healing, blessing, consecration,
abundance, purity, enlightenment, discernment, etc.
G (Gratitude) - 5. Express gratitude.
S (Sealing) - 6. Sealing - According to God's Will. The sealing of the invocation is necessary as this
is what anchors the action of the invocation on the physical plane.
With these keys then, you are able to give proper invocations for any situation that may arise.
A Need for Balance
Debra brought up something that I think is a very valid point and extremely insightful. She related the
fact that many of our decrees focus on working on negative conditions and negative energy patterns.
Because of that focus, she has felt (especially with those decrees that are focused on personal
energy patterns - karmic patterns, resolving psychological patterns - doubt, fear, anger, etc.) that she
IS those negative energy patterns sometimes. So now she is working to balance that out with
positive affirmations that affirm such things as being a "wonderful, powerful being of Light" and using
decrees such as the "I AM Light" decree more.
Alchemical Formula
Here is a teaching of Elizabeth Clare Propher's that she gave on the "Inner Perspectives" radio
interviews she had with Doug Kenyon in 1977 that explains the alchemical formula of a simple
..."The violet flame is the energy of the Holy Spirit, of the sacred fire for transmutation and
forgiveness. It is the gift of the Comforter to us in this century. The violet flame, then, becomes the
mercy of forgiveness; and it is this energy that we need, first of all, to center in the heart.
"I would like to give for our listeners today this simple mantras of the violet flame in the heart. As
soon as I begin to give this, my attention is on the heart and I use the power of visualization to see,
or to visualize, in my heart this flame of sacred fire of the Holy Spirit. As I am giving through my
throat chakra the words of the mantra, I am meditating upon my heart for the release of that energy
through the heart center. This is the way it goes:
Violet Fire, thou love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art Mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you.
"Those four lines in rhyme represent an alchemical formula just like the matrix of a molecule, the
atomic matrix of energy. The visualization, then, is for the drawing forth of the light of the I AM
Presence and the anchoring of that Light in the heart."
"This mantra begins the alchemical change. And as I give it, I am aware that it is not I who give it but
God in me who speaks it. God in me is the mantra, the energy of the mantra, the voice of the mantra
and the person of it. And I am simply allowing the free flow of my soul to move with that energy. This
mantra can be given once, three times or a hundred times, as one goes deeper and deeper into
meditation and visualization."
Saint Germain states in the "Science of the Spoken Word" that the proper use of decrees takes
practice and that individuals should not expect that the first time they make a call or give a decree
that the universe will sweep away all of the accumulated debris of their lives. Proper decreeing is an
art and when you gain a greater proficiency, you will find it possible to speed the rate at which the
decrees are given. This accelerating which affects your energy patterns helps to throw off and
transmute negative energies in your being and world.
"Oh what delight and peace you can bring to your family to your friends, and to yourself through the
proper use of decrees! What a boon to freedom! How gloriously the world can be changed for the
better!"Saint Germain, "Science of the Spoken Word"
If you are to progress on your spiritual path and strongly connect with your Higher Self, you need to
learn to protect, strengthen and purify your aura and cleanse and balance your chakras.
What is the aura?
The aura is the luminous emanation or 'electromagnetic' field which surrounds the physical body,
often equated with the astral body. It surrounds and penetrates your four lower bodies (physical,
emotional, mental and etheric) and your chakras. Upon it are registered your impressions,
thoughts, feelings, words and actions as well as your karma and records of past lives.
Your aura is susceptible to negative influences
Your aura, until strengthened and purified, is susceptible to all kinds of negative influences and
attachments. Thoughts and feelings of others are easily transmitted from person to person. So
called "astral garbage" can also be picked up (for example, when going into a bar), and retained in
your aura, causing you to feel out of sorts or to experience negative thoughts and feelings that are
not yours.
