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Daylight, Ensoph, Euronymous, Everwhere, Foul, Hellsign, Lamb of God, Leprous,
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Mine 18
Discipline Misanthropy bands – which undermines the character of Austrian society at least in
Get it done yourself and don’t wait for validation from some our opinions.
record company shmuck is the moral story of Discipline
Misanthropy (Austria), which is why they decided to release Do you think there is too strong a religious influence where you live?
their fireblasting black/death metal debut Zerogod. It has both a It depends on where you live. If you live in a city, the Roman-Catholic
real black metal as well as death metal feeling, resulting in an Church has lost most of its power and most of the people (except of the
impressive, well done full-length cd that sounds serious, older ones) don’t really seem to care about religion any more. Maybe
professional and skillful. As you can read here, they keep the the different religions of the migrants have also helped to weaken the
music going regardless of metal press attention or not, as they position of the Church. But in the rural areas of Austria there are still
explain a bit about what life for a black/death metal in Austria. quite a lot of Christians.
--- Your song “Threshold to Hysteria” sounds pretty black metal, while
What things have you done in support of your album “Zerogod”? “Ashes to Fire” or “Preparing for the Fall” have some more death
We are only doing some gigs here in Salzburg, going on tour isn’t metal vocals, but also black metal guitar work. How easy is it to
possible because of our jobs. But we try to get in contact with quite a combine death metal and black metal?
lot of magazines and fanzines and we promote our cd at metal We don’t really care about different genres, we just play some kind of
concerts. extreme metal. We want to try to combine different genres, for
example we try to mix our sound with Bay Area thrash metal which
You have released the cd yourselves. Have you not found an isn’t typical for black and death metal at all. Moreover our music is
appropriate label? Are Nuclear Blast or Century Media appropriate influenced by quite a wide range of (metal, classical and industrial)
for you or not? styles.
We’ve worked on Zero God for a pretty long time, because there was
How have metal audiences in Austria reacted to your album??
a change in our line-up and we had a couple of other problems with
There are not many metal magazines in Austria, most of the Austrian
our former band members. After recording the cd, we just thought not
metal heads are reading German magazines or fanzines. The latest
to waste any more time in order to look for an appropriate label and so
issues of the majority of the magazines we have sent our cd to review
we decided to release the cd by ourselves. Moreover it is difficult for
to have not yet been published. But a couple of online reviews have
Austrian bands to get a record deal. And especially large labels like
just been released and they rated our album fairly good.
Nuclear Blast use to sign only those bands, which they think they fit
in the taste of the mainstream.
In the news there some reports of nationalists and fascists gaining
strength in Austria, basically promoting racism. Do you think that
Some people say bands have so many special effects on the vocals or
there is a lot of racism in Austria against Muslims, Africans or
drums that nobody really knows what is special effects, like making the
immigrants in general?
drums sounds faster, etc. What is your case?
Of course there is racism in Austria just like in any other country of
At the one hand it definitely is a problem if everybody uses computers
the world. And it is true as well that there is a right-wing party in
for his/her music, but we don’t think that this phenomenon is limited
Austria, that enjoys wide acceptance and also approval. But the
to the metal scene. Just look at the pop music scene: Hardly any of the
political system in Austria differs completely from the one in America.
singers does not use any effect to change the sound of his/her voice.
Whereas there are just two political parties (Democrats and
But computers have positive effects on the music scene as well, for
Republicans) in America, there are a couple of different parties in
working with them is inexpensive. We recorded “Zerogod” with
Austria and the right-wing party is just one of them. Plus: They are
Cubase SX and we didn’t use any special technology to change the
not the governing party – the Austrian government consists of the
voice except of some echo effects. Once Thorn did his vocals through
social democratic party and the people’s party.
the distortion pedal and the rest of the vocals are overdubs. We didn’t
use anything to make the drums sound faster, but we used a kickdrum
Your lyrics are metal lyrics about violence and killing. Would you say
trigger. That was because when you achieve a certain speed (over 200
you hate your life? Are the lyrics an artistic representation separate
bpm) the kickdrum sounds a little undifferentiated without a trigger.
from how you view your own life?
In our opinion extreme metal goes along with extreme lyrics. We are
“Unmask the Hypocrite” provides an example of what you consider
not a metalcore band with butterfly tattoos that thinks being attractive
dishonesty. Is it hypocrites? in the music business?
is the most important thing in the world and that doesn’t really give a
The lyrics of “Unmask the Hypocrite” are not about music business at
shit about its music. Every band sounds identical, even the lyrics are
all, but especially treat the hypocritical behaviour of the various
similar and the only thing that counts for them is making money. We
religious groups. It’s about realising this hypocrisy and revealing the
piss in the mainstream!
truth – by any means.
What does the future hold for Discipline M?! Will you be playing in
Where did you get bomb explosion for the cover of the album? What
those summer festivals they have in Europe? There seem to be a lot!
about the snowy scenario for the center of the booklet?
Quite a lot of metal festivals take place in Europe – and especially in
The cover consists of a couple of different pictures of nuclear tests. The
Germany. But we are not planning to play any festival shows. But of
scenario in the center of our booklet shows a defenceline from the 1st
course news will be released on myspace (www. myspace.
worldwar in France. We like the cold atmosphere with the barbed wire
which split the land in two, the border of war. com/disciplinem). THE END.
Concrete Force
Concrete Force (Greece) has a very sharp, clear thrash guitar
You use the word misanthropy. What does mean to you?
Misanthropy means hatred of the human race IN GENERAL, tone, creating the impression of riffs building on each other,
especially of those people, who don’t have an own opinion and of those propelled by forward motion. The classic thrash guitar tone of
who try to convince other people of there political or religious beliefs. the Bay Area/California is appreciated by Concrete Force.
But misanthropy definitely is NOT about being really sore with any Mental Enforcers is a full album financed by the band. Jim
certain (religious or ethic) group. (guitar/bass/vocals), currently in the Greek army, explains his
drive to keep making music in spite of the difficulties. The
music on the cd is classic thrash style all the way, with
What things about Austrian society do you hate? shredding and hooks and energetic rhythms forming the
The Austrian society can be characterised in general as stubborn and backbone of their sound.
narrow-minded. Plus: There are only a few serious Austrian metal ---
What things have you achieved since Mental Enforcers? continue. There has been some interest from a few labels so far, but
Few things have happened during the last months. The fact that I 'm nothing great to mention.
in the army since last May (and will be until this May) has been a
serious drawback in our efforts to distribute our cd, search for labels What else would you like to mention?!
etc. However, we've had some good critics so far and it seems that a lot I want to thank everyone who has supported us so far. Visit our site
of people like our music. This is really great and gives us the will to on myspace to listen to our tracks and read our latest news. Support
continue! I hope that Mental Enforcers will be available for all the music you love. Thrash till the death!! THE END.
metalheads very soon! Right now, we are working on new material. --
How long did it take to record the album? How expensive was it? And While it is true that some former black metal bands keep getting
how is the scene in Athens? weirder and weirder, turning into normal rock bands or space
The recordings started in 2007 and finished, after some breaks or techno rock, it is certainly encouraging to hear a band like
between, in early 2008 at my home studio. I guess that recording an Hautakumpu (Finland), which has recently recorded Uuden
album in Greece is as expensive as everywhere else. Actually there is Ajan Aatto and it is a straight-up, barbed-wire, classic-styled
quite a big metal scene and lots of followers in Athens and generally in black metal assault. The lyrics are all in Finnish, so here they
Greece. I'm sure most of metal fans are familiar with acts like Rotting explain the ideas for their stories. In addition, they were patient
Christ, Nightfall and Septic Flesh. Also, every thrash fan should check and answered some unexpected questions. Sasu "Lord
bands like Suicidal Angels, Revenge, Released Anger, Convixion, Frosthor" Savolainen (guitars) answers questions here, except
Steamroller Assault, Verdict Denied and Skullface. And no, we the last question, which is answered by Patrik "The Hell"
haven't played any live shows yet. Kuitunen (drums). The band’s new vocalist is Harri
“Panzerterror” Kankaanpää and new guitarist Sami “Fericious”
Recently people have demonstrated against the government because of Ikonen.
the police brutality that killed a young man. Do the demonstrations
reflect a bigger dissatisfaction with the general state of the economy
Hello, how are things going with Uuden Ajan Aatto? Do you have
and society for workers, farmers and youth in Greece?
other bands that you are involved in?
Of course there is a disaffection with the general state of the economy
Hello, Mauricio. Things have gone quite well, we have been surprised
and society. Things are getting worse day by day. And not just in my
from the feedback that we’ve got from traders and distros. There has
country, this is a global phenomenon. The murder of a 15-year old
been a change in line-up, vocalist and bassist Count Nathas has left
resulted in demonstrations and riots. The opinion that they were
the band due to lack of intrest towards the band. We have new
related to the general disaffection is what the media said from the very
first day. This could be correct to an extent. However, there is also vocalist, Panzerterror. Uuden Ajan Aatto was the first Hautakumpu
recording. Before Hautakumpu we have played in a couple of other
politics that lies behind what happened. And, unfortunately, there was
a number of people who tried to benefit from the situation by stealing, small projects with different music styles. Patrik still plays drums in a
looting, burning and destroying everything. The more the thrash metal band Thrashded (http://www. myspace. com/thrashded).
dissatisfaction grows the more incidents like this will take place in the Frosthor is 21 and Patrik turns 17 this year.
What are your goals for the future? Playing live? Getting signed to a
In your cd booklet you mention almost only thrash metal bands. Do label? What types of jobs do you have?
you not like death metal that came after 1990 and black metal, too? Well the next thing on our minds is the second recording, with at least
7 songs. We haven’t really decided about playing live, I myself don’t
How did you discover all that 80s thrash?!!
