French radio

In 1982 in France was adopted a low that ended the states monopoly of radio broadcasting. This low gave the possibility for privet investors to develop the privet radio sector. Today there are about 1200 radio stations generalize and specialized, public and privet. The radio considered by the French people the favorite media sector. French people listen to the radio more then 2 hours per day. The public radio sector is supervised by the national society of radio broadcasting named – “Radio France”. It is composed of 53 radio stations. Out of them there are 5 national radio stations; 39 local radio stations and 9 radio stations named “Company radio”. These last 9 radio stations were created in 1971. “Radio France” has more then 3000 employees, 450 journalists of them, about 124 studious, a half of them being situated in other regions not only in Paris. It has 2 orchestras. Totally “Radio France” broadcast about 500 thousand hours per year. The public sector is financed by the state and by the publicity. 5 national radio stations of France: 1) France Inter – it was created in 1947. 2) France Culture. 3) France Music. 4) Radio Bluer – broadcast French chanson. 5) France Info – it was created in 1987. It is considered the 1st radio stations of country information. Broadcasting 24 of 24 specialized in news and each half of hour it broadcasts news. Radio “France Internacionale” is one of the most well- known radio stations in whole world. It is broadcasting on all 5 continents. It was created in 1931. Its 1st name was “Post Collonialle”. At 1st it broadcasted only in Paris. In 1938 the radio changed its name into “Paris Mondiale”. In 1975 the radio got it actual name. It has 2 websites. It was one of the 1st radios which open their website in whole world. One of the websites specialized in music, another one is specialized in news. The slogan is – “radio without borders”. It broadcast in 18 foreign languages, having a regulate audience of 45 million people. Its annual budget is 129 millions $ per year. In 1991 Radio “France Internacionale” founded the “Radio Middle Orient” that broadcasts for this part of the world 16 hours per day both in Arabian and in French, having really serious audience about 18 millions people. The privet sector is composed of 3 national generalist radio stations: 1) Radio Monte Carlo. 2) Radio Europe One. 3) RTL. There are also national musical radio stations: 1) Nostalgie; 2) Energie; 3) Fun radio ……. and others. There are also 31 regional privet radio stations. Totally they were at the beginning of the year 2000 about 2650 frequencies dedicated to the privet sector. In 1994 on the 1st of February the French parliament adopted a low with purpose was to protect the French content. It stipulates that radios should broadcast at least 40% of information of French origin. The 1st radio station which was created in Montréal, Canada was CJBC in 1922. the radio station belonged to Marconi’s Company – “Marconi whiles radio company”. Experiment with transmitting the radio signal began in Canada in 1919. The 1st program to be transmitted on radio was a concert by a female Dorothy Luttor. In 1922 in Canada began the opening of lots of radio stations. By 1929 they were already aver 60 radio stations successfully broadcasting in regions and on national level. FM broadcasting started after World War II.

In 1970 was adopted the low about Canadian Content => “CanCon” – it requires for radio stations to broadcast at least 30% of information of Canadian origin. . Starting with 1991 all CD’s and DVD’s should have the MAPL symbol of them: M – Music A – Artists P – Producers L – Lyrics At least 2 of these litters should be shaded. A special system was created for the musical sector to clarify what is considered and what is not considered Canadian Contain.

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