Methods to protect, strengthen and purify your aura
Because most people are completely unaware of the effects of the mass consciousness, as well as
the mental pressures from neighbors and friends, the Masters stress the importance of daily using
the violet transmuting flame and the tube of light as deterrents to the penetration of the aura by
undesirable qualities and their effects upon the mind and being. Your aura also need to be purified
of the energy of your own negative thoughts, feelings and actions. The violet flame can be a great
aid in the purification process! Calls and decrees to Archangel Michael will help protect your aura
"Your Seven Energy Centers"
It is not within the scope of this book to go deeply into this subject. However, there is a wonderful
pocket book from Summit Lighthouse - "Your Seven Energy Centers" that is easy to read and
thoroughly discusses each chakra and shows us how we can activate, balance, cleanse and seal
them. There are spiritual techniques, affirmations, meditations and visualizations listed for each
chakra. I highly recommend reading this book and following the practices outlined there.

For those who already have familiarity with teachings on the aura and chakras, the book, "The
Human Aura" - "How to activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras" is great for further
information. In Book One it teaches how to further protect, strengthen, purify and expand your aura,
as well as imparting other valuable information about the subject. Book Two continues with more
advanced concepts and techniques. Included are a number of example pictures of auras that are
muddied by human consciousness.
What are chakras?
Chakras are energy centers and there are seven main ones situated at etheric (higher vibratory)
levels from the crown of the head to the base of the spine. There are 144 chakras in all throughout
the body. Since they operate at subtle levels, they are invisible to the eye, but have been proven
scientifically to exist. The word chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel" or "disc". The chakras are symbolically
depicted as lotuses with different numbers of petals. The more petals, the higher its frequency or
vibration. These energy centers affect every aspect of your life, including your vitality, your creativity
and your well-being. They are connected with what are known as the seven rays.
The seven main energy centers
Each of the seven main chakras has a unique role to play in your daily living and spiritual growth.
The energy of the base-of-the-spine chakra (white - 4th ray) allows you to stay grounded and
connected with the earth and nature. This energy assists you in mastering the day to day physical
practicalities of life. It, along with the second major chakra (violet - 7th ray) - the seat-of-the-soul
(sometime referred to simply as the "soul chakra"), governs your sexuality. It is also known as the
"freedom chakra" The soul chakra is associated with our gut reactions and hunches and liberates
our souls to fulfill our life plans.
The 3rd chakra - the solar-plexus chakra (purple and gold - 6th ray ) - which when working optimally
is your center of peace and helps you master your emotions and desires. Your heart center (pink -
3rd ray) allows you to experience and master compassion, generosity and being love in action. The
throat chakra (blue - 1st ray) allows you to powerfully express and master the spoken word to help
create personal and world change. The energy of your third eye chakra (green - 5th ray) gives you
inner vision, allowing you to see things clearly and know the highest truth. Through the seventh
chakra - the crown - (yellow - 2nd ray) we engage your intellect, receive illumination and eventually,
Many times the chakras are depicted as having different colors than these. The Masters teach that
these colors are the colors the chakras are in their purified state.
Energy distribution centers
The chakras are like receiving and sending stations for the energy that flows to us, through us, and
out from us every moment. Each chakra is like a step down transformer that takes the powerful
energy from Spirit to different levels of your being - nourishing body, mind and soul. At every
moment, the crystal clear stream of life energy descends from our Source and is distributed to our
heart center and then to our other chakras. It is the life force that beats your heart, energizes your
organs and systems in the body and gives you impetus to grow and evolve.
Energy of your chakras can be used positively or negatively
Because we have free will, you can use this energy in a positive way or you can upset the flow by
acting out of sync with your true nature. For example, you can use our heart center energy to be
loving, kind and generous or you can use it to be selfish and stingy. It is your choice and those
choices have consequences.
When you choose to use the energy in positive ways through your thoughts, feelings and actions,
you attract more positive energy to yourself. On the other hand, if you choose to use the energy in
negative ways that are not of your true nature, you create emotional and mental toxins that block the
energy flow and cause blockages in the chakras. Each of the major chakras is connected with a
different gland and area of the body. When blockages occur, they can affect your health in a
negative way or make you feel fatigued or depressed. Because all the chakras are interconnected,
a blockage in one can throw off your whole system. The violet flame directed at each chakra (see
below) and the "Heart, Head and Hand Decrees" (
Decrees/Heart-Head-Hand.html) can help remove blockages and balance the chakras.
