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news  Friday April 10, 2009 TODAY

nude couple

A*STAR scholar
in Holland V jaunt
Duo identified as they
are finally charged in court
Zul Othman mingled with
SHE is a PhD scholar with A*STAR, the
Agency for Science, Technology and Lorong
Research, who is studying at the Karolinksa Mambong in
Institute in Sweden, and he, a Swedish their birthday
student on an exchange programme. (Inset) The
The young couple who caused a stir female
when they walked down Holland Village student who is
in the buff on Jan 24, were charged in court on an A*STAR
Picture courtesy Leonard Tan scholarship.
yesterday with appearing nude in public.
Jan Philip, a 21-year-old Swede, and
24-year-old Eng Kai Er, a Singaporean, re- When contacted, a spokesperson for
mained silent when they appeared before A*STAR told Today the Agency is concerned
District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan. that the woman charged in court for the
It is not known why it took so long be- offence is an A*STAR scholar. And she
fore the duo was hauled before the judge. added: “However, as the matter is now
However, their long-awaited court date went before the courts, we would prefer not to
by quickly after their lawyer, Mr William make any further comment until the case
Chan, asked for an adjournment to write in is resolved.”
to the Attorney-General’s Chambers. In her teens, Ms Eng was a competitive
Today understands that by writing in, ice skater who got to represent Singapore in
the lawyer would be appealing for the Skate Asia, the largest ice-skating competi-
charges to be withdrawn and the accused tion outside the United States. She was also
be let off with a warning. The lawyer could a member of Mensa, an association whose
also make an appeal to have the charges members are defined by their high IQs.
reduced. Her father Mr Eng Weng Kiong told
If convicted under the Miscellaneous Today his daughter is a nice and lovely girl,
Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act, and the family is standing by her.
the couple could be fined up to $2,000 During their 15-minute stroll down the
and/or jailed up to three months each. popular hangout in January, the couple were
Mr Philip was offered bail of $5,000 and said to have walked hand-in-hand and waved
had his passport impounded. Eng did not to patrons of the eateries along Lorong Mam-
need to post bail as she is a Singaporean. bong. They were also said to have stopped at
A National Science Scholar, Ms Eng is a bar and chatted with its patrons.
listed on the A*STAR website as pursuing Pictures of their jaunt were later posted
a PhD in infection biology. The National on the Internet by a member of the public.
Science Scholarship (PhD) prepares schol- The pair were arrested shortly after, but
ars for key leadership roles in Singapore’s were released on bail. They will appear in
science and technology future. court again on April 30.

Questions on SAF bonds, platform doors

WHILE platform screen-doors are being With two deaths this year of passengers
rolled out at all open platform MRT who had fallen onto MRT tracks, Sembawang
stations, what’s being done meanwhile for GRC’s Lim Wee Kiak is asking for an update
passengers’ safety? Can Singapore Armed on the programme to install half-height
Forces (SAF) officers on bonds apply to screen doors at all open platforms; and
leave the service early? whether this would be accelerated.
While the theme of the economic On the recession’s impact on business,
downturn continues to run through Ang Mo Kio GRC’s Lee Bee Wah wants to
questions filed for Monday’s sitting of know if the National Development Minister
Parliament, some recent deaths in the will freeze all JTC and HDB rentals.
news have also sparked questions by Also, was he aware of banks not being
parliamentarians. willing to extend existing loan periods for
The death of SAF Captain Dr Allan Ooi, property developers to tide them over the
for instance, has put on the spotlight on SAF times? Would he consider, asked Ms Lee,
service bonds. Tampines GRC MP Irene Ng assisting the developers?
is asking the Defence Minister under what Three Government Bills will be read
circumstances it will allow bonded officers a second time: Preservation of Public
to resign; and how many such requests Monuments, Public Order and Civil Aviation
there have been over the years. Authority of Singapore.