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1Approved by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, Government of India, Affiliated to UPTU-Mahamaya Technical University, Noida Ideal Group of Institutions MBA

information brochure 2013 School of Management Studies Ideal Institute of Technology Building Competencies For Global competitiveness Ghaziabad Cost of the Brochure Rs. 1500/School of Management Studies For Admission contact at: PO Box No.-62, Ideal Nagar, Govindpuram, Ghaziabad 201003, UP Telephone : 0120-2767351, 2768481 Fax : 0120-2767352 Admission Help Line : 8376802402, 8376802403, 8376802404 Website : e-mail : SMS at IGI to 52424

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Vision Quality Policy Values we stand for Academic integrity and accountability Sincerity, dedication and team spirit Tolerance towards the views of others Intellectual excellence and creativity Participating in activities that promote public good, democratic principles of freedom and justice Unfettered spirit of exploration, rationality and enterprise The Institute is committed to become a premier education body with a mission to create leaders, winners and achievers by ensuring excellence through: Enrichment of knowledge Employees and students empowerment Continuous improvement of systems and processes To advance knowledge in the areas of Science, Technology, Management & related disciplines of scholarship with focus on developing relevant skills, competencies and attitude to meet the industrial & societal needs of the 21st century To establish an academy of excellence with focus on value based education Sh. Subhash Chand Gupta Chairman Sh. Anil Kumar Mittal Member Dr. Atul Kr. Jain Member Sh. Gyan P. Goel Member

Sh. Vinod Kr. Gupta Member Sh. Pramod Kr. Gupta Member Sh. Madnesh Garg Jain Member Dr. Ramji Agrawal Member Principal, Government Polytechnic College for Women, Ghaziabad Member Prof. D.K.Jain Member Prof. Vikrant Chauhan Member Dr. Sraban Mukherjee Member Dr. Sharad K. Goel Member Secretary The Chairman Speaks We invite parents and their wards who aspire to be technology and management leaders of tomorrow to visit and join our team, to work together. I take this opportunity to extend a cordial welcome to you and assure you that your sojourn here will be truly meaningful and fruitful From a modest beginning in the year 1998, Ideal Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad has now grown into a fully integrated Engineering and Management Education Group. We have crossed many milestones in our journey of academic and professional excellence and have carved a niche in

the galaxy of front ranking institutions of the northern region. The objectives of imparting education, combined with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge, are being met in an integrated form, to create a synergetic impact. This Group is dedicated to transform young students into proficient professionals who can be globally competitive. We inculcate human values and professional ethics in the students which help them in making decisions and create paths that are good not only for them, but also for society, for the nation, and the world as a whole. To fulfill its mission in new and powerful ways, each member of our Institute strives to achieve excellence in every endeavour be it education, research, consulting or training by making continuous improvement in curriculum and pedagogy. We are proud of our human resources including students, faculty and staff members. Subhash Chand Gupta Chairman Governing Board 2 3 I hope, the students at Ideal Group will fulfill their dreams and aspirations and will be helpful in building a better society and a strong nation. Welcome to Ideal Group of Institutions. The well known Ideal Group has taken the initiative of establishing a centre of excellence for Engineering, Architecture and Management education. The Group has grown in all aspects and has become an excellent academic body because of the commitment and dedication bestowed over the years. At Ideal, students will get an opportunity for overall professional growth along with in-depth knowledge of technical content of Engineering, Architecture and Management subjects during their studies. Due attention is also being given to human values and professional ethics, which are realized as essential components of any education. With this we all shall continue to excel. Gyan Prakash Goel Secretary The Secretary Speaks Message from the Director Success in todays world depends upon the organizations ability to carry out with innovative and unimagined strategies, leveraging ideas and collaborative associations. Our mission can be summed up in three simple but visionary words - Exploring New Strategies. We achieve this mission through a commitment to meet more effectively students needs, industry requirements, community expectations and faculty members aspirations. We are bringing together scholars from a variety of different disciplines and