The energy of your chakras and aura affects others
The energy of your chakras colors and helps create the electromagnetic field of your aura. This
electromagnetic field then interpenetrates and influences - for better or worse - those who you
interact with. Just as the energy of others is contagious and can affect you if you are not protected,
so can your energy impact others in a negative way. So you need to keep your energy levels as
high as possible to prevent negatively influencing anyone. The more Light you can hold in chakras,
reflected in your aura - the greater capability you have to positively influence the people you come
in contact with. Plus, the greater the Light, the stronger the connection to your Real Self!
The chakras are the gateway to your spiritual self
Your body's energy centers are the gateway to your Higher Self. That is why it is so important to
work to clear your chakras so you can bring our body, mind and emotions back into balance with
your true nature. Each of the chakras helps you express your personal spirituality. As you work with
these energy centers to activate, balance and cleanse them, you will be able to tap more into the
power of the divine and you can become instruments of God to reach out and help others in the
world. The power to use the pure energy flowing through you to do good on earth is the true
meaning of empowerment.
The more energy you can hold, the greater your personal power
The more you can hold onto the constant flow of energy through your chakras, the more vitality and
personal power you will experience and have at your disposal. The energy of this personal power
can then be channeled to help create positive changes in your life, the lives of others and on the
Saint Germain tells us that the path of freedom is the way of choosing the correct use of God's
energy and the correct use of the chakras for the flow of that energy.
Summary of spiritual techniques for the aura and chakras
- For protection, call for the Tube of Light every day (morning, noon and night if possible), give
Archangel Michael and violet flame decrees
- Read, study and apply techniques found in the Summit Lighthouse book, "The Human Aura" .
- Give the "Head, Heart and Hand" decrees daily
- Give violet flame decrees - including the violet flame chakra affirmations - to help cleanse and
eliminate blockages
Violet Flame Chakra Affirmations: (give each set at least three times or in multiple of three's and
after each set, affirm "I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires")
"My heart is a chakra of violet fire, my heart is the purity God desires!" ...."I AM a being of violet fire...
"My throat chakra is a wheel of violet fire, my throat chakra is the purity God desires!"..."I AM...
"My solar plexus is a sun of violet fire, my solar plexus is the purity God desires!..."I AM a being...
"My third eye is a center of violet fire, my third eye is the purity God desires!"...."I AM a being...
"My soul chakra is a sphere of violet fire, my soul is the purity God desires!"...."I AM a being...
"My crown chakra is a lotus of violet fire, my crown chakra is the purity God desires!"...."I AM...
"My base chakra is a fount of violet fire, my base chakra is the purity God desires!"...."I AM a being...
- Ready, study, and apply techniques in "Your Seven Energy Centers" and "The Human Aura".

If you are to gain self-mastery and fully unite with your Higher Self, you need to continually work at
balancing your karma and strive to not make new negative karma. Karma is at the heart of the
teachings of the Masters. Most spiritual seeks know something about the Law of Karma, that it is
the Law of Cause and Effect. The interweaving of karma and its working out in our lives is very
complex, and mostly incomprehensible to our human minds. Without free will there would be no
karma. When man demanded and was given free will, karma came into play. Only God and God in
man have free will. Karma is the reason we are here now.
Karma is sometimes regarded as being negative and a punishment. However, karma is neutral -
there is what is considered "bad" karma and "good" karma, depending on the choices we have
made and the effects thereof. Karma is never a punishment, but is only a return of like energy that
we have sent out or engaged in in this life or other lifetimes through our actions and thoughts. It
serves to help us learn lessons and make better choices. The law of karma operates automatically,
without prejudice. This is why there is no injustice. The Masters tell us we are accountable for
every "jot and tittle" of our karma. It may look like some people seem to get away with things, but
they do not. Eventually the karma of their deeds will and must be returned to them.
