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Newsletter • April 2009

Member Interview
Lauren Higgins
Age: 29
Profession: Marketing Assistant
• How did you find out about CrossFit?
From Kurt Fuller, a good friend of my boyfriend.
He recommended coming to TitanFit to try it out
and I’ve been coming since November of 2008.

• How have CrossFit workouts changed you?

it’s also scaled so even if you are new, you can start
My perspective on fitness, as well as my physical with no problem. Anything worthwhile is going to
appearance has changed significantly. I have made be tough so you might as well get started and stop
tremendous strides regarding strength, endurance, waiting. If I could do it, anyone can!
and my clothes fit better!
• As a woman, did you have any
• What do you like about the workouts preconceived notions about CrossFit?
compared to other programs?
Definitely! I was one of the few female members
It doesn’t take a great deal of time to complete at first, and often times when I would workout I
challenging workouts, I never have the same day would be the only girl there. I thought that maybe
twice so I never get bored and I can see and feel my it was more for fitness gurus, namely guys, but that
improvements more all the time. really isn’t true once you get into it. There are more
women joining all the time, and everyone is very
• What do you like least? supportive especially when you are a beginner so
Because it is so intense, it can be very those initial worries subsided.
overwhelming and sometimes make you want to
throw up-but in a good way! • Were you intimidated to try this program?
I was extremely intimidated, to say the least. I
• Some people say they want to ‘get in have never been in very good shape or athletic
shape’ before starting CrossFit. What are whatsoever, and my first workout at CrossFit was a
your thoughts on those sentiments? team workout that was so intimidating - to the point
I think that is an excuse in a long line of workout that I was not going to come back. However, I am
excuses that people come up with to delay starting so glad I listened to Herb and Carol and the more
a new routine. Yes, it is extremely challenging but seasoned Crossfitters because you truly do have to
give it a chance before you can make an informed was that person who constantly looked for reasons
decision. If you stick with it and just keep coming, not to go workout because I hated it so much and
you will be so glad you didn’t give up. always felt like a failure. I started to give up on ever
getting into shape because I thought maybe it just
• What would you say to someone who is was not for me. However, it is the best thing I have
thinking of starting CrossFit workouts? ever done for myself, and I have never felt such a
Do not delay because it will be the best thing you sense of accomplishment. The support at TitanFit
ever did for yourself. is unwavering and the results are consistently
rewarding. This is the hardest I have ever worked
• Any last words? at anything (probably ever!) but the payoff is
substantial. Again, nothing truly worthwhile ever
CrossFit, and the people at TitanFit, have truly comes easy and CrossFit is no exception.
changed my perspective on fitness and health. I

Obesity can be as bad as smoking

homas H. Maugh II, The L.A. Times
By Thomas
Gross obesity can take 10 years off your life, as
much as heavy smoking and even being moderately
overweight can take two to three years off,
according to British researchers.
A team headed by Dr. Richard Peto, one of the
world’s leading experts on the health effects of
smoking, and Dr. Gary Whitlock, both of the Uni-
versity of Oxford, analyzed 57 studies conducted
in the United States and Europe involving 894,576
people, 61% of them male. During the course of the
study, about 100,000 of the participants died. BMIs over 35 have two-thirds the increased risk of
The team correlated deaths to the body mass smokers and are likely to lose five to seven years of
index or BMI, a commonly used measure of obesity life. And those with a BMI over 40 have the same
that relates a person’s weight to their height. A BMI increased risk as smokers and will likely lose eight
of 25 or lower is considered normal, a BMI of 30 to 10 years of life.
to 35 is considered moderately obese and a BMI “Excess weight shortens human lifespan,”
higher than 40 is considered grossly obese. For a Whitlock said in a statement. “If you are becoming
man or woman who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, a weight overweight or obese, avoiding further weight gain
of 175 pounds gives a BMI of 25, a weight of 210 could well add years to your life.”
pounds gives a BMI of 30, and a weight of 280 Moreover, Peto added, prevention is better
pounds gives a BMI of 40. than a cure. “In adult life, it may be easier to avoid
The team reported today in the online version of the substantial weight gain than to lose weight once it
medical journal Lancet that every five-unit increase has been gained,” he said. And “changing your diet
in BMI is associated with a risk of about one-third but keeping on smoking is not the way to increase
that of lifelong smoking. That is, people with a BMI lifespan. For smokers, the key thing is that stopping
over 30 have about one-third the added risk as- smoking works.”
The research, which was funded by Britain’s Medical Research
sociated with smoking and are likely to have their Council, the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK,
lives shortened by two to three years. Those with among others, was published in the March 28 edition of the journal.

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April 2009
Member’s Corner
Kelin Mark
Age: 37
Profession: Teacher