We mentioned only the bands that have actually influenced our music, really enjoy that much attention, I prefer to watch the show than
that's why you see almost only thrash bands there! I'm not really into playing on the stage. Yes, in time I think there is the possibility that
death and black metal, but there are a lot of great bands that I respect. we start looking for a label, but for now we concentrate on just
How did I discover all that 80's thrash? I remember a long time ago rehearsing, making demos and writing material.
I am a youth worker at a youth center in Vantaa, though I have
hanging out with friends and listening to "Show no mercy", "Bonded
by blood", "Endless pain" and other old school stuff. So it was more education of an electrician. Patrik is a high school student.
like "Hey, this is fucking awesome, let's find more like this!" Later, I
What type of equipment did you use to record your songs?
realised that was the kind of music I wanted to write, and the rest is
history! Uuden Ajan Aatto is a 100% DIY recording and was recorded in
two sessions that took about 1 day each. First was in December 2008
Do you play drums? Do you play piano on one song? at our rehearshal place, where we arranged Nathases lyrics for the 5
No, I don't perform drums on the album. My drum skills are awful, so songs I had made and recorded guitars, bass and vocals. Second
I had to use a drum machine. I play rhythm and bass guitars and session was in January 2009 when we went to Patrik's place and
handle all the vocals. There is also a part where I play keyboard as recorded drums for those 5 songs and sent the recording to Count
well. Nathas who mixed the whole thing at his home. We used a Boss
digital-8-track recorder and its own digital amp simulations with
Do you write the songs alone or in collaboration with Nick? guitar and bass, so we didn’t need any real amps. Drums were
Nick is a great friend and an amazing guitarist. We met eight years recorded in a bit haste (session took about two hours), and you really
ago through a common friend. I wouldn't say he is totally into thrash, can hear it from the recording. We used 4 microphones to record the
but when he starts shredding he goes frenzy! Most of the songs in drums.
Mental Enforcers were written by me, without his collaboration,
except for the instrumental ones and especially "A Journey into How is your music received in your town, city or region?
Infinity". Well we've got quite positive critic from the people who dig 'real'
metal, but then there's the people who just can’t understand it. There
aren't too many fans for this kind of old school -style black metal in
What are your future plans for the long term?
This is really hard to tell right now. I don't know how things will our town, which is a shame I think. We have been trading demos with
work out in the future. It depends on our mood and our spare time. traders, distros and a couple of zines (including yours of course)
worldwide though.
What I can say is that there is still creativity and we are eager to

Can you please explain the lyrics. Is there an idea that connects them? support any racist actions or ideas, though I listen a couple of black
All the lyrics were written by Count Nathas. Uuden Ajan Aatto metal bands whose lyrics support facist ideologies. But I want to make
translates to ‘Eve of a new age’ in English. It tells a fictional tale in a clear that Hautakumpu is not a racistic nor a political band in any
chronological order, starting from the time When The Mountains way.
Were Still Young (Vuorten vielä ollessa nuoria) to the Eve Of A New
Age and then there’s the First Storm Of The Eternal Winter (Ikitalven Is there is racism and intolerance towards immigrants in Finland?
Ensimmäinen Myrsky) and after that the ending, The Ruins Of Thy Yes, there is. But there is also the problem with the crime rates of
Temples (Temppeleidenne Rauniot). The first track is just a Prologue immigrants. This is a quite current question in Finland and we will
that says “Mother earth bathes in Christian blood. The stench of not comment on it any further, our apologies.
slaughter is everywhere. Moaning and death echoes in the wind. The
absolute might and power of Satan. ” The idea to sing in Finnish came Do you think some people in Finland feel threatened when Georgia
also from Nathas, though I wanted to include English songs too on the was invaded Russia recently?
recording. But we came to a decision that Uuden Ajan Aatto will be Patrik: I myself am not concerned what is happening in Russian. The
sung in Finnish because of the concept theme. There is the possibility whole Anti-Russian movement these past decades have been really
of songs written in English in the future. ridiculous from my point of view. It is not the people of the Russian
federation who are responsible for all that happened between Russia
What you would like to improve, as far the sound? On the title track and Georgia but the Russian government which has a dark history. Of
one can hear the bass guitar pretty well! Course as Russians neighbours some of Finns hate them and some love
I am quite pleased how the overall sound came out, and the clarity of them. Finland has a very good political relationship with Russia so I
the bass is one of the reasons. I’m pleased with the drums sound also feel that we are in no danger what so ever. The Economic situation in
because we didn’t use that much time in searching the sound. I think Russia is what it is, but as stated before this band is not taking any
the guitar track is a bit too thin and compressed to my taste, but I gave shots at politics or anything related. THE END.
the full responsibility of mixing to Nathas so who am I to blame. On --
the next recording we won’t accept so many flaws as on Uuden Ajan Dark Medieval Fortress
Aatto and we will concentrate more on to the playing and try to keep Necromaniac and Eviscerator took some time out of their busy
guitars and bass in tempo with the drums. schedule of digging graves to answer some questions about
digging graves and other adventures in the life of Dark
How many guitars are used in the recording? Is it just one guitar? Medieval Fortress (Greece) in order to explain their black metal
What do you think about black metal bands that use drum machines? art in the island of Crete. They apologize for their bad English,
Do you have an opinion? but they shouldn’t because I don’t care about good English, just
To my understanding there's only one guitar used with two slightly good metal. Good English and the good Englischers can go to
different mixes on two tracks. I personally don’t have anything
towngoat malicious bay now and stay there for no return kind.
against drums machines, if I remember correctly we ourselves were
At any rate, this band’s style clearly goes for a real black metal
considering it at some point but then Patrik agreed to play drums for
us. There are many great bands that have used drum machines (for sound, while the songs back up their attitude of the black metal
example Burzum and Bathory). art. Plus, you’ll be even more impressed once you find out who
the members of Dark Medieval Fortress actually are and what
Finnish is sometimes classified as part of the Finno-Ugric group of motivates them.
languages and they say that it is related to Estonian, but if you read
or hear Estonian, for example, can you understand anything? What What is your black metal art and are black metal people liking it?
about the Sami languages in Finland? Are Finnish and Sami Dark Medieval Fortress was formed at the year 2008. We started as a
languages related, as far as you know? couple (Eviscerator is a girl)but then we realised that we have a lot of
I had to make some research for this one. Hungary and Estonian are common in music and the same influences so we decided to make a
the two most spoken Finno-Ugric languages besides Finnish. Beyond band and create music that satisfies our feelings and express our anger
the Finland-Russian border in Tver region there are about 100 000 that we have for many reasons. Fortunately finding a studio was not a
people who speak Karelian language (Karjala in Finnish). Then there’s problem for us because Necromaniac has one in his house. We are in
other very small groups beyond the eastern border who speak Finnish- contact with black metal people here in Greece. Most of them, like our
related languages. Languages like Lyydi, Vepsä and Inkeroinen have music very much. At least that's what they tell us. Also people who
together about 12 000 speakers. There are 10 different types of Sami prefer different kinds of metal have a very good opinion about our
languages which most spoken is the northern Sami with about 18 000 songs and support us very much! Unfortunately we haven't any
- 35 000 speakers. And yes, Sami is part of Finnish-Ugric group, so suggestions for interviews or reviews in our country but we get
they are related. There are many common words in Finnish and mentioned in metal zines in other countries. We hope in the future to
Estonian, so I can understand a bit what they are saying but it sounds get mentioned in metal magazines here.
like a fast spoken drunkard accent of Finnish in my opinion.
Necromaniac does vocals. Does he play or program drums? What
You use Thor’s hammer. Were beliefs with Thor and Odin of the about bass? Is it dishonest to not say it’s a drum machine?
peoples who spoke ancient Finnish (or languages considered Finnish), Yes, indeed Necromaniac does the vocals the drum and bass
as opposed to ancient Scandinavian languages? progamming. He doesn't play drums or bass, but he knows good
To be exact, that is the hammer of Ukko (http://en.wikipedia. enough how to use the drum machine. If we hadn't got the drum
org/wiki/Ukonvasara). Ukko was the god of thunder in the ancient machine we would be able to have a band because this is something
Finnish mythology like Thor in Norse mythology. There weren’t one that we really like so we would save money to buy drums. Actually
single religion/belief in the area of Finland. Beliefs varied depending it's dishonest when bands use a drum machine but do not mention
on the region and point in time. that in the cd not only for the people that listen to them, but for
themselfes too. After all it's not a shame if someone uses a drum
Have you heard black metal from the U.S.? Also, what do you think machine.
about bands that use their music for fascist/racist ideas?
I haven’t really heard many US black metal bands but I really like How many guitars does Eviscerator use on the cd?
bands like Von, Absu, Black Funeral and Judas Iscariot. We do not On the cd all songs have been played with one only guitar.

Is it difficult to find jobs in your country? We really like Rotting Christ! we believe that it's a very good band,
We haven't got jobs because we haven't finished school yet. This is our plus we have a lot of memories because it is one of the first black metal
last year, but yes it is difficult to find a good job here in Greece because bands that we've heard. Iced Earth are very popular in our country,
there are a lot of economical problems and of course a good job requires we know that because in their concerts in Greece there is crowded of
many skills. people and of course we've heard a lot of times their songs in the radio.
The same as Rotting Christ.
You have only two members. Is this problem for live?