fields. At School of Management Studies we facilitate a culture of experiential learning and practical grooming of students for the aim of achieving perfection. Our dedication to learning and our personal commitment to students are what makes our teaching stand out. The institute wishes to inculcate values of education, excellence and concern for others in the students by imbibing egalitarian values. We also take the time, both inside and outside the classroom, to personalize our students experiences. The results would be close knit network of alumni that would play a fundamental role in our educational mission. Institute has curriculum that is strengthened through the close bonding of theory with practicality i.e. an interface of education with industry. Our students learning is enriched in the field, where students undertake real time projects in concert with industry professionals. This is coupled with the visit of many business executives and entrepreneurs in the institute to share their wisdom, insight and experience. IDEAL is a place where the mind is led forward by the ever widening thoughts and actions. Take advantages of a truly distinctive educational world of infinite opportunities and discover your path to a whole new experience. With best wishes Prof. (Dr.) Sharad K. Goel Director Management Our mission can be summed up in three simple but visionary words Exploring New Strategies 4 5 Ideal Group of Institutions The Ideal Group of Institutions started its journey in the field of education in the year 1998, with the inception of the Ideal Institute of Technology. The group was established with the mission of imparting quality education to students. Since then, Ideal Institute of Management & Technology (IIMT) and Ideal School of Architecture (ISA) have been added under the aegis of the IDEAL GROUP. The Group offers a wide variety of professional courses in fields of Engineering, Management and Architecture and has made rapid strides in these fields. We are dedicated in transforming young students into proficient professionals who can be globally competitive. Though the academic programmes of the Ideal Group of Institutions follow the guidelines laid down by GBTU, Lucknow / MTU, Noida yet the pedagogy is flexibly adapted, so that it enables the students to enrich their knowledge and enhance their confidence to get geared up for the global challenges. The students are motivated to acquire the habit of self and systematic learning. We take immense pleasure in moulding the fortunes of budding engineers, managers and architects who will be great assets to our country in the near future. Under the Ideal Group of Institutions, there are the following three

Institutes : Ideal Institute of Technology (MTU College Code: 028, Estd. 1998) Ideal Institute of Management & Technology (MTU College Code: 645, Estd. 2010) Ideal School of Architecture (MTU College Code: 788, Estd. 2011) All the Institutions are affiliated to UPTU Mahamaya Technical University, Noida and approved by AICTE. MBA MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (affiliated to UPTU-MTU, NOIDA) Courses Offered 14 sessions of practicals and for MB 108, 28 sessions of lectures. The University has a system of dual specialization and an Open Specialization. The students shall have to opt for two functional areas for their specialization, having four papers (two in third semester and two in the fourth semester) from Specialization 1, three papers (two in third semester and one in fourth semester) from Specialization 2. Students shall also have to choose any one elective from the given seven subjects as an open Specialization in fourth semester. The electives can be offered by the department if minimum 20% (Twenty Percent) of the total class strength is opting for the same elective. Summer Training for 8 (eight) weeks is compulsory for every student pursuing the course, which they have to undergo between second and third semester during summer vacation break. UG Programmes B.Tech. Civil Engineering Computer Science & Engineering* Computer Science & Information Technology Electronics & Communication Engineering* Electrical & Electronics Engineering* Information Technology* Mechanical Engineering* Electronics & Tele Communication

B.Arch. Architecture PG Programmes Advanced Electronics & Communication Engineering (VLSI) Computer Science & Engineering Master of Computer Applications (MCA) CAD/CAM Engineering

Power Electronics Management Programme PGDM MBA * Applied for Re-accreditation 6 7 The M.B.A. program aims at providing various elements of system of education related to MBA degree program and addresses issues relevant to the various format of organizations i.e. Corporate, Government and not for profit organization performing internal business process to achieve various objectives of their stake by providing solutions to challenges arising therefrom. Apart from developing knowledge and skills in different areas of management, this course also provides relevant inputs as per the organizations business / economic environments. This program places high emphasis to the overall development of the personality of the students as managers. The structure of the program is designed so that students must study the core courses from different functional areas of management subjects that are made mandatory and in the next stage various specializations are offered in functional domain areas of management; where a student can opt for two specializations out of the five offered: Marketing, Finance, International Business, IT, HR and one Open Specialization. This course, from the very beginning focuses on providing relevant inputs through case discussion/analysis, simulation games, etc. keeping in mind the current employment scenario in our country and abroad. This course is of two years divided into four semesters, each semester having eight compulsory papers composed of 5 units of 42 sessions each having one-hour duration and for MB 107, Master of Business Administration (Two Years Full Time Course) Teaching & Training Participative Approach to Learning School of Management Studies provides a dynamic environment of interactive and participative learning. Students are encouraged to participate in classroom discussions not only with faculty but also discussion amongst themselves. Students are enriched with knowledge not only through lectures, but also by way of assignments, live projects and individual research done in various spheres.

