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“any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

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Keeping tabs on today’s enterprise technology is a full-time job. Decision-makers need honest brokers to help them understand which kinds of solutions work in speci c business scenarios.

who we are
Reaching beyond the scope of traditional rms, the Bloor Group fuses the breadth of outreach a orded by modern media channels, with the depth of analytical thought that can provide game-changing value to any business. As such, e Bloor Group is a one-stop shop both for innovative software vendors, and savvy information practitioners


We Know.

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our mission
e Bloor Group provides detailed analysis of today’s enterprise software industry. Co-founded by Dr. Robin Bloor and Eric Kavanagh, the company leverages web-based multimedia to deliver vendor-neutral education that reveals the essential characteristics of information technologies. e Bloor Group galvanizes the industry’s independent analysts to provide valuable insights via innovative webcasts, research programs, educational events, white papers and related products. As a New Media Analyst rm, e Bloor Group delivers that clarity through a spectrum of products and services designed to achieve two simultaneous goals: 1) educate business professionals on the array of technologies and methods available for managing information; 2) provide innovate vendors with the resources and tools they need to e ectively design, promote and sell enterprise software and services.


product portfolio
Transparency pervades everything we do at e Bloor Group. Our mission is to leverage both analyst and web-based multimedia to deliver vendor-neutral education designed to reveal the essential characteristics of today’s enterprise technologies. Achieving that vision calls for more than just rst-class technology analysis. It requires a commitment to the creation of meaningful content generated by a range of innovative media formats that tease out valuable kernels of information and wisdom.













analyst products


e written word can clarify the most complex of topics. At e Bloor Group, we are writers, rst and foremost. So are most of the analysts and consultants who work with us. at gives us competitive edge when creating content for information managers. e world of enterprise technology is complicated, but we distill what’s happening for the bene t of our readers, giving them the insights they need to make smart decisions. Writing products we create at e Bloor Group include:

• Blog postings by Dr. Bloor and others, 500-1,000 words – Free • Articles by any number of analysts, 750-1,500 words – Bundled with Webcasts • Product Watch postings, 1,000-2,000 words – up to $2,500 • Executive Briefs, 2,000-5,000 words – $5,000 • White Papers, 5,000-10,000 words – $15,000 - $25,000




Each year, e Bloor Group takes a hard look at one particular discipline or trend. Our research revolves around the chosen topic, involving a series of Webcasts, in-depth vendor brie ngs, customer interviews, a survey and other related activities. Our research methodology exposes the process itself, allowing our audience to collaborate on de ning and explaining the nature and use of speci c disciplines. By participating in webcasts, voicing their opinions on our site, or sending messages via social media, our community actively participates in the research process. Software vendors can participate in these research programs through sponsorship of the whole program or speci c elements. Each program continues for approximately six months.




2013 - Event-Driven Architecture e Event Horizon: Big Data and the Real-Time Enterprise
Chief Analyst, Dr. Robin Bloor provides his take on this fundamental shift in Information Architectures, believing that data ows will become the focus as companies look to go to real-time latency to leverage powerful analytics embedded in business processes.

Our research reports include a combination of some or all of the following components:

• Pre-survey used to determine appropriate questions. • Exploratory webcast in which the report analysts brainstorm about the project. • Detailed survey to the InsideAnalysis audience soliciting feedback from the online community. • One or more radio-style broadcasts in which guests discuss a relevant topic. • Publication of Preliminary Findings to the online community for feedback. • A live webcast in which the research ndings are explained and discussed. • Executive summary (2-4 pages) that discloses key conclusions. • Full research report (15-20 pages) that summarizes and analyzes ndings. • Optional recorded software demo for marketing use. • Optional podcast of interview with sponsor executive.
Price: Gold Sponsorship $25,000


white papers
White paper writing is an activity in which we take particular pride and have a wealth of experience. e key to success with white papers is quality, talented writing, good illustration and expert articulation. If it fails to inform, it won’t get the message across and if the editorial and production quality is low, it probably won’t get read. e white paper process includes the following stages: • • • • Agreement on structure, content and ow. Detailed technology brie ng Production of a complete rst draft, including illustrations Final draft in PDF

We take a decidedly focused approach to creating these publications. Each white paper receives the full attention of a well-respected analyst and follows e Bloor Group methodology, which involves a detailed SWOT assessment of a product or service. is assessment takes into consideration market conditions and competition, in an e ort to help organizations articulate their unique value propositions clearly and thoughtfully. Turnaround time is 5 to 7 weeks. e standard cost for a 20-page White Paper is $20,000. Longer papers that require more detailed research can cost up to $30,000. Shorter papers that are focused are o ered for as low as $15,000. ese costs include all work associated with necessary research, copywriting, editing and design work.


product watch
We gather much of our information from technology brie ngs we take from a wide variety of vendors. Sometimes, when an o ering is particularly impressive, we’ll write a short Product Watch that details the nuts and bolts of the technology, including reasons why potential clients might nd value. ese Product Watches are hosted at If vendors wish to use them as collateral, the price is $2,500.


additional services
e Bloor Group also o ers educational and consulting services. • • • Keynotes and Educational Presentations Technology Consultancy Marketing Consultancy Please contact us for more information.