We haven't played live yet, of course it is a problem that we have only Last comments?
two members, but it is hard enough for us to find members in Chania. Well we want to apologise for our English..they suck and we know
In the future, when we finish school and leave from here, we hope to that..xexe... THE END.
find members. It won't be so difficult anymore. --
Cathis Ord
Is it better to stay independent to make the music you want? Cathis Ord (U.K.) has a very impressive, ambitious sound that
We are not ready to sign to a record company yet.As you said we want is skillful and easy to remember, despite the fact that the songs
to make the music that we want, we are very excited about what we are some 10 minutes long. The sound is catchy, but somber.
are doing so for now we want to be independent, without any limits. This is very well done and sounds very mature, showing that
Someday when we are ready we will look for a record company but we the person behind all this, James Russell, has a whole trajectory
really don't care about the money and success. Music is expression! worked out. It’s big-idea metal. There is an honesty and
It's a way of living! Music is so necessary as breathing. It's not a way creativity to this skillful catchy but somber metal with good,
of making money! growled vocals. It’s very difficult to believe that something this
good can be created by someone with not many expensive
How do you think your black metal vocals can improve? Do you like
resources, as James explains here.
the different styles of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas or do you prefer
the more basic, one-style of A Blaze in the Northern Sky?
Well Necromaniac's vocals can improve in the future, first of all with
Hi! Your cd sounds like a lot of hard work and dedication! What’s
less beers and many hours of practice! Every person who does vocals
happening with you?
must have passion and good influences. ''De Mysteriis Dom
Hey Mauricio, firstly thanks for the interview, it’s really appreciated!
Sathanas'' and ''A Blaze in the Nothern Sky'' are both great albums!
Currently I’m quietly working away on ideas for a forthcoming EP,
Darkthrone and Mayhem are two of our favourite bands in the black
which should hopefully be out by the end of this year/ early 2010. The
metal scene! ''A Blaze in the Nothern Sky'' has the classic style of
demo has got some decent exposure through forums/ websites etc, so
black metal, which we really admire and respect. ''De Mysteriis Dom
I’ve forged ahead with sending out some CD’s to various review sites
Sathanas'' is strange, unique and evil. We really like the different
etc. I’ve also been upgrading a lot of my equipment, new amps, mics
styles that they use, not only on this album.
etc. The current demo was made using really basic stuff (with a really
basic engineer - me, haha). It was frustrating at times recording it, as I
Does religion play an important part for people where you live? Do
had very little recording/mixing experience before embarking on it. I
you have problems with the authorities?Where did you take the
learnt a lot doing it though- it took me three times as long to record
the first song compared to the second. Hopefully next time the
Religion is very important for a lot of people in greece. The church
learning curve will be easier to control. I’d like to focus on just getting
effects people sometimes when they take serious dicissions for their
the music down without having to worry about technical issues.
life,but also a big number of people are nonbelievers so we don't think
that it's so big deal if someone doesn't believe in God and say that in
Why is this a solo project? Necessity? Choice? You are from Devon,
public. For now we never had problems with the religious authorities
England? Are there no other people that you’d like to work with?
although we don't believe in all that crap! Most of all we hate priests!
Well, I have been in bands before, but nothing that ever really
they're trying to fil our minds with Godtales and shit! We just want
resembled Cathis Ord. The logistics of co-ordinating a band like CO
their heads smashed. For the photos of our demo we went to
make it pretty difficult to play live or involve other people. I mean, I’d
Necromaniac's house. We found a really good spot with trees and
need a minimum of 4-5 other guys to replicate what you hear on the
stuff. We wanted the atmosphere of our photos to be dark and evil. We
CD. Devon isn’t exactly a melting pot of alternative metal, so finding
hope we succeded this.
musicians on the same wavelength is near-on impossible. I’d love to
one day take it live, so maybe my answer is ‘watch this space’. The
Were you born in Chania? What’s life like there for you? Do you
way I record is a bit random as well, its all built around ‘jamming’
travel to the mainland of Greece? There are a lot mountains in Crete,
with myself and just seeing what comes out. A lot of the solo’s for
correct? Do you spend a lot of time in the mountains?
example are at least partly improvised.
Yes, we have borned in Chania. Life here for us sucks! There is
nothing interesting to do and nothing interesting to see...No concerts
Where do you record? Is it a home studio? bedroom? How many
take place in here except Rotting Christ, Anathema and Paradise Lost
instruments do you play and how many are not played by you?
but we don't care about the last two bands. Of course we travel to
Yeah, my studio is also my bedroom! Its quite underwhelming if you
Athens very often. Thinks there, are much better than here! First of
saw it! Like I said, it was bare-bones stuff for the demo. I actually only
all, almost every day a concert takes place, we have a great time there!
used one microphone (vocals and acoustic guitar). I play all of the
Necromaniac's brother, Botis, live in Athens so every time we go we
instruments myself, although the drums are samples/programmed
stay with him. Yes, you are right, there are a lot of mountains in Crete
within the computer. I’ve been playing guitar most of my life, so that
but we don't spend a lot of time there although we know how beautiful
side of things was covered for equipment already. I worked with Arjen
are in winter! We would prefer to spent our time in snowy forests that
from the band Amber Streams on …As Winter Lays its Seige, he
unfortunately do not exist in Crete..
programmed the strings/orchestral sections.
What are you favorite metal bands from Greece from the early days? Is
You name rocky coastlines as musical inspiration. Do you live close to
it true that bands like Iced Earth are popular? Are they on the radio?
or have you ever been to the Great Red Cliff of Foreland Point?
What about Rotting Christ?
I have to admit I haven’t heard of either of those places! I’ve only been
living in Devon for a few years. England and it’s landscape itself
doesn’t really impact the songs, not in a direct way anyway. Most of What are the feelings that you want to create with your music? For
my inspiration comes second-hand from books, artists, other example, when you create a guitar solo, what do you seek?
musicians. I’m a huge fan of fantasy fiction, and early 19th century For me the solo/ lead guitar is the song. I don’t find that chords alone
Gothicism/ poetry so the epic landscape stems from there. When I say can portray too much emotion. I mean, whenever I listen to a song the
Gothicism, its more to do with the unknown and the unfamiliar rather bit I enjoy most is that release the solo brings. I often come up with
than pentagrams and witchs etc. If you read something like Shelley’s melody lines/ solo’s and chords simultaneously. Sometimes the solo’s
Frankenstein for example, a lot of the sense of mystery and awe comes come afterwards (Quite a few of my solo’s are improvised) but it’s
from the environment, the huge scale of it all. There’s a scene in it always those guitar parts that are most important to me. I think I’ll
where the main protagonist imagines how easy it would be for the leave people to find their own emotions when listening to the songs. I
landscape to destroy man. guess, in a rather clichéd way, I’d say ‘hope’ probably plays a large
role in the songs. I think its in a genre/ area of music that sees ‘hope’
Have you ever been to Woodbury Castle? as its ultimate buzzword though, so maybe ignore that and just make
I think I have, although probably on holiday here when I was younger. up your own mind!
I love Castles (of course). Castles are integral to any good fantasy/
adventure. Strength, power, immortality, castle’s embody so much Any news, events or comments?!
more than their sum materials. Part of my university course took me Thanks again, I hope people find the interview at least mildly
to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, supposed home of King Arthur. interesting! I’ll plug the CD and say that hard-copies with artwork are
Suffice to say, that was my favourite trip of the year! Especially as it now ready but I’m just having some Paypal issues, so keep checking
sits out on this huge rocky promontory over the sea. The picture you back. They will be priced very modestly just to cover costs. Expect a
can see on the Myspace page was taken there. much more exciting and longer EP around next Christmas, better
production values and songs that hopefully build upon this demo.
Your songs are, like, ten minutes long. Can you please explain the Cheers Mauricio! JR. THE END.
song “…As Winter Lays its Siege”? By the way, are your winters --
snowy or rainy? Outlying
Well, this is the point at which I try to avoid sounding really Outlying (Quebec, Canada) has a recording called Within the Jail
pretentious! I’m a huge Prog fan, I name a few bands on the webpage of the Unfortunate and it’s good, headbanging metal that goes
Opeth, Agalloch etc. I like having the song ebb and move, light and beyond categories. The vocals sound raspy, maybe black metal-
dark, quiet and loud. Agalloch are amazing at achieving this, their ish, the riffing often is at shred-mode, while there is a well
song ‘Our Fortress is Burning’ was a big influence when writing the developed sense of songwriting, some melancholic, melodic or
demo. I recorded a few songs in the summer of 07 which established a somber moments, as well as some vibes that recall some prog
little back story to the band’s ‘concept’ basically a lost civilisation that metal, maybe. You get the idea, it sounds pretty cool, is what
is finally visited by a solitary figure. The artwork kinda ties into that, I’m saying, and the songs stick around well after the cd stops
as do the song titles. ‘…As Winter Lays its Seige’ is basically the playing. I have been a little bit of surprised how the songs are
beginning of the chronicles. What can I say, haha, I like writing stories
not easy to forget, actually, since I remember them days later.
as well as music (I majored in English Lit at University).
Fred (vocals/guitars) provides some interesting answers to
some music and some uncomfortable questions!
What about “Lost Empire”? Does your interest in the past derive from
knowing that you live in lands where Celtic peoples once lived?
Lost Empire is just a continuation of the story really, it’s a lament. I --
guess I’d refer to my previous answer regarding England, in that it What has happened since Within the Jail of the Unfortunate?
doesn’t play a huge role in the music, but saying that, the tales of King Since the CD has been released only one month ago and we are a
Arthur, the old gods, paganism etc is something that has undoubtedly totally new name around here, nothing major has happened, but,
filtered down to me, whether directly or indirectly. I love ancient thanks to the Internet, word gets spread and new people are getting
history, I’m looking at studying for a Masters in Medieval Studies, interested by what we do. We got our EP reviewed by a pretty big
but I wouldn’t go as far to say that it directly impacts the music in a metal webzine around here, because one of their reviewer heard our
way that it did for Quorthon/Bathory or even Agalloch. stuff on Myspace and found it interesting enough to write something
about it. We did not get a perfect score or something, but I was pretty
What do you do for a living? Are you student?? stoked by this, since the bands they review seem to be mostly bands
Well, I’ve now finished my degree in English and I’m currently that are either signed, or are much more experimented and have had a
working ‘in retail’…. Who knows what the future holds? Oregon may much bigger budget than us. It still feels weird to see my home-
play a part. I’m certainly going to visit over the summer and maybe produced, indie-released EP up there with the bigger bands hahaha!!
make it permanent. I’d like to be somewhere that’s conducive to So far, we are really satisfied by the feedback we got, and hopefully, the
furthering CO and setting up as a Studio Engineer. interest for our music will keep growing.

