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AGGRESSION IN PAKISTANI YOUTH (FINAL DRAFT) A feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attacks is called aggression. Today Pakistan is going through many ruthless and serious problems. There is nothing that shows progress to overcome these problems, to get the better results in future. This clearly shows the destruction of youths future and results sense of aggression in Pakistani youth .In Pakistani youth rate of aggression is rising day by day. Due to aggressive behavior youth of Pakistan may divert from their targeted path and involve themselves to wrong things. Youth is true supporter of Pakistan and is working a lot hard to benefit Pakistan through every possible means. In todays world Pakistani youth is working a lot hard to first make themselv es able to support the country. But there are thousands of cases that come in front of us and it relates the aggressive behavior of youth. People of young age are involved in performing wrong deeds which are intolerable and harmful for themselves. Especially the teenagers have a lot of aggression in them. This may be harmful or beneficial for them. Beneficial in such a way few of teenagers are optimists and they wants to bring change in their country through positive means. These teenagers thinks positively and critically how to benefits the country, how to bring peace in the country. They work day and night to move the name of the country in the lists of developing country. Their goal is national rather than personal they do all the possible things to raise the status of the country. On the other hand aggression is harmful for teenagers as well; harmful in the sense youth of Pakistan is involved in many wrong things. The main reason behind this is that in Pakistan education is a big issue. There is a lack of education n Pakistan which is harmful for youth. People in rural areas are suffering a lot because of education. Their talent is wasted because parents are not in condition to pay educational expenses and these children are unable to show feats of their strength to the world. Then children of young age are going to very wrong paths drugs abuse, committing suicides, kidnapping, target killing etc. drug abuse is one the common action taking place now a days. Young generation is involved in the usage of drugs and through this they goes to many wrong ways like being involved is sexual acts etc. drugs abuse is so common now because youth due to lack of education fails to recognize that the tasks they are doing is either wrong our right, young people fails to differentiate between good and bad things as there minds are washed by their elders. Another common issue now a days due to aggression is suicide young people are committing suicide, there are thousands of reasons of committing suicide. For example a teenager commits suicide due to personal issues. This personal issue may be that if parents are divorced then they lives separately being disturbed mentally teenager commits suicide, another reason may be demotivation of parents that brings there children to wrong paths which diverts their mind and the children in the mental


torture commits suicide. There are many other reasons for committing suicide like poverty, love etc. Media can also be linked to cause of rising aggression in youth of Pakistan. Media can be entitled as a curse and as a blessing. It is destroying future of young generation in such a way that now a day the things which were not displayed publically are now displayed through media. Like through Indian serials young girls divert to many wrong paths like coming in any relationship and many such things. Level of aggression in Pakistanis boys is higher than girls. By nature boys are sensitive and because of this they do many wrong things like kidnapping, raping, receiving bribes for many things etc. kidnapping is one of the most common issue today in Pakistan. In daily life news comes that today that much people are kidnapped; this is also because of aggressive behavior of people. There may be a personal issue behind kidnapping. Kidnappers receives bribe from the family members of that person and then after mentally torturing him they let them go to home. The main cause of aggression is unemployment and social behavior. Unemployment is again a major hurdle which is most common in Pakistan. Degree holders are there without any job, corruption is so common that merit is ignored when the time of job comes. This also give rise to aggression, because if there would be no jobs available then how a person could run his family. And in the result either person commits suicide because he cannot afford the expenses of his family as he is unemployed or earn money through wrong ways. There is another issue due to which aggression level is rising day by day in our country and it is career counseling. Students are really worried about their future and when there is a time when they need a proper guidance for their future there is no one to help them out. It happens in many cases, carrier counseling of these students should be done before they enter their professional life. This also decreases aggression rate in youth of Pakistan. In Karachi target killing is so common now a days and government is not taking any action against it. Thousands of the families are if either one of the family member dies because of target killings. No one is thinking about all this its duty of government to take positive actions regarding all these issues because it will be beneficial to the people of the country. The youth will avoid the usage of drugs, committing suicides, involving themselves in politics and etc. Pakistan is a country where racial discrimination is s common issue. People over entire Pakistan before considering themselves as Pakistanis consider them as Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Kashmiri etc. This also ruins the youth. People belonging to different background thinks different. There thoughts do not match with each other


and because of this there goal is not same. First they prefer to achieve their personal goal rather than a national goal. Aggression motivates the youth and on the other hand it demotivates also. In Pakistan especially no body talks about new ideas, no body is willing to come forward to serve the country and if any body of them wants to come forward to show some strengths of his feet they are demotivated by the government. Government does not allow such a person to come forward as if he came forward all their luxuries will be dismissed. Our governments do not allow us to do such a things which are beneficial to us. Yes they would us if there is some of the benefit for them. It is a common fact that here in entire Pakistan all the people worships money. They thinks that money is every thing for them either it is earned from wrong means or right means they dont care. This is the reason that people wants to leave Pakistan as there is lack of facilities and they thinks that by doing so the life of their coming generation will be more better than that of their own. History teaches that wars begin with governments believe the price of aggression is cheap. (RONALD REAGAN, speech, Jan. 16, 1984)