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Salman Mohsin Alvi

Home Address: Rehman Colony, St#1, House No. 3, Behind Zinko

G.T. Road Gujranwala, Pakistan.
Tel. Home: 055-8243400. Mobile: +92-300-7445455.

Objective To gain further experience by applying my learnt skills to their
advantage and serving the firm at my best and shaping a good
future for myself.

Institution GIFT (Gujranwala Institute of Future Technology) University
Board/University GIFT Business School
Type of Certificate Masters in Business Administration (Graduating class of
Achievement 2009)
Academic Record Got highest GPA 3.72 (1st semester) among the class of 65
Major Subjects students.
3.51 CGPA up to 3rd semester.
Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management, Business
Research, Business communication, (Financial, Management &
Cost) Accounting, HRM, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics,
Managerial Economics, Operational management, Computer
Sciences, Management Information System.
Institution Punjab College Of Commerce, PCC
Board/University University of the Punjab, Lahore
Type of Certificate Bachelors in Commerce (I.T) (2005-2007)
Achievements Achieved 1st Divisionin whole academic session.
Academic Record Got 64% marks in University of Punjab Exams.
Major Subjects Financial & Cost Accounting, Auditing, Business Laws, Income &
Sales Tax, Computer sciences.
Institution Punjab College of Commerce, PCC
Board/University Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
Type of Certificate Intermediate in Commerce (I.T) (2003-2005)
Achievements Being amongst top 10 students in batch of 250 students of PCC.
Academic Record Got 72% marks in BISE Exams.
Major Subjects Financial Accounting, Business Mathematics & Statistics,
Commerce, Banking, Trade Geography.


Mohsin’s CV
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Business related  Computerized Business Records
Projects related  Effective and efficient in using Microsoft Office (MS word, MS
Excel, MS PowerPoint), SPSS, Website development (on MS
Network related front page).
 With a good grip on Internet communication.

Marketing  Coca Cola (CCBPL) as a successful Business (Marketing
strategies of Coke, SWOT analysis, Marketing Mix,
Environmental Analysis, Promotional Campaigns).
Marketing  Nestle Pakistan (Marketing Strategies).
Management  Coca Cola (CCBPL) management questionnaire audit.
Management  Research of Attitude & Perception of Smokers & Nonsmokers.
Business Research  Introducing a new business to the world (YAMAHA Bicycle).
Business  Maintained the accounts of car showroom for two years.
Communication  WACC calculation of Colgate Palmolive.
Financial Accounting  Super Asia management information system &
Financial recommendations related to CRM.
Management  Case study wrote on Sweat Shops at Itefaq Industry.
MIS  Business Processes chart & Linear programming on
operations of Itefaq Industry
Business Ethics &  Entrepreneur’s idea of selling books online, its complete
Islam business plan and its website development.
Operations  Sales forecasting of Fauji Cements & game theory of Airblue
Management Airlines.


Managerial Economics

Internship  Worked as an internee in Bank Alfalah Islamic (GRW branch)
from 11th July to 24th August 2008.
Workshops &  Seminar of Dollar East (for mystery Shopping).
Seminars Attended  Conducted mystery shopping of Dollar East & Khanani and

Islamic Finance  Islamic Banking & Financial Markets
Accounts  Financial & Cost Accounting
Maintaining  Marketing Management & Strategies
Other Interests

Mohsin’s CV
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Interests  Cricket, Traveling, Friendship, Music, Book reading.
 Also worked as a coordinator of Football ground in GIFT sports
Gala 2008.

Father’s Name Shafqat Hussain Alvi
Place of Birth Gujranwala, Pakistan
Date of Birth 25th, September 1986
Nationality Pakistani
Marital Status Un-Married
Languages Well versed in English, Urdu and Punjabi.
NIC No. 34101-9705950-5

REFERENCE will be furnished on demand.

Mohsin’s CV
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