If I tell you that I live in Madison, Wisconsin, how do you imagine “Starving for Reason” is about what? and “Blind Memories”?
Wisconsin? I imagine Devon as being cloudy and rainy because that’ Most of the lyrics I write are about painful mental and emotional
the stereotype of England. How wrong am I?! conditions such as anger, sadness, alienation or loneliness. Sometimes
Well, Wisconsin….hmm, um. You know, I have no idea. Isn’t it I write about things that I went through myself, or I try to visualise
central/north America? America both fascinates and scares me. The myself going through certain situations I never experienced before,
scale of the place is hard to comprehend. To me, even London is just like in the lyrics for 'Starving For Reason'. In some countries led
slightly daunting, let alone a country that has states bigger than by religious fanatics, even though you know you are being
England. I’ve only visited America once and it was the typical manipulated, you cannot stand up and fight the system because you
Disneyland/Universal Studios commercial junk holiday. If I went will get persecuted. That song talks about the way a person would feel
again I’d like to see the real America. I live close to Dartmoor so yes, by living in this situation. Our former bassist wrote most of the lyrics
its cloudy and rainy 75% of the time. It’s raining as I type this! By the for 'Blind Memories', but I know this song was about living a
time summer roles around though, England by the sea can be beautiful comfortable lifestyle with a loved one, and unexpecting the imminent
as all the rain has left everywhere really green and verdant. We may drastic end of the relationship. When you hear a well-performed
only get 2 months of sunshine, but its really worth it. classical song, you can hear the musician play with genuine emotion
that translates through the music. We want to achieve something
similar with our music. We always try to have lyrics that fit the There are issues with some immigrants here, but it mostly has to do
musical content of the songs, so that both complement each other. One with language and religious accomodements. We have a fair ammount
of the biggest reason why I listen and play metal music, is because it's of local celebrities that are black, Asian or Latin American, and they
a genre that moves me in a certain way that other kinds of music are considered to be 'Quebecois' just as much as the other
don't. If the music I write can have the same effect on people that my 'white/caucasian' people here. We are definitely not a racist
favourite bands' music have on me, I achieved my goal. population except for some redneck here and there, but that's the case
for anywhere in the world. People here are used to live with
How do you decide to have lyrics in English or French? immigrants, especially in the Montreal area.
Our lyrics are all in English. It's definitely a lot harder for us to write
in that language of course because it's not our mother tongue. But Any news, events or comments?!
English is an international language and it's the way to go if you Thanks for your interest!! It was a pleasure for me to answer your
want to have your message understood by the most people as possible. questions! If you are interested in getting our EP, you can order and
We are proud of our roots, but we like the fact that some dude from the pay via PayPal on I hope to have a chance to play in you
other side of the world will actually be able to know what we are area one day! Take care!...
talking about in our songs. I am pretty sure that most bands with -Fred. THE END.
English lyrics from non-English speaking countries like Sweden, --
Finland or Germany feel similar about this. Human Cyborg Relations
This band is metal, thrashy, growled, with a guitar-centered
Do you think you can make a living by playing metal? Do you worry approach that keeps metal shred/melody/guitar upfront. Don’t
that a record company will begin telling you how to dress, to change? form an opinion just based on the name in this case! Ghosts of
You know, I studied music in college and I can play different kinds of Smoke is the name of the cd and those that appreciate sensible
music. If money was my goal, I would not be wasting my time playing guitar playing will be interested to hear this band because they
metal hahaha!! Yes I want to push my band as far as possible and I have a certain quality that lets the guitar shine, in my opinion,
would totally like to make a living out of playing this kind of music, while not being show-offs. The band was patient enough to put
and some people do, but for me, that's not the point of doing this. I like up with some stupid questions. Don’t let the silly answers fool
the fact that I can write and play whatever I feel and I would rather you. There is some good guitar playing going on here, as well
make no money doing this than having a record label asking me to cut as some banging metal.
my hair, write shorter songs, start playing metalcore breakdowns or
whatever hahaha!!
Eldred and Bangulo sound like a pretty talented duo of guitar players.
Can you explain what they do to keep up their skills? And it is true
What is the metal scene for you in Bécancour, Quebec? Are there a lot
that they play until their fingers bleed?
young bands like yourself playing metal music that seems to combine
Bangulo: Lol I was pretty obsessed with practicing when i was around
thrash and black and death and kind of roll it into your own thing?
18. I don"t practice much but sweeping but i do play a lot at least once
There is no such thing as a metal scene in Bécancour hahaha!!! Well,
a day. if i practice something, it's because something that i hear and i
there are only a couple of other metal bands around here and they play
don't understand how to get that sound out of the guitar. Someone is
different stuff. We don't have a similar 'sound' like Gothenburg's
always coming up with some kinda neat technique.
death metal bands, Bay Area's thrash metal bands or something like
Eldred: Uh,my guitar is already red stained, so the blood just blends
that. I write most of the stuff in Outlying, and I can't see myself
trying to stick into one particular sub-genre of metal. To be honest, I
don't think about that when I write riffs and songs. I don't make a
Your album has some very short songs and some longer, more regular-
conscious effort to blend different elements together. I get influenced
time songs. Are the short songs your earlier material? It seems to me
by a lot of different metal bands, and also by stuff other than metal.
that a song like “Die” or “Bonecrusher” have immature lyrics, you
When I write music, I just put whatever elements I want to hear, and
know, the typical “I wanna die” or “Kill, kill, kill” lyrics, while
whatever fits the emotional content of the lyrics.
“Ghosts of Smoke” has more thought-out ideas ideas.
Angel: Do you always ask immature questions? Haha. There are
In your opinion, do you think the Quebecois do not have equality in
bands that have been around for years that have "immature" lyrics.
Canada compared to English-speaking Canadians? Do you think that
Death metal and black metal are about killing, torturing and raping.
the Quebecois should have your own country separate from English-
I'm not saying we're death or black, but a little fantasy is fun.
speaking Canada? Do you personally feel “Canadian” or in reality
Bangulo: Depends on the type of metal. Death metal usually refers to
you think of yourself as “Quebecois” and “Canadian” are the
Death. Each song is a different style of metal.
Eldred has a binder full of lyrics with some dating back to high school.
Oohh... This can be a dangerous topic. You know, since I write my
Some of those lyrics are in the binder. You can see an evaluation of
lyrics in English, I cannot pretend to be a total die-hard, patriotic,
that in the lyrics.
Quebecois hahaha!!, but I think it would make sense if we had our own
Eldred: I did co-write "Bonecrusher" back in high school with Froggy;
country, since we are clearly distinct from other parts of Canada.
"Ghosts of Smoke" was written as a poem in 8th grade, so i don't
However, Canada is a nice country to live in, and I have absolutely no
know "well thought out" it was. I guess I'm just immature.
problem thinking about myself as a 'Canadian' as much as a
'Quebecois'. Some people here in Quebec have a very strong opinion
You got two songs with the same lyrics: “Ghosts of Smoke” and “Till
about this topic, but it does not really matter to me, really. I am not
Dark”: what is the deal here? Genius or lazy?!
very interested by this debate. As long as we can protect our language
Angel: Well when I was coming up w/ a vocal line for "Till Dark"
and culture, that is what matters to me. Canada is a great country and
there wasn't lyrics so Bangulo just told me to use "Ghosts of Smoke".
I don't think I should feel bad or anything about being part of it.
Then, eventually he said we'll use the same lyrics because we've never
heard of any other band that has done that haha. Genius or laziness?
Do you think that the Quebecois at the same time are racist against
Can it be both?
African, Caribbean, Asian and Latin American immigrants in
Bangulo: It was the idea that no one has done it, that i know of,
Quebec? Do you think that the white Quebecois feel like a person
cannot be Quebecois and be black or brown or Muslim, etc.?
Eldred: It's science.
Holy shit! Do we have such a bad reputation out there!? hahaha!!

Sometimes people say that the bass is not that necessary in metal. trends in music, which influences the way our songs take shape.
Basically, some people have no respect for the bass guitar. Beyond our musical favourites like Meshuggah and The Dillinger
Angel: Yeah I hear that all the time. I'll make jokes about being a Escape Plan, we’re just as likely to get a vibe or emotion from a movie
bassist. How many bassists does it take to change a light bulb? Who or book. James has said he’s really influenced by films; he can pick up
cares! But the bass is important. It compliments the guitar and drums. an emotion from a movie or show and put that into the songs. We just
With out bass, songs can sound empty and plain. And since there is let that vibe flow and I guess it ends up sounding different from
no respect for bassists we have to compensate by playing twice as hard normal metal.
as the guitarist. It's not just loading equipment and getting water
bottles haha. What is the history of the songs and how your songwriting works?