Guest Speakers Salient features of the program Dual specialization in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology, International Business. Regular industrial visits / industrial exposure Regular Seminars, Conferences and Workshops & Guest lectures by eminent personalities of the corporate world State - of - the - art infrastructure and modern pedagogy to ensure learning beyond classrooms An appropriate blend of theory and practice of management concepts Exposure to global perspectives enables them to successfully implement various strategies Develop analytical mindset amongst students for solving complex problems 8 9 MBA Summer Training Project Report 1. At the end of second semester examination, every student of MBA shall undergo on-the-job practical training in organization approved by Departmental Academic Student Committee (DASC) . The training shall be of 8 weeks duration. The College/Institute shall facilitate this compulsory process/es for training of students in approved organizations by DASC and Training and Placement Department of Institute/ College. 2. The student, who has undergone this training is expected to learn about the organization and analyze from both deep and wide perspective, find a live problem in the organization and suggest solutions to the live problem. The core objective of this training is to prepare the student with the awareness of actual functioning of the organization and explore problems faced by them in a typical socio-economic-political business environment for exploring feasible solutions and suggestions. 3. During the course of training, the organization (where the student is undergoing training) in consultation with supervising faculty shall assign a real-life problem / project to the student. 4. Every student, after the completion of training shall submit a report to the College/Institute and the organization where they have undergone their training, which shall form part of third semester examination along with their training/project log book containing the details of time schedule and the learning content on the stated date in their training schedule log-book. However, the report must be submitted by the end of August during third semester so that it is evaluated well in time and third semester results are not delayed.

5. The report (based on training and the problem/project studied) prepared by the student shall be known as Summer Training Project Report (STPR). The report should ordinarily be based on primary data and relevant secondary data from authentic database available in public domain and related to training domain. The Summer Training Project Report (STPR) should reflect holistic study of problems faced by organization where training was pursued by the student. The Summer Training Project Report (STPR) should be supported by relevant tables and bibliography. The Summer Training Project Report (STPR) should contain: One comprehensive chapter must be included about the organization where the student has undergone training. This should deal with brief history of the organization, its organizational structure/Organographs, performance products/services and problems faced. This chapter shall form part I of the Report. Part II of the Report shall contain the study of research problem. The defense of his/her The Summer Training Project Report (STPR) is open house and all the members of SAC should be present. In the absence of internal supervisor due to any exigencies, the HOD of the concerned department shall nominate one faculty from the department. It is mandatory that the student shall make presentation in the presence of teachers and students in camera. The student is expected to answer to the queries and questions raised in such a meeting. MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Experiential Learning Teaching Pedagogy Role Plays Corporate Visits Seminars/ Conferences Participative Learning Industrial Visits Case Study Methodology Relating theory & practices Research Project Report In fourth semester, candidates shall have to submit a Research Project Report (RPR) on a problem / topic (from the Specialization areas) to be assigned by the Department MBA under the supervision of a core faculty member of the department. The research project report shall carry 150 marks. The evaluation of the project report shall be done by two external examiners and shall consist of the following: (i) Evaluation of Project Report (100 Marks) (ii) Viva on Project (50 Marks). The average of the marks awarded by the two examiners shall be taken into account for the results. In case the difference in the awards given by the examiners is 25 or more marks, the project report shall be referred to the third examiner. In such cases the average of two highest marks awards (given by three examiners) shall be taken into account for the results.

