Story and art by tony brainstorms Special thanks to creative consultants Nicole and bill

Tony, a mild-mannered grad student lectures his class...

No engagement, there's got to be a better way!


Later that day... Everyone learns differently. If only they could customize their education!

Why do we force them through the same experience?

Pick your own material... ... Design your own major...

... Eliminate "canned" homework problems...

...If only they could learn by solving real-world problems!

The next day, in Hancock hall...

$20,000! That s two students' entire annual tuition!

Just to keep the lights on in one building for a month!

There are 125 buildings on campus...

That's 3000 students' tuition To power campus each year!

Later that night...

Now, where's the light switch?

... That ends the review session, have a great night.

Enter password to control lighting

This isn't my normal room! I don't have access!

The lights will be on all night!

$20,000... $20,000... $20,000! Noooooo!

The next day, at the education director's office... ... And so we could use a green engineering challenge as an educational experience for the students. Students can't fix this! They don't know anything!

Oh no! My arch nemesis!

The snark!!!
Don't rock the boat! I haven't certified them yet!! This is how we've always done it! Don't void the warranty!

Don't you have research to do!?

Just give the, your lecture like a good teacherbot!

That would be very inconvenient to grade!

There will be no creativity here! What's next, people thinking on their own!? This is all I know so this is what we're doing!

The snark will threaten my career and use my loved ones against me!

I must assume a secret identity to combat the snark and spread learnercentered teaching...

I must become...


y !! Ton rms! to s n i ra

Back at his secret lair, a highly adaptable space focused on critical engagement, tony brainstorms contemplates his next move... ... Thank goodness for my GEDI training And ongoing discussions in NMFS, or I would be no match for the snark's narrow-minded and derisive comments! I'm ready to return and battle the snark!

Nice tights, who are you supposed to be? I'm tony brainstorms!

I'll combat your industrial view of education with learnercentered teaching and proven results! Tremble at the words of Ivan illich, you dastardly snark!

"Our present educational institutions are at the service of the teachers' goals...

...The planning of new educational institutions ought not begin with the administrative goals of a principal or president...

... Start with the question, "what kinds of things and people might learners want to be in contact with in order to learn?"...

... Industry has surrounded people with artifacts whose inner workings only specialists are allowed to understand...

Warranty void if opened!

... The non-specialist is discouraged from figuring out what makes a watch tick...

... By being warned that it will break if he tries...

... Paralleling the untouchability of teaching tools is the impenetrability of modern junk...

... In the thirties, any selfrespecting boy knew how to repair an automobile...

... But now car makers multiply wires and withhold manuals from everyone except specialized mechanics."

We're spending $20,000 per building each month on electricity!

If I had $20,000 to improve my course, I could get educational artifacts for my students to learn with!

We could break down the impenetrable wall, and give them a realworld learning experience!

Insert educational artifacts from your favorite field here...

And I have an educational plan to get us the money!

Landscape architects could design exterior planting a that improve energy efficiency!

Engineering students could learn the principles of fluid mechanics, heat Interior design transfer, and students could create thermodynamics by spaces that encourage producing green greener thinking and energy! make it convenient to be green!

Civil engineering students could incorporate the designs and make sure they are structurally sound!

Architecture students could design green building modifications to reduce power consumption!

Marketing and communications students could promote the program and solicit corporate sponsors! Finance students could evaluate the viability of concepts and predict a return on investment!

Horticulture majors could introduce plants that improve interior air quality!

Management students could organize the team and direct the program!

Sociology and psychology students could develop Greener cultural thinking and behaviors!

Students could learn from experience rather than textbooks! and make a lasting difference!

If we could cut campus power consumption in half, we would save $16 million annually.

... Providing funding for undergraduate research and educational materials!

Blast you tony brainstorms! I can't argue with your learner-centered ideals that are selfsupporting!!

I'll get you next time, brainstorms!

Tune in next time to see tony brainstorms join with fellow brainstormers as they battle their most challenging foe yet:

Tony brainstorms!

The amazing Gardo!

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