Hello all, it’s Kaitlyn, Tayla-Jade and Roma.

We are writing on behalf of Upper Plenty Primary School and we are going to report on what we have been up to since the beginning of the school year. Firstly, we would like to introduce our Student Leadership Team. This year, the Leadership Team is made up of two School Captains, eight House Captains and four ICT Captains. We interviewed the Student Leadership Team and here are their responses: Why did you want to be part of the Leadership team? Chelsea (Yellow House Captain): “I want to be on the team to learn more about being a leader.” Billie (Green House Captain): “I wanted to see what it was like and show others the proper thing to do.” Madison (School Captain): “I want to be in the leadership team because I love helping little kids and I will always be a helping hand.” Daniel (School Captain): “I will be a very responsible leadership member, with a sense of humour. I used to be Yellow House Captain and wanted to go one step further by becoming School Captain.” What has been your favourite part of being a leader so far this year? Sophie (Yellow House Captain): “Helping to run the Sports Carnival.” Eve (Green House Captain): “Helping with the family night by running the hair spray stall.” Ethan (Blue House Captain): “My favourite part has been the sports carnival because I like sport and I got to help and encourage everyone. I also liked helping on the family and friends night. We ran out of hairspray in the first two hours.” Eula (Blue House Captain): “I like being part of the Leadership because I like helping the teachers and doing jobs for them.” Brodie (Red House Captain): “Helping with the Sports Carnival.” Alicia is also a Red House Captain but was absent when we interviewed the Leadership Team. Some special events we have enjoyed so far this year: The Athletics Carnival – we had lots of fun doing a variety of different activities. Green won the day but we all tried our best and achieved great results! Family Night - this night was filled with fun and a lot of money was raised for our school. We had a Jumping Castle, market stalls, hair spray stalls, plaster shapes to paint and more! Whole School Picnic – this was to celebrate the end of our TEAM program and to allow us to show our family and friends what we had done so far in TEAM. Harmony Day – this was on the 21st of March. Each grade did different activities based around celebrating cultural diversity and respecting others. We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings! By Kaitlyn, Tayla-Jade & Roma