The report shall contain the following: Objectives Scope of the Study Research methodology used Importance of the study Analysis of data collected Conclusions Recommendations Annexure (It shall contain relevant charts, diagrams and bibliography) A certificate of the Supervisor certifying the authenticity of the report shall be attached there with along with the non-plagiarism certificate signed by the student. The student shall submit three copies of the report to the Head of the Department. Comprehensive Viva The comprehensive viva voce is scheduled at the end of II and IV semester in order to judge the understanding as well as application of the knowledge gained by the students at the end of 2nd and 4th semesters of the course. Comprehensive viva should be judged on the basis of the following: Articulation of what is being learnt by a student. Assimilation of the idea of what is being taught in the course of one full year. Infrastructure Initiative Toward Excellence Class Rooms / Tutorial Rooms The Ideal Group of Institutions has well furnished and ventilated classrooms and tutorial rooms. They are ably aided with the latest audio-visual aids i.e. LCD Projectors, OHPs and are networked for live presentations. Students are encouraged to make Audio-Video presentations. Central Library An enriched library with the latest books, journals, magazines and periodicals is the centre of attraction for the faculty and students. The fully automated library is housed in a separate building. It has a spacious reading room and an air-conditioned reference section. It is well equipped with 24x7 internet facility and various reprographic services, e-journals, 20 multimedia computers, printers, CD-writer etc. The library is totally automated with fully networked computers, NETLIB software, Web OPAC and is also facilitated by Wi-Fi connectivity. The library is also a member of Delnet for students and staff. The library has a rich collection of books on engineering, management and architecture. A systematic approach is followed for upgrading the library every year. Seminar Halls / Conference Halls The Ideal Group of Institutions has well furnished conference halls and seminar halls with a large seating capacity. All the conference and seminar halls are well equipped with latest audio-visual aids i.e. E-boards and LCD projectors networked for live presentations by faculty and students. They are


fully air-conditioned and are equipped with the latest safety equipment. Computer Dome The Computer Dome is ably supported with fully equipped computer labs having state-of-the-art resources with highly advanced HP Core 2 Duo Computer Systems and the latest software applications on engineering, management and architecture. The computer labs are fully equipped with advanced LCD projectors, HP laser printers, 10 Mbps Internet bandwidth, Intranet facilities and uninterrupted Power Supply System. Our Computer Dome is fully equipped to cater to the rigorous demands of the present and future professionals and the academic community of students, teachers and industry personnel. Industry Institute Partnership Cell Indian industry at present has reached the most crucial turning point where it has to face the dynamic demands of the competitive domestic and global markets through the provisions of high quality products and services. To survive and succeed in this new scenario, the input that is most essential is human resources. As technologies change rapidly, retraining and updating of the work force continuously becomes a major challenge facing every country today. Industries and technical institutions have a strong mutual interest which forms the basis of a partnership between them. Ideal Group of Institutions has set up an Industry Institute Partnership Cell for this purpose. Industry Institute Partnership Cell (IIPC) was constituted on 24 February 2009 with full financial support of Rs. 8 lacs from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), MHRD, Govt. of India. IIPC takes special pains to organize national conferences, workshops, seminars, guest lectures, training programs and industrial visits. It facilitates the process of providing consultancy services to the industries and business organizations in order to augment and move one step ahead in establishing cordial relationships between the Industry and Institute. Entrepreneurship Development Cell An Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) exists in the Ideal Group of Institutions, with the primary objective of developing entrepreneurial skills of students and making them self-dependent. The Cell fosters better linkages between the Institute, industries and R & D Institutions in the region and other related organizations, engaged in promoting small and medium enterprises. Keeping the above objectives in view, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell organizes Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps for Idealites on a regular basis. Expert talks on different aspects of setting up an enterprise are planned in collaboration with the National Small Scale Industry Corporation (NSIC), Okhla, New Delhi, District Industry Centers (DICs), National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development (NABARD), Small Scale Industries (SSI) etc. The Cell has received a grant of Rs. 8 lacs in March 2011 from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India under the EDC Scheme. 10 11 MBA MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Our efforts towards aising

