SPINTRONICS (Nano Magnetism

• UC-Berkeley, Physics • Jusang Park PhD.

Z. Qiu I investigated nano-magnetism in magnetic thin films. Scan Tunneling Microscopy (STM). Developed and built various vacuum processing and magnetic measurement systems Collaborated with various research partners (LBNL. . including magnetic alloy. Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). Advisor: Prof. Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID). Structural and Surface analysis : Low Energy Electron Diffraction (LEED). Andong.STM. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Department of Physics. Spin-Polarized Low Energy Electron Microscopy (SPLEEM). Seoul. Korea M. Electron-Beam Evaporation System. Korea B. studied the fabrication of metallic thin films and numerous Mn oxides.EDUCATION Ph. XMCD. Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science 2003-2006 Additional Doctoral Research: Investigated exchange bias effect of mono-layers of Fe on Pt (110) by using In-situ SMOKE. S. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) . Korea TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Instrument/ System development: Development and construction of several vacuum processing and measurement systems: UHV. Thermal Evaporation systems. University of California at Berkeley 2009-present Postdoctoral Associate. D. PHYSICS 1995 ANDONG NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Photo Emission Electron Microscopy (PEEM). CONDENSED PHYSICS 1997 HONGIK UNIVERSITY. Thin film growth: Thermal E-beam evaporation systems. S. and the other UC Berkeley department) Quantum Photonic Science Research Center in Hanyang University 2006-2009 Additional Doctoral Research: To further dissertation work. STM etc. SMOKE. Developed and built UHV-STM and SMOKE measurement systems. X-ray Magnetic Linear Dichroism (XMLD). Seoul. Magnetic Characterization: X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism (XMCD). Q. UC DAVIS. CONDENSED PHYSICS 2007 HANYANG UNIVERSITY.

Why nanomagnetism? • • Spintronics? Combination of “charge” and “spin” in nanostructures Charge + Spin Scalar + Vector What nano scale? 2D 1D 0D FM/AFM interface Nano-structure Scalar + vector = more degree of freedom A great example: GMR A better understanding of “spin” at nano-scale is needed. Bubble domain M H vortex Exchange bias .

Ni. FCC Fe) Interlayer coupling strength • NiO/Fe(15ML)/Ag(001) & CoO/Fe(15ML)/Ag(001) MBE grown sample • Focused Iron Beam (FIB) 30keV Ga iron sputtering. FCT Fe) Curie Temperature Anisotropy Antiferromagnetic thin film (FeMn) Neel Temperature Magnetic disorder Nonmagnetic thin film (Cu. ~10nm focus size • PEEM imaging XMCD for Fe. XMLD for NiO & CoO m .How to prepare the sample double wedge sample with MBE growth Ferromagnetic thin film (Co.

PEEM (photoemission electron microscopy) :Element specific Image LCP light Dm=+1 E RCP light Dm=-1 E Right LCP Left RCP Domain image L3 2p3/2(L3) ~ ~ 2p3/2(L3) ~ ~ 780 800 L2 820 840 Photon energy (eV) photo energy(eV) L3 L2 Before X-rays After .

g. e.An example: interlayer coupling in Co/NiO/Fe trilayer Element-specific measurement Co NiO Fe Co NiO Fe NiO XMLD image provides the key information to understand the anomalous Co-Fe interlayer coupling. XMLD is limited to single crystalline oxides. NiO. . CoO. However.

Salazar-Alvarez.Magnetic Vortex in Antiferromagnet • • Spin Excitations Quantum Phase Transition Skyrmion of 2D Antiferromagnet T.. Lett. et.. Phys. 012510 (2009). Senthil et. . 95. Science 303. Appl. Imprinting Magnetic Vortex in FM/AFM Bilayers Indirect evidence Characteristic asymmetric hysteresis loops Vortex of the induced FM signal from the AF layer Ir20Mn80/Ni80Fe20 XMCD Fe Mn G. al. al. 1490 (2004).

SFe ┴ SCoO Tuning coupling strength allows us to choose magnetic ground state.Two types of AFM vortex Fe XMCD Our proposal: Competition tuned by interlayer coupling vortex or Co XMLD dNiO=0. SFe // SCoO single domain FM coupling D=4 mm AFM coupling or dCoO=3. .5 nm.6 nm.

At fixed energy E DOS d .).Our methodology Quantum well state formed in thin film can be employed to retrieve band structure. At fixed film thickness d E GMR Oscillatory Coupling Magneto-Optic Effect Thickness stability d DOS Magnetic Anisotropy The periodicity of the oscillation in DOS with film thickness is determined by the momentum of valence electrons (kin.

14 Energy (eV) 12 10 8 6 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Co Thickness (ML) 14 Energy (eV) 12 10 8 6 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Co Thickness (ML) .

INTERMAG(’03) Ohno.Spintronics Revolution via Spin Engineering Magnetic Recording Spin-Valve Head Pinned layer Bit line MRAM Spin Transistor Current “1” Word line “0” Memory cell with binary information Free layer Tb/in2 before 2010 ! • Density of DRAM • Speed of SRAM • Non-volatility • Low power IBM 256 Mb(’04) Samsung 64Kb(’03) • Large Magnetocurrent(3500%) • High Speed( 〉10GHz) • Small collector current(~ 10 nA) Spin LED Biosensor Quantum Computer Wang. Nature(’99) Electron Spins in Quantum dots as Qubits .

Collaborators .

SEM PEEM spectrum of elements Distribution of Cu Distribution of RuGeometry Ru Cu O No 10. No 9.Analysis of Cu(100nm)/Ru(3nm)/TaN(3nm) /SiO(1um)/Si No 3. No10. No 9. 450 480 925 950 490 560 630 . No 8.

Spin-Organic Light Emitting Diode OLED V Cathode Interface • Metal Diffusion • Introduction of Impurities light emission • Barrier . Al anode Anode (ITO) Interface Rate: 5 A/s • Indium.Fe. Oxygen Diffusion Base pressure: 10-7 Torr • Barrier – poor h+ injection .poor e.injection Ferromagnetic metal cathodes Spin Coated Polymer (Ir(ppy)3) Spin coating process ITO Glass substrate .Organic layer • Variations in morphology • Variations in work function Spin Coating 4000RPM E-beam evaporation system .

Two sepereated UHV STM systems  Variable temperature SMOKE/LEED system Pt(110) surface: 1KeV Ar-ion sputtering + annealing at 1000 K Fe evaporation: e-beam bombarded Fe plate (4N) Fe-Pt surface alloy: STM STM head and principle Piezo tube 200nm Tip cartridge Sample .

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