Bangulo: Wheres my Beer? The songs on Prognosis were written about a year and a half, two
Eldred: I think the bass is very necessary in metal. It can be the years ago. Contagion material was written a while before that, some of
driving force of the song. those songs are from when we started as a band. Being our first CD,
we figured we may as well put on all of our songs, as a retrospective,
What are some things that you would like to improve on? and also to increase the length of the disc. The songs are easy enough
Angel: I personally want to work on my playing and vocals. No to play now, but they did take some time to get used to. But the more
matter how good you think you are, you can always get better. you play the parts, they become second nature; you just stop thinking
Bangulo: There's always room for improvement. In every aspect from about it and just feel it. Our guitarists had a bit of a problem with
structure, mixing, recording. it's when a band thinks they don't need some sections at first, but they’ve just worked up to it, conditioned
to improve is when they fall apart. their muscles for the riffs. While James starts the song writing process,
Eldred: Our nunchuck and bo-staff skills. we all chip in with ideas, whether it be new riffs, patterns, structural
ideas, what have you. When a song’s complete and we’ve jammed it
Do you buy cds or do you download the music you like?One of you out a couple of times, I’ll solidify the lyrical ideas I’ve had for it. In
(Bangulo?) likes to wear an Ozzy t-shirt. How old are you guys? I fact, the lyrics are the only part that isn’t a whole band thing. But
would think that Ozzy would like old to you. Don’t you find Bark at then they’ll all have input into how the vocals should be done. The
the Moon weak? Does Bangulo like Randy Rhodes more than the band gets together now and again and has theme days as well, where
music? Ozzy’s music is simply not that good, man!! Have I pissed we discuss things like concepts for CD packaging, creative promotion,
you off, yet?! concept album themes, anything thing creative outside of the music.
Angel: I buy what I like. We all try and do our best when it comes to the business side as well.
Bangulo: i do both. Download and buy if i like it. Mostly in vinyl if i We’re not represented, we’re completely self-managed, self-reliant, so
can find it. I am 25 but yeah Ozzy is great especially in sabbath. We we all do what we can when we can to keep everything running
listen to a lot of stuff. no matter the era if its good when it was made smoothly.
shouldn't matter. Bark at the moon is great why would it be weak?
cus it don't got randy? I don't obsess over one guitarist or musician What are the topics of your lyrics and are you into poetry? I mean,
like that. i just happen to have an Ozzy shirt lol. No i am not pissed a “Golden Conjugation” or “Lost in Preface” are not exactly normal
lot of people don't like Ozzy haha. song titles (whatever normal means, anyway)!
Eldred: Are you trying to piss us off? Yeah, I buy whats good. If I I’m very much into poetry and literature; they’re my main passions
really like a certain band, I try to get the entire discography, like Gwar beside music. I try to style the words to sound more poetic than simply
and Opeth. sounds to fill a musical hole. The lyrics are outgrowths of thoughts I’m
having at the time. I tried to write introspective lyrics in the past, but
What will you do in 2009? What news do you have? I’m only comfortable writing about bigger themes, one reason being I
Angel: Work on new material. think it suits the music. It annoys me when people give no credence to
Bangulo: work on the next cd. only time will tell. the lyrics, like they’re less pertinent to the band.
Eldred: Write music, play shows, rock the fuck outta anyone who will I’d like people to simply consider the world we live in, all aspects of it,
listen. THE END. the seen and unseen, and realise we know so little of it. Everyone
-- needs to start exploring, internally and externally, or earth is going to
Sciamachy end up a lifeless barren rock. Just cherish life, exploit it to its fullest,
Prognosis/Contagion is the name of the cd by Sciamachy and know that it’s fragile and temporary. I’m influenced by anyone
(Australia) who don’t like to play by the rules: the music is that’s had a greater purpose than their own career, or anyone with a
downtuned, growled, not far away from death metal, while massive creative flair that can’t be contained. I studied their work, so I
adding a certain twisted, dissonant quality that makes them feel I should let it influence my writing. Anyone with big ideas; Ken
stand out. It’s not ear-candy or easy-listening, but something Wilbur, Keith Buckley, Bill Hicks, Bill Henson, Bill Bryson; doesn’t
that requires more attention. Obviously, they do have an matter what field they work in. Inspired thought and creativity inspire
intellectual streak in them that makes them be nothing like meat me to write.
and potatoes metal, while very much remaining a heavy, heavy
What is life like where you live? Are youth frustrated with the
as heavy, I’m saying, proposition. Interestingly enough, in the
economic situation?
live situation, I know this music sounds mosh-friendly because
Life on the North Coast of NSW is a far sight better than other places
of the heavy riffs and growling. The zig-zag, here-there I’ve seen. Tamworth, for instance, is 7 hours from the closest major
rhythms end up sounding both familiar and unfamiliar at once. city, meaning 7 hours to any international band. We’re only a 2 hour
Mitchell Alexander (vocals) answers. drive from Brisbane. We’ve got a bit of a youth problem; drinking, fighting, drugs and the rest. For example, girls as young as ten have
-- been found drunk and on the town, and 70% of all the teens in our
Your song structures are certainly not run-of-the-mill. What are the nearest town have Chlamydia. It’s those kinds of problems, though at
things you pursue with your music? least they’re having fun. Jobs aren’t to scarce if you’re prepared to do
We like to play music that A) we’d like to hear, and B) that we haven’t something soul crushingly menial, but no one seems too worried
heard before. It’s not deliberate, but we end up doing things differently because they either study at uni, or don’t mind the work because
to most bands because of that. We wouldn’t be satisfied otherwise. If they’re saving to leave. Or they’re stupid. Nothing is really open to
someone else has already written it, then what’s the point in anyone artistic in our town of Ballina, though Byron Bay is pretty
reproducing that sound? Our main song writer, James, doesn’t follow
good for the alternative life style. That however, is slowly being simple. Makes it more interesting to revisit and discover new
weeded out by yuppies and council pricks. Teens and young adults things. By the way, their wonderful song “The Fatekeeper” is
around here are so apathetic, it’s ridiculous. And quite disheartening. just one example of the quality of the music: it is a “hit” with
Bryon Bay and Nimbin are the drug capitals of Australia, and both me! The people answering are B = Benno (vocals/bass), S =
towns being in this area really gives people the option to trip out all Steve (drums), T = Tobias (guitars) and W = Wouter.
day and live off welfare in dirty communes, being vegan and stinking.
Only a small percentile of people around here give two shits about --
world affairs, it’s very sad. But like Buddha said, “Fuck ‘em.” The Rise is more than 70 minutes! It must have been a lot of hard
work to make it! Is everyone is the band without money now?
What does Sciamachy mean? T: We now live in Leuven railway station and eat rats…
Sciamachy (Sigh-Am-A-Key) means “Fighting with shadows”, from B: No, we still have a roof over our head but we will just have to sell
an ancient Greek word. Every single person we’ve told our name to CDs and play live a lot to earn the investment back.
does a double-take and goes “Huh?” Hopefully having a retarded W: It was a lot of very hard work, and looking back it's almost
sounding and looking name will help people remember us. incredible that we succeeded in actually recording, mixing and
mastering a full length album in 7 days worth of studio time.
What kind of coverage have you gotten? Are you ready to tour? Have S: Almost all the songs of the album were written years ago, from
you contact with people in your region, like Japan or New Zealand? 2003 till 2005. We just made the decision of finally recording these
We’ve gotten some good grass roots coverage, some street presses have songs and completing the album.
given us write ups without us even mentioning a thing to them, which
is really nice, considering we don’t really know anyone. We’ve “The Reason Why” talks about a lot jerks who lie and betray. Who do
contacted a few people as well, and they seem keen to give us slightly you have in mind with this song? The lyrics are very angry!
more exposure than just a pocket panel on the back page. We’ve gotten S: Indeed, this song is the angriest concerning lyrics… But it’s
on one metal station in Brisbane, but it’s hard to track down local actually all part of the background story of “The Rise”. This story
little metal stations. We’ve got one national show, but they get far too hasn’t been put online yet, but when that happens (eventually) you’ll
much mail, so we’ve got to search for the underground ones. The best see that every song has a specific part in this tale. “The Reason Why”
coverage we’ve got so far is fans taking it upon themselves to spread is the part of the story where the “I” person comes home after
the word. Friends of ours in a band playing in Brisbane said they met quarrelling with his ex girlfriend. The quarrel haunts his mind and
a dude wearing a self made “Sciamachy” shirt to a show we weren’t the way he thinks generalizes everything and everyone. He’s so
even at! That’s awesome, and makes me feel good about being in a screwed up that he starts drinking and because of that his emotions are
band. We’re looking to get overseas if possible, we’ve just got to find being strengthened. He becomes isolated in his own world, seeing and
the right type of management for what we want to do. It’s going to be hearing things that don’t exist. Which is why some lines in the lyrics
too hard to leverage it ourselves, and having a good manager also may seem a bit weird, but that’s all part of the concept :)
means having a new phone book full of contacts. Got to start making W: Whenever I play this song I think about all the bad patches that
the calls. Fingers crossed we can come over to the States in 09. New happened to me over the years, and how somehow all that contributed
Zealand would be good, and so would Japan, though that hasn’t really to personal growth. You need all that is bad to appreciate all that is
crossed our minds. good. You need drama to understand happiness.
For people who have not heard your music, what would you tell them Your lyrics, it seems to me, deal a lot with personal disappointment.
that you have to offer to check out if they go to your myspace? Benno says that the album is a like diary for him. In what ways does
If you’re looking for something slightly different and odd to what you Corpus serve as a catharsis for Benno?
expect metal to be, than have a look. We’re not an art-metal band (yet), B: I definitely need something to vent my thoughts and anger. Not
we’re just doing things off-centre. And we’re going to have new songs that I am angry all the time, but it's good to play once or twice a week.
up soon, which we all feel are light years ahead of what’s currently After rehearsals I'm feeling relaxed and it’s like I have been fitnessing
being presented, so that’s some incentive to keep checking up on us. for two hours. Adrenaline rushes are good!!