the standards of education Language Lab Professional Communication lab is software based and well equipped with 31 workstations, one for the teacher and the remaining thirty for students. Language lab focuses on language enrichment, grammar and fluency. The Digital Language Lab has ORELL software which focuses on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of students to enhance their confidence level and gear them up for global challenges. Self-learning is encouraged through voice recorder, pronunciation techniques, speeches of well known personalities, short conversations etc. Internet / Wi-Fi Campus The Ideal Group of Institutions is a fine ensemble in terms of the latest infrastructure as well as equipment made available to students. A conducive learning atmosphere is promoted through the use of fully wi-fi enabled set-up across the campus. This allows learning to move outside the classroom where students can discuss, learn and grow. It also helps to maintain a wire free campus area and access to secure internet of 10 Mbps speed to the students as well as the faculty members. Sports Facilities It is rightly said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keeping this in mind, due emphasis is laid on games and sports at the Ideal Group of Institutions. The sports ground of Ideal Group of Institutions covers 6225 of land. The Annual Sports Meet is conducted regularly for students and staff members. Various Inter-Institute and Intra-Institute sports competitions are organized like Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Chess, LAN games etc. and arrangements are made to send students to other colleges also. Medical Facility Our Group has an on-campus medical centre with assistance available on call round the clock. Physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists regularly visit the campus and hostels. The Group has tied up with the nearby prominent hospital for emergency treatment of students and staff members. Gymnasium & Yoga Centre The high-tech gymnasium provides the right ambience for fitness buffs. Centrally air-conditioned gymnasiums with modern equipment are available at the boys and girls hostels. We have an exclusive Yoga Centre in the campus where students and faculty members are given valuable information to deal with health concerns. Special focus is put on stress management, which is the need of the hour in the current scenario. Guest House

The Ideal Group of Institutions provides stay facility in the guest house to those parents who visit their wards. The guest house is well furnished and is in line with modern living. ATM Facility Syndicate Bank has opened an ATM Centre in the campus to facilitate students and staff members to withdraw money at any time. Placement Cell The group provides support to students in their Training & Placement by fullfledged Training & Placement Cell. Intellectual Capital Mr. Saurabh Kr. Panwar He holds MBA and diploma in computer applications. He has about 4 years of teaching experience and 2 years of industry experience at under graduation and post graduation levels. He has also undertaken management development sessions for corporate & public undertakings like ICICI Prudential and U.P Awas Vikas. Dr. Shweta Arora She has more than 3 years of experience in academics. She is MA (Eco.) and Ph.d from C.C.S University, Meerut. She has contributed many research papers in various national conferences / Journals. Her teaching area is in Economics and general management. Mr. Bhoopendra Bharti With an MBA qualification, he has more than 5 years of academia experience. He has also attended various national & international seminars & workshops on marketing, leadership, use of SPSS & E-views. His teaching area is in HR & Marketing. Ms. Anshu Verma She has more than 3 years of experience in academics. She has contributed two research papers in various national conferences. She has also attended many faculty development programs and workshops in her field. Dr. Goel had risen to the level of Vice President (Operations) after having handled global-level business for various leading brands. He has over 28 years of experience in teaching, consultancy / training and industries. He has presented over 45 papers at various national / international conferences in India and abroad. He has edited & authored eight books in the area of Relationship Marketing, Service Marketing & Energy Management. He is also trainer and facilitator at IQPC, Singapore and CDMC, China. Prof. (Dr.) Sharad Kumar Goel Director - Management, Ph.D, M.Phil, MA(Eco.), PGDBM (IMT) 12 13 Ms. Anshu Chaudhary Holds PGDM in Finance. Her 4 years of enriched experience encompasses teaching in National colleges. She is actively involved as a facilitator for Trainings and Faculty Development Programs at various levels. She has attended and presented many research papers in various conferences.

