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com Need your support this week for Willie's Bil Importance:
HOPE Brothers and Sisters, Below is an email from our friends at Southwest Voters who we have been helping in their efforts to establish and optional holiday for their founder Willie Velasquez proposed to be on May 9th. This bill has passed the House and is on its final approach to passing the legislature; all that remains, is to pass it through the Senate where we should be OK, but we need your input. Please go to the link below in the second bullet and email your support to Jason Hassay who is the chief of staff for Senator Uresti. They need to be able to show strong support from our community for this bill. I have also attached to this email my previous letter of support for this legislation if you would like to use parts of it. Please help on this! -joey cardenas iii


Joey, We write to ask for your support of Texas House Bill 3209 designating William C. “Willie” Velasquez on May 9th as Optional Holiday by either provide in-person or written testimony. The Texas Senate Administration Committee will hold a hearing on HB3209 on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 9 AM at the State Capitol, Room E1.714. You can:  Provide Testimony in support of HB3209 on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 9 AM, State Capitol, E1.714  Submit written testimony in support of HB32009 to Senator Uresti, Sponsor of HB3209 and Senate Administration Committee Vice Chair. Written testimony should submitted via email to Jason Hassay, Senator Uresti’s Chief of Staff and General Counsel at  Call the Administrative Committee Members ask them to vote Yes on HB3209, send to full Senate for a Vote. Please call Committee members: State Senator Kevin P. Eltife, Chair, 512-463-0101 State Senator Carlos Uresti, Vice Chair, 512-463-0119

State Senator John J. Carona, 512-463-0116 State Senator Kelly Hancock, 512-463-0109 State Senator John Whitmire, 512-463-0115 State Senator Tommy Williams, 512-463-0104 State Senator Judith Zaffirini, 512-463-0121  Sign up on the SVREP website at Remember you do not have to live in Texas to lend your support, submit your written testimony or sign on to the SVREP website support of Willie’s bill. On May 2nd, HB3209 passed in House and it was sent to the Senate for consideration. It was assigned to the Senate Administration Committee. Willie Velasquez founded Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) in 1974 and in 1984 founded the Southwest Research Institute, named in the William C. Velasquez Institute in his honor. Willie Velasquez changed the face of American politics by working on empowering the Latino community. Willie was bestowed in 1995 with posthumously civilian honor by President Bill Clinton – the Medal of Freedom; and Willie is one of the civil rights figures whose names were attached to the United States Senate version of the Voting Rights Act Reauthorization and Amendments Act of 1996. Thank you. Lydia

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