W: We all use the band as an outlet for our anger and our day to day
Would you like to mention something else? frustrations. I think we play best when something bothers us.
Like I said, we’re really keen to be playing overseas, playing anywhere
and everywhere, and getting our name out there, so if you want to What do you consider some important elements that your band does
help us out, get in contact with us one the myspace or our email. If that it’s not that common in other bands?
your in a band and dig our sound, want to hook us up with some W: Benno's vocals! And the fact that we try to give each instrument
shows, we’ll love you forever. We’ll repay the favour as best we can an equal place in the spotlight. Also, I think there is an amount of
and then some, we never forget those that help us out. We’ll then get honesty in our music that, I suspect, is seldom found in metal.
drunk as fuck, eat all your food and steal all your women. B: I think that the music we bring can't be put in a certain frame. We
2009 is looking to really solidify metal globally, so we’re excited to be a don't play death or black metal; we tend to be a little progressive and
part of that. See you all soon! gothic. I don't know, I guess we’ve put every metal genre on a pile and
THE END. called it coRPus.
-- S: We just want to be as fresh and original as possible. By using
Corpus several styles of vocals and different voices, you can already create
The Rise by Corpus (Belgium) is a cd that’s more than 70 something much more diverse than most bands.
minutes of driving, uptempo, expertly played metal. It’s a
professional, serious cd with good production, with some extra What is the metal scene in the city or region where you live?
spices to liven up proceedings, like a nice, constant, background B: Most people are into black and death metal over here. But our
keyboards/classical sound. The vocals are clear, with a midrage music is very well received.
tone, nothing too high or annoying. The vocals sound good and
fit the music well. There are some bands out there that are not Is it better not to be signed to a record company because you don’t
signed and many people may not know about them, but the have any company bastards telling you to change your music?
quality is undeniable here. Corpus is one of those bands for W: Now I wouldn't call those people bastards yet, we might have to
sure. Plus, I like the fact that the cd is not short and that it is not deal with them someday after all. I think we just felt that the concept
of The Rise was so ripe and just perfect that we'd do it all ourselves. News? Plans for 2009?
Freedom is a bonus, the fact that you really need to everything from W: We'll tour, we'll give the best shows we can. Nothing fancy, just
recording to promotion yourself is quite a challenge. One we're the truth.
willing to face. B: Well, I hope we get to play Madison, Wisconsin soon and tour
T: As a band, you need to be able to make music in the way you like. If Europe a bit.
a record company asks to adapt to their demands and these are too S: New songs are being created as we speak, we’re already discussing a
much out of line with the bands vision, this record company does not new concept and as said, we’re starting our promotional tour
fit at all with the band. But after all, it’s understandable a record throughout Belgium in February, very much looking forward to that!
company tells you to adapt the music you play. It’s their money … THE END
Do Benno’s kids, Alexander and Anouschka, like Corpus’ music? Angelic Deficiency
B: Yes, they said they have the coolest dad ever. They like coRPus very The music of this band (U.S.) in the live environment probably
much, especially Alexander. He's 12 now, but for years he has been sounds a lot like aggressive, heavy growl metal, but it is not just
listening to metal. Now he's a big Children of Bodom and Dimmu loud noise. Well, it is loud noise, of course, but there a bit of
Borgir fan… Wonder where that will end. Anouschka likes to see her experimentation or style crossover, from death metal and
dad perform too, but she's 8 and allowed to listen to Britney. hardcore, and thrash and some tech and dissonant components.
As you will read, people are not sure what to call the band as
Can you explain the concept around “Heartless” which has four far as a category, and the band kind of enjoy not caring.
parts? Can you just give an explanation of the idea? However, the music is not nearly as strange as these words may
S: The “Heartless” concept actually started off as a whole pile of make them seem. Basically, it’s growl metal with some twists
lyrics. Benno and I had been writing for quite some time and I just thrown in to spice up the moshing. Read the interview to find
decided to put everything together. In the beginning, the songs out a bit more and then go hear it for yourself.
weren’t specifically meant to be in a concept, but after we added the
lyrics, it became clear this could be something huge. “Autumn Rain”
is the complete downfall of the character, while “Corridor of Wolves”
Can you explain who writes your songs and why the funny song titles
is the most positive piece of lyrics we have so far. “Stop Haunting
and explain a bit about the lyrical ideas of some songs?
Me” and “My Gift” are respectively the time frames before our main
Songs are always written by Rick(guitar) and Wes (drums) and are
character falls asleep and when he wakes up.
usually completed before the rest of the band hears the song, because
The inspiration probably comes from the progressive rock/metal bands
we often are working on more than one song we give them funny song
I listen to: Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Spock’s Beard, Genesis,
titles Example: “Shotgun Pogo-Stick,” just sounded brutally
… I merely wanted to make something just like those guys :)
unpleasant but sparks your interest. Song titles next to the lyrics
sometimes fuel the meaning of the song..."Intravenous Battery Acid"
What are some U.S. television shows that are popular where you live?
is about the corruption of the medical industry. "consumers like
Do you think that U.S. television is stupid? Is television from your
tumors/spread like toxic rumors" at other times the song title is a
country just as stupid? Are there any good television shows you like?
metaphor for what the song is about "two priest walk into a bar..." is
B: Only quiz shows are stupid. I think that American series like
good way of saying the concept of religion is already a joke!...
Heroes, all CSI's, Star Trek and even MacGyver are great shows. But
yes, our TV is as stupid as in the US, only we don't have
You have songs titled “Two Priests Walk into a Bar…” and “Shotgun
Pogo-Stick,” etc. Do you view your band as a joke band?
S: I like the cartoons a lot: the Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park,
As far as a joke the band is taken rather seriously by all members Zac
Futurama, but also Friends is one of my favourite US programs. We
(vocals) for example received a 31(out of 33) on his "ACT's" and
have a few “legendary” shows over here, mostly comedy.
received scholarships to go to many schools but choose the band was
W: Oh my, where do I start: Battlestar Galactica, the 4400, Navy
more important to him. all of us currently work 40 hours a week at
NCIS, House MD, Heroes, anything based on American superhero
"shitty" jobs that allow us to take the time off we need to support the
comics! US television can get pretty stupid but al least the quality of
band as far as shows and recording. Also we are already writing the
most series has gone through the roof as of late. The stories are great!
follow up album to "Casting.."(2008) entitled "Grenades and Ham"
T: In general, I don’t watch television because I think there are not a
for a summer 2009 release (hopefully wide release) as well as currently
lot of interesting shows on Belgian television. As for U.S. television
recording a split album with another Colorado band.
shows, I don’t have any idea which ones are currently on Belgian
Musicians often hate this question, but that’s ok, so, here it goes: what
do you label your music?
What is your favorite type of literature?
We used to get pissed about what people would label us as... we've
B: I like to read thrillers. My favourite authors include Preston &
been telling people we're experi-METAL! I have heard we are thrash-
Child and Terry Pratchett.
Death, progressive, Deathcore and the list goes on.... but honestly we
S: As you might have guessed by one of our songs: Sophie’s World by
are always trying to grow as musicians. I personally feel that once
Jostein Gaarder. A real eye opener. Favourite authors are Kafka,
you've given into labeling yourself within a Genre to a sub genre you
Orwell, Steinbeck, …
are cutting out creativity. Also funny you say death metal because
T: I don’t read a lot of books, but when I do, I prefer fantasy books.
some how we are heavy enough for Death metal fans to dig it then we
One of my favorite authors is Raymond E. Feist. His writing style is
open for a band like Powerman 5000 thinking its not going to go over
so vivid and it reads like a brilliant film plot. They should make some
well and they go ape shit over it....I think we are lodged between scenes
movies in the style of Lord of the rings of a few of his books.
and are more like a Metal Buffet there is something for everyone and
W: I like US comics, my faves are The Authority, anything X-men,
your sure to get your fix!
Deadpool, The Boys, Tranquility, Wildcats, and anything by Alan
Moore or Garth Ennis. I'll also read the arty Euro comics. As for more
What is your situation in your area for touring and playing live in the
serious stuff: Umberto Eco, David Brin, Joe Haldemann, Dan
region? How is the scene?
Simmons, … or anything about history.
Ha our scene is a joke, some days we pull in 600 with 80 headlining
then two weeks later we open for a well known touring band and you
get maybe 300 people there... we drive all over the place in order to
cover all of Colorado we've done 56 in "Colorado alone" in a 2 year What are your lyrics about? What is “Nuclear Winter”? I know that
span. Denver is about five hours away and we make the trip about you know that Sodom has a song with that name!
every two months but right now shows are slumming. Not a lot of It’s a mixture of “beer drinking” songs and songs against the senseless
booking going on, but we're fighting through it. We'll be on a West war, social problems and the senseless “senslessnesses”. Intolerance of
Coast tour this summer and hopefully just stick it out the road and stupid people is the most used content in our lyrics next to drunkness
tour the rest of the country....As far as fitting into our scene we play of us. Nuclear Winter is about the power of nation and how the head of
with Death Metal Bands, Thrash, Hardcore bands, Hard Rock Bands, states abuse these power. The song want to show the consequences of
and everything in between...We have even open for comedian Kyle the acting of these people.
Cease(Comedy Centrals "stand up show down winner, Slow clap guy
in "Not another teen Movie") we always stand out like a sore thumb, “Silent Death” is inspired by what? What about “Fuel of Hate”?
but a sexy sore thumb that everyone relates to... What do you hate?!!
