Huthwaite Announces Opening of Office in Hong Kong New Location Expands Asian Presence for Leading Sales Performance

Improvement Or ganization. Arlington, VA, May 15, 2013 -- Huthwaite, the world’s leading performance improvem ent organization with expertise in sales and marketing, is expanding its presenc e in the Asian market with the launch of a new office in Hong Kong. The office, which will open this quarter, will be the company’s second hub in the Asian market , following its Singapore office. Hong Kong is a premiere location for multinational companies in the region. Huth waite’s Hong Kong office lead by Principal Consultant, Dickson Barnhoorn, will foc us on territory in northern Asia, including greater China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. “Our China-based clients often have the need for local sales and service,” s aid Greg Moore, Managing Director for Huthwaite in Asia. “Many multinational corpo rations set up their Greater China headquarters in Hong Kong, so this new office will allow us to be more responsive to these organizations, and adds to our alr eady strong team of local instructors.” Huthwaite relies on in-depth studies of human behavior to drive real business re sults. The company does this by assessing an organization’s needs and developing a customized performance improvement and coaching program for sales and marketing professionals. Huthwaite CEO and President John Golden said that the company’s expansion into Hon g Kong is an important step in accessing a greater portion of the Asian market. “W e at Huthwaite are elated to expand our presence in the global engine of the Asi an market and to help build upon their already strong momentum,” said Golden. “We ha ve at our fingertips groundbreaking, scientifically validated research that guar antees sales success. Our buyer-focused information places sales and marketing e xecutives in the drivers seat and gives them a ‘turbo’ button.” Huthwaite’s fully customizable products, which include diagnostic tools, sales ski lls programs, sales strategy lessons, marketing skills and strategy programs, ne gotiating skills workshops, prospecting skills lessons and sales performance aut omation, were developed based on the now-famous research by Huthwaite’s founder Ne il Rackham, a behavioral psychologist who studied more than 35,000 sales calls. That wealth of material serves as the foundation for Huthwaite’s current methodolo gies, which are based on successful sales practices. For more than 35 years, Hut hwaite has expanded upon that research to become a leader in improving sales per formance by focusing on the buyer and the buying process. About Huthwaite: Huthwaite is the world’s leading sales performance improvement organization. Found ed on scientifically validated behavioral research, their methodologies—which incl ude the internationally renowned SPIN® Selling—guarantee sales success. For more inf ormation, visit, the company’s blog, Twitter stream or Fa cebook page. Global Press Contact: Lauren Russ, Huthwaite Corporate Headquarters, +1 773 868 0886, Asia Press Contact: Amy De Groot, Huthwaite, +65 6505 9483, adegroot@huthwaite.c om Contact: Lauren Russ Huthwaite 901 North Glebe Road, Suite 200

Arlington, VA, 22203 773-972-7060

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