media products

Analytical thinking leads to insight. At InsideAnalysis, we take this as our mantra, delivering content with the intention of fostering an open dialogue among today’s top information management professionals. Using an array of media channels -- including articles, blogs, editorials, webcasts, podcasts, live online radio and social media -- InsideAnalysis takes you on a journey into the world of business analytics. As a central hub for all things analytics, InsideAnalysis focuses on the trends and technologies that shape information management. We go deeper than consumer media in an e ort to provide the granular level of detail that serious practitioners require. And although we maintain an editorial calendar, we’re always open to exploring new developments that are signi cant to this industry. Over the past few years, InsideAnalysis has featured the work of many esteemed authors, analysts and consultants, including: Lou Agosta, Robin Bloor, Malcolm Chisholm, Steve Dine, Jos van Dongen, Wayne Eckerson, Mike Ferguson, Richard Hackathorn, Cindi Howson, Claudia Imho , Bill Inmon, Eric Kavanagh, Krish Krishnan, John Ladley, Rick van der Lans, David Loshin, Mark Madsen, William McKnight, Dave Menninger, John Myers, Joe Northern, Rajeev Rawat, Rick Sherman, James Taylor, Colin White and Lindsay Wise.



Several times each year, e Bloor Group creates a Market Overview for a hot discipline, the rst of these focusing on Operational Intelligence in the Spring of 2013. We’ll conduct numerous vendor brie ngs for products in that space, and capture 20-minute live, interactive demos via WebEx, which will be posted in the gallery of market options published. Vendors are encouraged to send 250-word abstracts, subject to editing, describing how their solution ts the bill. A ndings report including a map of the vendor landscape will outline key characteristics of the discipline, commenting on where individual vendors align within the broader picture. ere is no charge to participate in these Market Overviews.


web events

e Brie ng Room
Tuesdays at 4 ET
Designed for the busy professional who’s looking to make a smart enterprise software purchase, e Brie ng Room features live brie ngs with innovative vendors and independent analysts. e show boasts industry-leading live attendance of ~70%, with an average of 225 registrants per show and a range of 175-450. Audience members are very active in the Q&A, stretching the show to 70 minutes. Cost: $12,500 for a guaranteed 250 registrants.

Hot Technologies
Wednesdays at 4 ET
Created to help information managers better understand speci c disciplines or technology trends, Hot Technologies features two independent industry analysts o ering their take on what constitutes a particular type of solution. A sponsoring vendor then details their technology, and a roundtable discussion ensues for 10 minutes, followed by a detailed Q&A. Cost: $12,500 for a guaranteed 250 registrants.


The Briefing Room
Tuesdays @ 4 ET e Brie ng Room is an online analyst brie ng focused on the how and why of today's enterprise software products. Each session features an innovative vendor who gives a detailed technical presentation, followed by a respected analyst who o ers industry insights and then conducts a live, unscripted brie ng. e analyst and vendor do not coordinate directly before the show. is format exposes the informative part of an analyst brie ng for the bene t of a live audience.
e topics for 2013: January: Big Data February: Analytics March: Operational Intelligence April: Intelligence May: Integration June: Databases July: Cloud Solutions August: High Performance Analytics September: Analytics October: Social & Mobile November and December: Innovators Each episode includes: Topical intro by host Eric Kavanagh Technical presentation by the vendor Response by the analyst Unscripted brie ng Audience Q&A, involving attendees and tweeters #briefr MP4 of the event at the end

Price: $12,500 for this turnkey event with a minimum guarantee of 250 registrants.


hot technologies

Wednesdays @ 4 ET
is webcast series features independent analysts who explain how various types of enterprise technology work. e show seeks to distill buzzwords and help organizations make smart purchasing decisions. Each episode includes: • • • • • • Two analysts who o er their unique perspectives on the “hot” topic. Vendor presentation about what its solution does, why it was designed a certain way and how their customers are using it. Roundtable discussion. Extensive Q&A. Article of key takeaways. MP4 of the event. $12,500 for minimum guarantee of 250 leads.



e InsideAnalysis Technology Laboratory provides our audience with a unique perspective on the “how-to” of this industry. e Tech Lab periodically takes vendor products into the shop, tests the software, and ultimately creates a viable, Web-based solution that is showcased to our growing audience. Independent Analysts and Consultants are brought in as needed to help design, build and ultimately maintain such solutions. Underwriting for the Tech Lab starts at $20,000, and would include a regular blog dedicated to the process, several mentions in the Advance eNewsletter during the construction of the solution, and a live Webcast to roll out the nal product (guaranteed 250 leads).



Vendors can purchase traditional advertising in the InsideAnalysis weekly eNewsletter, Advance. is email hits a list of 35,000 emails each Monday around Noon ET. (Promotions for Webcasts, White Papers and other content are augmented by a separate list, which includes an additional 5,000 emails.) Available email promotions include: • • • In Advance: Top of right-hand column, 25 words and a logo - $500 In Advance: ird entry in the main column, 75 words and a logo - $1,000 Dedicated Email Blast: $2,000 per 10,000 emails, targeted by topics


e regular InsideAnalysis audience spans 85 countries, more than 100,000 Twitter followers, 40,000 valid email addresses, and 10,000 LinkedIn connections. e website gets more than 20,000 hits monthly, and that number is growing 50% year-over-year. e vast majority of audience members are in North America, though Europe and South America are strong, while Asia and the Middle East are growing.

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those who agree with us may not be right, but we admire their astuteness.
cullen hightower


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Eric Kavanagh CEO & Co-Founder @Eric_Kavanagh Robin Bloor, PhD Chief Analyst & Co-Founder @RobinBloor Mary Jo Nott Editorial Director @MaryJoNott Rebecca Jozwiak Senior Editor @RebeccaJozwiak



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