Silent Death is inspired by lyrics of Sodom. I was Just 18 and wanted
On the cd you had two different people play drums? Can you explain to write a war song about chemical warfare (francis).
the situation in this case? Line-up changes? Fuel of Hate is about civil war like in China. At the beginning it’s
Easy one... Rick and Wes sit in a room with rick on guitar and Wes on called Full of Hate cause the citizen are full of hate. But then we
the drums and hammer out songs... actually that's how it always has renamed the song , because the prices of oil rised very high.
been since he joined AD (before that rick wrote all the music) the only What we hate:
difference is when Wes joined the band, we didn't need a drummer we Francis (guitar): Empty tankards, when women talk to much
needed a bass player... Wes actually played bass on "Casting" it got Ulli (guitar/vocals): Posers
edited out of the credits in the final proof and we didn't catch it....Sam Ringl(bass): Nothing. When you hate something you must engaged
needed Wes to teach him the parts to songs in order to play them, some with something what you don’t like, and that is stolen time.
songs have been greatly slowed down or "dumbed up" so Sam was Felix (drums): to much school, when women talks to much, the last
able to play them. When Sam left the band during the recording of the mouthful beer in the bottle
album (personal reasons) it was actually a blessing since Wes could
play them better anyways! Steve actually joined just before the release What is this about women? Do you believe in sexism or something?
of the album. no i was too much hurt from women and so i think so. i don't believe
in something. the only thing that i believe is the reality!!!
You had four guests appear on this cd. Can you say a little a bit about so please dont think that i'm sexiest pig or sth
those people are? Friends from other bands?
The four guest spots are Andy, Taylor, Aaron, and Drew... We How did you choose to have traditional thrash vocals, as opposed to
recorded with radio personality the IMPALER aka Taylor Riley. more growled vocals.
Taylor plays drums for Death Metal outfit Exussum(Andy, Drew, We choose these vocals cause we want that people understand our
Taylor and former member Aaron) Taylor lives an hour away and lyrics and can think about it. And we think that early Kreator and
because we did this with very little money we or he were not always Slayer vocals sounds very aggressive, so we choose this vocals.
available. He was showing Exussum what we have done so far and Another point is that every other bands in our town make Death metal
they all picked there favorite song and did either a solo or asked to or Metalcore and so we want to make something different. Traditional
vocals on a song in some cases we had to cut things in order for there Power Metal vocals sounds too “gay” for us.
solo's to work since they did them before vocals were added. We [What?! Singing is “gay” and barking like a dog is “hetero”? —
actually didn't have much say in that all the guys are super cool and editor]
would have let them do it anyways.
Did Ringl hear cds with especially good bass playing in 2008?
What are your current plans? He heard only the new Metallica album, but the later Death albums
Immediate plans are to begin recording our next album continue to have good bass parts.
play shows and send out press kits to see what happens... we also feel
like we are two steps behind ourselves we were writing better/stronger Here in the United States some people who are convinced the United
songs while recording casting and we never feel like people get to hear States government helps other countries in the world. This is part of
what is really going on....we've never sent out press kits because we how U.S. nationalism that justifies imperialism and war. Do you
never felt like they were going to hear what we're like now! think that some Germans are convinced the German government helps
THE END. other people?
--- Of course we think that the german government helps other people
Torment Tool and other countries. But in many different ways e.g. medical support,
Torment Tool (Germany) is a thrash quartet whose 3-song cd food or troops. Not everybody has to like these different kinds of help.
Fuel of Hate is about shredding and some cool solos. The songs But also we think Imperialism and especially WAR ain’t be justified
are just fun, thrashing with catchy chorus lines about the silence by anything.
of death, everybody has to die, nuclear winters and other such [The U.S. and German governments are both imperialists! They help
themselves by exploitation, domination and thieving. -editor]
typical themes concentrating on true predictions (like that
everybody has to die; true that). The vocals are traditional
Have you tried to play music with only bass guitars and drums?
mean/street vocals. The band’s strength on here is that their Felix: I wouldn’t play the bass drum
songs are fun, but not melodic. They rely on shredding and a Ringl: We can only pay one bass player
good rhythm section, not sugary melodies. This is what they Francis: What kind of music should that be? A vacuum cleaner?
have to say for themselves when I argued with them! Ulli: It would be too progressive and sounds very shitty
--- What do you think o bands who have fascist ideas like Absurd?
How are you? What have been doing since Fuel of Hate? We aren’t political. We’ve a lot of friends from other countries and we
Very fine but we’re not drunk yet. We kick many asses in towns like think that people can have their own opinion as long as they don’t use
Munich, Bietigheim Bissingen and many more. We got a little bit violence to spread their opinion. We are sad of the intolerance of many
tighter and tried to write better songs. people in our region. Absurd sucks! Because they killed somebody and

they are right winged!! feel, with aggressive(thrashy)/melodic(punky) riffing and plus
Are there young or new German thrash bands with majority women Clarification: if you like bands with huge-studio productions
or some women members? and fancy computerized sounds only, then this is not for you.
We don’t know many things about women in the metal scene. Here in
The Brainwash here sound like a bunch of thrashing punks,
our city are only one girl in a metal band, and that’s enough. In the
thrash scene generally aren’t many women. the vocals are sort of yelled out. As the cd progresses the band uses a
bit more melody and lets out some of that street/punk attitude. There
What is it with you? You believe that crap about how ”metal is only are some pretty good songs here, but I think their strength is when
for men” What’s your problem with women?! What the hell?! they are thrashing more aggressively and playing faster, like when
ah ok. really, we dont engaged us with the topic, cause the only band some of the wilder soloing and drumming take place.
we hear where a woman play is arch enemy. the band is good, and we
think than women should be established in the scene, but its very hard,
cause in the mainstream scene girls exist to look good, and thats a
pitty. especially in the thrash scene arent many women, in bands as
well as the fans. so we like it when women play in bands, but they This band (U.S.) was created for the purpose of delivering what the
werent take seriously. so i hope the appereance of antagonism against metal masses have been clamoring for: furious thrash dealing with
women is vanished. especially i (francis) have a band with a woman. dinosaurs! The vocals can sound like black metal high-pitched raspy
she plays the guitar as well as i'm doing..... voice, but there’s lots of low, guttural growling, just the ancient
dinosaurs liked in their metal music. This band likes to thrash and
When you die, the worms will eat your body. Do you hope that your shred and the guitars often have a hook or some kind of ditty going,
flesh is delicious to the worms? while keeping the thrashing at rates that would make the dinosaurs
Francis: I think they will be very drunken after the meal. stand up and growl. The recording is pretty rough, rusty and dirty, as
Felix: I hope my ashes will send to Richard Christy
the band themselves admit. It’s a pretty good idea where they are
Ulli: I don’t care, I’m dead
Ringl: I will bury in a casket made of steel, so the worms can’t eat my going, though.
rotten corpse. So I don’t give a shit.
Damage: Time to Attack
When Felix was learning to play drums, did he play at home and did On the cover of their cd this band (Austria) is attacking emo kids
his parents like that? wearing Caliban shirts, short hair and Hot Topic-like rock belts, while
I didn’t have the opportunity to play at home, my band always forced the band themselves wear Sodom, Satan and Testament sleeveless old
me to travel to the “practice room” to play. Since one year I play shirts, very long hair, knives and real bullet belts.
Damage has songs called “Forces of Metal” and “Metal
Would you be angry if your children tell you they hate metal? Do you Attack.” The vocals are borderline growl/scream death/thrash and the
have country music in Germany?! musis is all thrash in the mean, fast and street style. It’s fast, though
Our children could listen to what they want. If we have them. But we not blasting, it’s not melodic, but it does have hooks, so it’s not just
never thought about adopting children as a band. speed here. They are good at what they do and it’s certainly fun to
We think there is a small pit of country music in germany, we only hear. More, please!
Dimansion: Room One (Emotion Art Enterntainment)
Anything else?! The operatic vocals combined with melodic, midpaced hard rock, as
When you want that we come to play, we will be happy about it and
sure that anytime in the future it will be possible. And thank you for well as some metal influences, with their emphasis on keyboard,
the interview. We have a lot of fun. THE END. melodic passages, plus some guitar-based hooks gives this band from
-- Greece a certain symphonic, gothic rock mix.
REVIEWS The synth and soprano vocals are a huge part of the
equation, as are the guitar solos. The title track is pretty rocking.
Baubas: Mitalas IV Live
There are some good solos and riffs on it, and the main guitar riff is
This cd is a live recording from Lithiuania from the Mitalas IV
driving. “Alive” has some good soloing. The one thing that the band
concert. The first two songs, at least on here, sound like energetic
will be seeking to change is the production, since it is not as strong
thrash with black/death vocals, though the music is straight thrash.
and big as it is expected for this type of
The next two songs keep that energetic vibe, with a more midpaced
groove. Things get a bit more adventurous with track 6, “Chaosas,”
which is not clear what the deal is with the punky, clear vocals. Now
the band sounds maybe more punk with growled vocals and some Dying Daylight: Luminous Dreams
punky shouting. The last song “Drop by Drop” continues the punky This cd is very catchy melodic rock with good songs. This band from
growl metal thrash groove. The songs sound alright for now. I think Finland has melodic singing. Another key ingredient is the
they have some room to develop their sound, like where to take their combination of guitar and keyboard melodies, creating something like
thrashy riffing in a more concrete direction. current adult contemporary rock, not too different from the radio rock
of a band like Journey or music like that. The band will probably be
promoted as power metal or goth metal or something like that. I don’t
care to argue about that, but the fact is that this is not metal.
The Brainwash: Psychophony
This band (Italy) plays their thrash/punk in the we-are-old-school-
and-like-to-play-it-dirty/garage style. The sound quality is that of a
demo, nothing fancy, giving the band a real rough-around-the-edges

Ensoph: Rex Mundi X-ile (Cruz del Sur) intelligence. Their lyrics also have that we-read-hard-books feel or
This band from Italy (it seems) is five robot-futuristic Marilyn something like that. I don’t know.