Ms. Poonam Gaur MBA in HR. Her 3 years of experience encompasses teaching in management colleges. She is active as a facilitator for Faculty Development Programs at various levels. Her teaching area is in the Marketing specialization of management. Ms. Trapti Gupta She is MBA from Vanasthali, Jaipur. She has contributed many research papers in various national conferences. Her interest areas include Operations Research and Supply Chain Management. Ms. Shweta Khare With a degree of MBEF from Bundelkhand University, Jhansi she has more than 3 years of teaching experience. She has contributed two research papers in various national conferences. Ms. Anuradha Bhardwaj She has more than 4 years of rich experience in academics. With an MBA (Marketing) and pursuing Ph.D degree to her credit, she has been a trainer in communication skills and has presented research papers in international and national conferences. Her areas of interest are Marketing research and Sales & Distribution Management. He is B.Tech (EC), M.Tech (EC), MBA (Fin. & HR) and pursuing Ph. D in Management from Amity University. He has more than 10 years of experience in academics and industry, besides four years of research experience. He has presented several papers in seminars / conferences and has written articles and research papers for various national and international journals. He has also attended couple of FDP & QIP workshops at IIT, Delhi. Mr. Amit Kr. Jain B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA MBA Curriculum Selection Process Admissions are made strictly on the basis of merit, based on consideration of: Valid Score in the written admission test of C-MAT (approved by AICTE) / CAT / MAT / XAT /ATMA/UPSEE-13 Past academic record / work experience, and Performance in Group Discussion and Personal Interview Candidates with engineering background and with work experience will be given additional weightage in the selection process Final selection will be based on the over all performance of the students. Eligibility Criteria The candidates must have completed a Bachelors degree of minimum three years in Arts / Commerce / Science or equivalent in any discipline with at least 50% for General Category / OBC & 45% for SC / ST candidate. The candidates appearing in the final year of their bachelors degree are also eligible to apply. Application Procedure: For admission to MBA course candidate can fill online application form at or or of State entrance examination - UPSEE-2013, for MBA online test to be conducted by

the UPTU, Lucknow. Alternatively candidate can also fill our application form by paying through Demand Draft Rs. 1550/- drawn in favour of IDEAL Institute of Technology, payable at Ghaziabad or by cash Rs. 1500/- from the Accounts Office and mail at the following address to Director-Management, School of Management Studies, Ideal Institute of Technology, P. Box No 62, Ideal Nagar, Govind Puram, Ghaziabad - 201 003. Applications can also be downloaded from our website : Please call our Admissions cell for more information on registration in our MBA programme. MB-101 Principles & Practice of Management MB-102 Economics for Managers MB-103 Accounting & Financial Analysis MB-104 Organizational Behaviour MB-105 Business Statistics MB-106 Marketing Management MB-107 Computer Concepts & Managerial Applications MB-108 Managerial Communications Semester I MBA-031 Supply Chain Management MBA-032 Strategic Management MBA-033 Management Information System MBA-034 Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Communication Specialization Group -1 Elective 1* Specialization Group -1 Elective 2* Specialization Group -2 Elective 1* Specialization Group -2 Elective 2* MBA-035 Summer Training Project Report Semester III MB-201 Human Resource Management MB-202 Research Methodology MB-203 Operations Research MB-204 Management Accounting & Control MB-205 Financial Management MB-206 Production and Operation Management MB-207 Business Environment MB-208 Comprehensive Viva (CV) Semester II MBA-041 Entrepreneurship Development MBA-042 Corporate Governance Values & Ethics MBA-043 Research Project Report MBA-044 Comprehensive Viva (CV) Specialization Group -1 Elective 3* Specialization Group -1 Elective 4* Specialization Group -2 Elective 3* or 4* Open Specialization Elective (Any one) * Semester IV Elective Subjects