Karma and Initiation
I have witnessed, as I am sure many others have, that there are some who get overly involved with
trying to figure out if whatever is happening to them or somebody else is karma. Elizabeth Clare
Prophet had a great way of looking at karma. She said that just as we can't tell whether the good
fortune that befalls us is due to our good karma or the sheer mercy and Grace of God, neither do we
know if adversity is our bad karma coming back to haunt us or is temptation, trial, soul testing or the
highest levels of initiation from God. Therefore, you need to deal with every circumstance with a
positive, grateful attitude. By viewing a situation as an initiation/testing rather than as karma, you
will then see it as a challenge rather than as a negative or possibly seeing it as punishment.
Balancing karma and the transmutation of karma
The Law of Karma necessitates the soul's reincarnation until all karmic cycles are balanced. The
balancing of karma comes through the meeting of life's situations with "right" choices and through
service to God and others. However, there is another way to handle karma - and that is to
invoke the sacred fire - the violet flame. This is one of the greatest gifts we have been given by
Saint Germain this century, to release the violet flame into the hands and use of the students. The
Masters have released numerous violet flame decrees, which should be given daily.
The violet flame is the seventh ray aspect and highest vibratory level of the Holy Spirit. It has the
power to transmute the records/energy matrices of our karma. What a blessing this has been for all
to greatly accelerate the transmutation of their karma!
Steps for Violet Flame Visualization:
1. While centered in your heart, close your eyes and concentrate on an image of the violet flame
(many can be found on the Internet).
2. See the violet flame surrounding and interpenetrating your heart.
3. See it expand until it completely fills your chest cavity and then your entire body.
4. See it expand outside your body until you are sealed in an ovoid of pulsating violet flame.
Summary - ways to balance and transmute karma
1. Right action and pure thought
2. Service to God, the Masters and others
3. Meditate on the violet flame and see it expanding throughout your entire being
4. Give violet flame decrees daily
As you work to strip away the accumulation of negative karma within your being, you will
automatically be strengthening the connection with your true nature and Real Self as well as
stripping away more layers of your personal onion!

I have placed this section at the end, not because it is least important, but because when all is said
and done, it is the service we give to others and to this planet that can give us the most progress on
our path and to help us eventually reunite with our Higher Self and make our ascension. The
Masters tell us we "ascend daily" with every good deed, word and thought, which draws us closer to
our Higher Self.
There are many ways to serve - being there for others, lending a helping hand, decreeing, praying
and doing Light work for the planet, fulfilling our missions here on earth, doing the work God and
the Masters need us to do, making calls for loved ones and those who need our help. Simply
radiating joy and love to others as you go about your daily life is also a service.
When you give, you open yourself to receive. In your giving, you are actually helping yourself along
the Path. The Masters say that Jesus and many other avatars and servants of God offered their
service to humanity, knowing that it would greatly accelerate their return to God.
Service will help connect you with your Higher Self
The "giving" of your gifts in service helps expand your heart flame and connect more strongly to
your Higher Self.
In a Summit University session I attended, these things were mentioned in regards to service:
- Service involves the expression of your gifts
- Service is a state of being - an expression of your being
- No life is complete without service
- We need to serve for the nourishing of our souls and the beating of our hearts
- True service is a joy
- True gift giving is when you express your gifts through service
- True service is from the heart, not as a sense of obligation
- Service is unconditional giving
- Through love in action, we obtain all other mastery
Deterrent to service
At Summit University, we were told the worse deterrent to service is self-absorption - being totally
caught up in one's own life. In that case, we sometimes need to take our attention off ourselves and
place it on others. Even helping others in some small way can make a big difference. It's easy
when we get busy to just be focusing on our own needs, so we need to stay balanced and be
mindful to take time for others.
If we don't feel like service, we need to examine the force of anti-love within our being and identify
our weaknesses. By using the violet flame for transmutation, this kind of momentum will fade away
as the true nature of your Real Self is one of giving. As you learn to give more, you will find yourself
receiving more, as that is the Law (what we give is returned to us, multiplied).
A great need on this planet now for our service
There is a great need on earth now for all the service we can provide! If we are to help Saint
Germain and the Masters usher in a new Golden Age, we must all do whatever we can to raise the
consciousness on this planet, to bring more Light and love to the world and to do whatever we can
to help others on their path.
May we all be God-Victorious in reuniting with our Higher Self and achieving freedom for
ourselves, Mother Earth, and all thereon!
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