Manson-looking like, gas-mask, leather and spandex-wearing bunch of They are probably very good musicians. Bands on Sensory
freaks. The music is that sort of very computer-y, techy stuff, with tend to have a lot talent. I think their style could benefit from better
robot voices and funny noises. transitions between songs. Maybe I don’t get their genius. The band
Do you like weird tech-robot-rock? would probably say that I am not qualified to judge them. Maybe. I just think they seem to be trying too hard. Plus, I wish they would
rock out and get the metal going quicker and more than they currently
Euronymous: Death Metal do.
These two songs by this band (Malaysia) have several things that are
good. The guitar solos and the guitar work in general is distinctive. Male Misandria: Volizione
The solos have a flowing, vibrant quality to them, while the riffs are This band, who seem to think that they fit the category of “other,” play
discernable, not disguised by excessive downtuning. something like the territory between black metal and grind.
The vocals are growled and go well with the atmosphere of Being the sharp observer you are, you then ask, “What’s
death metal done right. The overall rhythm is pretty easy to enjoy between black metal and grind?”
because is driving, thrashing death metal. The feel is death metal, but Answer: A racket.
since they like the classic sounds is hard not to have a bit of thrash They make a ridiculous amount of over-the-top noise in ten minutes of
feeling in there, too. It’s all good. More, please!! black/thrash/punk riffing with blasting/fast/noisy drumming and lots of raspy yelling. They have short songs and some longer songs. It’s all
pretty noisy and pretty fast, but they do it in a good way and get the
Everwhere: Life and Death job done quickly and leave.
This band from Sweden plays what is basically radio midpaced Leaving you to ask, “What just happened here?!” Gotta play
Metallica-style music. Heavier than traditional heavy/power metal, it again and this time you gotta pay attention because it’s a
but not too aggressive and not fast. The vocals have the midrange, not whirlwind.
really singing, kind of talking/shouting. I think the band does know Look out! Sucker punch!
what they are doing, in their
Metalllica/Megadeth/Testament/Anthrax-influenced style. Personally,
I would like more energy and speed. They gotta get angry, gotta get Mistielegy: Dyed White
mean! It’s easy to tell that this band (Japan) has the potential to appeal to the
public into operatic vocals and symphonic/goth metal. Of the four
Foul: Goredom songs, three are on the faster/speedy side of things and one is more
This is really fast, drummachined, unintelligible goreblast stuff. If you ballad-y.
think that when you gargle water you are making wonderful music, The drummer likes to keep it fast and double-bass paced and
then this will be genius to you. Jesper, the man behind this cacophony the guitarist plays fast riffs, while also melodic and solos, hooks and
will himself tell you that this is nothing but immature, moronic licks. This is supposed to be something like fast power metal with
snotgoreblast from Sweden, with love. elegance, like power metal for ladies and gentlemen.
Right now the thing that does not allow the band to exhibit
Hellsign: From Madness to Suicide their music in the way that I’m sure they want is the production
Hellsign (Barcelona, Spain) is guttural, brutal, blasting death metal. which is not the huge, symphonic one that they would probably like.
Let’s do a check list: incomprehensible growling? Check. Blasting? However, this cd does provide plenty of evidence that the band may be
Check. Low tuned buzzing guitar sound? Check. Fast guitar solos? on to something that could get wide appeal. Is elegant metal a genre?
Check. Maybe this band will show the way.
What I think the band could benefit from would be to come
up with more memorable guitar work, where the riffs can stand out
more. The growling could be more varied, so it’s not that monotonous Alex Murgia: In the Shade of Myself (part 1)
growling all the way through, though it’s now fine and good, just This is instrumental and experimental music. Sounds mostly like
lacking variety. acoustic guitar spacey music. Is this music for relaxing or meditation?
Well, anyway, it’s not metal.
Lamb of God: Wrath
It’s ok music at a midpaced rate, with mosh parts and semigrowled Nierty: Dominion
vocals. Nothing horrible. If you want to hear bands that use the A clusterfest of ridiculously fast drummachined speed and even more
Pantera template of music, you will like. Next! yelling and screaming, from the United Kingdom. It’s like fast, angry
robots rocking out with some chainsaws.
Leprous: Tall Poppy Syndrome (Sensory) How are the songs? I have no clue because it’s all very
People who are intellectuals or who think that they are smarter than blurry, nebulous and confusing. Imagine computerized
you will probably say this band is pure genius because the music goes black/death/industrial/meteors and inhuman sounds and screaming.
from angry-depressed-screamo college rock alienation to space rock Go here:
then on to growling rock and back again to confused boy rock or
maybe angry vegetarian rock. They can sound pretty heavy and they Pack of Wolves: Betrayer (Arclight Records)
do sound often pretty weird on purpose, as if to show their This Texas, U.S. group has the sound of experience and knowledge,
they know what they are doing with the huge, driving riffs and a big

rhythm to their sound of not-melodic-but-pretty-easy-to-remember Stalingrad: Stalingrad
growled, big-riff metal. It sounds pretty well thought out, with a This cd (Canada) has several positive elements. They play guttural,
certain expertise that can be heard throughout their music. The band heavy and downtuned metal, they have the tendency to change the
has a particular type of riffs that on purpose avoid sounding like ear speed, use appropriate solos and different rhythms. The lyrics are of a
candy, avoiding the sounds of that thing called melodic growl metal. social nature, tackling war, racism and prejudice, from youth being
All their songs have a certain anti-earcandy hooks that make each song used as cannon fodder to ignorance attitudes in general.
stand on its own. I don’t the get the feeling that all the songs follow a This is not blasting metal, but still very much uptempo,
strict formula, though the band does have their sound. Here and there with some mosh/groove parts, with thrash and death riffing. They
the band does have a melodic moment, but it’s not overdone. The sound enthused and the guitar solos show dedication to the art of
riffs/hooks seem to collide against each other, giving the impression of soloing. They keep it brutal, but also socially relevant.
dissonant, riffs-against-themselves feel. After a few listens all of this
starts to make sense and gets more memorable, like “Walking Dead,’
with its hooks. In addition, the band does have their tripped out United Mind Club: The Last Performance
moments like “To Claw Out Eyes” which is unmelody and Wouldn’t you know it, these 3 songs by this band (Russia) sound like
discordance at exhibition. the next of kin to the hard rock that U.S. magazines like Revolver cover. The guitar work relies on general, play-on hard rock/mosh/jump
energy, while the vocals are somewhere between talked and shouted,
Persona Non Grata: Shade in the Light (Sensory) sometimes sounding like telephone-voices, megaphone-voices,
This band (Greece) is traditional prog metal that is very professional midrange vocals and the drumming is that one-two, one-two, tat-tat
and with a good production. heavy-beat, rhythm-driven style. United Mind Club meets up
I think the band is more in the category of “for prog metal somewhere where mainstream, radio hard rock and mosh rock cross
freaks” because their songs do tend to stay in the proggy field. paths, creating something that is groove-oriented rock. In addition, the
However, I think that if the listener is willing to give it a real chance band obviously does like a whole bunch of different styles of rock, and
and not worry about too much about categories, the band certainly maybe some metal, too, because there are brief moments when the lead
have a seriousness and a quality about them that cannot be dismissed guitar goes for the soloing and tapping, etc. The band likes to dress up
lightly. in fancy suits and ties to round out their image.
The vocals are traditional and good singing, while the talent
of the musicians is obvious from the first moment. The songwriting
has much to offer to the listener in terms of singing, with a very full Woe of Tyrants: Kingdom of Might (Metal Blade)
voice that projects well, with required high-yelling moments, and They have a fancy studio sound production and have studied their
crispy guitar solo work, sharp notes and good riffing. The solos are melodic growl core stuff. They claim to promote a “positive” message,
often very expressive, when they are slower. They also make use of but in reality it is the religious ideas of Christianity that they
keyboards a lot, but it’s background stuff, not symphonic stuff. aggressively promote. Would you like Christianity to go along with
While the band sticks to the straight, old-school, traditional your trendy mall growl?
prog metal field, they have solid, quality songs. Personally, I wish they
would rock out a bit more, bust out with some headbanging tunes. Yours For Mine: Dear Children (Blood and Ink Records)
Right now they are keeping it pretty intellectual and mental, like This Christian rock band play the sort of radio rock that is popular
metal music for wine and art movie enthusiasts. with mall kids, it seems to me. The instrumentation and singing sounds pop punky and the band sounds pretty good at what they do.
Seeing that this is black/death/thrash zine, I don’t know
Phrygian Gates: Black Lines much about this form of music. Would you like Christianity to go
This band (Norway/Spain) plays mature prog rock that can rock out at along with your rock music?
times, as well as mellow/space moments, guitar solo wizardry and
jams. “Separate Lives” and “Massacre Designs” are obviously metal-
jam-inspired guitar riffs and quick finger work, with some double-bass
drumming, while “Contrast” is made for a quiet trip to the stars.
The vocals of Samuel Axelsson are not the typical high-voice
singing, but more like a mellow hippie dude singing some tunes to add
to the music, but not overdo it. Juan A. Jiménez’s drumming is clearly
skillful. He does the metal stuff, the improvisational stuff, the
jamming stuff. From the bio, it seems these guys are music instructors
or music theory buffs, so they do love their prog rock, as well as some
April 10, 2009
metal. [contact:]

Spectral Manifest
The idea of raw, fast metal is certainly to be appreciated. It’s possible
that in the future this band (Texas, U.S.) will sound better, but on
here I have found it difficult to hear the instruments, mostly drums
and some black/death vocals. There is some low rumbling that could be
guitars. As a result, it’s not easy to judge the songs based on this