HR 01 Personal Growth and Training & Development (III Semester) HR 02 Industrial Relation & Labour Enactments (III Semester) HR 03 Team Building & Leadership (IV Semester) HR 04 Negotiations & Counselling (IV Semester) Human Resource MK 01 Marketing of Services (III Semester) MK 02 Marketing Research (III Semester) MK 03 Sales & Distribution Management (IV Semester) MK 04 Retail Management (IV Semester) Marketing Management FM 01 Management of Working Capital (III Semester) FM 02 Security Analysis and Investment Management (III Semester) FM 03 Management of Financial Institutions & Service (IV Semester) FM 04 Tax Planning and Financial Reporting (IV Semester) Financial Management IT 01Database Management System (III Semester) IT 02 System Analysis & Design and Software Engineering (III Semester) IT 03 Data Communication and Network (IV Semester) IT 04 Electronic Commerce (IV Semester) IT Management IB 01 International Marketing (III Semester) IB 02 International Business Environment and Foreign Exchange Economics (III Semester) IB 03 Export Management and Documentation (IV Semester) IB 04 International Logistics Management (IV Semester) International Business OP 01 Insurance & Risk Management (IV Semester) OP 02 Hospitality Management (IV Semester) OP 03 Project Management (IV Semester) OP 04 Rural Management (IV Semester) Open Specialization MBA MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Note: Courses are as per UPTU latest notifications & updated till the publication of this information and are subject to change by the university. A student opts for any two streams for dual specialization. After second semester examinations, every student has to undergo summer training of 8-10 weeks.

14 15 Fee Structure Note : 1. Institute will not accept to give any wavier to any student for late deposit of fees in any circumstances & penalty would be charged for late deposit of fee as per the Institute rules. 2. Book bank facility would be provided by the Institute to the students. 3. The refund policy of the Institute in case of withdrawal / cancellation of admission is as per the rules of AICTE & affiliating university. Programme Fees (2014-2015) Regular Students 91,500 Security (Refundable) NIL Hostel Fees (2014-2015) Non-AC Triple Sharing 70,000* Security (Refundable) NIL 1st year (2013-2014) Rs. 1,04,000 Rs. 10,000 2nd year Rs. 2nd year Rs.

1st year (2013-2014) Rs. 70,000* Rs. 10,000

* Hostel fee includes lodging & boarding charges. * Admissions are subject to the norms of the affiliating university. Programme No. of Seats Eligibility* MBA 120 Graduation (Min. 10+2+3) with at least 50% marks. Valid UPSEE/CAT/MAT/CMAT score Training and Placement Cell Training and Placement No educational enterprise is complete without a dedicated Placement Cell. Indeed, it is just as important as the training itself. We recognize that fact clearly. Hence, we have brought into existence Ideals efficient and well connected Placement Cell. The Ideal Group of Institutions has established itself as one of the leading educational bodies, providing students with a strong scientific, technical and humanistic foundation to develop creativity in defining problems and seeking the right solution. What distinguishes the Ideal Group of Institutions from others is the unwavering commitment towards producing professionals of outstanding quality. The Training and Placement Cell was set up to transform students into professionals and technocrats who

will become assets to the nation in the years to come. The Ideal Group of Institutions provides full assistance for the placement of students. Right blend of teaching and training programmes groom the students for facing the market challenges. A highly experienced and dedicated team in this area handles the training and placement unit of Ideal Group of Institutions. Ideal Group of Institutions has lived up to the challenges and expectations of the recruiters by providing quality students to them year after year. The Training and Placement Cell grooms students holistically right from soft skills, presentation skills and interview skills for successful attainment of an all round personality. As a result, more than 90% of students are being placed with lucrative packages in reputed companies. The reputation which the Ideal Group has gained is because of the strong industry networking and outstanding placement records. Ideal has been at the forefront in placements over the last few years. Major Activities of the Training and Placement Cell Customized to the course a student has opted for, we offer placement, internship positions or training as the requirement may be. Students are also encouraged and guided to visit recruitment fairs and other such events. The placement process is a multi-faceted activity. The critical ingredients of our placement services include: Industrial visit and In-plant training Interaction with corporates through regular seminars / workshops / meetings Exposure of students to senior industry officials through guest speakers Personality Development Programme Placement World Class Opportunity at Your Door Step A plethora of renowned companies make an annual visit to the Ideal Group of Institutions for recruiting our students. The Ideal Group has been able to get students placed in numerous organizations ranging from leading private sector companies to MNCs, PSUs etc. Some of the major companies where our students are providing their services and fueling their growth are: MBA MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 16 17 Life @ Ideal