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TextMate Developer Cheat Sheet


Build ⌘B Statistics for document ⌃⇧N Reveal in project drawer ⌃⌘R

Run ⌘R Change font size ⌘+/- Goto file ⌘T

Documentation for word ⌃H Toggle bookmark gutter ⌥⌘B Goto line ⌘L

Validate syntax ⌃⇧V Toggle line numbers ⌥⌘L Goto method/function ⌘⇧T

(Web) preview ⌃⌥⌘P Toggle project drawer ⌃⌥⌘D Center viewport on carret
Toggle code folding F1 Toggle soft wrap ⌥⌘W or selection (“jump”)

Bookmark management [⌘|⇧] F2 Toggle invisibles ⌥⌘I Put carret to beginning of

Subversion menu ⌃⇧A Spelling menu ⌘⇧; central line in viewport

Open terminal in CWD ⌃⇧O Check spelling ⌘; Scroll viewport ⌃⌥⌘[arrow]

Execute line as shell cmd Check while typing ⌥⌘; Move to start/end of line ⌃[A|E]
and insert the result New project ⌃⌘N

Pipe selection or file Save project [as] ⌃⌘[⇧]S

through a shell cmd Save all open files ⌥⌘S

Convert spaces-tabs ⌃⌘⇧T

REGEX COMMAND Word (code) completion [⇧]⎋ TODOS

Highlight RE matches in Restart TextMate ⌃⌘Q Show TODO List ⌃⇧T

file from clipb. or selection Insert new TODO todo⇥

TextMate Developer Cheat Sheet

TextMate Developer Cheat Sheet


Select current scope ⌃⌥B New list item or continue Select current word ⌃W

Move to EOL, insert “;”, comment block on NL Select current line ⌘⇧L
“:”, or “.”, and start a NL Insert “<br>” or “\n” ⌃ Select enclosing pair ⌘⇧B
Toggle quotes (qw, ʼ, ”) ⌃” Wrap selection (in tag) ⌃⇧W Move to EOL, start NL ⌘
Comment toggle ⌘/ Close current (tag) ⌥⌘. Edit at EOLs of all
Insert block comment ⌥⌘/ Insert tag (using select.) ⌃< selected lines at once

Insert comment banner ⌃⇧B Tidy XML/HTML ⌃⇧H Duplicate select. or line ⌃⇧D

Code/line indent ⌘], ⌥⇥ Insert &nbsp; ⌥⎵ Move selection or line ⌃⌘(arrow)

Code/line dedent ⌘[, ⌥⇤ FIND AND REPLACE Freehand editing beyond

caMel/sn_ake/PasCal ⌃_ Find manu for file/project [⇧]⌘F EOL and inside tabs

Start new method name⇧ Find next/previous [⇧]⌘G Overwrite mode ⌥⌘O

Start new class class⇥ Replace all ⌃⌘F Colum editing mode ⌥(drag)

Start new def function def⇥ Replace all in selection ⌃⌘⇧F Convert to uppercase ⌃U

PASTING Replace and find ⌥⌘F Convert to lowercase ⌃⇧U

Paste without reindent ⌃⌘V Use selection for find ⌘E Convert to titlecase ⌃⌥U

Paste previous ⌘⇧V Use selection for replcae ⌘⇧E Swap case ⌃G

Paste from clipb. history ⌃⌥⌘V Incremental search ⌃[⇧]S Sort lines in document F5

TextMate Developer Cheat Sheet