I have been a member of TitanFit since June

2008. After a crushing defeat to a bunch of eighth
graders in our annual teachers versus students
basketball game, I swore to never let that happen five national championships and Purdue has none.
again. My training began at a local gym, with Now they were ‘voted’ national champs in the 50’s
a traditional ESPN/Bench press routine. I soon with John Wooden but I was voted Most Likely to
realized at age 37, although this workout was very be a Chippendale... look how that turned out. My
relaxing, it was very ineffective. point is, congrats Purdue you made the tourney and
My TitanFit experience has been great. I you have nothing to show for it. Until Purdue wins
workout with a great group of people, I am proud to at least ONE national championship I will NEVER
be the wall ball freak of the club and I have never acknowledge their success. Sure Purdue has won
puked in a trash can or anywhere else. I love the Big Ten championships, but in my eyes would you
variety of the workouts in TitanFit and the coaches rather win the Powerball or a $20 scratch off? So
who are there to motivate and challenge you. Thus to all those who enjoyed watching IU lose 17 times
far my results have been: More energy to keep up during the Big Ten season, just remember no matter
with my two-year-old son, my wife can only beat what you do in this state, until you have FIVE
me by 50 meters now in a 400 meter race, I have hanging from the rafters in your gym, you will
put off golf for a few more years and continue to always be PU to IU.
play and compete in basketball without a medic
nearby, and finally, I have not felt this great in over
five years and look forward to my annual physical. My recommendations for the Spring:
• Go to Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles and order
the Barbecue Turkey Sandwich....the best $5
I have been in a week long conversation with meal you will ever have.
a buddy of mine on why I refused to cheer for • Spend time with your family without the TV
Purdue during the recent NCAA tourney. He does • Ask Herb for some running in your workout. He
not understand despite IU’s horrible season, I has plenty of suggestions and it pays off.
cannot bring myself to compliment Purdue for their • Do something nice for someone unrepentantly.
success. Here is my explanation to him. Indiana has Gas cards are a great gift.
• Take a bath instead of a shower at least once a
week. It relaxes you tremendously.

Want to annoy your spouse, girlfriend, or

boyfriend? Try these muscle jokes:
• Hey you got any tape? ... because I am ripped!
• I almost got arrested today ... for carrying these
• I need to find a vet ... cause these pythons are
• Do you want to buy a ticket? ... to the gun show!

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April 2009
CrossFit and the Outside World
Need a reason to train or looking for
something different?
I plan to enter the Tri Indy this summer. They
offer the following age groups (both male and
female): 14-17, 18-20, 21-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39,
40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-59, 70+ and
Clydesdale (male 200 lbs+) and Athena (female 165
This event has the opportunity to validate my
TitanFit training. While others will undoubtedly
spend hours doing sports-specific training for each
event (I plan to enter only the duathlon, which is a
2 mile run, 20K bike and 5K run), I will stick to my
TitanFit training. I hope I can still ride a bike.
Here is a link to the Tri’s website to get more
detail about this event.

About This Event

Last year almost 1,000 people participated in
the inaugural Tri Indy event - the event was
spectacular! Utilizing the picturesque canal of
Downtown Indianapolis and the streets traversing is a relay format (one person swims, one person
the city’s cultural and historic landmarks, Tri Indy bikes, one person runs). Categories are All Female,
will once again offer participants a challenging All Male or Co-ed. Team division is for Olympic
and memorable course. Tri Indy will consist of an Distance Triathlon only.
Olympic Distance (1500 meter swim, 40K bike
and 10K run), a Sprint Distance (500 meter swim, Pre-Race Instructions
20K bike, 5K run), and a Short Distance Duathlon Pre-race instructions will be posted at www.tuxbro.
(2 mile run, 20K bike and 5K run). There is also a com approximately 10 days before the event. These
relay division for the Olympic distance triathlon (2 instructions will give you details on the event to
or 3 person). make your Tri Indy experience more enjoyable! If
you do not have internet access, you may request
Time Schedule that a paper copy be sent to you.
The Olympic Distance will begin at 7:30AM. Faster
swimmers will go first. The Sprint Distance will go Packet Pick Up
after all Olympic distance swimmers have finished Packet pick up and late registration will take place
(approximately 8:30AM). A full start schedule will on Saturday, August 15 from 1PM to 7PM at the
be posted on the website so you can see your start National Institute for Fitness and Sport (250 S.
time. The Duathlon will start at about 8 AM. University Blvd) on the IUPUI Campus. You may
park for FREE in the NIFS lot directly adjacent to
TEAM Information the building. If you cannot make it to this location
Join the fun and get a team together. You may enter you can pick up your packet on event morning at
either a 2 or 3 person team. The team division the race site from 6AM to 7:30AM.

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April 2009
TitanFit Open House
Did you miss
m ss the Open House?
We held an Open House for the new facility
on Valenintine’s Day this past February. The Open
House was a great success. We enjoyed talking and
sharing fitness with you.
Dr. Rick and I thank all of our family and
friends (old and new) that joined us. We hope you
had a good time. Those that were not able to join us,
we missed you.
Thank you to our Coaches and members for
all of your efforts and help. We would have not
been able to pull it off without you. Thank you for Knowing us, we are likely to have an Open
answering questions and encouraging people. House/BBQ this summer. Continue to workout,
For many, the Open House was an opportunity have fun and continue reading the site for further
to view fitness through a different prism – a view details.
into how fun working out can be. Again, thank you all very much.

TitanFit - Now also for kids!

Did you know that TitanFit
Titan has a kid’s class?
TitanFit Kids is held every Tuesday from 4-5
PM and every other Saturday from 9-10 AM for
kids in 1st-8th grades. The best part of the program
is that the classes are FREE! Get the kids off the
couch and give them a lifetime of fitness.

Member Accomplishments
1000+ Pull-ups in 30 days
During the month of March 2009, Jerry Berg did
1,033 pull-ups! That’s 30+ pull-ups a day. Knowing
that he did not work out each day, it is really more
like 50 pull-ups a day! Strong work to say the least.
Pat him on the back the next time you see him. Not
too hard, however. I bet he’s a little sore.

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April 2009

TitanFit’s Summer Hours

Effective Sunday, May 3, 2009, TitanFit’s
hours will be:
Monday-Friday: 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - Noon
Sunday: CLOSED
Normal Sunday hours resume November 1, 2009

Please stay tuned to the site for any changes

in the schedule.

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April 2009